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Customer Service: (Monday - Friday, 7 a.m. - 7 p.m., excluding holidays); Payment Arrangements: Other Numbers. As a result, major energy utility providers including NYSEG, RG&E, If you are able, you should pay your utility bills as they come due. Additionally, customers have reported calls threatening to cut service unless an immediate payment is made over the phone. Any customer who is.

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    Auburn, Binghamton, Brewster, Elmira, Ithaca, Liberty, Mechanicville, Oneonta and Plattsburgh region

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    Lancaster, Lockport, Hornell and Geneva regions

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Auburn, Binghamton, Brewster, Elmira, Ithaca, Liberty, Mechanicville, Oneonta and Plattsburgh region, Lancaster, Lockport, Hornell and Geneva regions

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New York State Electric and Gas Corporation

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Monday - Friday: 7 a.m. - 7 p.m.

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  • “Billing”
  • “Billing question”
  • “Year long payment history”

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  • “Discontinued service”
  • “Turn on service”
  • “Transfer service at my new apartment”

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  • “Question about bill”
  • “Question about my upgrade”
  • “To see how much I owe”

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  • “Need my account number”
  • “Closing account”
  • “Regarding my account”

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  • “Buying house and need service put in my name”
  • “Disconnect service”
  • “Connect services”

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  • “Change address to street”
  • “Change address”

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  • “Update card information”

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  • “I haven't gotten any bill sence feb and account said it's has no payment”

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  • “I need power turned on”
  • “I keep getting shut off calls”
  • “Outage”


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Pros: Unfortunate, Electricity, Only electricity provider available, Cheap compared with the rest of nys

Cons: Customer service, Pathetic response times to events, Worthless text system customer service blows, No customer service response, No sympathy had to seek aid

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What is a distribution cooperative?

A distribution cooperative is a non-profit, member-owned electric company that purchases electric power at wholesale and distributes it to its members. Delaware County Electric Cooperative purchases electric power at wholesale from the New York Power Authority.

What is Delaware County Electric Cooperative?

Delaware County Electric Cooperative is an electric utility that is owned by the members it serves. DCEC exists primarily to safely, reliably and cost effectively provide electric service to all of our members. Profits or margins, are put back into the cooperative to help run the business efficiently, or are returned to the members as capital credits.

What is the REA/RUS?

Before , there was no national effort to bring electricity to rural America. In most rural areas, it was not economically viable for Investor Owned electric companies to extend their lines out into less populated areas. Therefore, farmers and other rural residents did not have electricity. However, President Franklin D. Roosevelt and other members of Congress felt strongly that having electricity should not be limited only to Americans who live in larger towns and cities.

In , President Roosevelt created the Rural Electrification Administration (REA). In , President Roosevelt - working with Congress - passed the Rural Electrification Act. Thus began an enormous effort by rural Americans and the newly created REA to organize in their communities and plan how they would bring electricity to their towns and farms. When the Department of Agriculture was re-organized in , the Rural Electrification Administration was combined with the Rural Water Facilities and Telecommunications Programs to form the new Rural Utilities Service.

Rural Utility Service is a program of the Rural Economic and Community Development agency, which is one of six basic mission areas of the US Department of Agriculture (USDA). RUS houses the rural electric, telephone and water/wastewater loan programs and was authorized by the Federal Crop Insurance Reform and Department of Agriculture Reorganization Act of RUS replaced the Rural Electrification Administration (REA).

What is the importance of being non-profit?

Electric cooperatives were developed because many citizens in rural sector did not have access to electricity in the s. It was not economically viable for investor-owned power companies to serve the rural areas. With the assistance from the federal and state levels, the concerned citizen band together and formed their own electric companies-cooperatives to provide them power. The cooperative business structure was already a well-established business model for providing services that were too big for anyone to perform alone.

Are rural electric cooperatives run by or owned by the government?

No. Co-ops are owned by the members-customers which they serve. Co-ops are governed by the bylaws which are established by members. Policies are established by the Board of Directors which are elected by the members that serve to govern operations. The Board also hires a manager and establishes the overall goals & objectives of the cooperative which provide direction to the manager and staff.

What is the New York Public Service Commission?

