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But to cover the acne, blemishes, and large pores that come with this skin type you Drugstore BB Cream for Oily Skin: Neutrogena Visibly Even BB Cream. Here are some of our favorite affordable options that you can find on Amazon under $15. The Best Drugstore BB & CC Creams For Acne Prone. It's important to find the best BB cream for your skin type, Best drugstore (affordable) BB cream: Best BB cream for dry skin.

Best drugstore bb cream for acne -

10 Best Drugstore BB Creams

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10 Of The Best BB Creams For A Fresh Flawless Complexion

When it comes to finding the best BB cream for your skin, there's a lot you need to factor in. But first, what is a BB cream and why is it used? How does it differ from CC cream and is it really better than foundation? Can it be used in place of a primer or can you layer it into your skincare routine?

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Following a huge success in the Asian market, BB creams, sometimes known as beauty balms or blemish balms, first found their way into European markets in 2011. Like CC creams, BB creams are essentially a kind of tinted moisturiser that primes the skin with both coverage and skin nourishing properties, including hydration, wrinkle reduction and SPF protection, which is why they’re sometimes viewed as being “better” than foundation.They’re also much lighter than foundation. However, if you need more coverage you can always add some foundation on top. The difference between a BB cream and CC cream is that where CC creams colour correct and conceal problem skin, BB creams focus more on prevention and maintenance.

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Think of your BB cream as that magic one-size-fits-all option that acts as a primer, foundation and moisturiser all in one. It can be used everyday either on its own or with your regular products as desired. But, really, it’s for those lazy days where you just don’t feel like committing to your 10-step skincare routine, but still want that flawless complexion with all the skin-nourishing benefits. Just don’t forget to skip the step at night where you remove it. As with all your daytime products, it’s best not to sleep in it.

Below, discover Vogue’s edit of the best BB creams available to buy now.


1Rosilliance Mineral BB+ Cream Tinted Organic Sunscreen SPF 30


Coola's vegan BB cream offers the best of three worlds: mineral and broad-spectrum SPF 30, tone-perfecting coverage that looks natural, and hydrating rose stem cells.

2Camera Ready BB Cream SPF 35


SPF 35 protects your skin from the sun, dimethicone acts as a silky primer, and botanical extracts reinforce your skin care routine. It's a win-win-win. 

3Dream Fresh BB Cream


You'll love how easy this three-in-one SPF 30 BB cream makes your morning routine, while your wallet will adore its under-$10 price tag. 

4Acne Solutions BB Cream SPF 40


Yes, you can use BB creams if you have acne-prone skin. Clinique's acne-specific and matte-finish formula is made for just that, and includes silica to soak up excess oil.

5Skin Tone Evener BB Crème


Grape seed and sweet almond oils help this BB cream glide on exceptionally smooth, so you don't have to worry about buffing forever with brushes.  

6Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42 PA+++


This BB cream is a K-beauty sensation, and with the SPF 42 PA+++ in tow, it makes sense. Pat it on in the morning, then touch up throughout the day when your sun protection needs a refresh.

7Neo Nude Foundation


Technically a foundation, this light liquid from Aramani Beauty makes the list thanks to its skin-loving formulation. Hyaluronic acid and glycerin give skin a plump, bouncy look as the tint smooths over your complexion.

8Sports BB Cream SPF 50+ Sunscreen


Japanese powerhouse Shiseido thought about all things outdoor when it formulated this SPF 50+ BB cream. Like a powerful tinted sunscreen, the brand's "WetForce Technology" makes it so your skin is safe from both UVA and UVB rays even if you end up sweaty after a jog or splashing around a pool.

9Clean Matte BB Cream


Getting a matte finish is difficult with most moisturizers, let alone BB creams. Pick up COVERGIRL's oily skin-friendly formula if you want a matte, natural look, while still streamlining your skin steps. 

10BB Cream SPF 20


We love that this vegan and cruelty-free option from e.l.f. includes aloe extract, vitamin E, and jojoba oil—oh, and that $6 price is pretty good, too.

11Complexion Rescue Tinted Moisturizer Hydrating Gel Cream SPF 30


You know how electrolytes are important to your body's moisture level? The same principal applies here. BareMinerals uses mineral electrolytes in this formula to help out dry skin.

