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The company offers consumer financing products, including credit, promotional financing and loyalty programs, installment lending to industries, and FDIC-. To get started, cardholders will need to download the Alexa App, login using their Synchrony account details for the Store Card. The store card offers interest free payment plans. The chase amazon card is a regular credit card that offers 5% back for prime members on amazon purchases.

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synchrony bank 2. Most people’s Sep 21, 2020 · Synchrony Bank. Wekiva Springs. You can also contact the bank by calling the branch phone number at 801-816-4778 Aug 27, 2021 · Synchrony Bank boasts FDIC-insured savings, money market, and CD accounts, all with attractive yields (competitive rates) and relatively few hoops to jump through. Out of the blue, all cards was canceled on 9/17. I found out by embarrass myself in the store when it was declined. 08 Synchrony Bank is probably on your credit report as a 'collections account'. Cons: Synchrony Bank. has advised us that a web site application provided by a third-party vendor of Stein Mart, Inc. 34 reviews. Over thousands of locations. Mar 29, 2019 · Synchrony Bank is a large national financial institution offering consumer banking products to individuals through an online platform. Click the button below if you would like to stay signed in. And while these cards are often known for their discounts and rewards programs, as retail cards they can also be some of the easiest cards to be approved for on the market. . Ally and Synchrony have very similar bank experiences. This bank closed my Beall’s card with an outstanding balance still on the card. Sep 21, 2020 · Synchrony Bank. With this mobile app you will be able to: • Log in securely using TouchID/Fingerprint Authentication. See what we offer for your industry. Synchrony Bank provides banking services. You can access your money and account information 24 hours a day, 7 days a week by phone or Internet. More than just another big bank, we want to be a real strategic partner in your success. A lot people get off work after 5pm during the Synchrony Bank Full Service Brick and Mortar Office 170 West Election Road, Suite 125 Draper, UT 84020. We would like to show you a description here but the site won’t allow us. Jul 06, 2021 · Synchrony Bank closed my Lowe’s Store Card with an existing deferred interest promotion that wasn’t supposed to expire until 11/20. Nov 23, 2021 · How To Log In to Your Synchrony Bank Account From a Computer. 6,564 likes · 2,252 talking about this. com, so be sure you’re visiting the consumer banking site. After your payment's been scheduled, you'll have the opportunity to registering your account with us. A lot people get off work after 5pm during the Jan 20, 2021 · About Synchrony Bank What exists today as Synchrony Bank began in 1932 as General Electric Contracts Corporation to help customers finance appliances. Nov 02, 2021 · Synchrony Bank is a solid online bank with competitive interest rates on savings, money market, and CD accounts. The Synchrony Bank Privacy Policy governs the use of the Synchrony® Mastercard®. As a subsidiary of Synchrony Financial, a large credit card retail bank that is publicly traded, Synchrony Bank has a history dating back to 1988, offering several deposit-based products to its banking customers. Industry Expertise. A. Inc. 1. Location of Are you still there? For your security, you will be logged out in 1 minute due to inactivity. Business Details. “I wasn't thrilled to discover, after getting a loan, that Synchrony bank is not much of a traditional bank. Sep 01, 2021 · Automobile Credit Cards from Synchrony Bank. —. The retailers must be getting some kind of sweet deal from them. Logging into Synchrony from your computer is a simple and easy process. More specifically, a hard pull usually causes an applicant's credit score to drop by 5-10 points. Synchrony for Business. Your small business partner for consumer financing and more. Aug 26, 2016 · About Synchrony Bank. The The best phone number and way to avoid the wait on hold, available live chat options, and the best ways overall to contact Synchrony Bank in an easy-to-use summary, as well as a full comparison of the 7 ways to reach Synchrony Bank, compared by speed and customer recommendations. Until 2014, Synchrony Bank was known as GE Capital Retail Bank, an Oct 26, 2021 · Synchrony Bank is an online bank that offers competitive rates on