With the exception of NY State Electric Cooperatives the Commission regulates the state's electric, gas, steam, telecommunications, and water utilities. The Commission also oversees the cable industry. The Commission is charged by law with responsibility for setting rates and ensuring that adequate service is provided by New York's utilities. In addition, the Commission exercises jurisdiction over the sitting of major gas and electric transmission facilities and has responsibility for ensuring the safety of natural gas and liquid petroleum pipelines. For more information on the New York State Public Service Commission, click here.

What is National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA)?

The National Rural Electric Cooperative Association (NRECA) is the national service organization dedicated to representing the national interests of consumer-owned cooperative electric utilities and the consumers they serve. NRECA also offers education and training programs for cooperative directors, managers and employees; collaborative research to enhance cooperatives’ use of technology and insurance, employee benefits and financial services and technical advice and electrification assistance in developing countries around the world.

What are the basic differences among electric utilities?

There are several types of utilities that provide electric service throughout the U.S. These include electric cooperatives, investor-owned utilities, municipal systems and state and federal power agencies.

Electric cooperatives are utilities that generate and/or distribute electrical energy on a non-profit basis and are owned by the members they serve.

An investor-owned utility (IOU) are utilities that generate and/or distribute electrical energy for a profit. The IOUs are owned by stockholders. Some of the well known IOU is our area are New York State Electric and Gas (NYSEG) and National Grid.

Municipal systems are electric distribution system owned by a city to provide service for its residential, commercial and industrial users within the municipality. Municipality systems often also provide other utility services such as telephone, internet, cable and sewage service.

State and Federal Power Agencies are government-owned organizations established to provide a unique or strategic service that supports the energy security of the area in which they exist. For example, the New York Power Authority built and operates large-scale hydro generation plants in New York State (e.g. the Niagara Falls Station) that are of strategic importance to the New York electricity grid and the State’s economy.

Why can't I get my electric service switched from NYSEG to DCEC even though I am very close to DCEC's lines?

Unfortunately, New York State law prevents DCEC from providing service to any location that is already being served by an investor-owned utility such as NYSEG or National Grid. Ostensibly, this law exists to protect the investment of the for-profit utilities, but it has the unintended consequence of limiting consumer choice in areas where the local rural electric cooperative can provide superior service at a lower cost. Our state legislature could change this law in the future to allow open competition between electric utilities.

Why do my lights blink?

Electric utilities operate and maintain power lines that have protection equipment installed to address possible faults that may occur that could cause temporary or extended outages. When a blink or momentary interruption occurs, this protective equipment is programmed to temporarily interrupt power to allow the fault to clear to avoid a outage situation. Possible faults could include a tree limb touching the line often times caused by sever wind. Other possibilities could include faulty insulators, which fail most commonly during cold and/or damp weather conditions. Occasionally, wildlife (e.g. squirrels, birds, etc.) and cause faults from their presence on pole tops and in substations. Lightening-strikes can also cause electrical surges to occur that cause outages when protective equipment automatically isolates affected power lines. During g outage conditions, lineman need to assess the cause of the outage before they are able to repair the problem and restore service. This can at times be elusive which can lead to extended outage situation.

What causes my power to go out?

One cause would be lightning strikes which take a toll on various pieces of equipment with replacements necessary in many instances. Another outage cause would be wet snow many times causing the top wire to come in contact with the bottom wire. (Neutral wire). Possibly a tree falling or being cut down on the power line will cause a short and in turn cause the fusing switch to open. A cracked or faulty insulator will cause an outage, and many times may cause the pole top to burn due to the severity of the arcing. Sometimes the cause of the power outage may be a planned or unplanned interruption from the utility supplying the power to our substation. Many times a bad storm with lighting, high winds, wet snows will cause difficulties with our suppliers’ transmission lines as well as the cooperative distribution lines. Accidents such as a motorist hitting a pole will obviously cause an outage. Sometimes birds or other animals become entangled in our electric line, become electrocuted and it too will create an outage. We could have an assortment of other outages due to such things as overloads, faulty switches and fuses, vandalism, or just plain pre-planned cooperative outages.

Why is my electric bill so high?

