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How to Get a Debit Card or Check Card with FNBO Direct

What's the Best Online Checking Accounts 2021? Check and Compare this List

Provider Opening fee Monthly fee Interest rate Min balance Axos Bank - Rewards Checking Free Free Up to 1.25% 50 USD minimum balance upon opening Ally Bank - Interest Checking Free Free 0.25% No minimum balance Varo Bank - Bank Account Free Free Non-interest bearing account No minimum balance nbkc bank - Everything Account Free Free 0.15% No minimum balance Quontic Bank - High Interest Checking Free Free Up to 1.01% 100 USD Discover Bank - Checking Account Free Free No interest - earn cashback on spend instead No minimum balance Bank5 Connect - High Interest Checking Free Free 0.2% 100 USD balance required to earn interest First Internet Bank - Interest Checking Free 10 USD/month - hold 500 USD balance to avoid this 0.3% 100 USD minimum opening balance FNBO Direct - Checking Account Free Free 0.15% 1 USD Radius Bank - Rewards Checking Free Free Up to 0.15% + 1% unlimited cash is fnbo direct legitimate on debit card spend 100 USD minimum opening balance

First National Bank of America Review

First National Bank of America (FNBA) is a brick-and-mortar bank with several banking options for consumers and small businesses. Its certificates of deposit (CDs) and high-yield savings account are available to consumers nationwide, while its other checking and savings products are only available to Michigan residents.

Headquartered in East Lansing, Michigan, the bank opened its doors in 1955 and began expanding in 2011. Part of that expansion included opening two more branches in Michigan. Now with over 2.6 billion in assets, the bank remains a family-owned operation and serves residents throughout the state.

Here’s a closer look into First National Bank of America and how its consumer banking products measure up against similar financial institutions. Account details and APYs are accurate as of January 5, 2021.

Account Basics


First National Bank of America offers three different savings accounts. These include its High Yield Savings Account, its Statement Savings account and its Health Savings Account (HSA), designed for saving money for upcoming medical expenses. Its Statement Savings account and Health Savings Account are only available to residents of Michigan, while its High Yield Savings Account is available to savers nationwide.

The High Yield Savings Account pays 0.50% APY. There’s a $1,000 minimum opening requirement and a $1 million maximum funding limit. It has a $10 monthly maintenance fee if a minimum balance of $1,000 isn’t maintained. This account can be opened online.

The Statement Savings account has a is fnbo direct legitimate account opening minimum and earns 0.20% APY, with interest paid and compounded monthly. It also comes with 24-hour ATM access. There’s a monthly service fee unless an average daily balance of $199 is maintained.

The HSA savings account is great for someone who has a high deductible health plan and wants to save for upcoming healthcare expenses. There’s a $50 minimum balance requirement to open the account and avoid service fees. The plan also earns interest, and you will be issued an HSA debit card specifically for healthcare expenses.

To fund the HSA savings account, you can make automatic deductions from your paycheck, recurring transfers from another account, deposit by check or contributions from your employer through direct deposit.

Each savings account serves a different purpose, but both can help you achieve your financial goals.


First National Bank of America offers two different checking accounts: Personal Checking and Simple Checking, plus a money market checking account. These checking accounts are only available to residents of Michigan.

The Personal Checking account requires $100 as an initial deposit to open. Monthly service fees and transaction fees may vary by location, but you can avoid those fees by meeting a daily balance of $100 or an average daily balance of $350 during the statement cycle. This account comes with a free ATM/debit card. It does not accrue any interest.

The Simple Checking account has the same initial deposit requirement of $100, but it requires either a $500 minimum daily balance or a $750 average daily balance for the monthly statement cycle to avoid fees. The monthly service charge for failing to meet the minimum balance requirement may vary by location. In contrast to the first personal checking account, this account does accrue interest.

Lastly, First National Bank of America offers a money market account that acts as a checking account. The HomeTowne Money Market Checking account guarantees to pay the best money market account rate in town: FNBA will beat any rate offered by an FDIC-insured bank in one of its locations. It also provides features like unlimited check-writing capabilities and a free ATM/debit card. However, it requires a $1,000 balance to open and maintain the account. There’s a monthly service charge unless you maintain a daily balance of $1,000.