high-yield savings accounts, CDs and money market accounts. Jun 05, 2021 · Synchrony’s savings account is a good option to earn a solid return without locking your money into a CD. Its CDs and money markets can be structured as traditional and Roth IRAs, boosting the bank’s appeal to retirement savers. The company offers consumer financing products, including credit, promotional financing and loyalty programs, installment lending to industries, and FDIC-insured consumer savings products through Synchrony Bank, its wholly owned online bank subsidiary. When people talk about credit card issuers you usually hear names like American Express, Chase, Capital One, and Citi — but Synchrony is actually quite big. According to the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation records and based on the institution's charter type, Synchrony Bank is classified as a savings associations, state or federal charter, supervised by the Office of Thrift Supervision (OTS). Reply. Open an Account: Sep 24, 2019 · Synchrony Bank, as part of Synchrony Financial, is one of the major issuers of store credit cards in the U. doxo is the simple, protected way to pay your bills with a single account and accomplish your financial goals. I had the Amazon, Lowes, TJmax, Paypal, Ebay mastercard, GAP, and Cathy Pacific total around 80K in credit. Synchrony Bank, Merriam Customer Service Call Center Cons: Synchrony Bank. Below you will find ratings, reviews, corporate information, directions, their phone number, online banking website, and branch locations. Pay as Guest. 127. From applying to buying and more, we're here to help. Pay as Guest is a secure online service that makes it easy to schedule a same-day, single payment on your account. It is a good option for consumers who are happy with their current checking learning about this incident, Synchrony Bank promptly began working with Stein Mart, Inc. Manage Your Account: 1-866-226-5638 1-866-226-5638 ACCOUNT ACCESS . Your Synchrony® Mastercard® is issued by Synchrony Bank. Synchrony Bank Orlando, Florida 965004 Shamless7: Reporting on Synchrony Bank sent from? Orlando,Florida ‘ Dear people , this is a scam! I called all 3 major credit reporting agencies, trans union first. One of the debt buyers Synchrony Bank sells to will allow about 4 years to pay a roughly half off settlement. Head Office office is located at 170 West Election Road, Suite 125, Draper. In 2015, Synchrony Financial completely broke off from GE to become an independent financial institution Pay your Synchrony Bank (Synchrony) bill online with doxo, Pay with a credit card, debit card, or direct from your bank account. Over the years, the company launched a variety of programs and products, such as store-branded cards for companies like Lowe's and Chevron. I thought I could simply make an account online and…” more. com, contained unauthorized code. I personally don't have any issues with Synchrony Bank, but something doesn't sit right with me that Synchrony and Comentity manage a high percentage of the so-called "store" credit cards. The Visa Prepaid Card is issued by The Bancorp Bank pursuant to a license from Visa U. Their corporate headquarters is listed as: 170 West Election Road, Suite 125 in Draper Utah. In addition to retail store cards, Synchrony Bank also offers credit cards for a few specific automobile companies. And, like different monetary offerings companies, it offers online-best patron banking further to an array […] Synchrony Bank Full Service Brick and Mortar Office 170 West Election Road, Suite 125 Draper, UT 84020. You can also contact the bank by calling the branch phone number at 801-816-4778 Nov 02, 2021 · Synchrony Bank is a solid online bank with competitive interest rates on savings, money market, and CD accounts. At Synchrony Bank, we work on your terms to help your savings power a brighter tomorrow. 