Electric rates reflect 2 types of services: one being the cost of the electricity actually consumed with the other being the cost of constructing a maintaining the power lines over time. There are several reasons for a higher than normal electric bill. A few of these reasons can be: (1) Electric space heaters used to heat a room for a period of time instead of for a quick warm up, (2) installation of new electric devices or heaters that rely on electricity (e.g. hot tubs), (3) aging appliances and (4) poor insulation. DCEC can assist in providing reference information to members who are interested in investigating possible energy efficiency programs to reduce electrical usage (and therefore costs).

What is the service charge on my bill?

The service charge is a flat charge applied each month regardless of the amount of kilowatt hours (kWh) used. The charge covers such items as member accounting, mailing, billing and metering and therefore is charged even if the member has had no usage for that month.

What is the Power Cost Adjustment charge on my bill?

Average estimated power costs are used to establish the amount of power cost to recover the Cooperative’s monthly base rate, which on your electric bill is called the Energy Charge. The Power Cost Adjustment mentioned on your electric bill refers to the unpredictible variation in power costs. On a month to month basis, DCEC compares the amount of power costs collected through its base rates and the actual costs incurred. The difference between the power costs actually incurred and the amount recovered through the base rates is either refunded to or collected from members the following month through the Power Cost Adjustment charge. A negative Power Cost Adjustment means on your monthly bills reflects a refund and a positive Power Cost Adjustment reflects a charge for the difference between estimated power cost and the actual cost incurred.

What is the difference between a Residential Service Class - 1 (SC-1) and a Residential Service Class - 2 (SC-2) member?

  • Residential Service Class - 1 (SC-1) is available to members whose residence, at which electricity is being supplied, is a member's permanent legal address. Eligibility for this classification requires the residence to have consistent usage (i.e. >/+50% of kWh usage between Monday through Friday over three months), including farms/businesses with common service with a permanent dwelling. 
  • Residential Service Class - 2 (SC-2) is required for members whose primary legal residence is other than the address for which service is being supplied. After one (1) year of service, a member may become eligible for Service Class - 1 (SC-1) if kWh usage is "high and consistent" (i.e. >8, kWh/yr, >50% from Monday - Friday).
How much does it cost to connect/disconnect a service?

A fee of $ plus tax is required for a meter installation within 3 business days, and a fee of $ plus tax for an after hours reconnect (only for members that have been disconnected for non-payment).

Can I pay my bill online?

Yes, Delaware County Electric Cooperative offers enhanced online service that allows members to pay bills online using your Checking or Savings bank account and MasterCard, Visa, or Discover credit card.

When will the Cooperative be paying my capital credits?

Each January the Cooperative completes year-end financial statements and determines “net margin” for the prior year. Funds are then allocated to all member-owners on the basis of their electrical usage for that calendar year, and are called capital credits. These capital credits are paid at such times when the Cooperative’s Board of Directors deem prudent to ensure the financial viability of the cooperative.


