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For $1100 you get Vista Home Premium running on an AMD Turion 64 X2 Dual Core chip, with 2GB of RAM, ATI RS690 integrated graphics, 250GB of HDD. (2) A monthly subscription is just $4.99 per month after a free seven-day (4) The Apple Music Student Plan comes with a free subscription to Apple TV+. John Amos, Eddie Murphy, Arsenio Hall, and many other stars got back together for "Coming 2 America," the sequel of the groundbreaking 1988.

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Clarks looking for reboot under new Chinese leadership

It began with a sheepskin slipper in 1825, but Clarks is moving out of its comfort zone in a battle for survival under new Chinese leadership.

The British footwear institution, founded by Quaker brothers Cyrus and James Clark, shifted from comfort to fashion after the desert boot inspired by James’ great grandson Nathan Clark’s time in Burma in the 1940s became the footwear of choice for the Beatles, Oasis and generations of reggae artists.

Now the boot is on the other foot as the founding family were forced to this year cede control to Chinese Olympian Li Ning and private equity group LionRock after slumping into the red and struggling to refinance debts after years of malaise.

Li Ning, the billionaire former gymnast who now heads a sports footwear colossus with sales of 14.4bn RMB (£1.7bn), teamed up with LionRock shortly before it pumped £100m into Clarks to take a 51% controlling stake.

The Chinese investors want to follow the lead of Dr Martens and Birkenstock, turning Clarks from a historic brand and the pride of Somerset, into an international powerhouse led by expansion in Asia.

Industry insiders say they will use the Li Ning brand’s contacts to help secure expansion for Clarks in China and beyond. “The UK will now be not that important,” one said.

At home, a potential signal for the future comes via a tie-up with Marks & Spencer, through which Clarks now sells its children’s shoes.

But Li Ning will have to pull off a flip of incredible proportions to turn around the troubled brand, where sales have fallen steadily for at least four years and profits have crumbled away since 2014.

Clarks has found itself pincered between both discount and upmarket rivals after being kicked aside by trendier trainer purveyors.

“You get born in Clarks and you die in Clarks, but from 10 to 70 you don’t want them,” said one industry insider.

“Taste moved quicker than they did and the market disappeared rapidly at the mid- to more expensive price point,” a rival said.

As the pandemic compounded years of poor trading, Clarks cancelled its dividend to shareholders including the founding family in January for the second consecutive year. That came after it reported a 43% slump in sales to £775m in the year to 30 January as the group sank £172m into the red from a £21.5m profit a year before. Net debt rose to £98m from £32m a year before and the pension surplus dived from nearly £128m to just £9.9m last year.

Clarks’ board warned in May that there was “material uncertainty” about its ability to meet targets given the on-going pandemic.

While Clarks was trading ahead of budget when it filed its annual report in May, the company said changes in consumer behaviour “may cast significant doubt on [the company’s] ability to continue as a going concern” and it may have to consider an “equity cure” or debt-for-equity swap to raise more cash.

Such questions are likely to be top of the minutes at the annual shareholder meeting, set for 23 December when the Clarks family may have to consider losing their grip on the brand entirely.

Clarks said this week that its most recently filed accounts reflected the “significant impact” of the pandemic on its business globally.

A Clarks spokesperson said: “We are pleased that the company is currently on track to meet its forecast revenue and profit goals, and our debt and cash positions have been considerably improved in the last few months. We still face many challenges, but the loosening of pandemic restrictions in our key markets and the strong management of costs in the past six months have resulted in the delivery of an improved financial position in rapid time.”

It said that since LionRock had acquired a majority stake in the business, it had implemented a “focused turnaround strategy designed to protect the future of the business, and to build a foundation for sustainable growth in the years ahead”.

Its future strategy may yet take another turn as Clarks is searching for a new boss after going through six chief executives in as many years. Johnny Chen, Clarks’ chair, is currently acting as interim chief executive after taking over from Victor Herrero, a former executive at US fashion label Guess, who stepped down earlier this month after just nine months in the role.

The company has spent more than £2m on pay-offs or legal fees relating to the departure of its top-level team, including a very public legal spat with former Zara and Karen Millen boss Mike Shearwood.

Clarks is currently in mediation with representatives for workers at its warehouse in Street, Somerset, who say the business is seeking to cut their wages by almost 15% by using controversial fire-and-rehire tactics.

A year ago, Clarks left its landlords outraged after pushing through a controversial restructure that cut rent on 60 stores to nil.

While Clarks was not alone in suffering during the pandemic, its troubles date back to well before Covid-19 appeared. The company has gone from being the UK’s biggest footwear retailer six years ago to a poor third behind Sports Direct and JD Sports. Its share of the market has halved to 4% during that time as JD’s has grown by more than a third to almost 11%, according to analysts at GlobalData.

Problems at home have been compounded by Clarks’ disparate image around the world. In the UK, eight out of 10 of its bestsellers are children’s shoes, while in Asia it is known for trainers and in North America it has a cut-price image.

One industry insider said Clarks had suffered from a string of leaders who wanted to sell something different from what their core customers wanted. “For the last five years they have wanted a different consumer and have put the ones they have got on the back burner.”

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Clarks employed more than 11,000 people in 2014 and had cut 2,500 jobs around the world by January after closing more than 250 shops in the UK alone. Major writedowns on outdated IT systems and millions of pounds worth of unwanted stock have also held back the business.

