best brands for treadmills for home in india

The Cockatoo CTM-01 Motorized Treadmill is the first Best Treadmill In India for Home Use. It has a. So after evaluating top treadmill brands in India, we have shared ten best Powermax Fitness Treadmill – Best Fordable Treadmill For home. Cockatoo CTM-101 Stainless-Steel Manual Incline 2.5 HP – 5 HP Peak DC Motorized Treadmill is one of the best budget treadmill for home. It incorporates all the. best brands for treadmills for home in india

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Best brands for treadmills for home in india -

Selecting the best treadmill for home use in India is tough, there are many reviews, many brands and many misleading websites that guide you to the costliest choice.

In this case we have handpicked treadmills from Indian manufacturers(mostly) which are sold online.

By the end of this writing you will able to pick the best treadmill for personal use in India.

Top Recommended Treadmills here ⇒ Handpicked Treadmills **

Which is the best treadmill in india for home use? Let’s see below!

We firmly believe motorized treadmills are better, I have always found non motorized treadmills hard on my knees as they need to be pushed with force to get going. Thus most of the Top picks on this list are motorized treadmills.

best treadmill in india for home use

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Benefits of having the best Treadmill in India for Home Use

Very often we sit for 5-6 hours straight and work. That ruins our posture and hip joints also our cardiovascular strength. With rising levels of pollution and viruses I often see myself and many others get sick quickly. One way to improve our defences would improving our heart and lungs capabilities.

Running is a great exercises to do that, almost 90% of us would not even remember when it was the last time they took a sprint. Even more would not remember when they took a sprint just because then wanted it, just because they liked it.

Yes, I am saying that you should become a care free child and run around. And the best way to do that now would be using a treadmill.

Running in general will help your lungs function better, you will be able suck in air much better and use oxygen properly.

Treadmill Exercise routine to lose weight for fitness lovers.

You heart will get stronger by supplying oxygen filled blood quickly.

Your overall body including legs, arms, back will get stronger from running.

And with care even older family members of us can also use a treadmill easily. A treadmill for home is generally used by everyone – as it is easy to operate, no need to learn the exercise and most of the time can be folded up to save space.

For a full body fitness at home, walking, jogging and running are best options. This will improve breathing ,cardio and overall fitness for all family members.

In short, benefits of having a treadmill for home are – 

  1. Burn more calories which may help to lose weight
  2. May reduce thigh fat
  3. Improve heart health
  4. Improve lung working capacity
  5. You can measure calories burned, heart rate etc on the treadmill.
  6. No need to go out or worry about weather stopping you from working out.
  7. Thick running area with shock absorption feature is kinder on knees than outdoors.
  8. If you only want to run then better than a gym membership.
  9. You can watch TV, stream movies while running but I would focus more on the workout.
  10. Can access all home features anytime that you want.

Here is a comparison between outdoor and treadmill running

Any Cons of running on Treadmills?

If you are using a motorized treadmill and have set the speed too high there is a chance that you might fall. But most treadmills come with arm support and emergency switch to prevent this as much as they can.

Inclination option is there to mimic uphill running but yet there is no downhill or decline option.

Long alone hours on treadmills are boring.

And once the boredom grabs you, you may feel that you have wasted 20k INR for the treadmill.

Motorized treadmills will consume at least 700 watts of electricity per hour per horsepower.

What is your workout goal?

Do you love to run?

If you do then here are the key things that you have to understand first before you buy – 

  1. Motor – Should be at least 3 HP, more power is better.
  2. Running area should be wide and long.
  3. Running belt should be thick.

And the cost will be at least above 3000 INR. If you are a hardcore runner and you have the budget then you may look into these best commercial treadmill in India as well. Commercial treadmills have better build, better motor and features that are suitable for running every day for a longer period. Also a lot of people can use them without worrying a bit.

Would only do some jogging and run occasionally?

If that is right then you can stay under the treadmill at 30000 INR in India. In this price range you will have enough motor power and running belt area that will be sufficient for jogging. Try to buy with auto incline and auto lubrication features. Also check for folding treadmills.


  1. Motor power should be around 2.5 HP or higher.
  2. Running track should be around 55 inches long and at least 20 inches wide.


I would just walk only!

For walking you can skip all motorised treadmills and get manual treadmills instead. Generally these are under 10000 INR but some are higher priced. And if you see prices are the same or very close to a motorised treadmill then go for the latter. Otherwise manual treadmills are good for walks only.

Check out the best treadmill for walkers(manual treadmills)

Aren’t I too heavy?

If you are around 90kg then most of the treadmills will be under 20000 INR or treadmills under 15000 INR they all support it. From 120kg to 150kg max user weight support the treadmill cost gets higher. The frame quality gets significantly better also. There are treadmills that even support 250 kg or more body weight. You may check treadmills with 150 kg user weight.

In this case the cost of treadmill rises significantly as you are going more into commercial setups.

Treadmill prices vary on motor power, features, max user weights, there treadmills which costs even higher than a small car. Those are definitely not ideal for home use though.

But these powerful treadmill are good for obese people and great for any fitness freak too. And the most interesting part is that these treadmills can be set to operate for all fitness levels and is an awesome gym equipment for any fitness enthusiast.

Treadmill for home for weight loss or weight gain?

If your ultimate goal is to lose weight then you should buy something that will enable you to walk, run and jog. Preferably you should do better with at least 2.5 HP treadmills. You can change up your workouts so it does not get boring. With low calorie diet and treadmill workouts you can lose some weight.

But to gain weight?

Wel,, do 100 meter sprints on treadmill, drink enough fluids and solid food and you will start to gain real muscle. To do high speed running you will need at least 4-5 base HP motor in the treadmill. Also the running belt should have around 1.5 mm thickness for knee safety.

Treadmill as per Age?

For all ages any motorised treadmill works, compare with the goals that were mentioned above and make your decision.

Treadmill Types

Types of Treadmills:

Treadmills are two types. Manual and motorized. Also if you want you can also categorise them further into folding, curved, semi-commercial and commercial. Let’s have a quick look so yo can pick a treadmill for your family.

Manual Treadmill: As the name implies there are no motors, you are the engine who powers up the rollers. More force you put through the faster you can go. Since there is no motor the cost is lower. And they do not need any electricity. This is best for those people who want a treadmill for walking at home.

But for walking only, do not try to run on manual treadmills as you will need to put a lot of force into it. And all that pressure will go through your knees and damage the knees in the long run. 


  • Easy to set up.
  • Low cost.
  • No electricity bills.
  • Some models have incline.
  • Some models can withstand pto 120 kg of body weight.


  • Not for running.
  • Not for senior citizens.
  • Small walking area.
  • Less durable.

Motorized Treadmills: If you are conscious about your knee and do not have constraint on budget then you must choose a motorized treadmill always. 

Motorized treadmills for home come with better body and weight bearing capacity. They also have features like tracking heart rate, calories, speed etc. Many of these are foldable motorized treadmills, so they do not take much space. Depending on your budget you will be able to get Green energy efficient motor and top speed as you wish. To run you may need at least 3 HP motor.


  • Knee friendly.
  • May have lots of pre made workout programs.
  • Tracking features.
  • Foldable.
  • Good for walking, running, jogging. (Depends on model)


  • High end models are costly.
  • Some features are exclusive to high end models only.

Folding Treadmill:All most all home treadmills are foldable otherwise you have give up the space completely. Mid range motorized treadmills have HSS (hydraulic Soft drop system) to fold the treadmill easily and have built in transportation wheels to transport it around. These treadmills are best for home.

These are the most compact treadmill and being a foldable treadmill they are great for small apartment and space management.

Curved Treadmill:

This is a treadmill design where the running area is curved which can help with natural running style of humans.

Semi-Commercial Treadmill: These treadmills are costly and pack a lot of features and can support at least 150kg of user weight or more. These are well built than any manual or motorized treadmills. 


