brilliant blue fcf melting point

ACID BLUE 9 (BRILLIANT BLUE FCF). Material Safety Data Sheet. 1. PRODUCT IDENTIFICATION: Synonyms: Alphazurine FG, C.I. 42090, Erioglaucine disodium salt. Physical and chemical properties Physical State Colour Odor Solid, Fine Powder/Granules. Reddish blue. Odorless pH value Boiling Point Melting Point Flash Point. Trade name: BRILLIANT BLUE FCF E133 See protective measures under point 7 and 8. Melting point / freezing point: Not Available.

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: Brilliant blue fcf melting point

Brilliant blue fcf melting point
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Brilliant blue fcf melting point
brilliant blue fcf melting point

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brilliant blue fcf melting point Chemical Identification
CAS # 2650-18-2; 3844-45-9

brilliant blue FCF; C.I. acid blue 9, diammonium salt; disodium salt

Physical Properties
Physical description brilliant blue fcf melting point Reddish-violet powder or granules with metallic luster.
Boiling point Molecular weight
Freezing point/melting pointVapor pressure
Flash pointVapor density
Specific gravityIonization potential
Lower explosive limit (LEL)Upper explosive limit (UEL)
NFPA health ratingNFPA fire rating
NFPA reactivity ratingNFPA special instruction
Vapor hazard ratio (VHR)
Historical exceedance percentage
Target organs
Monitoring Methods Used by OSHA
Analyte code (IMIS no.)A156
Sampling group
Sampler/Sampling media GFF (37 mm), Type A/E [AP4003705]
Sampling time*

100 min

Sampling volume (TWA)*

100 L

Sampling flow rate (TWA)*

1 L/min

Sampling volume (STEL/Peak/C)*
Sampling flow rate (STEL/Peak/C)*
Analytical method instruments HPLC
Method referenceOSHA PV2129 (partially validated)
Special requirements

* All sampling instructions above are recommended guidelines for OSHA Compliance Safety and Health Officers (CSHOs), please see the corresponding OSHA method reference for complete details.

Wipe Method
Sampler/Sampling media
On-Site Screening Techniques
Sampling information
(see manufacturer instructions)
Exposure Limits
8-hour TWA
(C) Ceiling
Up to 10-hour TWA
(C) Ceiling
8-hour TWA
(C) Ceiling
Skin notation brilliant blue fcf melting point


Skin notation


Skin notation


Skin notation



Not established


Not established


Not established


Not established

Health factors:  united healthcare member services See NIH-NLM PubChem. IDLH
Carcinogenic classifications: IARC-3 Notes:
AIHA emergency response planning guidelines - ERPG-1/ERPG-2/ERPG-3:
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NOAA: CAMEO Chemicals - Not Listed

brilliant blue fcf melting point central bank and trust lander login NIOSH: Pocket Guide to Chemical Hazards illinois bank and trust machesney park il Not Listed

brilliant blue fcf melting point Literature References

  • NIOSH Registry of Toxic Effects of Chemical Substances (RTECS) Identification Number: BQ4550000.

Last Updated Date : 12/15/2020


Brilliant Blue FCF

Name: Brilliant Blue FCF

CAS Registry Number: 3844-45-9

Molecular Formula: Brilliant Blue FCF / 3844-45-9

CA Index Name: Benzenemethanaminium, N-ethyl-N-[4-[[4-[ethyl[(3-sulfophenyl)methyl]amino]phenyl] (2-sulfophenyl)methylene]-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene]-3-sulfo- inner salt, sodium salt (1:2)

Other Names: Alphazurine FG; Benzenemethanaminium, N-ethyl-N-[4-[[4-[ethyl[(3-sulfophenyl)methyl] amino]phenyl](2-sulfophenyl)methylene]-2,5-cyclohex-adien-1-ylidene]-3-sulfo- hydroxide, inner salt, disodium salt; Benzenemethanaminium, N-ethyl-N-[4-[[4-[ethyl [(3-sulfophenyl)methyl]amino]phenyl](2-sulfophenyl) methylene]-2,5-cyclohexadien-1-ylidene]-3-sulfo-,inner salt, disodium salt; Brilliant Blue FCF; C.I. 42090; C.I. Acid Blue 9, disodium salt; Blue 1; Blue 1206; Blue FCF; Blue No. 1; Brilliant Blue E 133; Brilliant Blue FCF Supra; C.I. Food Blue 2; Canacert Brilliant Blue FCF; D and C Blue No. 1; D&C Blue No. 1; Disodium erio-glaucine; Dolkwal Brilliant Blue; Duasyn Acid Blue AE 02; E 133; E 133 (dye); Erioglaucine; Erioglaucine disodium salt; FD and C Blue 1; FD and C Blue No. 1; FD&C Blue No. 1; FDC Blue 1; Food Blue 1; Food Blue 2; Food Blue Dye No. 1; Food Blue No. 1; Food Blue No. 2; Hexacol Brilliant Blue A; Japan Blue 1; Japan Blue No. 1; Japan Food Blue No. 1; Puricolor Blue ABL 9; Sicovit Brilliant Blue 85E133; Usacert Blue No. 1; Usacert FD and C Brilliant blue fcf melting point No. 1