First National Bank of America also offers certificates of deposit (CDs) to their customers. With a minimum of $1,000, you can start earning interest on your investment.

These CDs are available to residents of all 50 states. However, the rates and options will differ slightly for Michigan and non-Michigan customers.

Distinguishing Features

If you are a small business owner, First National Bank of America offers products specifically to handle business transactions and finances.

The Business Checking account is a simple product that allows up to 300 transactions per month with no monthly service charge. Statements for this account are mailed monthly or can be received digitally.

The Business Analysis checking account is a bit more complex. It includes detailed statements, account analysis and online banking options. This account comes with monthly service and transaction fees.

There is also a business Money Market Savings account that acts as a savings account and pays interest. However, you are restricted to six withdrawals and three checks per month. If your business makes more than six withdrawals per month, this account may not be the best option.

Access on the Go

First National Bank of America makes the banking experience as convenient as possible with several avenues to access your bank information on the go.

It offers online access and an app you can download on either iOS or Android devices. On the App Store, the app gets 5 stars out of 5 (there are only two reviews). The app receives 4.5 stars out of 5 on Google Play (there are a total of 10 reviews).

The app offers mobile deposit for checks and text banking to access information such as balances and account history.

For account holders with ATM cards, FNBA partners with Allpoint, which provides 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs across the US.

If you are not located near one of the three branches or would rather not visit a branch, you can call 517-679-6485, Monday–Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. ET, for assistance or questions on your online accounts.


  • Competitive APYs on online CDs and high-yield savings account
  • Fee-free access to 55,000 Allpoint ATMs
  • Digital banking access online and via app
  • Three branch locations in Michigan


  • CDs require a $1,000 minimum deposit
  • High-yield savings carries a $10 monthly maintenance fee for balances under $1,000
  • Customer service is not available on weekends
  • Checking and some savings accounts are available only to Michigan residents

How First National Bank of America Stacks Up

First National Bank of America is a good option for savers interested in opening an online CD or high-yield savings account, since these accounts are available to consumers nationwide. It offers online banking and a mobile app to manage accounts on the go. But because FNBA limits the availability of its checking products, it’s not a good option for those looking for a full-service bank outside of the bank’s three branch locations in Michigan.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is First National Bank of America FDIC insured?

Yes, First National Bank of America is FDIC insured (FDIC# 17438). The federal government protects your money for up to $250,000 per depositor, for each account ownership category, in the event of a bank failure.

Where are First National Bank of America’s branch locations?

There are three branches, all located in Michigan: East Lansing, Grand Rapids and Traverse City.

What types of accounts is fnbo direct legitimate First National Bank of America offer?

First National Bank of America offers checking, savings, CDs, IRAs and business accounts.

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FNBO Direct Review

Who Is FNBO Direct Best For?

FNBO Direct may be a good fit for consumers who want to:

  • Use an online-only bank
  • Earn interest on savings and checking account balances
  • Open a checking or savings account with no minimum balance requirement

What Does FNBO Direct Offer?

As an online-only bank, FNBO Direct provides a limited amount of basic banking accounts and services.

Online Savings Account

FNBO Direct’s online savings account pays 0.35% APY (as of August 11, 2021) with no monthly fees or minimum balance requirements. The savings rate is higher than the current national rate, but slightly lower than the best interest-earning savings accounts. Interest is compounded and credited monthly.

Customers can open an account with a minimum of $1 and access their account through online, mobile, or digital platforms. There’s no fee for standard transfers, but next-day transfers are charged $10. There’s also a check issuance fee of $5. Transfers and withdrawals are limited to six per month.

You can enroll multiple deposit accounts as external accounts you can transfer money to and from. You must be the sole owner of any linked accounts.

Per FNBO Direct’s account disclosures, you are allowed to deposit your own funds to your savings account and nobody else’s.

Online Checking Account

FNBO Direct’s checking account pays 0.15% APY on deposits (as of August 11, 2021), which is well above the national average. To earn the APY, the minimum balance required is $0.01. The minimum opening deposit is $1 and there’s no monthly service fee. Low fees and a decent APY make this account a great option if you can’t meet the fee waiver requirements of other banks but want to earn interest.