  • Better built thus more longevity.
  • Can be easily use by more people.
  • Can be used for longer hours.


Commercial Treadmill: These treadmills are the best and way more costly, some even cost same as a car. These treadmill can hold upto 200 kig or more user weight. These are designed to have minimal maintenance and all parts are of high quality.


  • These treadmill machine are good for gyms.
  • These treadmill machines are good for home if you have at least 6-8 people to use and for continuous 6-7 hours.


  • Not all features are needed for average home user.
  • Too costly for home.

Handpicked Treadmills for your Home

Best Treadmill in india for Home Use [Review]

Cockatoo CTM08 Series Motorized Treadmill (1.5-2HP), Free Installation Assistance

Why Should you buy this best Treadmill in India?

Overall a value for money treadmill for home use which offers decent speed and cushion.

Although not for running but for walking only, this is enough.

For older people and even for young people this budget motorised treadmill is good for a cardio workout.

  • Running Surface(LxB):1040 x 360 mm (41″ x 14″)
  • Motor Power: 1.5 HP
  • Speed range 1 – 10 km/hr
  • Maximum User Weight:90 Kgs
  • Incline Level: No Incline, For Walking Plank

2 year motor warranty, 1 year part warranty.

Cockatoo CTM08 is an entry level motorized treadmill with 1.5 HP motor with hidden shock absorption system. 

This treadmill is built from alloy steel which makes the frame very strong. This slim looking treadmill is on this list for 4 reasons mainly –

  • Hidden shock absorption system.
  • 1.5 HP motor
  • Easy self lubrication system
  • Foldable design

And price point is also good, and although it is not useful for running but can be easily used for walking and running. And if you have a senior citizen at home, this is highly beneficial.

For a no impact workout this will be a great workout for them.

There is also a safety key right in the middle of the console. This can be used if in danger. At the center there is also a good easy to use console. At this console, it has a blue LCD with easy to access buttons.


  • Max weight by a user is 90 kg, which is good for most of us.
  • A 1.5 HP motor can give speed from 1 to 10km per hour thus this is good for speed walking.
  • Also the console can track speed, heartbeat, distance etc.
  • And once you are done with the workout, then you can just fold it up to save space.
  • Wide LCD display at this price range is good to have.


  • There is no hydraulic suspension thus be a little careful when folding the treadmill.
  • Overall build is basic but enough for general usages at home.
  • Max weight could be better but it is somewhat limited to the treadmill material and build.

WELCARE Folding Treadmill IM5001 (1.5HP) Electric Motorized Treadmill in India for Running & Walking [Easy Assembly]

Why Should you buy this best Treadmill in India?

Overall a great treadmill for senior citizens and for young people.

This treadmill have good motor capacity and comes with a good speed range as well as a set of pre set programs.

This Maxpro treadmill also have 3 level incline which is great at this price range.

  • 1.5 HP (3 HP Peak) green DC motor
  • 0.8-12 km/h speed range
  • Blue backlight LCD screen displaying time elapsed, distance covered, speed, calorie burnt and pulse rate. USB Port, MP3 Speakers, Aux port
  • 12 preset programs (P0-P12) to improve cardiovascular fitness and burn fat. 
  • Running surface (L x W) – 1100 x 400mm / 43 x 15 inches
  • Textured Running Area
  • 3 level manual incline
  • 5-Layer (Multi layer running belt) anti-skid, grass texture running belt. Transportation wheel for easy transportation
  • 1 year motor warranty, 1 year part warranty.

Maxpro treadmill offers a 1.5 HP motor with 3 HP peak, this offers good speed upto 12km/hour. Although this is not meant for running. It does not have that built or cushion to support running.

Here are 12 present programs that can be used to switch up and change your workouts.

The running surface has a texture which allows for a better grip. The texture is similar to grass and the running belt is anti skid.

And if you wish you can make your treadmill workout harder by using the incline feature. At this budget expect a manual incline only.

There is a pulse tracking system, and the small LCD console will show you speed, time, distance, calories burned.

There is also a safety key and easy to use buttons to control the treadmill.


  • Good Green DC motor with good speed range to use for general walking, speed walking at home.
  • Have moderate cushion for slow jogs.
  • User weight capacity is 90kg which is good for average Indian men and women.
  • 12 pre-set program feature are great for making your workout sessions for engaging.


  • Running feels small for a large person.
  • Bad speakers.
  • USB and AUX are of bad quality.
  • Some have commented about motor heating quickly and stopping suddenly.
  • Some also commented that it makes sound after some usages.

Powermax Fitness TDM-97 (1.5HP), Light Weight, Foldable Motorized Treadmill in India for your fitness workout at home

Why Should you buy this best Treadmill in India?

Overall over the whistle and bells this is a good treadmill for a common household.

It has enough horsepower for short runs but these are not exactly meant for running.

  • 1.5 HP DC Motor (3 HP peak)
  • Speed range of 1.0 to 10 km/h 
  • 5.5 inch LED Display – Speed, Time, Distance, Calories burned and heart rate
  • Maximum user weight capacity of 90 kg
  • No incline
  • Bottle holder
  • Speakers

3 year motor warranty, 1 year parts warranty.

I like the treadmill brands which offer 3 years or more warranty on the motor. Repairing a motor is costly and this motor is the heart of your treadmill.

Powermax is known for creating good treadmills and this TDM97 is also one of the treadmills for home use in india. 

It is easy to operate the treadmill and in the middle there is a safety key which can immediately kill the motor in case of an accident.

The main control center of the treadmill is specious and have a big LCD screen. This makes it easy to view the distance, calorie etc.

This treadmill is also foldable and when buying for home use, a foldable treadmill is a good option.


  • Good capacity motor for high speed walking.
  • Foldable feature to save ground space when not in use.
  • Large lcd console.
  • 12 pre set programs to use.
  • Good built at this price.
  • Good for elders with less than 90 kg weight.


  • Many reported there are some issues with the treadmill board which broke.
  • After 6 months of usages the frame showed some degrading signs.

Durafit Spark 1.25 HP (Peak 2.5 HP) DC Motorized Treadmill in India

Why Should you buy this best Treadmill in India?

Great value for money for single or 2 people usages. Also senior citizens can also use it easily.

  • No incline
  • Max. User Weight(walking): 95 kg


    Treadmill: Fitness At Your Home

    In today’s age and day, everyone's work schedules are extremely hectic. We have little time to keep a check on our fitness and health goals on a regular basis. With nine-to-five corporate jobs becoming the new standard, we need to take care of our body and fitness whenever possible. If you don't have the luxury of jogging outdoors, a treadmill is something that offers the closest in simulating jogging and running experience.

    Treadmills are something that lets people jog or run, at the convenience of being in their own homes. You can conveniently watch tv or listen to your favorite music and workout, which is something that’s not possible at your local gym. Treadmills that are available these days are extremely advanced and can monitor your parameters, and it even lets you fix your target goals. Though treadmills are slightly expensive, they are definitely worth it in the long run.

    There is a wide range oftreadmills online. Following are the categories of treadmills based on different parameters. 

    Treadmill Type

    Manual Treadmills  - With a manual system, the treadmill is easy to run, and lets you run at a pace which you are comfortable with. They are preferred by beginners as it doesn't exert a lot of pressure right in the beginning. There are a lot of tweaked versions of this treadmill that offer more than just one activity.  Treadmill brands like Afton,  Bremshey, Stag, Koboand Kamachi offer features like a stepper that you can walk on, push up bars for you to exercise, and a twister that can tone your abs. Sometimes these treadmills are also foldable, making it easy to store and move if you have a small room.

    Motorized Treadmills  - This type of treadmill meant for people who have trained well on manual treadmills and are looking for an upgrade. Motorized treadmills are expensive compared to the other types.  They come with a wide array of features that allow you to set the pace, monitor the distance run, and the number of calories burned with a timer that stops once you’ve completed your workout. Some of the popular brands that manufacture motorized treadmills are Afton, Kobo and BH fitness.