12Tinted Moisturizer Natural Skin Perfector Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Mini


The coverage might be sheer, but the Laura Mercier shade range doesn't disappoint. Find which flexible shade from the 20-color range works for your skin, and enjoy SPF 30, moisturizer, and a skin tint all in one. 

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Current Favorites : BB and CC Creams

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BB and CC Creams are the ultimate multi-tasking beauty products! I just love the ease of combining multiple steps into one product and depending on which formulation you chose, this one step (aka BB or CC cream) can be your moisturizer, daily sunscreen, anti-aging and brightening serum that helps correct uneven skin tone and offers sheer to almost full coverage, often taking the place of your foundation. Basically, BB and CC creams are the perfect alternative for those of us who don’t like using foundation for everyday makeup and need a one-step complexion perfecting product with skincare benefits to boot!

Today I am showcasing a few of my favorite BB and CC creams. These are the ones I reach for quite frequently and have recommended most often to my friends and readers! Let’s take a look…

Best BB and CC Creams

Amarté Natural Finish BB Cream SPF 36 – This BB cream has a buildable, medium to full coverage formula that easily covers up most of the imperfections like dark spots and light acne scars. It offers a satiny-smooth matte finish that adds a subtle healthy-skin glow without the unwanted shine and lasts all day, which makes it suitable for almost all skin types. Here is  my full review for the Amarte Natural Finish BB Cream

Amarté-Natural-Finish-BB-Cream review

Dr. Jart+ BB Bounce Beauty BalmThis BB cream comes housed in a chic, airtight  compact that is practically spill proof and easy to tuck in your purse for on-the-go touchups. I love the fluid-cream texture which provides buildable coverage that easily goes from medium to almost full and holds up really well throughout the day. Although the formula is said to be ultra-moisturizing, it has a long-lasting matte finish and feel that’s suitable for normal to combination or even oily skin types. And the SPF comes from gentle, mineral actives (titanium dioxide and zinc oxide). Check out my detailed review for the Dr.Jart+ BB Bounce Beauty Balm


Mirabella CC creamThis is one of the most pigmented CC creams I’ve ever tried! It provides excellent, medium to full yet natural-looking and lightweight coverage for complexion perfection in a flash! I never even have to use a concealer with this product. It also includes a few oil controlling ingredients to help keep shine at bay all day (great for oily and combo skin!). The formula offers SPF 20 but because you need so less of it, you will want to use another form of sunscreen (before applying this) during the day for adequate SPF protection. Here’s my detailed review for Mirabella CC Creme


It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream SPF 50 – None of my favorite lists can be complete without an IT cosmetics product! This CC cream gives skin a gorgeous finish and stellar coverage, taking care of any redness, acne scars or dark spots almost completely without looking like I’m wearing a ton of makeup. You can check out my review here


Pond’s Luminous Finish BB+ CreamThis a fabulous drugstore find! The creamy formula glides onto skin and blends easily for medium coverage of redness and dark spots. It provides a semi-matte finish that looks natural and does a good job of perking up dull, tired skin! It contains a few skin-loving ingredients like Vitamin E and Niacinamide in addition to offering broad-spectrum SPF 15. I consider this SPF as a bonus and make sure to use a sunscreen underneath to get complete sun protection.

Have you tried any of my favorite BB/CC creams? What are some of your favorites….would love to hear all about your picks in the comments!


Get The Perfect Complexion With The Best BB Creams

Beauty Balm creams have become increasingly popular in the makeup sector, with more women having a tube in their bags. The benefits of using this cream are enormous, but you need to be sure you are buying the right one for your skin. In this comprehensive buying guide, we will be taking you through all you need to know before you buy the best BB creams out there.

Why you should use BB creams

BB creams are beneficial for blurring pores, priming, concealing, hydrating, and giving you a smooth skin finish. If you are not a fan of wearing foundation each day, BB creams will help you achieve this. Also, you can use these creams in your everyday makeup routine without appearing like you are wearing too much makeup.

The tint helps to conceal and cover spots while also helping with color correction. Also, the pore perfectors assist in cutting down pores on your skin. Additionally, the cream is much better than the tinted creams because it helps to moisturize your skin without making your skin greasy.