Checking account features include:

  • Visa debit card
  • Online banking
  • Online bill pay
  • Account alerts
  • Free debit card fraud monitoring
  • Free incoming wires
  • Free stop payments

You can’t write checks with your account but you can do online bill payments. You can only schedule one payment per merchant per day and bills must be between $5 and $10,000.

Checking account customers have access to 55,000 surcharge-free ATMs on the Allpoint Network. Also, FNBO will not charge you a fee for using another bank’s ATM in the U.S. or abroad, although the other bank and the ATM operator might.

In the first 30 days after opening your account, only the first $5,525 of deposits will be available to you on the second business day after the deposit. Anything over that amount will be made available on the ninth business day after the deposit.

Overdraft and returned payment fees are $33 per occurrence, with a maximum of four per day. FNBO will refund one of these fees once every 12 months from the last refund.

Account Limits

FNBO Direct has a few withdrawal and deposit limits to consider if you’re a high-earner and make big transfers. You’re not allowed to transfer or withdraw more than $100,000 from your account in a single transaction or in a single business day. Your monthly withdrawal or transfer limit is also capped at $500,000.

You also cannot deposit richest robert f smith transfer more than $250,000 into your FNBO Direct account in one transaction or on a single business day. Finally, the maximum balance you can hold between accounts is $1 million.

First National Bank of Omaha, FNBO, and FNBO Direct are the same FDIC-insured bank. If you have deposits in more than one of these, your deposits are added together and insured banked on FDIC regulations.

Credit Cards

FNBO offers one credit card. It is a rewards card with no annual fee that earns 2 points per $1 on qualifying purchases for the first 12 billing cycles, and then 1 point per dollar on qualifying purchases after that: 

  • ExtraEarnings Visa Credit Card

FNBO Direct Customer Service

FNBO Direct has industry-standard customer service options including 24/7 phone customer support and a mobile app.

The First National Bank of Omaha finished first out of 21 banks in the Midwest region of J.D. Power’s 2020 U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Survey.

How to Bank With FNBO Direct

To get started, visit It can take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to apply for an account, and you’ll need to provide some personal information. If you’re already a First National Bank of Omaha customer, you can log in to your existing account for a faster application process.

The Final Verdict


FNBO Direct is a solid option for consumers who want free online banking and a competitive interest rate on checking and savings account balances. And, with no minimum balance requirements or monthly maintenance fees, you don’t have to worry about meeting any fee waiver requirements.


While you can earn interest on your savings and checking accounts at FNBO Direct, you may still be able to find better rates elsewhere. The online-only bank may also not be a good fit if you’re looking to visit physical branches or write checks. And with monthly account withdrawal limits and aggregate FDIC limits for all FNBO accounts, FNBO Direct isn’t a great option for anyone with high deposits or transaction amounts in existing FNBO accounts. Also, FNBO lacks a full suite of deposit accounts, retirement, and investment options, which means it’s not a great fit if you want one bank you can grow with over time as you expand your banking portfolio. 

The Balance requires writers to use primary sources to support their work. These include white papers, government data, original reporting, and interviews with industry experts. We also reference original research from other reputable publishers where appropriate. You can learn more about the standards we follow in producing accurate, unbiased content in our editorial policy .

  1. J.D. Power. "2020 U.S. Retail Banking Satisfaction Study." Accessed May 7, 2021.


Counterfeit Cashier's Checks: Counterfeit Cashier's Checks of First National Bank of Scott City, Scott City, Kan.

The above-named bank has reported that counterfeit cashier's checks using the bank's routing number of 101104041 are being presented for payment nationwide in connection with an unknown scam.

There are at least three variations of counterfeit items in circulation, none of which resemble the bank's authentic item. The counterfeit checks may be identified by the following traits:

Variation #1

  • The checks are light blue in color and contain a marbled background and dark blue top border.
  • The following security statement is located within the top border: "TO VERIFY AUTHENTICITY, SEE REVERSE SIDE FOR DESCRIPTION OF THE 13 SECURITY FEATURES."
  • The bank's telephone number of 620/872-2143 is missing from the bank's logo at the top of the check.
  • A heat-sensitive security shield is located in the bottom center portion of the check.
  • The remitter name may appear as "Eugene Dixon."