    How to Buy A Treadmill

    Maximum Weight Support

    Did you know that you can even choose a treadmill for your weight range? Treadmills that support lower weight ranges are cheaper compared to ones that support a larger weight range. Save the extra bucks and choose treadmills based on the maximum weight they support.

    You can select treadmills that support between 151 to 175 Kg if you’re slightly overweight or have a large muscle mass. Also, there are lower options from which you can choose from like, 126 to 150 Kg, 101 to 125 Kg and 75 to 100 Kg.

    Track Length

    Some people prefer to workout on a treadmill that has a low track length, and there are some who prefer to work on treadmills that have a bigger track length so that they can workout comfortably. There are a lot of treadmills that are widely classified based on the track length.

    There is one type of treadmill that has a track length of more than 137.1 centimeters, which are offered by brands like Afton and Kobo. Some other lengths offered by treadmills include 120 to 127 cm, 127 to 132 cm, 132 to 137 cm, and up to 120 cm.

    Exercise Type

    Many people have a misconception that treadmills are only meant for running and jogging, but that’s not true. Treadmills can also support several other types of exercises. The Life Span TR200DT and BH fitness BT6441T 100 Treadmill support crab walks.

    The Afton XO-150 and Kobo 2 H.P Jogger supports exercises like Walking lunges and Walking planks. Also, there are brands like Kamachi, Stayfit, Aerofit, and Telebrands that manufacture treadmills that can support exercises like treadmill push, side shuffles and reverse mountain climbing.

    Inclination Level 

    Some fitness enthusiasts prefer to run on treadmills that have a higher inclination level. The higher the inclination, greater the amount of calories burnt.

    The brands that are available online offer treadmills that have inclination levels that range from 0 to 5, 6 to 10, 11 to 15, and 16 and above. Treadmills that incline more than 16 levels give users a feeling similar to running up a hill.

    You can buy treadmills onlinefrom a huge range available based on the above-mentioned types. 

    Treadmill- FAQ

    Q.1 Is it better to run on a treadmill or outside?

    Ans: Treadmill running is more relaxing than running outside. When running on the treadmill you don't have to face the factors like the wind resistance and other things you might have to face while running outdoor. The belt that moves on the treadmill also does a part of the work for you. It is advisable to keep the incline of the treadmill at one or two percent to simulate road running.

    Q.2 What are the benefits of running on a treadmill?

    Ans: There are a number of benefits that running on a treadmill can provide. Some of them are:

    1. Cardiovascular fitness improves

    2. Muscular strength increases

    3. Stress level decreases

    4. Body posture improves

    5. Fat levels in the body decreases

    Q.3 How easy/difficult is it to maintain a treadmill?

    Ans: It is not very difficult to maintain a treadmill. Some of the things that you need to do to maintain it are lubrication of the running mat, centering or tightening the mat, vacuuming or dusting the mat and the treadmill covers.

    Q.4 Is it better to run at a constant speed on a treadmill or to run at different speeds at regular intervals?

    Ans: Is it better to run at different speeds at regular intervals on a treadmill. Its better to start at small speeds like 4 mph for around 20 minutes and then gradually increase the speeds to 6 mph and up to 12 mph. It depends on your endurance.

    Abdominal Exerciser Running Belt: Special Friction Coating for added Traction
  • 1.25 HP continuous duty (CHP) DC motor

3 year motor warranty, 1 year parts warranty.

I like the wide console panel of the treadmill although the running area is 15 inches wide but the treadmill appears more wide.

The running belt also has some thickness to go also, it will protect your knees when you walk or run.

There are also 12 preset programs to use for example target, chase mode etc. These are great to vary your workouts and increase intensity.

This Durafit treadmill is not built for speedy running and the running weight is only 65kg. The walking weight is 95kg at the highest end. Which is good for any average Indian.


  • Treadmill console area is wide and has all necessary buttons.
  • Has safety feature built in at the center.
  • Moderately powered motor which is good for home use.
  • Has wheels for transportation so you can move it around even in front of the TV.
  • Can be folded up to save space.
  • Made with high quality steel so can expect long life on the frame.


User weight is on the lower side.

Cockatoo CTM-05 Steel 2 HP Peak Motorised Multi-Function Treadmill in India

Why Should you buy this best Treadmill in India?

Not many brands offer 3 years warranty on motor.

And this treadmill also looks stylish with the fact that it has good build as per the price.

I would not run on this motor if my weight was near 90kg but for walking this is a good treadmill for home use in India.

  • Motor Power: 2 HP Peak
  • 0.8 – 10km/hr speed
  • Maximum User Weight: 90 Kg
  • Incline Level: No Incline
  • 3 year warranty on motor
  • Max user weight 90 kg

Cockatoo CTM 05 comes with a 3 year motor warranty and top speed is enough for speed walks at home. The running area is small so it will be tough for taller people to run on it.

Also it does not have enough cushion and shock absorption for running.

The console area is wide and all info and buttons are well placed. There are bottle holders and safety key also.

The 5 inch LCD screen can show you information like speed, distance, calories and heart rate.


  • 0.8 – 10km//hr speed is enough for short workouts or long walks.
  • Foldable and movable from one room to another.
  • Belt has 1.4mm thickness, good for walks.


  • Max user weight is mentioned as 90kg which would be most likely the walking weight.
  • No incline levels.
  • Small running area.
  • Many have reported issues with buttons, music system to play your favorite music etc.

Powermax Fitness TDM-98 (1.75HP) DC motorised Treadmill in India

  • 1.75 HP DC Motor
  • 5.5 inch LED Display – Speed, Time, Distance, Calories burned and heart rate
  • Maximum user weight capacity of 90 kg
  • Speed range of 1.0 to 10 km/h
  • 3 year motor warranty, 1 year parts warranty.

Fitkit FT100 Series Motorized Treadmill in India with Manual Inclination

Why Should you buy this best Treadmill in India?

Many buyers have been using these treadmills for years without any issues.

And there are very less bad reviews on this item online. I would give this a go as a home treadmill in India.

Unless you get a faulty treadmill there should be less to worry about.

  • 1.75 HP and 3.25HP peak motor
  • 0.8-14.8km/hr 
  • 3 level manual incline
  • LCD display- time, speed, calories burned, heart rate, mode, preset programs,F+ App, USB Port, MP3 Speakers, Aux port and cable
  • FITPLUS Android & IOS App 
  • Wheel for transportation, foldable and easy installation, Dumbells, Massager, Sit-up bars
  • manual lubrication, Manual inclination
  • One year warranty on motor, one year on parts.

Fitkit FT100m is a mid range treadmill for home use in India with good sturdy built. This treadmill also comes with some other fitness equipment which is needed for weight loss and relaxing workouts.

This treadmill comes with a massager and two small dumbbells. Dumbbells are not much usable to me.

Apart from the extra features, this treadmill comes with a 3.25 HP peak motor which is surely a big boost for home gyms in India. This motor can go upto 14.8km/hr and you can run on this.

The running area is 16 inches wide so if you are not too tall then you can run on it. Although a much bigger area would be better. But for home this should do.

Max user weight is 110kg, which I suppose is for walking so running weight should be around 80kg approx.

Apart from all this you can use their fitplus app to keep track of your workouts.


  • Powerful motor for home use which will help with top speed when doing walking/running.
  • Big LCD display
  • Massager belt and two dumbbells are a bonus.
  • Massage might help with relaxing muscles.
  • 3 level manual incline
  • Hydraulic soft drop system to fold up the treadmill so you can save the space when not using.
  • Definitely one of the best treadmills for price.


  • Apps are not so useful.
  • Dumbbells are too lightweight.
  • Some have complained about customer care.