Rge power outage

rge power outage Outages Outages Outages. Nov 20, · Electricity Power Outages. esriemcs. RGE power outages: Thousands lose power in Greece, Parma and … Democratandchronicle. View Outage Map. The outage spans several neighborhoods in Rochester's 19th Ward. Feb 06, · - More than 1, RG&E customers are without power in Monroe County. affecting members in TWP 13, RGE You can contact us, report your outage and get updates http://ow. View the Map. (WHEC) — Thousands of people in Monroe County woke up Friday without power. The remainder are owned and maintained by others. According to RG&E, more than 5, customers in Greece, Irondequoit and Rochester were without power. Report Tree Problem. Even with that lack of capacity, as night began to fall that Sunday, Texas hit its all-time winter peak electrical demand of nearly 70, MW, and it met that full demand. You can check for the latest updates here. NYSEG and RG&E report that approximately , customers are without power as of 12 p. Report Safety Hazard. Search for an address, city, or ZIP code within the Consumers Report An Outage Report An Outage Let us know if you're experiencing an outage. (Sept. Rochester Gas and Electric has begun upgrades to a substation located in North Winton Village which serves about 6, Feb 06, · - More than 1, RG&E customers are without power in Monroe County. Nov 17, · PowerOutage. (WROC) — Strong wind, rain, and thunder knocked out power for thousands in the region Tuesday. ROCHESTER, N. Democratandchronicle. You can also call -Enroll in Meter Read Reminder Alerts and receive a convenient reminder to read your meter on months we’re scheduled to estimate your energy usage. Rochester Gas and Electric has begun upgrades to a substation located in North Winton Village which serves about 6, Feb 25, · A loss of power may be the result of a blown fuse or a tripped circuit breaker. Large outages were reported in Brockport, Sweden, Gates, Kendall, Scottsville and Wheatland. More than 12, customers lost power in the evening, RG&E reported on its website; The majority were clustered in the area of Greece, Hilton and Parma; The power appears to have gone out around Name Phone; NICOR: NFG: NIMO: NYSEG: RGE: CentralHudson: CONED: Outage List and Outage Map Reminder: You can view estimated times of restoration for your municipality, town or street with our Outage List or Outage Map. RG&E, NYSEG ALBANY, N. Psegli-SC4. Need to report a manhole issue? Call Rochester Gas and Electric has begun upgrades to a substation located in North Winton Village which serves about 6, Electricity Outage Map Search Outage and electric infrastructure information for your community. com DA: 28 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: Gas Leaks. US is an ongoing project created to track, record, and aggregate power outages across the united states. Power Outages In Rochester Due To Windstorm Stabilize. Our company; Community Outage List and Outage Map Reminder: You can view estimated times of restoration for your municipality, town or street with our Outage List or Outage Map. Carbon Monoxide. Also, stay out of flooded basements. & Sat, 8 a. (RGEC) was organized in to enhance the quality of life for rural residents by providing electric service where none existed. If you are moving out of RG&E territory, you will need to call customer service or visit in person at least 10 days in advance of your move, to be sure that you are not billed for extra days. Nov 21, · 12,, Please notice that within one outage you can report multiple street lights by clicking more street lights. m. View our interactive map to see reported outages in your area. NYSEG and RG&E released the following statement Monday morning: Electricity Outage Map Search Outage List and Outage Map Reminder: You can view estimated times of restoration for your municipality, town or street with our Outage List or Outage Map. You will also receive notifications with the latest information about your power outage so you can plan. The utility company’s website still reports hundreds of customers without power on Rochester’s South and East sides. RG&E customers should call to report downed power lines or other hazardous situations. More than 12, customers lost power in the evening, RG&E reported on its website; The majority were clustered in the area of Greece, Hilton and Parma; The power appears to have gone out around Power Outages. This street light outage reporting application allows public users to report City of Calgary street light outages by clicking on the street light symbols on the map. Some residents say they’ve been without power during the last couple of night of a heatwave when overnight lows dipped only to the 70’s. If electricity and gas service has been deactivated since the previous tenant left, RG&E will need to send a technician to your home to turn on service. (WHEC)— Rochester Gas & Electric restored power to more than 1, people Friday morning. Members are free to purchase electricity services from a retailer of their choice. STAY CONNECTED Mar 23, · These outages were about half wind power and half natural gas generators. Safety. REPORT OUTAGE. City/ZIP Code Outage View; Color shows the number of customers without power. – available 24/7. Rochester Gas and Electric has begun upgrades to a substation located in North Winton Village which serves about 6, Thursday, November 18, from a. m; Since the high winds began midday Wednesday more than , homes and business have lost power at RGE Outages plots the approximate locations of power outages in Rochester, New York, and is updated every ten minutes The source data for this map is published by RG&E , but all map -related blame should go to Ryan Tucker . Even lines that appear dead can be energized. Mailing Addresses. Your payment page is going to load in a new window. ) Additional Contacts & Payment Locations Outage List and Outage Map Reminder: You can view estimated times of restoration for your municipality, town or street with our Outage List or Outage Map. Outage Central at rge. Residents in the area between Route 31 and I claim the outages are random and have nothing to do with the weather or trees. Jul 19, · Rg E Outage Map. by: James Gilbert. Pipeline Safety. There were over 10, people without power around 6 p. on Monday, RG&E is reporting people without power throughout the region. If you don't see your area on the map, please call to report a power outage. Return to Map. A new window will open where you can complete your payment. In the event of an emergency, customers are asked to call As of a. . To report a power outage, please contact your local utility for assistance. 