Variation #2

  • The checks are of unknown color and contain a laced-style border.
  • The bank's telephone number of 620/872-2143 is missing from the bank's logo at the top of the check.
  • The remitter name may appear as "William Gault."
  • The check contains a fictitious account number ending in "1090."

Variation #3

  • The checks are of unknown color and contain a darkened top border.
  • The following security statement is located within the top border: "TO VERIFY AUTHENTICITY, SEE REVERSE SIDE FOR DESCRIPTION OF THE 11 SECURITY FEATURES."
  • The bank's telephone number of 620/872-2143 is missing from the bank's logo at the top of the check.
  • The remitter name may appear as "Matthew Brandon."

Checks presented to date have been made payable in various denominations up to $13,000.

Consumers have reported receiving the checks along with a generic letter by overnight mail service. The sender's information appears as "Park Slope Condos." The letter reads as follows:

"Dear Sir/Ma'am,

We are verifying the authentication of the package you just received. Kindly send a TEXT ONLY to (720) 640-9978. This is necessary for securing the envelope and its contents and ensuring that it's delivered to the rightful owner.

This small letter is being introduced with a check which states that once you receive the payment you are to send a TEXT ONLY to (720) 640-9978 with the information below. This is so important for security purpose. DON'T IGNORE THIS. Thanks!!!

*The full name on the package
*Check Number
*Amount on the check.

Payment Secure Department"

For additional information and to verify the authenticity of checks drawn on First National Bank of Scott City, please contact Customer Service by telephone at (620) 872-2143, by email at [email protected], or by mail at 501 Main St., PO Box 290, Scott City, KS 67871.

Consumers who receive counterfeit or fictitious items and associated material should file complaints with the following agencies, as appropriate:

  • U.S. Department of the Treasury, Office of Inspector General (OIG): by telephone at (800) 359‑3898 or by visiting the OIG website.
  • Federal Trade Commission (FTC): by telephone at (877) FTC-HELP or, for filing a complaint electronically, via the FTC's website.
  • National Consumers League (NCL): by telephone at (202) 835-3323 or by email. To file a fraud complaint, visit the NCL fraud website.
  • Better Business Bureau (BBB): The BBB system serves markets throughout Canada, Puerto Rico, and the United States and is the marketplace leader in advancing trust between businesses and consumers. The website offers contact information for local BBBs, objective reports on more than 2 million businesses, consumer scam alerts, and tips on a wide variety of topics that help consumers find trustworthy businesses and make wise purchasing decisions.
  • Federal Bureau of Investigation Internet Crime Complaint Center (to report scams that may have originated via the internet).
  • If correspondence is received via the U.S. Postal Regions online personal banking login, contact the U.S. Postal Inspection Service by telephone at (888) 877-7644; by mail at U.S. Postal Inspection Service, Office of Inspector General, Operations Support Group, 222 S. Riverside Plaza, Suite 1250, Chicago, IL 60606-6100; or via the online complaint form.

Additional information concerning this matter that should be brought to the attention of the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency (OCC) may be forwarded to

Office of the Comptroller of the Currency
Special Supervision Division
400 7th St. SW, Suite 3E-218; MS 8E-12
Washington, DC 20219
Phone: (202) 649-6450
Fax: (571) 293-4925
[email protected]

For additional information regarding other types of financial fraud, please visit the OCC's anti-fraud resources page. 

Monica A. Freas
Director for Enforcement


FNBO Direct Online Savings Account Review

FNBO Direct iPhone AppFNBO Direct iPhone App

The FNBO Direct Online Savings account is the online savings account offering from the First National Bank of Omaha.

The goal of the account is to offer existing customers, as well as customers outside of FNBO’s normal service area, a way to bank on the go.

If you’re looking for a good online savings account, this review will tell you everything you need to know about the FNBO Direct Online Savings account.

Solid Interest Rate for an Online Bank

There are two reasons you might want to open a savings account. The first is because you need a safe place to store your money.

FNBO Direct takes care of that thanks to its insurance from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation.

The FDIC will reimburse your balance, up to $250,000, if the bank should ever go out of business.

The other reason to open a savings account is that you want to earn interest on your cash.

The amount of interest you earn is possibly the most important factor in choosing a savings account, next to the fees charged.

Why is the interest rate important?