Cockatoo CTM11L 3.5 HP Peak Motorised Treadmill in India with Manual Incline & Auto Lubrication

Why Should you buy this best Treadmill in India?

This is one of the best treadmills in India with great features and sturdy built.

Also this cockatoo treadmill has a powerful motor which can go speeds upto 14km/hour.

Although it reaches speed like that, be careful while running since these are made for mixed usages and not specifically for running.

  • Running Surface(LxB):420 x1260 mm (16.5 inch x 49.6 inch)
  • Motor Power: 3.5 HP  atPeak
  • Maximum User Weight: 110 Kg
  • Incline Level: 3 Level Manual,Speed Range: 0.8 /1- 14km/hr 
  • 3 year motor warranty, 1 year parts warranty.
  • Foldable design

I like this Cockatoo treadmill for the 3 HP peak motor and the stylish look that it has.

With this 3 HP peak motor, this treadmill can reach upto 14kmm per hour speed and you can run on this treadmill. But do not overdo it. It is still a treadmill for home use and not specifically made for running at high speed.

The running area is 50 inches long and 16 inches wide. It can max support a user weight of 110kg.

And although it looks bulky, it is a foldable treadmill.


  • Very unique color choice and design.
  • Can be foldable thus you can save a lot of space. Also has wheels so you can move the treadmill in your home from one room to another room.
  • Have a 3 level manual incline which will make your workouts tougher.
  • The LCD screen has a width of 5.5 inch and the whole console is big. All buttons and safety key is easy to access.
  • There is also a bottle holder space and MP3 playable option.
  • If you are looking for the best treadmills for the price for running at home for around 30 minutes a day get this one!


Not exactly a Con but Auto lubrication would be a very good feature for this treadmill for home use.

Powermax Fitness TDM-100M (2.0HP), Semi-Auto Lubrication, Multifunction Treadmill

Why Should you buy this best Treadmill in India?

This is a great treadmill with a massager and good motor power.

But since this is still a treadmill for home there are some limitations on what you can do.

But yet for daily running for a few minutes to an hour this treadmill is good.

And there is also this 6 level incline to be used for making your workouts more intense.

  • 2.0 HP DC Motor (99% copper Core)
  • 6-Level manual incline for intense workout
  • 5 inch LED Display – Speed, Time, Distance, Calories and heart rate
  • Max user weight: 105 kg
  • Speed: 0.8 to 14.8 km/hr
  • 3 year motor warranty, 1 year parts warranty.

Powermax treadmills have a lot of models in the Indian market. When you are looking for the best treadmill in India you can not unsee them.

This treadmill is a semi pro treadmill with spring cushion to protect your knees while working out. Also this one is foldable so you can use the floor space when not using the treadmill. It is also movable.

And another great feature is the 6 level manual incline, while most treadmill only offer 3 levels. This is a great feature to challenge yourself.

And apart from treadmill features, this model comes with a massager to ease your soreness and tiredness. And there are sit up bars also, which helps with toning your abs.

It is geared towards the weight loss community and general fitness.

The display is unique to look at also, this is a LED display and not a LCD one. And around the console there are large buttons and water holders along with the safety clip.

And also most all powermax treadmills come with precision machined steel crowned rollers. This also keeps the roller around balanced to ensure smooth movements.


  • The motor is 99% copper core and should last a long time.
  • 6 level manual incline to make workouts more intense and can be used for muscle gain or for weight loss.
  • Top speed can go upto 14.8k/hr and with this moderate running area size many can run comfortably.
  • The running board does have some spring cushion to protect your joints while running.
  • The display is LED thus consumes less electricity and is brighter – this can show you heart rate, time,distance.
  • It has HSS (Hydraulic SoftDrop system) so folding and storing the treadmill is easy. Also it has wheels so you can move the treadmill around.
  • Maintaining is also fairly easy since it has semi auto lubrication.
  • Added massager uses separate cable so can use it more easily for relaxing.


  • Many buyers did not like the customer support at all.
  • Not for heavy runner or long time usages.
  • Many find that motor sound too much.
  • Few complained about belt wearing out in 4-5 months.

Powermax Fitness TDA-230 (2.0 HP), Semi-Auto Lubrication, Motorized Treadmill with 15 level Auto Inclination

Why Should you buy this best Treadmill in India?

Buy this treadmill for steel frame and the 15 level auto incline feature.

This is one of the top features for the treadmill for home and you should take full advantage of it.

  • 2.0 HP DC Green Efficient Motor, 
  • 15-Level Auto Incline for intense workout
  • 5inch Bright Blue LCD Display – Speed, Time, Distance, Calories and Heart Rate
  • Maximum weight capacity : 115 kg
  • Maximum Speed : 1.0 to 14.0 km/h with Speed Select Hot Keys
  • 3 year motor warranty, 1 year parts warranty.

This Powermax TDA230 is almost a pro level treadmill with its 15 level auto incline. The 2 HP, 4 HP peak motor can also take the speed upto 14km/hour and there is a 3 year motor warranty as well.

The treadmill also have BMI fat function along with 12 preset programs. You can select those from the console and the console has a well placed button and LCD screen.

There are two water bottle holders and speakers listening to music. You can connect USB, Aux input.

The running area is around 16 inches wide which is good for a treadmill for home use.


  • 15 level auto incline is surely a big hit for this best treadmill in India for home. Using this you can level up your walking or running workouts.
  • This Powermax treadmill is also easy on maintenance since it has semi auto lubrication.
  • This TDA 230 treadmill is foldable and has wheels to transport around the house. This allows you to workout at any room you want to. The foldable mechanism has a hydraulic system for easy folding.
  • Maximum weight supported is 115 kg but it could be the walking weight only.
  • Definitely one of the best motorized treadmill for home use in India.


People do complain about customer service and not getting service in the warranty period.

Healthgenie 3911M 2.5 HP Peak Motorized Treadmill for Home

Healthgenie treadmill

Why Should you buy this best Treadmill in India?

If you want a lightweight treadmill for light to moderate usages then this could be for you.

This is not for speedy walks or runs but to be used for walking only.

It also has wheels to transport and the treadmill itself takes less space.

Top Features:

  • 2.5 HP peak power motor
  • 99% pre installed, great for DIY installation
  • 08-10km per hour speed
  • 3 year warranty on frame
  • 95 kg capacity
  • 12 pre-set workout programs
  • LED screen to show speed, distance, calorie, heart rate etc
  • Speakers with mp3, aux input

This treadmill has a very small footprint and is usable for home use. It has a smaller powered motor of 1hp, 2.5 HP peak. This will surely consume less electricity as well.

But still good for generic home usages like walking.

The weight bearing capacity is around 95 kgs and considering the build of this model you should not exceed it.

Also this treadmill for home use is for walking only, the running board is 15 inches wide and it does not have the needed cushion system. Still good for long or short walks and also good for senior citizens.


  • If you want a smaller treadmill then this is a good choice.
  • Upto 10km/hour speed which is enough for typical home usages.
  • 99% Pre installed which makes it easy for novice users to start using the product quickly.
  • Has wheels to transport the treadmill around.


  • Not powerful for heavy or long workouts.
  • Lightweight body.
  • Many have complained about the customer support.

Fitkit FT98 carbon 1.25HP (2HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill for Home

Fitkit Ft 98

Why Should you buy this best Treadmill in India?

This Ft98 treadmill is good for home use where only one or two people will use it.

This is certainly not for running purposes but for walking and walking purposes for seniors.

Fitkit Ft98 comes with a steel body and some good features like – 

Top Features:

  • 3 months dietitian personal use
  • Personal training video session along with doctor consultation
  • Fitplus app
  • 2HP peak motor
  • Anti skid running board
  • Other than this, Fitkit Ft98 has 1.25 motor with 2HP peak DC motor and the speed range is from 0.8 to 14km per hour.
  • Although the speed is high, this treadmill is not meant for running for long hours. Max weight supported is around 90 kg which is good for home usages.
  • There is no incline at this price point and I am sure that you will not miss it on this treadmill.