50%), while CDs of 24 months or longer duration Jun 12, 2021 · Synchrony Bank was given its begin because of the patron credit score arm of General Electric manner lower back in 1932. Purchases of $299 or more will receive 6 months promotional financing, everywhere the card is accepted 1 in stores and online. The use of this site is To qualify, merchants must have enrolled with Synchrony and submitted three new credit applications by 12/31/2019. Even if you live in NJ, you might not be able to visit the branch as needed. Synchrony - Changing What's Possible™. Get online access to check your balances, transfer funds, and more. Deposits in Synchrony Bank are insured by FDIC. Synchrony Bank was founded in August 1988 and is based in Draper, Utah. All accounts come with FDIC insurance on balances up to Nov 02, 2021 · Synchrony Bank is the online banking division of Synchrony Financial. Synchrony Bank. Most Synchrony Bank credit cards require fair credit to apply, but the credit score effects should be negligible. S. Com Branch: P. Synchronybank. to gather data that would allow us to clearly determine what had occurred. Registration is quick and easy and provides you with variety of tools manage your account online, at your convenience. Banks & Credit Unions. Our experience in retail banking & finance allows for tailored programs for businesses and consumers alike! With the new Synchrony HOME Credit Card, you can earn 2% cash back rewards on purchases 2 under $299 automatically credited to your billing statement at cycle. The bank is a division of Synchrony Financial, the largest provider of Jan 20, 2021 · Currently, Synchrony Bank is a subsidiary of a publicly traded company named Synchrony Financial, and it is now one of the largest providers of private-label credit cards in the United States. Business Tools. Synchrony Bank: Atlanta, GA: List of only branch of Synchrony Bank in Atlanta, Georgia Click on the branch name to get more information about the branch. Unlike most banks, Synchrony Bank has only one branch (located in 200 Crossing Blvd, Bridgewater, NJ 08807). Synchrony Bank was founded in 1932. Headquartered in Draper, UT, it has assets in the amount of $53,876,894,000. main content ALERT: Communication for cardholders impacted by Natural Disasters. You cannot access Synchrony Bank Savings accounts and some private label national brand credit cards on this app. 5 million to settle a lawsuit that alleged the bank harassed residents throughout the state with debt collection calls, it was announced Monday. Synchrony Bank, Merriam Customer Service Call Center Synchrony Financial is a consumer financial services company headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut, United States. Help & Support. Oct 25, 2021 · Synchrony Car Care™ Manage all your car expenses — gas, tires, repairs and maintenance — with one card. May 05, 2020 · Yes, Synchrony Bank, like any other issuer for that matter, will do a hard pull when you apply for a credit card. They closed my JC Penny store card. Synchrony HOME™ One card. Ben says. Get help and support for all things Synchrony. Synchrony is a consumer financial services company delivering customized financing programs across key industries including retail, health, auto, travel and home. Offer valid only on new partner enrollments. 140 Wekiva Springs Rd. • Make payments to your account. The bank is headquartered in Stamford, Connecticut and they finance retail businesses through credit card programs. 1, 1988. Visit SYNCHRONY BANK for more information. You also have to factor in the balance will grow a little for the 6 months you fall late (38 dollar late fee and unpaid interest). Unless you live in New Jersey, you cannot easily visit a Synchrony Bank branch in person. Jan 20, 2021 · Currently, Synchrony Bank is a subsidiary of a publicly traded company named Synchrony Financial, and it is now one of the largest providers of private-label credit cards in the United States. Log In to Synchrony Bank High Yield Savings, CDs, Money Market Accounts, IRAs. The Bank accepts deposits and offers savings accounts, online and mobile banking, debit and credit cards, loans, and certificate of deposits. Synchrony Bank is an award-winning online bank offering a variety of products including high yield savings accounts, certificates of deposit and money markets. Unfortunately, you can’t apply online but must instead visit a brick-and-mortar location to get one of these credit cards. Its customers are served from 2 locations. com and MySynchrony. The case Jan 26, 2021 · Synchrony Bank’s CDs with durations of one year to 18 months (0. Synchrony Nov 22, 2021 · Synchrony Bank is a subsidiary of Synchrony Financial, a leading financial services company based in Stamford, Connecticut. Both banks are online-only and have strong websites and solid mobile apps. Yes it is ! Financing solutions that fit the needs of your business. As noted, Synchrony Bank works with many, many retailers to support their credit card programs. Program management, marketing, and team training resources. Before its 2014 initial public offering, the bank operated as a subsidiary of GE Capital before being acquired by GP Shopper in March 2017. synchrony bank