When you deposit money in your savings account, what you’re actually doing is making a loan. You loan your money to the bank and the bank offers you interest.

The bank then uses your money to make loans to other customers, charging them interest on those loans.

The bank charges more interest that it pays, and the difference goes towards running the bank.

Earning Interest to Fight Inflation

The other reason that the interest rate is important is inflation. Each year, inflation reduces the value of the dollar.

That’s why you’ll hear stories of people buying a loaf of bread for a nickel in the old days when that same bread might cost a dollar or two today.

Inflation is expressed as a percentage. If the inflation rate this year is 2%, that means the dollar is worth 2% less at the end of the year than it was at the start of the year.

If the interest you earn on your savings account is lower than the inflation rate, even though your is fnbo direct legitimate is increasing, your spending power is going down.

Over the course of many years, the compound losses to inflation could really reduce your account’s value.

The FNBO Direct Online Savings account offers a competitive interest rate when compared to other online banks.

It will help you fight the effects of inflation, but it is unlikely to beat the inflation rate.

FNBO Direct Online Savings Account Pros & Cons

  • High interest rate
  • No monthly maintenance fee
  • Mobile app available
  • No physical locations
  • Minimum deposit required

You can open a savings account at nearly any bank, so you should shop around for the best deal.

FNBO offers competitive interest rates when compared to other online savings accounts, so it should be on of the banks you considered when your comparison shopping.

$1 Minimum Deposit and No Monthly Fees

Many banks make you meet a minimum deposit requirement before you can open an account.

Others force you to maintain a certain balance, lest you be hit with maintenance fees.

A savings account is hardly safe if you're worried about fees, so FNBO does not charge any monthly fees for keeping the account open.

You also don’t have to worry about saving up to be able to open the account. You can open a FNBO Direct Online Savings account with as little as $1. That makes it easy to start saving towards your financial goals.

Other Fees

The main fee you’ll have to watch out for with online savings accounts is the excessive transaction fee.

Federal law limits the number of transactions you can make by phone or online per statement to six. Every transaction that exceeds that limit will incur an excessive transaction fee.

FNBO Direct gets around this by restricting you from making any transfers after your sixth transfer in a statement.

You won’t be able to make online transfers out of the account, even if you are willing to pay a fee.

One thing to note is that transactions made by mail or at an ATM do not count towards the limit. So even if you’ve made six transactions and locked yourself out of making online transfers, you can still get to your money.

FNBO Direct Online Savings Account Fees

Monthly Maintenance Fee $0
Excess pre-authorized withdrawals, transfers or checks$0 (not allowed after 6 per month)
Incoming wire transfer (domestic)$0
Outgoing wire frc patches for clothing (domestic)$15
Popmoney (Standard transfer)$0
Popmoney (Next day delivery)$10

Access Your Cash with an ATM Card

Because the FNBO Direct Online Savings account is an online account, you might worry about being able to get cash out of the account.

If you do want to be able to withdraw cash, you can request an ATM card from FNBO. You can use that card to make withdrawals at any ATM in the United States.

FNBO does not reimburse ATM fees, so you’ll be on the hook for any fees charged. All FNBO owned ATMs can be used fee-free.

Transfer Money with PopMoney

Your FNBO Direct Online Savings account comes with access to PopMoney. You can use the service to quickly and easily send money to friends or colleagues.

All you need to do is log into your account, enter the amount you want to send, and provide an e-mail address or phone number for the person you’re sending the money to. The recipient can then complete the transaction with their bank.

Even if a world with Venmo, Square Cash, Paypal, and myriad other ways to send money to friends, PopMoney is useful because it lets you send money to people without them having to create an account with the service.

How Does It Compare?

There are a lot of banks that offer online savings accounts, so you should shop around to find the best deal available.

If the FNBO Direct Online Savings account isn’t to your liking, consider these alternatives:

Goldman Sachs Bank USA Online Savings

Goldman Sachs Bank USA offers very competitive interest rates in an easy-to-understand savings account.

There’s no minimum fee required to open the account. You also won’t have to worry about monthly maintenance fees or transaction fees, beyond the standard excessive transaction fee.

The account is very flexible with deposits, allowing deposits by wire transfer, direct deposit, or mobile check deposit.