  • Doctor consultation.
  • 2 HP peak motor which can be used for high speed walks.
  • Large console area.
  • When it comes to motorised treadmill, this is one of the cheap and best treadmill in India.


  • Non foldable.
  • Some complained that the motor makes some noises.
  • Pretty basic treadmill for the price.

Fitkit FT200 Series 2.25HP (4.5HP Peak) Motorized Treadmill

Fitkit FT200SX

Why Should you buy this best Treadmill in India?

If you are looking for a treadmill with many features and do not want to spend a lot then this treadmill is a good option for you.

It has all the needed features to be the best treadmill in India for home use.

This is a very nicely designed treadmill for the price. It has a set of good speakers for a change.

Top features:

  • Works with alexa and Google
  • 2.25 HP, 4.5 HP peak motor
  • 1-16km/hr speed
  • Max weight 110kg
  • 15 level incline
  • Auto lubrication
  • 1240*420 mm running area
  • Comes with free diet and personal fitness plan with videos with trainer
  • Free personal dietitian for 3 months
  • Fitplus app

This is apparently a bigger sized treadmill which have 4.5 peak power motor. This is good for running as the speed can get high like 16km per hour and the running area is wide enough.

This treadmill can be safely used by seniors and also by young people. While the former can take it slow and use this treadmill for walking, the later can go for runs.


  • Can use the Fitplus append the IOT features to enable voice command over the treadmill.
  • Comes with a massager which can be used to treat soreness and tiredness.
  • Motor is powerful enough for long runs or short high speed running sessions.
  • Running track is wide enough and is anti-skid.
  • This treadmill has an auto incline of 15 levels, which is a great feature if you are into progressive overload for running. This will make your workouts more intense.
  • Hydraulic soft drop system makes it easy to fold the treadmill when not in use.
  • With auto lubrication maintaining the system is easy.


Despite having many features some do not work as expected. For example many complained about heart rate sensors, foldable HSS systems etc. Although very unlikely that it will happen to you too.

PowerMax Fitness TD-M1 Pre installed treadmill for Home use

Fitkit FT200SX

Why Should you buy this best Treadmill in India?

Overall powermax is a reliable brand and this treadmill has no major con going on except some usual ones.

These flaws are visible in almost all other treadmills as well.

Although 0 installation would be the top most sought after feature here.

Top Features:

  • No Installation required.
  • 2 HP motor, 4 hp peak have highest speed of 14km/hour
  • 2 level manual incline
  • Treadmill can be connected via bluetooth with android and Ios app.
  • 12 preset programs to use
  • 47.6 X 16.1 inch running area
  • 3 year motor warranty
  • 100kg user weight

Powermax has a few bluetooth enabled treadmills and if you use them then you can download the Fitshow app.

This treadmill has a 4hp peak motor that can go from 1-14km per hour and this is good for running as well as walking. Other than that they provide a 3 year warranty on the motor and 1 year on frame. The frame is made from alloy steel.

And another good feature will be spring shock absorption and double layer running board which will protect your knees.

Console can be used to track, pulse, calories, distance etc and 

Here are some more features to look at –

  • Silent fan cooled heat management.
  • Copper coil motor system.
  • Dual carbon brushes
  • High-grade insulation + sealed bearings = HiTorque longevity


  • 0 installation. Just unpack, plug it in and you are good to go.
  • Fitshow app is not bad but there are better alternatives out there.
  • There are 12pre set programs so that you never get bored using a treadmill. A treadmill can get boring real quick.
  • Precision-machined steel crowned rollers to give better performance
  • 3 year warranty on motor.


  • Only 2 level incline
  • Some have complained about belt getting slippery.
  • Idle customer care also was reported by some.
  • Some also got defective products.

MAXPRO PTM405 2HP(4 HP Peak) Folding Treadmill for Home

Fitkit FT200SX

Why Should you buy this best Treadmill in India?

Maxpro has good offers when it comes to treadmills and within budget this is a good 2 HP treadmill to have at home.

For home use and if your weight is under the max limit of the treadmill then this is one of the best treadmill in India for home use.

Top Features:

  • 2hp and 4 HP peak motor
  • 1-14km/hr top speed
  • Large console area with bottle holder, speed control buttons and calorie, distance etc on the LCD display screen.
  • This maxpro treadmill is beautifully designed with a 4hp peak motor which can reach speeds up to 14km per hour. The max weight support is 110kgs but I believe this is the walking weight.
  • Two speakers are also there on the console.
  • Steel frame.
  • 12 pre set programs.

Maxpor or Welcare Maxpro has many best treadmills in India and this is one of them. The things to consider for this treadmill is shock absorption feature and the 2 HP motor with 4hp peak.

Since it generates 14km per hour speed, this can be used for running.

But probably good for 1-2 persons only and not for a gym set up at all.


  • Good quality motor which will help with walking and as well as running.
  • Large console area with speakers and water bottle holders. The controls and the LCD are easy to find.
  • The treadmill can be foldable and have wheels so you can move it around from one room to another easily.
  • Also it is quite affordable if you think about the costs of other 2hp treadmills in India.


  • When in use the treadmill takes some space.
  • Some complained about high motor sound.
  • At high weight and high speed like many treadmills this would shake a little too.

Treadmill Buying Guide India

Key 3 items to check –

  • If your weight is 90 kg then buy treadmills that have at least 110kg of max user support weight. Add 20kg to current weight to find it out.
  • Buy treadmills that have a heavy cushion and  motorized treadmills only.
  • Check warranty on parts, motor and frame and check if the treadmill manufacturer provides service and installation in your area. And you should look to get the best treadmill customer service. If you spot a local manufacturer/seller, then it will be the best bet.

Time Needed :10 minutes

How to buy the best treadmill in india for home use – how to buy best treadmill in india

  1. Cost of buying a treadmill for Indian Home

    Price of the Treadmill could be your fist factor to decide which one you can bring home. Remember higher the cost higher the features and durability, always check if your purpose is being served. You can not go on full sprint on 1 bhp motor, you would need at least 2bhp motor and costs will be higher too.

  2. Goal

    If you just want to walk then you can get away with manual treadmills. If you want to walk, run, jog then you must get a motorized treadmill. I always recommended people motorized treadmills only.

  3. Motorized or Non motorized Treadmill for Home Gym India

    Non motorized treadmills feel little unnatural to me as you have to push enough to get the rollers running. If we are doing that then we can run on the fields, much better. Thus get a motorized one.

  4. Motor

    Home treadmills are built with motor power of 2 HP to max 4 HP. 2 HP motor is good for walking. 2.5 HP motor is good for jogging. More than 2.5 -3 HP is good for running. Also a higher power motor also means better quality so it can run for longer without being overheated. Also there are Green energy motor which are more energy efficient.

  5. Running area of the Treadmill

    Check if the running area is wide enough or if you can take full stride while walking or running. For walking 20 inches wide and at least 53-55 inches long, the track is great. For running and for tall people you will need at least 60 inches of length in the running area.

  6. Display

    Usually treadmill displays are LED and can only show time, calorie, distance, heart rate etc. But high end treadmills do come with full LCD displays that can even access to the internet using WIFI.

  7. Tracking

    Heart rate tracking, android or Ios app or other hi tech features, if you want them then always look for these features in the treadmill. Although you can always get away with a fitness tracker wristband.

  8. Pre Set Programs

    Usually mid range treadmills for home comes with 12 pre set programs but heavy duty commercial treadmills can have at least 30 pre set programs.

  9. Maximum Speed

    Higher the motor horsepower higher the speed. For walking 1 – 5 km per hour is good. For jogging 8 Kmph is good. For running you may want to go for at least 8-10 kmph. If you are a seasoned athlete then you may go for pro level treadmills with higher speeds like 22km per hour.