Merck Index Capital one bank auto loan address 1373

Chemical / Dye Class: Triphenylmethane

Molecular Formula: C37H34N2Na2O9S3

Molecular Weight: 792.85

Physical Form: Reddish-violet or purple powder

Solubility: Soluble in water, ethanol, methyl cellosolve

Melting Point: 283 °C (decompose)

Absorption (λmax): 406 nm, 625 nm

Synthesis: Synthetic methods

Staining Applications: Stain for endoscopy; cells; microorganisms; alcohol; bakery products; beverages; candies; cotton candy; canned food; cucumbers; drinks; meat products; sweeteners; capsules; tablets; toothpastes; eyelashes; eyeshadow; skin; hairs; tattoos; teeth

Biological Applications: Treating coughing, sneezing, rhinorrhea, nasal obstruction, rhinitis; medical devices

Industrial Applications: Electrochromic display devices; inks; paints; photographic materials; detergents; textiles; wood; entertainment products

Safety / Toxicity: Acute toxicity; carcinogenicity; environmental toxicity; genotoxicity; mutage-nicity

Certification / Approval: Approved by Food & Drugs Administration (FDA)


3844-45-9 Brilliant Blue Food Color



Saujanya Exports (CMS Group) re-branded from Saujanya DyeChem has 50 years of worldwide experience in the field of manufacturing and exporting of Food Colours, Lake Colours FD&C Colours, D&C Colours, Blended Food Colours, Solvent Dyes, Acid Dyes, Direct Dyes, Reactive Dyes, Basic Dyes, Salt Free Liquid Dyes, Liquid Basic Dyes, Ink Colours, Organic & Inorganic Pigment Powders, Napthol Dyes, Fast Salts, Vat Dyes, Fast Bases and Blood Stains & pH Indicators.

After a humble beginning in the textile city of India, Ahmedabad in 1973, Saujanya Exports has grown into a multi faceted, multi product organization. Due to our brilliant blue fcf melting point marketing, high morals, service and high standards of quality concerns, we have been growing at a rapid pace and we aim remain on that path by promising great customer service, building ever lasting relationships and delivering quality products in a timely manner.


Saujanya Exports strives to be a customer centric organization that endeavors continuously to satisfy emerging demands of the customer and supply high quality, cost effective and timely products and services.