Synchrony Bank credit cards

With most traditional credit cards, the name of the issuing bank is obvious from the get-go: the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card, the Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card, the Bank of America® Premium Rewards® credit card, and so on.

But with store credit cards, the issuer name takes a back seat to the store itself. Unless the card is already in your wallet, you probably don’t know which financial institution issues the Victoria’s Secret Angel credit card, for instance. (Spoiler alert: The answer is Comenity Bank.)

Another under-the-radar name in the retail credit card space is Synchrony Bank. Keep reading to learn more about the store cards it issues – and whether one of them could be right for you.

What is Synchrony Bank?

If you’ve ever held a private-label credit card – also known as a retail card – there’s a good chance it was issued by Synchrony Bank, a consumer financial services company and the largest issuer of such cards in the U.S.

Retail credit cards are largely similar to general-purpose credit cards, with one major difference: In most cases, they’re branded for a specific retailer, independent dealer or manufacturer. (That said, some closed-loop retail cards, such as the Old Navy Credit Card, also work at affiliated brands, including Athleta and Banana Republic. There are also open-loop store cards, such as the Capital One Walmart Rewards® Mastercard®, that can be used anywhere the payment network is accepted.)

Store cards like those offered by Synchrony are usually easier to qualify for than general-purpose cards, making them a good choice for people who are either new to credit or recovering from a credit stumble.

What stores partner with Synchrony Bank?

Synchrony partners with stores of all sizes and industries – from national clothing chains to local furniture shops – to offer credit cards or other financing programs to customers.

Here’s a list of Synchrony Bank credit cards that, to the best of our knowledge, are currently open to new applicants:

  • 1800Mattress Credit Card
  • 4WP Credit Card
  • AAMCO Synchrony Car Care Credit Card
  • ABC Warehouse Credit Card
  • Abt Credit Card
  • Adorama Edge Credit Card
  • American Eagle Outfitters Connected Visa Credit Card
  • Alto Music Credit Card
  • Amazon Credit Builder
  • Store Card / Amazon Prime Store Card
  • American Signature Furniture Credit Card
  • American Tire Depot Credit Card
  • America’s Tire Credit Card
  • Ashley Advantage Credit Card
  • Athleta Visa Credit Card
  • At Home Credit Card
  • Atwoods Credit Card
  • B&H Financing Credit Card
  • B&H Payboo Credit Card
  • Banana Republic Credit Card
  • Becker Furniture World Credit Card
  • Belk Rewards Credit Card
  • BERNINA Credit Card
  • Big Sandy Superstore Credit Card
  • Blain’s Farm & Fleet Rewards Mastercard
  • Bowflex Credit Card
  • bp Visa Credit Card
  • Briggs & Stratton Standby Power Credit Card
  • Cabinets To Go Credit Card
  • Canales Furniture Synchrony HOME Credit Card
  • Carpet One Floor & Home Credit Card
  • CITGO Rewards Card
  • City Furniture Credit Card
  • The Container Store Credit Card
  • Daniel’s Home Center Credit Card
  • Discount Tire Credit Card
  • DOCK86 Credit Card
  • DR Power Credit Card
  • Drive Savvy Rewards Credit Card
  • Driven Brands Credit Card
  • DX Engineering Super Card
  • eBay Mastercard
  • eBay Extras Mastercard
  • Electronic Express Credit Card
  • Fleet Rewards Visa Credit Card
  • Flooring America Credit Card
  • Furniture Row Gold Credit Card
  • Freedom To Ride Credit Card
  • Gabberts Credit Card
  • Gap Visa Credit Card
  • Generac Credit Card
  • Guitar Center Credit Card
  • Havertys Credit Card
  • HOM Furniture Credit Card
  • Hudson’s Furniture Credit Card
  • Husqvarna Credit Card
  • JCPenney Credit Card
  • Jerome’s Synchrony HOME Credit Card
  • Jewelry Exchange Credit Card
  • Jiffy Lube Credit Card
  • Kane’s Preferred Platinum Card
  • Kiesel Guitars Credit Card
  • Kraft Music Credit Card
  • KwikComfort Financing Credit Card
  • La-Z-Boy Furniture Galleries Credit Card
  • Leisure Pro Credit Card
  • Lighting One Credit Card
  • Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card
  • Lumber Liquidators Credit Card
  • Mathis Brothers Credit Card
  • Mattress Firm Credit Card
  • Mattress Warehouse Synchrony HOME Credit Card
  • Mavis Discount Tire Credit Card
  • McCoy’s Consumer Credit Card
  • Meineke Credit Card
  • Metro Mattress Credit Card
  • Midas Credit Card
  • Mitsubishi Electric Credit Card
  • Mohawk Flooring Credit Card
  • Morris Home Furnishings More For You Credit Card
  • Musician’s Friend Platinum Credit Card
  • NAPA EasyPay Credit Card
  • Nautilus Credit Card
  • Newegg Store Credit Card
  • Old Navy Visa Credit Card
  • Pandora Preferred Credit Card
  • PayPal Cashback Mastercard
  • PayPal Credit
  • PayPal Extras Mastercard
  • P.C. Richard & Son Credit Card
  • Pearle Vision Credit Card
  • Pep Boys Synchrony Car Care Credit Card
  • Precision Tune Auto Care Synchrony Car Care Credit Card
  • Puronics Credit Card
  • Regency Furniture Credit Card
  • Rooms To Go Credit Card
  • Sam Ash Credit Card
  • Sam’s Club Mastercard
  • ScoreRewards Credit Card
  • Sewing & More Credit Card
  • Sheely’s Furniture & Appliance Credit Card
  • ShopHQ Credit Card
  • Sleep Experts Credit Card
  • Sleep Number Credit Card
  • Sleep Outfitters Credit Card
  • Sony Financial Services Credit Card
  • Stein Mart Credit Card
  • Summit Racing Equipment SpeedCard
  • Sunglass Hut Credit Card
  • Sutherlands Friends of the Family Plus Credit Card
  • Sweetwater Card
  • Synchrony Car Care Credit Card
  • Synchrony HOME Credit Card
  • Synchrony Sport Credit Card
  • System Pavers Credit Card
  • Techron Advantage Credit Card
  • The Dump Credit Card
  • Tire Discounters Traction Credit Card
  • Tire Pros Preferred Customer Credit Card
  • Tire-Rama Credit Card
  • TJX Rewards Platinum Mastercard
  • Town Fair Tire Credit Card
  • Tuffy Tire and Auto Service Credit Card
  • US Appliance Credit Card
  • Value City Furniture Credit Card
  • Vaughan-Bassett Credit Card
  • Verizon Visa Card
  • Vintage King Audio Credit Card
  • Woodwind & Brasswind Credit Card