Withdrawals are more difficult. You’ll have to transfer the money to another bank to get at your cash. You can’t just request an ATM card or ask Goldman Sachs to send you a check in the mail.

If you like to keep your financial life in the digital world, it’s not a problem, but heavy cash users will be better served elsewhere.

Synchrony Bank High Yield Savings

Synchrony Is fnbo direct legitimate High Yield Savings account offers strong interest rates on all balances, but the rates really shine on higher balance accounts.

There are multiple balance tiers that affect how much interest you can earn.

Higher balances lead to higher interest rates, though sometimes different tiers will share the same rate. There are three balance tiers to keep in mind.

You can deposit money in the account by mailing a check, by wire, or direct deposit.

You can make withdrawals using an ATM card or by phone. You can also manage the account and make transfers online or by phone.

Synchrony Bank has no minimum deposit requirement and doesn’t charge a monthly fee.

That makes it a great bank for savers who are just starting out. The higher balance tiers offer a great goal to work towards.

UFB Direct Money Market Account

The UFB Direct Money Market Savings Account is intended to offer high balance consumers flexibility and great returns.

Money market accounts function as a hybrid of checking and savings accounts. They offer the great interest that savings accounts offer, with the flexibility of checking-writing ability.

UFB’s money market account offers a market-leading interest rate, letting you earn a great return.

The downside is that there is a hefty minimum deposit requirement: $5,000. You also need to maintain that balance after the account opens to avoid a $10 monthly fee.

Once you’ve opened the account, you’ll be is fnbo direct legitimate to write checks against the account and access your money with an ATM card.

You can deposit checks easily with the bank’s mobile app and can manage your account anytime using the bank’s website.

As a bonus, you’ll get access to FinanceWorks, a money management tool that lets you see all your financial accounts in one place.

If you have a lot of money to save, UFB Direct is a great choice. People with lower is fnbo direct legitimate will not be able to meet the minimum balance required.

The Final Verdict

In all, the FNBO Direct Online Savings account offers competitive interest rates, but no other significant perks.

If you already bank with FNBO or want a no-frills online savings account, it’s a good choice.

If you’re looking for more features or to move your entire financial life online, you might want to look for a competitor that offers more use perks with their accounts.

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FNBO Direct Review – No Frills, Online High-Yield Checking Account

FNBO Direct is the online banking arm of First National Bank of Omaha, itself a subsidiary of financial conglomerate First National of Nebraska. While First National Bank of Omaha’s physical branches and account holders are confined to several states in the middle of the country, FNBO Direct accounts are available to anyone with a U.S. address.

FNBO sets itself apart with a high-yield checking account that features no minimum daily balance, no recurring fees, and a nominal opening deposit of just $1. It also has a savings account and multiple CDs, all of which have decent but not spectacular yields, and all of which come with FDIC insurance up to $250,000 per account.

Additional perks include person-to-person transfers via Popmoney, Apple Pay functionality, and a Visa-branded cash rewards credit card that’s exclusive to account holders (but is contingent on qualification).

Key Features

Savings Account

FNBO’s online savings account yields 1.00% APY on all balances, requires a minimum opening deposit of just $1, and doesn’t require a minimum balance thereafter. There’s no monthly maintenance fee. By federal law, you’re limited to 6 savings account withdrawals per month.

Interest Checking Account

The interest-bearing checking account yields 0.65% APY on all balances and comes with an ATM card. Like the savings account, its required opening deposit is just $1, and there’s no minimum balance requirement thereafter.

FNBO’s interest checking account doesn’t come with any monthly maintenance fees or ATM fees, though FNBO does not reimburse out-of-network ATM fees. The maximum balance for each account is $1 million, which should be plenty for most customers. Although the account doesn’t come with paper checks, you can use FNBO’s free billpay system to make payments between $5 and $10,000.

Multiple CD Options

FNBO Direct offers 8 distinct CDs, all of which require a minimum opening deposit and ongoing balance of $500, and a maximum deposit and balance of $1 million. Terms and yields are:

  • 6 months (0.16%)
  • 9 months (0.26%)
  • 12 months (0.31%)
  • 18 months (0.41%)
  • 24 months (0.50%)
  • 36 months (0.70%)
  • 48 months (0.90%)
  • 60 months (1.15%)

CDs with terms between 6 and 12 months carry an early withdrawal penalty equivalent to 3 months’ interest, while all other CDs carry a penalty equivalent to 6 months’ interest.