Things you should consider before you buy BB creams

Here are a few essential factors you should consider before you buy the best BB creams out there.

· Oil-control formula

Too much sebum formation causes your skin to be oily. It suffices to say that your skin already has enough oil and does not need extra. So, it would help if you only chose a BB cream that comes as water or gel-based instead of the oil-based options. Stay away from products that have excess moisturization, especially if you have oily skin.

· Lightweight formula

If your skin is oily, it is bound to have a serious look even without using makeup which is why your cream should not add more weight. The weightless formula is the type that feels exceptionally soft on your skin and doesn't look like makeup, and it should look natural and easily blend in.

· Cream coverage

This depends on certain factors; for instance, you should go for sheer or medium coverage if your skin is not uneven or with blemishes. Full coverage leaves your skin heavier and oilier.

· Value proposition

Brand reputation is another critical factor you need to consider before you this product. A good brand should have positive reviews on reputable review platforms and eCommerce sites. Also, check for the possibility of a warranty on purchased products before you buy.

· Cost

There is a broad range of products in this category, with their prices dependent on the quality and brand name. The good news is that you can get a very good cream without breaking the bank. All of the products we have reviewed have a sterling reputation of being the very best yet affordable.

· Ingredients

Before you buy the cream, ensure you take a good look at the components. BB creams ought to be made of elements that are perfect for your skin. Any product containing paraben ought to be avoided. Also, creams that contain hydraulic acids will help keep your skin adequately hydrated. Do well to use salicylic acid face wash before you use the cream to prevent clogging pores.

Benefits of BB creams

Here are some outstanding benefits of using Beauty Balm creams.

1. Helps with blemishes

Beauty Balm creams contain ingredients that are silicone-based such as dimethicone. This cream will help create a perfect base on your skin while allowing the cream to work well with your skin. There is a close similarity between foundations and BB creams, but the cream is becoming more popular because it is lighter. Even persons with oily skins may use Beauty Balms and look awesome.

2. Helps with moisturizing

Hyaluronic and glycerine are the two core components of the cream. Hydration is needed by your skin, which is why the cream contains such ingredients capable of helping your skin from becoming dry. If you use this cream regularly on your skin, it will make you look hydrated and fresh.

3. Anti-aging benefit

Vitamins C, E, and A and other antioxidants are used along with peptides to produce the Beauty Balm creams. Your skin will be thoroughly nourished from the intake of the ingredients that make up the cream which is why you can apply it regularly.

4. Shields from sun damage

Most of the top brands come with SPF inside them. SPF is useful in shielding the sun from harmful UV rays because it contains Niacinamide which can effortlessly lift dead skin cells while boosting the production of new cells.

Tips for using BB cream on oily skin

If your skin is oily, you should buy a BB cream that is good for your skin type. You may opt to apply the cream instead of making it up regularly daily. BB creams are preferred because it comes with several health benefits and if you want to use the cream on oily skin, here are a few things you should know.

Firstly, ensure you select the right shade of BB cream and always choose one that comes in different shades. Also, make sure you apply a BB cream that appropriately blends with your natural skin to give you a more convincing look. When applying the cream, ensure to use the right amount and avoid putting too much cream on your face, especially if your face is oily. Ideally, you should apply it in a circular motion in the area under your eyes, as this will help with concealing. If you have blemishes on your skin, you may hide them with the cream.

However, before you apply this cream, you should take a close look at the product instructions.


Q. Can I use BB cream every day?

A. Yes, you can use the cream daily if you choose to. The good news is that you may ditch all makeup products and use just the BB cream to get your desired skin tone.

Q. Is it better to use BB cream for my skin?

A. Yes, BB creams are best used for all types of skin, and if your skin is oily, you may get BB creams specifically for oily skins.

Q. What times of the day should I use my cream?

A. You can use the cream whenever you desire, either in the day or nighttime. Ensure that the cream will give you good enough coverage because you will need more coverage days.

Q. Can I use my BB creams on Acne-prone skins?

A. You can use this cream in any way you want. It doesn't matter the skin condition and the time of the day.

Q. Can I use BB creams while out partying?

A. Yes, you can put on BB creams to parties because they usually come with shimmers that give your skin a shimmering and glowing feel.