Other Synchrony Bank offers

Synchrony Bank might specialize in retail credit cards, but it also offers a number of additional consumer financial products, such as money market accounts, IRA CDs and other types of credit (like travel rewards cards, medical credit cards and even automaker-branded cards).

Non-retail Synchrony Bank credit cards include:

Most popular Synchrony Bank cards

Synchrony’s diverse list of retail partners means you’re likely to find at least one store credit card worth considering. As with all types of debt, though, think through the potential advantages (purchase discounts and special offers) and drawbacks (such as a new hard inquiry, plus the potential to overspend) before deciding whether to apply for another card.

Below are some of the most popular Synchrony Bank credit cards among the issuer’s current lineup.

Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card

If you’re a do-it-yourselfer, the Lowe’s Advantage Credit Card could make a handy addition to your toolbelt. With no annual fee, 20% off your first purchase (for an up to $100 discount) and an automatic 5% discount on all other purchases, you could end up saving some serious cash as you spruce up your abode.

A caveat: The ongoing 5% savings can’t be combined with the card’s special financing offers, so you’ll have to pick one or the other. Unless you’re taking on a pretty big renovation, the immediate discount is your best bet – it eliminates the risk you’ll have to pay a ton of deferred interest if you have a remaining balance at the end of the promo period.

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Sam’s Club Mastercard

If more road trips than flights are in your future, the Sam’s Club Mastercard is perfect for swiping at the pump. The card offers a generous 5% cash back rate on gas purchased at Sam’s Club and most other fuel stations. You’ll also score 3% cash back on dining purchases, which can take some of the sting out of those fast-food visits between stops. (And when you’re ready to return to the skies, 3% cash back on travel isn’t too shabby either.)

Unlike other cash back credit cards, though, rewards earned with the Sam’s Club Mastercard are issued as a check just once a year, in February.

Verizon Visa Card

Longtime Verizon customers (or those willing to switch carriers) might want to consider the Verizon Visa Card, which offers strong rewards in several everyday spending categories – a rarity among retail cards. Cardholders get 4% back on grocery store and gas purchases, 3% back on dining purchases, 2% back on Verizon purchases (including devices and monthly bills) and 1% back on all other spending.

The downside is that your rewards are issued as Verizon Dollars, which can only be redeemed for Verizon purchases, such as a new phone or your monthly service bill. If you’d rather trade in your cash back for, well, cash, you’ll have to look elsewhere.