30, ) – Researchers at the University at Albany Atmospheric Sciences Research Center (ASRC) are partnering with New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG) and Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E) on a new outage prediction model (OPM) that applies machine learning to available weather data to improve the utilities' ability to predict disruptions in their service. Nearly 1, outages are reported in Chili, in the area of Chili Avenue and Chestnut Ridge Road. - p. Local News. Posted: Oct 3, / PM EDT / Updated: Oct 3, / PM EDT. Report a power outage. Dec 15, · Call RG&E at during weekdays, from 7AM - 7PM. said that the company is preparing for widespread power outages throughout the state, readying crews to assist with potential restoration efforts. Tuesday. com/arcgis/rest/services/RGEOutageMap_v2/MapServer/4/query {f:json where:1=1 } See full list on rge. Cross Boring. New York Power Outages Map. to report an outage. Today, at over 35, square miles, RGEC has the largest service territory of any electric cooperative in the contiguous United States, serving 18 counties in Texas, and two Outage List and Outage Map Reminder: You can view estimated times of restoration for your municipality, town or street with our Outage List or Outage Map. until p. Rg E Warns Of Scam Call. 04/04/ NYSEG and RG&E Address Outages from Ongoing Statewide Windstorm - 5 p. com DA: 28 PA: 50 MOZ Rank: RGE power outages: Thousands lose power in Greece, Parma . Report Streetlight Problem. The company and its workers are ready to help restore power should any customers be left in the dark amid Monday’s high winds. Power Outage Maps For All 50 States Plus As Many Other. Nov 19, · PowerOutage. The outage also impacted Irondequoit, Ogden and Gates, though to a much smaller degree; Power was restored to more than 4, Monroe County customers about p. Rochester Gas and Electric has begun upgrades to a substation located in North Winton Village which serves about 6, Nov 17, · PowerOutage. alberta. Electric outages on the Benton REA system will appear on this power outage map if they affect more than 10 members in Benton, Yakima, or Lewis Counties. National Grid says nearly 16, customers are without service. Meeting the Needs of Our Customers We prioritize our resources to provide assistance to community members who need a helping hand throughout our service area. Rochester Gas and Electric has begun upgrades to a substation located in North Winton Village which serves about 6, Rochester Gas & Electric Corp. If you'd like to contact RG&E by mail, feel free to reach out to one of the following addresses: Oct 04, · Power outages becoming more frequent in one Perinton neighborhood. To learn more about RG&E's economic incentive programs, call between the hours of 7AM - 7PM on weekdays. If you suspect a natural gas leak or carbon monoxide go outside and call For a list of retailers, visit http://www. Power outages could extend longer than 24 hours, and some Jun 21, · Thousands of RG&E customers without power after storm rolls through Rochester region. VIEW MAP OUTAGE MAP View outages across New England. Report Other Problem. Jul 19, · Rg E Outage Map. on Sunday, 2, RG&E customers were still without power. Call RG&E at during weekdays, from 7AM - 7PM. ) BUSINESS; Call (M-F, 8 a. ‎We are pleased to offer you an effortless tool that makes it even easier to manage your account! Our free app provides you our same great service at your fingertips. 04/03/ During a Power Outage: ** Avoid downed power lines during any outage. 4 hours ago · RG&E plans to rebuild North Winton substation to improve reliability. Power outages could extend longer than 24 hours, and some Nov 01, · Rio Grande Electric Cooperative, Inc. Orange & Rockland does not receive any portion of the service fee. Only use flashlights for emergency lighting, candles can cause fires. Oct 04, · Power outages becoming more frequent in one Perinton neighborhood. a car accident, a fallen pole, etc. News Sports Life Business Flavors Data Obituaries E-Edition -Sign up for Outage Alerts and stay informed if your power goes out. or RG&E at 1. To report a power interruption, contact NYSEG at or RG&E at 1­ Contact information for outages, gas emergencies, and customer service inquiries. Y. - 6 p. Western New York and the Finger Lakes dealt with thousands of power outages after strong winds and heavy rain swept thorugh the area on Sunday. We also provide streetlight maintenance service for approximately 36, lights owned by cities, counties, the state and various agencies. Oct 30, · In upstate New York NYSEG reports more than , customers are affected. Safety tips; Tree trimming; Call before you dig; Bill payment scams; Lineman safety; Safety demonstration; About us About us About us. Oct 31, · Power outages and downed lines can be reported over the phone by calling 1- or online by clicking here. Our payment agent, BillMatrix, handles all credit and debit transactions. If you're a commercial customer, you'll be charged a service fee of 2. Nov 01, · Rio Grande Electric Cooperative, Inc. (toll free in Alberta). ). A set of scripts to parse and map RG&E's power outage information - rtucker/rgeoutages Nov 15, · As of p. More than 3, RG&E customers were without power as of 1 p. Rochester Gas and Electric has begun upgrades to a substation located in North Winton Village which serves about 6, Dec 13, · Report Power Outage. Rochester Gas and Electric has begun upgrades to a substation located in North Winton Village which serves about 6, Jul 09, · NYSEG and RG&E Crews Hard at Work Striving for Full Restoration of Power for Customers After Powerful Windstorm - 6 p. Sep 25, · ROCHESTER, N. View the Outage Map. Before reporting an outage, first check to see if your neighbors still have power. rge power outage