STYLECASTER" width="712" height="1132" src="">


This is another one of my favorite affordable BB creams for oily and breakout-prone skin. While it’s marketed as a BB cream, it’s level of coverage rivals full coverage foundations without feeling heavy or looking cakey. It also has incredible staying power. I rarely have to blot with powder or touch up excess oil when I wear this product.


CC cream is one of those beauty products that tip-toed into the market without kicking up too much of a fuss.

Having said that, it’s managed to stick around and is fast becoming the beauty must-have, particularly with the popularity of looks such as “no makeup-makeup” – where you want an unassuming, even glow without the heaviness of foundation. 

What is CC cream?

‘CC’ stands for color-correcting. CC cream is lighter than foundation, but has a little extra coverage than BB cream – and is aimed at evening out redness or sallowness.

It’s also great for mature skin, as it can target age spots and wrinkles.

A detailed review of the best drugstore CC creams for any skin type, a detailed buying guide and frequently asked questions.

CC cream works by neutralizing the appearance of imperfections by using opposing colors on the color wheel – for example, green cancels out red. It aims to take care of your skin coverage needs in one product; eliminating the need for a separate color correcting concealer and foundation.

Some CC creams will also illuminate the skin and may have built-in SPF, too. 

There’s a whole range of CC creams out there, from expensive brands like Chanel and Estee Lauder to more affordable alternatives from Olay or Neutrogena.

Thankfully, CC cream is one of those products where often the drugstore version can be just as effective and costs just a fraction of the price!

Benefits of CC cream

  • Lighter than foundation for a more natural look that allows your skin to breathe 
  • Cancels out unwanted tones or blemishes 
  • Built-in SPF 
  • Can target signs of aging and prevent wrinkles
  • It has multiple purposes: Speeds up your beauty routine by eliminating the need for a separate SPF, foundation, or concealer.

So, let’s have a look at some of the best drugstore CC creams on the market…

Top Picks For Best Drugstore CC Cream

1. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Anti-Aging Perfector 

If you’re looking for a CC cream that will target aging skin, this classic product from Neutrogena will be ideal for you.

It offers a sheer, blendable foundation coverage that evens out and smooths skin tone, while also providing SPF20 to protect the skin from damaging UVA and UVB rays. 

This cream also contains retinol, as well as antioxidants and vitamins, which help make the skin appear younger-looking and healthier with a natural dewy finish. It’s also oil-free so won’t make you shiny, and it’s non-comedogenic, meaning it won’t clog up your pores. 


  • Great for aging skin 
  • Sheer, blendable coverage smooths and evens skin tone 
  • Broad Spectrum SPF 20
  • Antioxidants and vitamins for younger skin 
  • Oil-free and non-comedogenic 
  • Range of colors to choose from 


  • Some found it oxidized pretty quickly 

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2. Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting CC Cream with SPF 15

Olay Total Effects Moisturizer + Serum Duo CC cream has a built-in Broad Spectrum SPF 15 for UV protection and boasts 7 benefits in 1 handy cream.

Not only will it even out your skin tone, but it replenishes moisture, enhances your natural glow, smooths wrinkles, minimizes pores, restores firmness, and visibly reduces dark spots. 

This CC cream will give you light foundation coverage whilst nourishing your skin and protecting it from sun damage. It has a non-greasy, lightweight feel and absorbs quickly, making it perfect for your morning routine.

Olay have packed their formula full of 7 vitamins and antioxidants for a major moisture boost: including VitaNiacin Complex II and Vitamin B3 for super healthy, nourished skin. 


  • SPF 15 
  • 7 benefits in 1 cream 
  • Great for aging skin 
  • Non-greasy, lightweight feel 
  • Packed with vitamins and antioxidants 
  • Super nourishing 


  • Some people found the ‘light to medium’ too dark 
  • Only one color available online 
Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting CC Cream with Sunscreen SPF 15, 1.7 fl oz
Olay Total Effects Tone Correcting CC Cream with Sunscreen SPF 15, 1.7 fl oz
  • CC CREAM WITH SPF: This CC cream gives you light foundation coverage while it nourishes, hydrates, and protects you from sun...
  • LIGHT FEEL: This formula absorbs fast and won't leave you feeling greasy
  • NOURISHMENT: We've packed this formula with 7 vitamins and antioxidants including VitaNiacin Complex II, Vitamin B3, and many more...
  • MOISTURIZE WITH FOUNDATION: After cleansing and treatments, use this cream as both your moisturizer and foundation
  • HEALTHY-LOOKING RADIANCE: Instantly brightens and visibly evens tone

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3. Physicians Formula Super CC Color-Correction + Care 

This multi-tasking CC cream from Physicians Formula contains micro color-correcting pigments and high-tech anti-aging ingredients to roll the benefits of anti-aging treatment, moisturizer, foundation, and SPF into one highly effective cream. 