PayPal Cashback Mastercard

Like the Verizon Visa, the PayPal Cashback Mastercard is a “diamond in the rough” among store credit cards. In fact, it rivals one of our highest-rated flat-rate cash back cards – the Citi® Double Cash Card – thanks to unlimited 2% cash back on every purchase (1% when you buy, plus an additional 1% as you pay for those purchases), no minimum redemption requirements and no annual fee to eat into your earnings.

Unless you’re a frequent PayPal user, though, the extra steps needed to claim your rewards may be a bit cumbersome – rewards can only be redeemed as statement credits to your PayPal account. And cardholders who are adept at finding the best travel redemptions may be able to earn a higher rewards rate with a more flexible cash back card.

Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card

The Rakuten Cash Back Visa Credit Card rewards you with 3% cash back on qualifying purchases made through, In-Store Cash Back offers, Rakuten Hotels and Rakuten travel. The ability to stack those rewards with cash back offers at Rakuten’s affiliate stores – which regularly feature rates of up to 5% or more – makes this a lucrative card for Rakuten die-hards. As an open-loop card, it also earns 1% cash back on all other purchases.

Despite its inflexible redemption program, the Rakuten card deserves a closer look if you’re an American Express cardholder. Pairing it with an eligible Amex card could earn you 3x Membership Rewards points on top of those earned through a Rakuten cash back offer

How to apply for a Synchrony Bank card

The easiest way to apply for Synchrony Bank credit cards is online. Go to, then click “Where to Shop” at the top of the page. You can search for a specific retailer, browse through the bank’s partnering stores or filter cards by shopping category, such as home furnishings or sporting goods. If you find a card you’re interested in, click “Apply” and supply the requested information.

List of Synchrony Bank credit cards

Many of Synchrony’s partner stores also let you apply online or through their own websites. Alternatively, you can visit a merchant in person and request an application from an employee. Some cards offer one-time, same-day discounts upon credit approval, so you may want to wait until you’re ready to make a big purchase in order to maximize your savings.

Should you apply for a Synchrony Bank card?

Admittedly, retail credit cards can be a mixed bag. Between high interest rates and confusing deferred-interest promotions, you could find yourself deep in debt if you’re not careful. That said, if you need to build or rebuild credit – or you’re a particularly loyal shopper who could regularly save money from purchase discounts and special sales – a store-branded Synchrony Bank credit card could work in your favor.

But if you’d rather avoid the temptation to overspend at your favorite retailer, you might be better off with a traditional credit-building credit card. Whichever route you take, remember the cardinal rule of responsible credit use: Never charge more than you can afford to pay in full every month.

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The editorial content on this page is based solely on the objective assessment of our writers and is not driven by advertising dollars. It has not been provided or commissioned by the credit card issuers. However, we may receive compensation when you click on links to products from our partners.

Kelli Pate is a freelance writer and copy editor living in Kansas City, though she's a Jersey girl at heart. When she's not writing about personal finance and credit cards, she's immersing herself in the world of travel hacking.


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Sign in to your Synchrony Bank account at or link your Amazon and Synchrony accounts to navigate directly to Synchrony from the Amazon site. Hover over Payments at the top of the page, then scroll down and select Manage Autopay.

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Amazon Online Credit Center

Amazon Online Credit Center

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Reset Your Password - Synchrony

Please use the primary account holder information. ENTER USER ID. SELECT PASSWORD. LOGIN.