At maturity, all CDs automatically renew after a 10-day grace period during which you can ask for your funds to be withdrawn.

ExtraEarnings Visa Card

All FNBO Direct account holders can apply for the bank’s ExtraEarnings Visa card, a no-fee rewards credit card, as long as they have a FNBO checking or savings account.

With the ExtraEarnings Visa, all qualifying purchases accrue points at a rate of 1 per $1 spent, with no earning caps or bonus categories, rotating or permanent. During the first 12 billing cycles (months), is fnbo direct legitimate accrue at double the normal rate – 2 points per $1 – also with no caps. Once you accrue 2,500 points, equivalent to $25 cash, you can redeem them as a statement credit or cash deposit to the FNBO account of your choosing.

It’s important to note that having a FNBO account doesn’t automatically entitle you to the ExtraEarnings card. To secure approval, your credit history and score need to meet FNBO’s standards, which the bank doesn’t reveal publicly.

Person-to-Person Payments via Popmoney

FNBO Direct supports person-to-person payments and transfers via Popmoney, a mobile-friendly app that lets you transfer funds between your checking or savings accounts and other U.S. bank accounts. You are, however, limited by law to 6 outbound savings transfers per month.

Popmoney is similar to PayPal: You don’t need to exchange bank account information with other transferees, just an email address and phone number. The program lets you initiate outgoing transfers and request incoming transfers (payments), both of which are free. Transfers typically take 2 to 3 business days, but you can opt for next-business-day transfers for $10 per transaction.

Access to Apple Pay

FNBO Direct’s checking account is compatible with Apple Pay, a mobile payment system that lets you make purchases directly from your phone. To sync your FNBO account with Apple Pay, you need to obx netflix cast an Apple Pay account and take a picture of your FNBO debit card or manually enter your account information. You can only use Apple Pay at merchants that have signed up for the service – look for the Apple Pay logo in the storefront window or checkout area.

Mobile Banking

FNBO Direct has high-functioning Android and iOS apps available for download. However, the website itself is sorely lacking in the mobile department, so if you’re used to accessing your bank is fnbo direct legitimate from your smartphone, you’ll need to download the app.

Overdraft Protection

FNBO Direct has an opt-in overdraft protection program that assesses a one-time fee of $33 per transaction, up to a maximum of 4 transactions per day (for a maximum daily overdraft charge of $132). The bank does waive this fee for your first overdraft in a given calendar year. If you choose not to opt into the program, any transactions that would normally result in an overdraft (including debit card purchases and ATM withdrawals) will simply fail.

Customer Support

FNBO Direct offers several different types of customer support: an extensive FAQ section, a customer support email address, and a 24-7 hotline with live representatives at the other end. Phone wait times are usually minimal, though things can get backed up during busy periods, such as weekday evenings.