This formula is gentle and hydrating and will minimize redness, brighten sallow skin and provide light coverage for blemishes. It also has built-in SPF 30, making it great for the summer months or for skin that generally needs a little extra protection. Oh, and it’s cruelty-free and kind to sensitive skin. 


  • Anti-aging treatment, moisturizer, foundation, and SPF in one 
  • Minimizes redness 
  • Gentle enough for sensitive skin – a hypoallergenic formula 
  • Cruelty-free 
  • Affordable 


  • Not great for those with very fair skin 
Physicians Formula Super CC Color-Correction + Care CC Cream, Light, 1.2 Ounces, SPF 30
Physicians Formula Super CC Color-Correction + Care CC Cream, Light, 1.2 Ounces, SPF 30
  • MULTI-TASKING MAKEUP: With micro color-correcting pigments & high-tech anti-aging ingredients, this CC Cream has the benefits of...
  • HYDRATE & CORRECT: Our gentle formula helps minimize redness & other imperfections while providing SPF protection & hydration....
  • BEST FACE FORWARD: With primers, highlighters, bronzers, & mineral powders, we have a full line of makeup to help you build a...
  • SENSITIVE SKIN CARE: Physician's Formula offers a full line of skin care & makeup for sensitive skin, including mascaras,...
  • HEALTHY BEAUTY: All of our makeup & skincare products are hypoallergenic, safe for sensitive skin & eyes, & made without any of...

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4. Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses CC Color + Correct SPF 30

This CC cream from Andalou is packed full of natural ingredients such as alpine rose stem cells for ultimate hydration which is delicate even on dry and sensitive skin. This formula provides a sheer, mineral coverage, and broad-spectrum SPF 30 for a radiant and flawless complexion. 

The great thing about Andalou is that they only use ingredients that are organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, sustainably sourced, and cruelty-free, meaning you can rest assured that you’re using a product with good quality ingredients which have been responsibly, and ethically, sourced. 


  • Sheer, mineral coverage 
  • Great for dry, sensitive skin 
  • Broad-spectrum SPF 30 
  • Ultimate hydration 
  • Sustainably-sourced, natural ingredients
  • Cruelty-free 


  • Andalou have recently changed their shades 
Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses CC Color + Correct SPF 30 Ounces, Sheer Tan, rose, 2 Fl Oz
Andalou Naturals 1000 Roses CC Color + Correct SPF 30 Ounces, Sheer Tan, rose, 2 Fl Oz
  • CC CREAM WITH SPF: This tinted moisturizer with alpine rose stem cells provide sheer mineral coverage with essential hydration &...
  • POWERFUL NATURE, POWERFUL YOU: Made with rose stem cells, our 1000 Roses skincare line is formulated for delicate, dry, &...
  • INGREDIENTS FROM NATURE: We support Superior Source Ingredient Standards & only use ingredients that are organic, non-GMO, gluten...
  • FRUIT STEM CELL SCIENCE: Every Andalou Natural's product—including masks, creams, serums, moisturizers, cleansers, &...
  • Andalou Naturals: Non-GMO remains a core brand value of Andalou Naturals and we continue to source superior non-GMO ingredients...

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5. Pacifica Beauty Ultra CC Cream Radiant Foundation Natural/Medium

This award-winning CC cream from Pacifica combines a creamy foundation with SPF 17 moisturizer for light coverage and a radiant complexion. With natural ingredients such as coconut, kelp, and ginseng, this formula hydrates skin, corrects color, and gives you a visible, youthful glow. 

It illuminates and perfects skin with specially adapted color-correcting reflective minerals that adjust to your skin’s unique shade, so you needn’t worry about the stress that comes with selecting a foundation tone for you.