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Synchrony HOME Credit Card  <div><h2> <span> Amazon Store Card Review</span> </h2><div><p> The Amazon Store Card is geared toward super shoppers who already have or don’t mind paying for a Prime membership ($119 per year, if you pay annually), and who spend enough at the internet retailer to make the card worthwhile. If you spend $2,400 a year and earn rewards on that spend, that covers your Prime membership—so anything above that means extra savings for you.  </p><p> The caveat here is that you don’t ever want to find yourself in a situation where you’re paying the high APR (so avoid revolving balances), and you should use the financing options sparingly since when you do, you won’t earn the 5% on those purchases. </p><div><div>Pros<ul><li><p>Rewards for Prime members</p></li><li><p>Special financing options</p></li></ul></div><div>Cons<ul><li><p>High APR</p></li><li><p>Rewards can only be redeemed as Amazon credit</p></li><li><p>Puny sign-up bonus</p></li><li><p>Deferred interest</p></li></ul></div></div><h3> Pros Explained </h3><ul><li><strong>Rewards for Prime members</strong>: If you have an eligible Amazon Prime Membership when you apply for the card, you’ll get an automatic upgrade to The Amazon Prime Store Card, subject to credit approval. This allows you to earn 5% back on all of your purchases—the true benefit of this card.</li><li><strong>Special financing options</strong>: If you are not a Prime Member, or if you decide you want to forgo rewards in exchange for extra time to pay off a purchase at 0% APR, you can select one of two options that will be displayed during checkout. The first one allows you to pay no interest if the purchase is paid in full within six, 12 or 24 months (the promotional period offered depends on purchase price). Or, you can split your purchase into equal monthly payments.</li></ul><div><h3> Warning</h3><div><p>If you’re late paying your bill or don’t pay the full amount owed when using the special financing options, you will be charged the full APR on the original purchase amount. Ouch!  </p></div></div><h3> Cons Explained </h3><ul><li><strong>High APR</strong>: Most store cards have higher APRs than what you’d find on regular credit cards, and this one is no exception.</li><li><strong>Rewards can only be redeemed for Amazon credit</strong>: The 5% reward is great if you’re someone who is on a first-name basis with the Amazon delivery guy. But with no other redemption options, it’s of little use to once-in-a-while shoppers.</li><li><strong>Puny sign-up bonus:</strong> A $10 instant account credit might seem appealing when you’re about to check out, but that alone shouldn’t influence you to apply for the card if it isn’t otherwise a good fit for you. </li><li><strong>Deferred interest</strong>: If you’re using a promotional financing offer and don’t pay off the purchase by the time it ends, you’ll be charged interest on your remaining balance back to the date of purchase. This is a common (and costly) interest structure on retail cards.</li></ul><h3> Amazon Store Card Sign-Up Bonus  </h3><p> You’ll get your Amazon Store Credit Card bonus instantly upon approval, unlike other rewards credit cards that offer sign-up bonuses based on if you can meet a minimum spend. For the Amazon Store Credit Card, it’s a $10 credit. If you’re a Prime member already, you may receive a higher instant account credit offer.  </p><h3> Earning Points & Rewards </h3><p> Amazon rewards earnings are unlimited, but you must be a Prime member. Amazon says it may offer occasional bonus rewards points on certain purchases. In such cases, the offer will be noted on the product page or during checkout. </p><div><h3> Tip</h3><div><p>You can head to your account settings to set your default option to the 5% back offer, so that you don’t accidentally choose the special financing or equal monthly payments options and lose rewards.</p></div></div><h3> Redeeming Rewards </h3><p> Any rewards you earn will be credited to your account. You can opt for a one-time statement credit or automatically redeem your available rewards points balance as a statement credit at the end of each subsequent billing cycle. It may take up to two billing cycles for your earned rewards points to be credited. Be aware that if you return a purchase made with rewards points, it may take up to five days for the points to be credited back to your account.  </p><h3> How To Get The Most Out Of This Card </h3><p> It’s simple: Be a Prime member and spend a lot at The more you spend, the more value this card will have for you. The other side of that coin is to make sure you pay your bill in full each month so you’re not hit with high finance charges. And whenever possible, choose the 5% reward over the financing options, which can be costly if you miss a payment. </p><div><h3> Note</h3><div><p>If you have good to excellent credit, you may qualify for the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature. It has the same high rewards rate but also earns rewards anywhere that accepts Visa. There’s no special financing, but you also have more rewards flexibility with the Visa version.</p></div></div><h3> Customer Experience </h3><p> Cardholders have access to 24/7 customer service support by phone with Synchrony Bank. However, the bank ranks seventh out of 11 in JD Power’s 2020 Credit Card Satisfaction Study. </p><h3> Security Features</h3><p> The Amazon Store Card features standard security features, the most important one being zero fraud liability. That means if your card is stolen or fraudulent charges appear, you’re off the hook. </p><h3> Fees </h3><p> Amazon Store Card doesn’t have an annual fee, and late fees are in line with most credit cards. Most of the other fees you might be familiar with on other products (foreign transaction, balance transfer, and cash advance fees) don’t apply because it’s a store card. </p></div>Источник:</div> <img src='' alt='amazon store card synchrony app' title='amazon store card synchrony app' style='width:200px' />
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