  1. Checking Account Offers Attractive Flexibility and Above-Average Yield. FNBO Direct’s checking account is arguably its most distinctive product. With a 0.65% APY, no minimum balance requirements, virtually no minimum opening deposit requirement, and no tiered interest rates, it’s more straightforward than many competing accounts that use gimmicks to appear better on paper. For instance, TIAA Bank‘s High-Yield Checking Account has a higher headline yield but requires a $5,000 opening deposit and minimum balance. Ally Bank and Capital One 360‘s interest checking accounts both have lower prevailing yields, especially on smaller balances.
  2. Low or Nonexistent Opening Deposits and Balances. FNBO Direct’s checking and savings accounts both have a nominal minimum opening deposit of $1, and no minimum balance fees thereafter. The bank’s CDs have a fairly low minimum opening deposit and minimum balance requirement – $500 on both counts. This compares favorably to other online banks, including TIAA Bank ($1,500 minimum opening deposit on all accounts) and Bank of Internet USA (minimum balance of $100 required to earn interest).
  3. Competitive Savings Yield. FNBO Direct’s savings account yield is competitive with top online banks like Ally Bank and Bank5 Connect.
  4. Popmoney Transfers Are Free in Both Directions. FNBO’s person-to-person Popmoney transfers are free to send and receive. This isn’t always the case with other banks that partner with Popmoney.
  5. Impressive Bonus on Rewards Credit Card. Although having an FNBO account isn’t enough to qualify you for an ExtraEarnings Visa card, it’s a requirement to apply for one. Many FNBO customers, depending on credit score and credit history, can expect to be approved. ExtraEarnings’ 1-point-per-$1-spent rewards system isn’t Earth-shattering, but the introductory bonus (2 points per $1 spent) equates to 2% cash back on all purchases, regardless of purchase category. Since it doesn’t come with a cap on the number of bonus points you can earn, this could be a superior alternative to rewards cards with rotating, capped bonus categories. For instance, Chase Freedom offers 5% cash back on purchases in categories – grocery stores, for example – that rotate quarterly, but caps the bonus at $1,500 in total category purchases ($75 in total rewards cash). If you’re a big spender, ExtraEarnings is a better deal.
  6. Apple Pay Compatibility Is a Nice Bonus. FNBO Direct is compatible with Apple Pay, making it easy for customers to pay for purchases at participating merchants without swiping a debit card or carrying cash. Though Apple Pay is increasing its reach, many popular online banks aren’t yet synced with the service.
  7. Responsive, 24/7 Customer Service. FNBO Direct has a solid customer support apparatus that includes live, round-the-clock phone support and timely responses to emailed queries. However, unlike some online banks (notably Ally Bank), FNBO doesn’t post call center wait times online. But its customer service offerings are far ahead of many other competitors: Bank5 Connect’s phone team is mostly available during weekday business hours capital one personal loan rates some limited weekend hours, while Bank of Internet USA’s is only available on weekdays.


  1. No Loans or Commercial Financing. Aside from the ExtraEarnings Visa card, FNBO Direct’s credit offerings are nonexistent. The company doesn’t provide auto, home, or commercial loans, nor does it offer secured lines of credit, such as home equity lines. That compares unfavorably with Ally Bank, which offers auto loans and commercial financing, and Capital One 360, which provides mortgage loans.
  2. CD Yields Compare Unfavorably to Some Competitors. FNBO Direct’s CD offerings are also somewhat lackluster. The company’s 60-month CD yields 1.15%. By contrast, TIAA Bank’s 60-month product yields nearly twice that (subject to change with prevailing rates). Given that discrepancy, it makes sense to maintain a relatively high-yield checking account with FNBO Direct and keep longer-term savings in a CD with TIAA Bank, which has high minimums for its high-yield checking accounts.
  3. Overdraft Fees Are on the High Side. Fees for FNBO Direct’s opt-in overdraft protection plan are definitely on the high side. The bank charges $33 per overdraft transaction, up to a maximum of $132 per day, or 4 overdrafts. That’s significantly more than what many competing banks charge, including Ally Bank ($9 per transaction) and TIAA Direct ($25 per transaction, up to a $75 daily limit).
  4. No Retirement Options. FNBO Direct doesn’t offer any in-house options for retirement savers or investors. While the majority of online banks lack an in-house brokerage, many allow customers to structure CDs, money markets, and even savings accounts as tax-protected retirement accounts – notably Traditional, Roth, and (occasionally) SEP IRAs. Popular banks that offer retirement options include Ally Bank and Optimizer Plus by Synchrony Bank.
  5. No Account Opening Bonuses. Although such things are subject to change with temporary promotions and incentives, FNBO Direct doesn’t offer any account opening bonuses, and hasn’t been known to do so in the past. This is an inconvenience for customers who want to juice their opening deposits with some of their new bank’s money. Other online banks offer generous incentives for new customers – check that link often, as the deals change frequently.

Final Word

True to its heartland roots, FNBO Direct is a straightforward online bank that’s built on simple, universal values: great service, convenient accounts, and above-average functionality. An easy-to-use but visually bland website epitomizes the bank’s practicality and humbleness.

However, FNBO Direct isn’t perfect – no online bank is. It’s missing several features that would be necessary for it to serve as a true one-stop shop for customers with complex needs. You won’t find a brokerage, retirement options, personal loans, or commercial financing here.

Given the above-average checking yield and surprisingly attractive Visa rewards credit card, FNBO Direct is great for your day-to-day spending and money management needs. For longer-term savings, superior options are just a click away.


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