It’s also formulated without nasty parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, and petroleum, and it’s 100% vegan and cruelty-free. 


  • Hydrates skin and corrects color 
  • Provides you with a radiant, youthful glow 
  • adjusts to your skin tone 
  • 100% vegan and cruelty-free 
  • Natural ingredients such as coconut and ginseng
  • 100% physical broad spectrum SPF17


  • Some people had issues with the separation of the cream 
Pacifica Beauty Ultra CC Cream Radiant Foundation with Broad Spectrum SPF 17, Natural/Medium, 1 Fl Oz
Pacifica Beauty Ultra CC Cream Radiant Foundation with Broad Spectrum SPF 17, Natural/Medium, 1 Fl Oz
  • TINTED FOUNDATION WITH SPF protection and moisturizing skincare benefits provides natural, luminous coverage
  • ILLUMINATES AND PERFECTS COMPLEXION with specially formulated color-correcting minerals that adapt to your own skin tone
  • LIGHTWEIGHT FORMULA WITH MEDIUM COVERAGE perfect for daily use when you're looking to smooth out imperfections and achieve a...
  • MADE WITH INGREDIENTS WE LOVE including coconut water, kelp and ginseng
  • FREE OF HARSH CHEMICALS including parabens, phthalates and other ingredients you don't want on your skin, as well as cruelty free...

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6. Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream

Nordic Chic CC cream from Lumene creates a creamy, buildable coverage that instantly corrects discolorations and redness while rebalancing and illuminating the skin tone. It features SPF 20 to protect against UVA and UVB rays and offers long-wear coverage that will last all day. 

It also includes a range of natural ingredients, such as Pure Arctic Spring Water to hydrate and Wild Cloudberry Seed Extract to brighten the complexion. This formula feels air-light but gives a matte finish to eliminate oiliness. 


  • Creamy buildable coverage 
  • Targets redness and rebalances skin tone 
  • Long-wear coverage with a matte finish 
  • SPF 20 
  • Natural extracts 


  • Not good for dry skin 
Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream Medium infused with Pure Arctic Spring Water - 6 in 1 Medium Coverage for all Skin Types SPF 20-30 ml / 1.0 Fl.Oz.
Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream Medium infused with Pure Arctic Spring Water - 6 in 1 Medium Coverage for all Skin Types SPF 20-30 ml / 1.0 Fl.Oz.
  • Lumene CC Color Correcting Cream Medium infused with Pure Arctic Spring Water - 6 in 1 Medium Coverage for all Skin Types SPF 20 -...
  • Representing the latest technology, this unique 6-in-1 foundation is light and yet it provides good coverage. It spreads evenly,...
  • One product has several features, a handy solution for those who like a product that is easy, quick and comfortable to use. The...
  • CC Cream's 6-in-1 properties: Foundation – a fine but well covering formula. The shades are designed to neutralize the color of...
  • Apply foundation over day cream either with your fingers or with a makeup sponge.

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7. GPGP GreenPeople CC Cream Foundation Concealer

Developed with plastic surgeons, this CC cream from GreenPeople is great for problematic skin, and will help conceal facial blemishes, even and brighten skin tone and protect the skin with SPF 40+.

This formula is free of nasties such as parabens, phthalates, fragrance, chemical sunscreens, and animal-derived ingredients

This oil-free formula with a matte finish will last you throughout the day, concealing spots without cracking or creasing whilst also reducing shine and controlling oil for up to 12 hours. 

It’s also infused with charcoal to detoxify, colloidal clay to absorb oil, and tea tree extract to combat blemishes, plus it contains an advanced anti-aging serum made of hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, niacin, hyaluronic acid, vitamins, and antioxidants. 