  10. Safety Clip

    Near the console the safety feature is located for most of the treadmills if they have any. You basically attach that to yourself while on the treadmill. And if any time you slip the clip detaches and the treadmill stops.

  11. Handrails

    You will need handrails for support at the sides and at the front. And handrails also have heart rate sensor. These will help you keep balance while you are running. Handrails will also help seniors to walk safely on a treadmill at home.

  12. Lubrication

    Lubrication is needed so that you motor does not work hard and the belt runs smoothly. There are treadmill which offers auto lubrication to keep the maintenance time bare minimum.

  13. Noise

    Does the rollers, the belt and motor make much noise, will it be usable around babies? Check treadmill sound Db numbers before you make a purchase. Usually treadmills do make 50+ Db sound.

  14. Speaker

    Treadmills go with front firing speakers, although not good quality but serves the purpose.

  15. Wifi/Bluetooth

    High end treadmills have bluetooth and wifi connectivity. You can stream movies, netflix on the large screen as they also run android OS in built. Or play music using bluetooth or wifi.

  16. Max weight support

    Generally treadmills sold in India support around 90kgs of weight, always check for the supported weight before buying a treadmill. Also check if the weight is running supported weight or walking.

  17. Height Support

    Tall people have longer strides. Treadmills have around 50-55 inches of stride length which is okay for most of us. If you are taller than 6 feet then make sure that the track length of that treadmill is at least 60-63 inches.

  18. Hours and number of people using

    Lower HP motors will overheat under 30 minutes to 1 hour. If you plan to use longer then you have increased your budget and get higher HP treadmills. Good heavy duty treadmill motors can work continuously for 5 hours. Also if more than one person will be using the new treadmill then check their weight, if all are supported by the treadmill. 

  19. Electric Usages

    Higher power motors will use more electricity. Usually 1 HP will use around 700+ watts of electricity per hour.

  20. Inclination

    Inclination will make your workout on the treadmill more effective and you will burn more calories. 1% incline is equivalent to outdoor surface. Inclination can go upto 15%, check the treadmill for that. Also if it is auto inclination or manual. Most motorized treadmills provide auto inclination.

  21. Belt Quality

    Total belt comprises ply board, roller and suspensions. Thicker the board is better cushion for the knees. Rollers are around 2.5 inches and with lubrication they should roller freely. Good lubrication on the roller eliminates any extra stress on the motor and in case of manual treadmill from your knees.

  22. Suspension

    Springs, belt thickness and durometer cushions help absorb the impact and keep your knee safe. Apart from the commercial treadmills you will see springs on the treadmill as suspension to absorb shock.

  23. Cushion Support

    The running deck layer if not soft and thick then will hurt your feet. Then your feet will feel the roller underneath, I have felt them on a thin running belt. More cushion there is, the more protected you are.
    Multi-layered running belt are good as they provide enough cushion to avoid joint pain.

  24. Running Safety

    Right in front of the console there will be a key with a lanyard which helps if you suddenly slip on the treadmill. When the clip detaches the motor stops. Good for children and elderly safety.

  25. Treadmill Brands in India

    Good brands give good support. Check if the brand you are selecting provides after sales support and how much warranty they provide. Indian treadmill brands will provide you around 1-year warranty on frame and 1-year warranty on motor at least.
    Powermax, Viva Fitness is one of the best professional treadmill brands available in India.

  26. Maintenance

    More well built the treadmill is less maintenance it requires. Also with auto lubrication features you spend even less time. 

  27. Warranty

    Generally treadmill brands provide 1-2 years of warranty on body on budget models. Lifetime warranty is nice but you will get them on treadmill frame only. But lifetime frame warranty assure the buyer that the frame is well made. Treadmill motors usually gets around 5 years of warranty. 
    For manufacturing defects you should get a replacement. 

Outdoor Running vs Treadmill Running

Outdoor RunningTreadmill Running
You would need a park or 200-300 meters of open space.With a treadmill at house you do not need worry about running space.
We all have a shortage of time and dressing up, shoe and warming up, running outside may take more time.With a treadmill you can skip the dressing up part so you can start and finish the workout quickly.
Outdoor terrain is not so joint friendly.Cushioned running track is always joint friendly.
Pollution can not be avoided.Safe home environment.
Weather is not controllable so due to rain or cold you might need to skip training.With a treadmill at home you do not need care much about the weather outside.
To track progress you will need a fitness band.In built tracking system in treadmills will let you track, speed, distance, calorie, heart rate.
Can not run longer due to outdoor running as very quickly it may become very tiring.With a treadmill you can run longer.
Outdoor running usually will not have any incline feature, unless you live in hilly areas.You can easily adjust the inclination level as you need.
Early morning or night time jogging/walking etc might not be safe.Indoor running with a treadmill at home is very safe.
While outdoors it is dangerous to listen to music using earphones.While using a treadmill at home there is no risk doing it.
Can enjoy nature while running.Can not enjoy nature at all.

Best treadmill brands in india

Here are the top treadmill brands in India according to me. I have selected them as per my own experience, online reviews and the word of mouth.

I would wholeheartedly recommend powermax, durafit, fitkit treadmills as the best brand treadmills for home.


I personally like Powermax treadmill brand for their wide range variety in for motorized, semi commercial and  commercial treadmill segment. They made all and all of them have a decent level for durability. They also have good customer care. They sale products on popular Indian online stores and also via their own website. Most high end treadmills are listed on their website.

You can find powermax treadmills as per your budget easily with good motor and built quality.

They are probably the best treadmill company in India.

Check out our top treadmills for home here

Viva Fitness:

Viva has some amazing treadmills but those are not in budget range. Most of them are a commercial treadmill with highly capable motor and weight bearing capacity.

Many gyms use and consider these as one of the best commercial treadmill brands.


Fitkit have some popular treadmills like the fitkit Ft200M, 200sx model which packs a lot of additional features in a moderate price range. Fitkit steals the show when the provide you with fre dietician calls, trendy android/ios app to track your progress and give you workout plans.

This brand will definitely will be counted among the top 10 treadmill brands in India.


Like Powermax Durafit treadmills are heavily built and have good advanced features if compared to the price. Good treadmills for home use.

They are probably the best treadmill company in India when it comes to budget yet efficient treadmills for home.


Brand Cockatoo has some good treadmill with HP power like 3 HP, 4.5 HP without breaking your bank. Also they provide some good warranty on the motor and body part. And they do have customer care numbers easily available.

Check out our top treadmills for home here 


Kamachi sells only treadmills online and their treadmills are durable, comes with good motor and very slim design for most of the models.

Their lower end models are one of the best basic treadmill in India.


Welcare is another treadmill brand which have one two great model selling a lot. You can check their higher HP models. And since most of them are silent enough, it can be considered as makers of one of the best residential treadmill.


Healthgenie have some good treadmill models like 3911M online which provides 2.5 HP motor. Overall good product for home gym.

Treadmill Workout Tips:

  • Warm up is a must unless you want to sprain some muscles. You can warm up by doing slow to faster walks on the treadmills.
  • Also after working out, slow down the treadmill motor to cool down the leg muscles. Do not hit stop immediately.
  • For strong leg muscles make strides longer with moderate speed and also swing your arms like you would do while speed walking outside.
  • And to develop cardio and lungs capability make strides shorter and tune up the motor speed.

Running means speed and if you want to run at the comfort of your home you have to choose Treadmills with high bhp. These 4 best treadmill in India for home use are built for the run. For better usability always pick a treadmill for running which provides more weight bearing capacity than your actual weight.

Treadmill vs Exercise Bikes

Top 4 treadmills for Running in India

Track: Time, Speed,Distance, Calorie, Pulse, Fat Measure

Running Surface(LxB):- 41X120 (CM){16.15″ X 47.25″}

Motor Power: 3.5 HP

Maximum User Weight: 110 Kg

Max speed – 14km

Incline Level: 3 level Manual

Powerful motor with 3 year warranty and a huge running area, perfect for running at home.