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Sr. No.Food ColourDescription1TartrazineTartrazine, a synthetic lemon yellow AZO dye that perceives its use as a food coloring agent in products like desserts, confectionery, cake mixes, soft drinks, flavored snacks, spreads, condiments, processed foods and others.
Our patrons across the globe vouch for our excellence, authenticity and service.2Sunset YellowSunset Yellow, a synthetic yellow AZO dye is suitable in fermenting foods requiring heat treatment as it comes with pH-dependent maximum absorbance limit between 480nm to 500nm. Also, helps in composing colours with various combinations with amaranth.3CarmoisineCarmoisine, a synthetic red AZO track amazon order from someone else is suitable for food, medicines and cosmetics as it comes with a melting point of more than 300C. Being soluble in water contains NN & CC, chromophore groups.4Ponceau 4RPonceau 4R, a synthetic red AZO dye is suitable for a variety of food products, synthetic colourant and food colouring agent made brilliant blue fcf melting point combination with sodium chloride as a principal component and other subsidiary components.5Brilliant Blue FCFBrilliant Blue consists of toluene, sulfonate, disodium, and other combination of sulfonic acids for colouring with isomers.6Indigo CarmineIndigo Carmine consists of a mixture of disodium, disulphonate, and other subsidiary colouring matters as a principal component. Also includes 5 organic compounds as a base.7Quinoline YellowQuinine Yellow, a food dye or additive developed by using the oragnic and subsidiary components like monosulfonate, disulphonate, trisulphonate and other acids.8Fast Red EFast Red E, consists mainly of disodium, sulfonate, sodium chloride, sodium sulfate and other subsidiary colouring matters.9Allura RedAllura Red, as a sodium salt consists of disodium and supported by the subsidiary component & varied organic compound for food coloring matter.10Chocolate Brown HtChocolate Brown HT, a food additive mainly consists of disodium as well as other subsidiary & organic components.11ErythrosineErythrosine, food dye consists of benzoate merrick pre qualify credit card, disodium, as well subsidiary like sodium sulphate which works as a principal component other than food colouring.12AmaranthAmaranth consists of trisodium, naphthalene, disulfonate and another organic component for a mixture.13Black PNBlack PN, food additive also described as sodium salt consists of naphthalene as well as sodium chloride and other relevant organic compounds.14Patent Blue VPatent Blue V, the synthetic dye also known as Sulphan Blue and being used as food colour and additive comes in varying colours depending upon pH value with the appearance of mostly violet powder. Suitable in medicines as well as x-ray contrast.15Red 2GRed brilliant blue fcf melting point, food additive and synthetic dye find its suitability in water as well as ethanol and applies to paper, crepe paper, coatings, ink, fine tissue and staining in histology. Commonly used in food, pharma and cosmetic industries in black and granular form.16Green SGreen S, food dye or additive mainly consists of sodium as a subsidiary colouring matter in the combination of sodium chloride and sodium sulfate. Even sodium salt as an organic compound.17Egg YellowGive any sweet treat a pop of egg yellow color without imparting any additional unwanted flavor with this food coloring. The vibrant yellow color is perfect for use with piping gel, icing, or brilliant blue fcf melting point to create the look of sunflowers, balloons, borders, and more for your decorated sheet cakes.18Lemon YellowA beautiful color bright yellow food coloring to the water-soluble powder that will fit all your needs creative baking.19Strawberry RedNatural Food Colors give soft and pastel colors to pastry creations. Due to natural pigments in our Natural Food Colors, they can give a slight taste to your pastry, macaron, cream in strawberry red flavor20Tomato RedTomato Brilliant blue fcf melting point food colour is extracted from various species of plants and used in making health supplements also used for bakeries and confectionery. While processing this food colour, we make sure that the natural characteristics remain the same during the extraction process.21Chocolate BrownChocolate brown food coloring to the water-soluble powder fits all your need for creative baking.22Apple GreenApple green food colouring powder soluble in water is ideal for creating coloured dessert decorations and confectionery.Water-soluble concentrated food color Apple Green in powder for sugar work, pastry, macarons, cream, etc23Pea GreenWe manufacture and supply premium quality Pea Green Food colour. This food color is known across worldwide for its quality, america ferrera twitter, a purity, solubility, and accurate composition.24Raspberry RedRaspberry red color is processed using the optimum grade ingredients under hygienic. Our offered color is renowned for its scrumptious taste, easy digestion and quality.25Orange RedOrange Red Food Color is used mainly in bakery, confectionery, cakes, flavored milk, sharbats and sweets, household food preparation and other all edible preparations.26Rose PinkRose Pink Food Colour gives an pretty rose pink colour to icings, desserts, bakery and confectionery

Meru Chem Private Limited

CAS No108-94-1
Purity %>99 %
Packaging Details200 litres Drum
Usage/Applicationas a solvent in adhesives
Grade StandardIndustrial Grade
SynonymsOxocyclohexane,Cyclohexyl ketone,Ketohexamethylene
Chemical FormulaC6H10O
HS Code29142200
EC No.203-631-1
Physical StateLiquid
ColorColorless to pale yellow
OdourPeppermint Like
Molecular Weight98.15 g/mol
Density948 Kg/m3
Melting Point-17.7 deg C
Boiling Point155.6 deg C
Solubility in water0.86 g/L
Vapor pressure13.008 kPa
Refractive index1.447
Flash Point44 DegreeC
Ignition Temperature420 DegreeC
Surface tension35.05 g/s2
HazardsFlammable liquid and vapor,Harmful if swallowed
PrecautionsWash face,hands and any exposed skin thoroughly after handling

One of its important uses is in the fields of medicine and dentistry. Phosphoric acid is used as an ingredient in over-the-counter anti-nausea medications, which also happen to contain high levels of sugar, that is, glucose and fructose. In dentistry, this acid is combined with zinc powder to form zinc phosphate, which is used brilliant blue fcf melting point a temporary dental cement. It is also used in orthodontics as an etching solution, so as to clean and roughen the surface of teeth before the placement of brackets and other dental appliances.

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