Crisp White Taubmans


NYSEG warns customers of new round of scam attempts

BUFFALO, N.Y . (WKBW) — NYSEG is alerting their customers to a new round of scam attempts that are targeting New Yorkers over the phone.

NYSEG says they have been fielding reports from customers of suspected scammers who claim to be employees or consultants of the company. Some of the calls even feature forged caller ID numbers.

Customers say the scammers are threatening to cut of electricity service unless payments are made via prepaid debit cards like "Green Dot" cards. In some cases, the callers seem to have specific knowledge about the customers they are targeting and will provide a callback number that spoofs a recorded greeting like that of NYSEG's customer service line. NYSEG says they would not be contacting customers in that manner to notify of service termination and would never ask customers to specifically pay their balance using prepaid debit cards.

Some customers have also reported that some "bad actors" are attempting door-to-door style scams, posing as meter-readers.

Contractors working for NYSEG will always carry proper identification and customers who question whether or not the visit is legitimate are encouraged to call the companies’ customer service number at '

Here are some helpful tips:

· NYSEG and RG&E accept a variety of payment methods, and Customer Care representatives will work with individual customers to help them pay down outstanding balances and maintain service. The companies will never demand customers to purchase debit cards such as Green Dot cards to make payments.

· If unsure of the identity of the caller, ask for the last five digits of the account. If they do not have this information, hang up and alert local authorities. Never give out personal or account information to a caller.

· NYSEG and RG&E employees and contractors carry company-issued photo ID with a unique employee number. Ask for ID before providing personal or account information or granting access to your property. If you are not certain, call to confirm using the number on your bill or the company’s website.

· Be suspicious of unexpected emails from NYSEG or RG&E, especially if you’re not an eBill customer, and think twice before clicking links.


What happens if I can’t afford my utility bills right now?

New York State has taken steps to ensure that any customers affected by COVID will not lose power or heat due to financial hardship. Per Governor Cuomo’s March 13, directive, all energy and water utilities operating under the state’s authority have been ordered to halt terminations of service for both commercial and residential customers throughout the COVID pandemic. 

As a result, major energy utility providers including NYSEG, RG&E, and National Grid have suspended terminations of service to customers for matters arising from inability to pay. Similarly, many private water service providers have also ceased service disconnections because of customers’ inability to pay. 

What if I can still afford my utility bills? Does this mean I don’t have to pay?

No, this does not mean you do not have to pay. If you are able, you should pay your utility bills as they come due. 

How do I know if my utility provider has agreed to suspend shutoffs?

This moratorium does not apply to municipal or publicly owned water or utility providers. If you have questions about whether your specific water or utility provider has agreed to halt shutoffs, you should reach out to them directly. 

While not an exhaustive list, some major utility providers who have agreed to suspend shutoffs include:

  • New York State Electric & Gas (NYSEG)

  • Rochester Gas & Electric (RG&E) / Avangrid

  • National Grid 

  • Con Edison

What if my service provider is threatening to shut off my utilities anyway?

If your service provider is threatening you with a utility shutoff, you should call our office. 

What if my utilities have already been shut off by my service provider?

If your utilities have been disconnected in violation of the moratorium, please call our office. You can also file an emergency complaint with the Public Service Commission by calling  

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