2HP motor with 3 Year motor warranty.

Running Surface(LxB):1100 x 390 mm (43.3″ x 15.3″). 

Max speed – 10km/hr

MAx weight – 100kg

5 inch LCD with tracking and AUX input for music playing/MP3 player.

Apart from the top speed there is also no auto decline but overall a good product for home.

5 inch bright LCD with speed, distance, time calorie tracker.

12 pre Installed programs

2.0 HP powerful motor with 1 year warrant.

Max speed – 14km/h

Max weight – 114 kg.

This treadmill for home got mp3 playing capability and also have auto lubrication. Great for people who love to listen to music and jog.

4 HP powerful motor with 3 years warranty on it.

Max weight – 100kg

Max speed – 14km

3 Level manual incline

Running area: 16.5 inch x 48.5 inch

12 Preset programs

This is one of the most powerful treadmills available in India. A must buy for those who love to run.

Manual treadmill vs automatic treadmills

In manual treadmill you are pushing the belt and moving forward where in automatic treadmill you set up the speed and the treadmill belt movies.

Cost: Manual Treadmill are cheaper as there are no motors involved.

Calorie Burned: Some say that manual treadmills burn more calories as you are pushing the belt. But since you are doing that, you will get quickly tired and do efficient workout for a short amount of time. And there is no speed control so you will not be able to run or walk at a constant speed.

Usability: It is hard to run on a manual treadmill than an automatic treadmill.

Benefits of manual treadmill

Low cost that is the only benefit of a manual treadmill. If you are in for the best cheap treadmills, then you can get manual treadmills below 10k easily. But I do not prefer those over motorized treadmills.

Side effect of Manual Treadmill

There are no particular side effect if your joints are strong, you will be forcing your feet to move the belt thus there will be pressure on your knees. And you will probably need shoes with good cushion to walk on these, and you should look for that sole quality when you will be looking for the best footwear for treadmill.

Benefits of motorized Treadmills

Set the speed and get a good less stress on joint workout. Burn more calories as you can workout longer on a motorized treadmill.

Also you can get auto lubricant, auto inclination, heart rate tracker and more features for your home treadmill.

Not a Fan of running?

Check these – 

Treadmills in India For home use FAQ

Which is the best treadmill in India for home use?

I would recommend Powermax Fitness TDA-230, it got 2HP power with 3 years warranty on the motor. Got 15 level auto incline for intense workout. Can be used for walking and running. And also sturdy enough to be used by many family members.

Do treadmills waste a lot of electricity?

More the HP is, more electric consumption will be. Mostly it may use 1 UNIT of power each hour.

What is the best treadmill 2019?

If budget does not matter then Cockatoo CTM10 3.75 HP Peak Motorised Auto-Incline and Multi-Function Treadmill is the best treadmill your money can buy. Get it here –

Motorized Treadmill
Shop for Popular Fitness Equipments: Home Gym Elliptical Trainer

Looking for a super guide to the best treadmills in India? Here are the detailed reviews. Have a look at all the important best brands for treadmills for home in india before you buy.

Done with the work for the day? What now? Well, Lockdown has taught us to try everything at home that we used to do outdoors. Exercise is one of those activities.

We have learned the importance of maintaining a positive mindset and keeping ourselves immune. For that purpose, we have learned to bring some equipment at home to continue the regime.

Treadmills are one of them. There are some of the best Treadmills in India that one can choose to bring at home or set up at your gyms.

Here is an idea that can be considered to buy a treadmill online. Treadmills consist of various components and each of them counts as a crucial determinant of the buying strategies.

Here is a quick list of the best best brands for treadmills for home in india in India to buy.

List of top 10 best treadmills brands in India you should know

Top 10 best treadmills brands in India to buy in 2021Brand name
Powermax Fitness TDM 98 Motorised TreadmillPowermax
UrbanTrek TD-M4 (2.0HP) Ultra-Compact Foldable TreadmillUrbanTrek
MAXPRO PTM 405 Series Folding TreadmillMaxPro
Health genie 3911 M TreadmillHealth Genie
Lifelong Fitpro LLTM 09 Motorised TreadmillLifelong
Cockatoo CTM 05 Motorised TreadmillCockatoo
Fitkit FT100 Series DC-Motorised TreadmillFitkit
KOBO 1 H.P. Motorised TreadmillKobo
PowerMax Fitness TDM 125 Series Motorised TreadmillPowermax
WELCARE MaxPro PTM-X3 Motorised TreadmillWelcare

10 Best treadmills In India to buy for home and gym use

1. Powermax Fitness TDM 98 Motorised Treadmill

Powermax Fitness TDM 98: best treadmills in India

This is one of the best treadmills in India by Powermax. This model has all the good features that you will need in your equipment. It comes with a heart rate sensor to get your heart rate.

You just have to place your palm to the handle of the treadmill – Great, right?  The maximum user weight is 90 Kgs. The motor has a power of 1.5 CHP.

In addition to the motor, it has an auto-stop function. Your equipment will make less noise with a speed rate of 10km/h – Going good!! It also has a 5.5″ LED Display. It allows shock absorption with an Anti-Skid Running board.

Good Points:

  • Impeccable strength.
  • Easy movement from one place to another.
  • Uncomplicated assembling.

2. UrbanTrek TD-M4 (2.0HP) Ultra-Compact Foldable Treadmill

UrbanTrek: Best treadmill brands In India

Another great brand when it comes to producing the best treadmills in India. It introduces itself with a 4.0HP best brands for treadmills for home in india DC Motor.

The maximum user weight allowed is 100 Kgs. Its running surface measures 1100×430MM.

The brand can offer you free installation assistance to set up the equipment at your place. The horsepower is calculated as 2 here.

The maximum speed is 14 km/h. Its cushioning allows you to take your fitness to a higher level.

The foldable feature comes with a connection to the mobile app. With its silkworm cushioning system, shock absorption technology comes as a complimentary feature.

When the mobile app is connected to this equipment, you can expand the features with no limits. The plus point is it contains a heart rate sensor with a safety running key to controlling the machine.

Good Points:

  • Compatible size.
  • App-based connectivity. (FitShow).
  • Comes with the latest rubber balloon precision cushioning.

Not-so-good Point:

  • It does not incline much – you will have the same pace to run.

If you looking to burn calories with our another guide, here you go: 7 Best exercise cycle in India 2021: Exercise bike list

3. MAXPRO PTM 405 Series Folding Treadmill

Best treadmills In India to buy by Maxpro

The equipment series comes with a maximum weight of 130 Kgs. Horsepower is calculated as 2 here. The maximum speed in the series is 16 km/h for this equipment.

It has in-built transportation wheels to relocate it easily. Hand-pulse sensors are located at the handles so that they can keep your workout goals in check. The motor is measured at 2.5HP(5HP PEAK).

A hydraulic folding system is allowed for some of the models in the series. They have attached built-in speakers with AUX/USB connections.

The mobile holder is also connected to the equipment. The multi-layered belt allows the equipment to be shock-absorbent.

Good Point:

  • The motor has less noise plus good durability.
  • Pads are friction-free.
  • Comfortable grippings on best brands for treadmills for home in india side.
  • Hydraulic unfolding is a prominent feature.

Not-so-good point:

  • The weight feature is not that compatible.
  • Inbuilt speakers do not deliver good service.

Are you looking to track your weight? Here is a guide to the best weighing machine in India:Best weighing machine in India: Digital & analog brands

4. Health genie 3911 M Treadmill

This new health genie equipment has been introduced with a maximum speed rating of 10km/h. The display size is 3 inches.

The heart rate best brands for treadmills for home in india is also included in the machine. It connects with AUX to listen to music from the highly performed speakers.