  •  Full-coverage matte foundation
  • SPF 40 UVA/UVB broad-spectrum physical sunscreen
  • Brightening color corrector
  • Hydrating anti-aging serum
  • Minimizes pores and conceals dark spots 
  • foundation, anti-aging treatment, and SPF in one 
  • Targets oily skin 


  • A narrow range of colors 
GPGP GreenPeople CC Cream Foundation Concealer with Sunscreen SPF 40+, Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream - 1.21 Ounce (Natural)
GPGP GreenPeople CC Cream Foundation Concealer with Sunscreen SPF 40+, Complexion Rescue Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream - 1.21 Ounce (Natural)
  • GPGP GreenPeople Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 40+ Light - Full Size 1.21 oz/ 36 mL
  • The full name of CC cream is Color Control Cream, which is mainly used to repair and adjust skin color. Compared with BB cream, it...
  • CC cream is developed for the problematic skin. The essence with skin care ingredients is added to the CC cream to help repair...
  • Skin is looking smooth and sexy
  • Free of: Parabens, Phthalates, Fragrance, Chemical sunscreens, Sodium lauryl sulfate, Mineral oil, Triclosan, Formaldehyde, Talc,...

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Best Drugstore CC Cream Buying Guide

We’ve shown you some of the best CC creams on the market, but you may still be struggling to pick out the best one for you.

To make things easier, we’ve put together a buyer’s guide complete with all the factors you need to consider before you click “buy.” 


CC cream isn’t meant to provide as much coverage as a foundation, so bear this in mind before you buy. If you are after a thicker coverage, it may not be for you. 

On the other hand, CC cream is still designed to give more coverage than BB cream, as it’s focused on concealing imperfections and correcting redness, sallowness, and dark spots.

 You can also get CC creams that focus more on heavy coverage, as well as creams that are sheerer and more mineral-based.

Color correction 

This was of course the main reason why CC cream was invented – to correct redness caused by rosacea, dark spots and undereye circles, and sallowness that can make us look washed-out and tired.

CC cream utilizes opposing colors on the color wheel to cancel-out unwanted tones.

For example, to target dark, under-eye circles and veins, you’d go for peach or orange CC cream; and redness, sunburn, or acne can be neutralized by a green CC cream. Purple or lilac CC creams are great for dull, sallow skin as they brighten the complexion. 

Don’t be put off by the appearance of these colored creams – they will adapt to your skin tone once blended. 


SPF – or sun protection factor – is key to CC cream. It saves you applying a separate sunscreen and rolls the benefits of a moisturizer, foundation, and SPF into one product.

Dermatologists recommend using a sunscreen with an SPF of at least 30, which blocks 97 percent of the sun’s UVB rays.


Most CC creams are targeted towards mature skin, as many incorporate anti-aging treatments as well as a dash of foundation for coverage. 

If you’re looking for a CC cream that targets wrinkles, look out for vitamins B and E to boost your skin’s natural glow and strengthen the skin’s defense against moisture loss, as well as Niacinamide to reduce the look of wrinkles. 

As we get older our skin loses moisture, so looking for a moisture-rich CC cream is important for mature skin, as opposed to prioritizing color-correction and coverage. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is best: CC cream or BB cream? 

The answer to this question largely depends on what kind of coverage you’re looking for. CC stands for “color correcting” or “complexion correcting” whereas BB stands for “beauty balm” or “blemish balm.” 

They’re both focused on different things. CC creams are designed to conceal blemishes and dark spots by correcting color and tone, whereas BB cream is more for everyday maintenance of the skin and aims to prevent breakouts and blemishes. 

If you have clear skin with few “imperfections”, BB cream might be enough for you, as it’ll give you a very sheer coverage while illuminating your skin.

On the other hand, if you have dark spots or acne, or red or sallow skin, CC cream will target these issues better, while adding more moisture and SPF than foundation – they’ll also look more natural. 

Can CC cream be worn daily? 

CC cream can replace the foundation in your beauty regime. It’s great when you’re in a rush as it rolls the benefits of multiple products into one cream, speeding up your morning routine. 

However, you can also wear it on days when you want a little less coverage than foundation, and switch to foundation when you want a more polished look. Allowing your skin to breathe a little more will really start to show in its condition and appearance. 

How do I apply CC cream? 

After washing and toning your face, apply a moisturizer as CC cream is designed to substitute foundation, not moisturizer. When the moisturizer is absorbed, you can then apply your CC cream.

 You can apply it with your fingertips for a natural look, putting a dot of CC cream on your forehead, nose, chin, and one on each cheek. 

For lighter coverage, just put it in the areas you want to target, like the sides of your nose.  

You can then blend the cream with clean fingers, a makeup brush, or a beauty blender.