Patrick O’Brien at GlobalData said Clarks was too slow to reduce its store count and move with the times, leaving it in a “real predicament”. “It is very difficult for a retailer like that to remain relevant. They are stuck in a place in people’s psyche that is contrary to where the market is going.”

An industry insider put it more bluntly: “It is still a major brand, but they have lost their way completely.”

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    33 years after first gracing the silver screen as African royalty, Eddie Murphy is back as Prince Akeem in Coming 2 America, which just premiered last week on Prime Video. Of course, no royal family is complete without its own palace, and in the case of this film, it was a combination of CGI and the real life mansion of rap legend Rick Ross that brought the royal residence to life. Below, House Beautiful breaks down everything you need to know about the mansion, including how it landed a starring role in this regal film and how it was transformed for its palatial appearance.

    An Illustrious History

    The 45,000-square-foot abode—which acts as a palace in the fictional African country of Zamunda—sits on 235 acres and is located in Fayetteville, Georgia. If that wasn’t impressive enough, it’s also the biggest home in all of Georgia and it boasts one of the largest swimming pools in the United States, at over 350,000 gallons in total.

    Boxer Evander Holyfield had the home built in 1994 and lived there until 2013, when it was acquired by JPMorgan Chase for $7.5 million in a foreclosure. In 2014, the dwelling hit the market for $8.2 million, and Ross purchased it shortly thereafter.

    Quantrell D. Colbert

    Costly Upkeep and Over-the-Top Offerings

    According to what Holyfield toldThe Atlanta Journal-Constitution, it cost him approximately $1 million a year to run this mansion, which included a $17,000 electricity bill every month. We can see why the boxing icon went on to sell this expensive—and expansive—property.

    In total, the home now boasts 109 rooms, including 12 bedrooms, 21 bathrooms, a dining room that can sit up to 100 people, a 135-seat movie theater, and a bowling alley, to name a few of the abode’s many impressive amenities. Just last fall, Ross reportedly spent $1 million to purchase 87 acres near the mansion, including two houses that may be renovated for the rapper himself to live in, or serve as rental properties, according to TMZ. He even posted about the purchase on his Instagram.

    How the Home Prepared for the Screen

    So, how did Rick Ross’s mansion end up with a starring role in Coming 2 America? Well, in 2019, when filming was underway for the sequel, Ross told Nick Cannon in an interview on Power 96.1 that his favorite film happens to be Coming to America (the original), and that was the primary reason behind his desire to be part of the second film. More recently, Ross divulged more about the film’s production process in an Instagram Live this past January, stating that he charged producers just to visit the estate when they were scouting potential filming locations. “It’s not free to come check out the estate. Twenty people are wanting to see it today, every day,” Ross revealed. “What we do is charge people to come look at it, and there’s still 18 people that want to come a day. So, welcome to the promised land.” Hey, you've got to pay that electricity bill somehow, right?

    According to Variety, five areas of the mansion were used to bring the fictional palace to life, including the grand foyer, two stately rooms (both of which boast 18-foot ceilings!), the aforementioned dining room that can fit up to 100 guests, and the main bedroom, which happens to be Ross’s room.

    (Side note: The original Coming to America palace was created using CGI and a studio set built in Hollywood.)

    Quantrell D. Colbert

    Ross recently told Variety that the film's production team “changed the wallpaper in the dining room, so I asked them to keep it up there.” And that wasn’t the only parting gift he received: “They also created that huge dining room table for a dining scene that seats 50-60 people, and they left that for me as a gift. It’s humongous.”

    A few rooms were brought to life on sound stages separate from the mansion, like the throne room and the ballroom, but the set designs stayed true to the architectural make up of Ross’s home.

    You can watch Coming 2 America—and take in the palatial beauty of Prince Akeem’s royal abode for yourself—here.

    Follow House Beautiful on Instagram.

    Mary Elizabeth AndriotisAssociate EditorMary Elizabeth Andriotis is House Beautiful's Associate Editor, where she covers historic homes, entertainment, culture, and design.

    This content is created and maintained by a third party, and imported onto this page to help users provide their email addresses. You may be able to find more information about this and similar content at

    Official Trailer

    While it might be a relatively big role, Bella Murphy originally just wanted to be an extra. Speaking to Yahoo Entertainment, she said: “Originally I asked to be an extra,” adding that her dad has a rule of no showbiz work before they’re 18. Rules are made to be broken though, clearly, as Eddie Murphy let his daughter take on the role.

    • MOVIES: Where was Coming 2 America filmed?

    “I think he just saw how passionate I really was about it and was like, ‘I’m going to let you audition for the princess if you want’”

    Yep, Bella Murphy still auditioned for the Princess Omma role

    Although you’d be forgiven for assuming she simply got the role at the click of a finger, she actually had to audition for it.

    • MOVIES: Is Coming 2 America on Netflix?

    Speaking on Good Morning America, Eddie Murphy made this clear: She had to audition for Craig Brewer, who directed the movie. I wasn’t muscling my kid into the movie. She had to really be able to deliver. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have gotten the role.”

    Coming to America 2 is Eddie Murphy’s daughter’s first big credit, but her drawings did feature in Daddy Day Care in 2003. Okay, not quite the same thing.

    In other news, Tick Tick Boom: All cameos in the Netflix musical explored

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