1100mm×390mm is the surface for the running pad. Convenient transport wheels are the best thing to move from one place to another. A safe running key is also given.

Good Points:

  • Pre-assembled machine.
  • Good packaging features.
  • Equipment is less noisy.
  • Good quality build-up.

Not-so-good Points:

  • Speed ratings could be better.

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5. Lifelong Fitpro LLTM 09 Motorised Treadmill

This equipment has the best treadmill rate. The best thing for the brand is it enables the energy-saving feature in the machine to let you workout guilt-free.

A noise-canceling feature is present to work out without any disturbance. The motor system is powerful and affordable. The pads have an anti-slip lawn texture in which you can walk barefoot as well.

The maximum weight that it can hold is 90 Kgs. 12 preset workouts are a unique feature to set your goals as per your needs. The horsepower here is bank of america online bill pay setup as 2.5 with a maximum speed of 10 km/h.

The equipment is friction-free as it will lead you to continue your workouts smoothly and swiftly.

The FitPro series has an LLTM36 model in which the maximum bars increase with the speed ratings.

The installation assistance is provided by the company, but one can assemble it by themselves.

Good Points:

  • It has a 90 degrees inclination feature.
  • Space-saving solutions.

Not-so-good Points:

  • It has to be less bulky.
  • Cushioning could be better.
  • Maximum user weight is not impressive.

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6. Cockatoo CTM 05 Motorised Treadmill

The 5 inches LED Display, provides a maximum speed of 14 km/h which is a crucial factor to determine the purchase. The maximum user weight is 90 KGs.

If you want your heart rate to display on the screen, it is possible by hand gripping handles. The equipment has transportation wheels that can be transferred from one room to another or even carried easily for installation.

Good Points:

  • Attractive design.
  • For hassle-free workouts, the motor is designed in 1.5 HP – 2 HP.
  • 12 preset workout programs are offered to people with strict goals.
  • Shock-absorbant features are present.
  • 3 level manual incline.

Not-so-good points:

  • The motor specifications could be better.
  • For running, the weight is 70 Kgs.
  • The platform is weak.

7. Fitkit FT100 Series DC-Motorised Treadmill

The most interesting feature that I liked about the equipment is it gets connected to Alexa and you can freely give any instructions as per your needs.

There are live interactive sessions with the certified personal trainers of Onefitplus. The maximum weight for the user is 110 Kgs. It allows a 3.25 HP at the best brands for treadmills for home in india starting from 1.75 HP.

The fact that one should choose the weight capacity for at least 20 Kgs more than your current weight is true to consider before buying the heavy equipment.

Good Points:

  • Live interactive sessions.
  • Alexa coordinating feature.
  • Inclination features are present.

Not-so-good Point:

  • The inclination level is manually set.
  • Horsepower could be better.
  • Motors specifications are not worthy to invest in this equipment.

8. KOBO 1 H.P. Motorised Treadmill

The steel crowned rollers that help in balancing will keep the belt at the center position. It increases the life of bearings and running belts.

The running belt is anti-skid with a less noise energy-saving motor. Want some preset programs? Here it is!! It makes your workout more inclined towards achieving your goals.

Lubrication oil is given with the shortcut keys to operate the machine. The running platform is measured by 40 cm. The auto-stop safety function is also added.

Good Points:

  • Low profile reck design keeps you closer to the surface.
  • Maximum horsepower is 2.
  • The maximum weight is 100 Kg.

Not-so-good Points:

  • For running, the maximum weight is 80 Kg.
  • The maximum speed is 10 km/h.
  • Expert assembling is required.

9. PowerMax Fitness TDM 125 Series Motorised Treadmill

This brand runs another series with a maximum speed rating of 14 km/h with a horsepower of 2 to 4.0 HP at the peak.

Keeping in mind the health benefits of the treadmill, it will keep on reminding you to work out smoothly.

The shock absorption system will help you to maintain the good condition of the equipment in the long run.

The best part is you can control it with the “GFit” app available to download and track your operations from your mobile phone. The maximum user weight is 115 KGs. The maximum speed it can offer is 16 km/h.

Good Points:

  • The 3 level incline feature is given for the higher level of targets.
  • 12 preset programs are offered.
  • The hydraulic soft-drop system is a prominent characteristic.

Not-so-good Points:

  • The noise-cancelling feature does not work properly.
  • The machine starts heating up after a certain period of use.

10. WELCARE MaxPro PTM-X3 Motorised Treadmill

The equipment by Welcare has an attractive design to go with a maximum speed rating of 15 km/h. The horsepower is given as 4 and that is impressive!! The frame material is alloy steel. It has a wide running deck to run, walk, jog swiftly.

The running belt consists best brands for treadmills for home in india 5 layers of anti-slip texture and shock-absorbing features that will make our workouts worry-free.

The noiseless motor will get you onboard without any disturbance. The best thing is to save the space by folding it whenever you want.

Good Points:

  • App control feature is present by G-Fit.
  • Mobile or tablet holder.
  • Good horsepower specification.
  • Maximum user weight is a compatible feature. 

Not-so-good Points:

  • Goes in the expensive range. 

Treadmills are the most used equipment in every home these days. As we are rushed into worldly tasks, Treadmills help us to keep it smooth for our running and jogging activities.

It will keep its convenient features along with all the improvements in the models.

Several brands will offer their unique features with every upcoming model; however, various factors remain constant to look upon if you are buying a treadmill as per your requirements.

Let’s have a look at these factors that makes these treadmills best for buy in India

Factors for best treadmill in India

1. Budget

Choosing effective equipment is a beverly bank and trust login sum of investment. It may not be used regularly at your convenience. Think of these factors before going forward to buy such expensive equipment for home use.

I would like to use a conventional method – take out a diary and a pen. List out all the points you want in your equipment and search accordingly. Furthermore, save this detailed article for the best Treadmills for home use.

Another sub-point that is essential to consider is the space of your room. Another important thing is your guide to exercise activities. In other words, how much your body needs to be walked or jogged will decide your equipment.

2. Horsepower

Believe it or not, we all want our equipment to work best in the long run. For that purpose, we need to think before buying. Just doing one-time research might not work.

Think about best brands for treadmills for home in india much horsepower it is going to provide you every time you operate it. It might not be the standard one but one can revolve around the standard one to meet their requirements.

One more thing applies to this factor – it is how much you will use the treadmill. If you will use it frequently, it will be good around 2.5 to 3.0 CHP.

Weight is also an important subpoint that will tell you to choose the motor as per your weight.

*CHP is the continuous duty rating that measures the minimum horsepower that you will get at every point during a workout.

3. Minimum specifications

These specifications include the belt size, cushioning, stability, how much weight it can hold.

Additional features such as how big the screen is there any bottle-holder or your phone-holder besides your handle also counts as the prominent factors to consider before investing in this big size equipment.

The belt size should vary as per the height of the individual. If one is taller, 54 inches would be required to fit the specifications.

Cushioning in the treadmill should be comfortable as it might create adverse effects for your backbones.

Let’s get to the top treadmills for homes that you can consider based on their functions and specifications.


Here is one thing about the installation process, kindly remove all the wrappings placed on the machine so that it may best brands for treadmills for home in india create a bad impact on your workout sessions.

It can get stuck into the machine and you may fall back into the surface in case of high-intensity workouts. All the present brands offer similar features, but the functioning gets them a different best brands for treadmills for home in india.

The health benefits of the treadmill will make you go buy that now!! Furthermore, the current situation accompanies the decision to buy the best best brands for treadmills for home in india in India if you are missing your jogging or running.

You can even walk on the treadmill while doing your work; however, it may affect the free time you want to have it with yourself, right!! Watch the cushioning and running belt features twice before buying one. Happy treadmill shopping!! Have a great workout!!

I hope this guide on the 10 best treadmills in India will help you to pick the best one.

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