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I'm a huge fan of the original DEATH AT A FUNERAL - so here are a few other Another Irish film that is a fantastic watch is The Commitments with great. Explains funeral fees, how to calculate the cost of a funeral, includes a funeral funeral planning, securing the necessary permits and copies of death. Soon, every complication imaginable befall the grief-stricken mourners. To watch Death at a Funeral (2007) online free on Look-Movie: just click the big Play. death at a funeral watch for free

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Death at a funeral watch for free -

Death at a Funeral (2010)

Tutorial: How to arrange and video stream a funeral on Facebook during the COVID-19 pandemic

funeral streaming dataWhen someone dies from the Coronavirus (or anything else) funerals in the traditional sense cannot currently take place. Social distancing guidelines only allow for a small number of immediate friends and family to attend the ceremony. For many people watching and participating in a funeral online will not be as powerful, moving and meaningful as if it were to take place in a place of worship, crematorium, burial ground or other such space. Watching a funeral online may however help the bereaved feel like they have marked the person’s death with an event and help with the grieving process.

Our photos, videos and and interactions have increasingly moved into the digital space over the last 10 years. For many people social media sites like Facebook and Instagram are their main (and in some cases only) photo album. Until now however most people have not watched a funeral or memorial service online. Despite most people not having watched a funeral online many are able to envisage the benefits and would want to watch a funeral stream someone who they deem a significant person in their life.

Funerals might be banned altogether if social distancing measures are increased. If this occurs many aspects of the tutorial outlined below can be adopted and altered to fit the new guidelines. If video streaming is not possible due to logistical or technical reasons a virtual funeral, memorial or wake can still be held without a live stream.



We recommend that when possible, the person who live streams a funeral is not a close friend or family of the deceased. This is due to the added stress video streaming can cause. In these difficult times and and when adhering to the current social distancing measures this might not however be possible.

  1. Create or login to your Facebook account
  2. Create an event, state when the funeral is due to take place and invite people to attendArrange a funeral using Facebook
  3. Decide whether or not you would like the funeral to be private or public. Generally funerals in the UK are pubic occasions open to all. Unless there are any special circumstances we would recommend making the funeral / wake public on Facebook to all to help reduce potential accessibility issues.
  4. Insert all of the details onto the event page (full description, date, time, photos etc) before inviting people to attend. You might want to ask someone else to review the content with you.
  5. Once you are happy with the design invite friends and family members to attend.
  6. Those attending will be able to comment using text, adding photos or by leaving a video message.
  7. Do not use the ‘schedule’ feature. This schedules when the event is made public. Ideally the Facebook Funeral event will be made public immediately after the content is added.
  8. You should state exactly what time and date the funeral is due to take place. Once again we do not recommend making a funeral event public until you have all of the details including the date, time and location of the funeral.

Many crematoriums now have video streaming facilities. If the ceremony is streamed by the crematorium you may want to post the video link provided by them in the event description and as a comment on the wall when the video stream starts. If the crematorium, place of worship or funeral director provides a video stream they should work with you to ensure that it is either streamed directly to the Facebook event you have setup.

If video streaming services are not provided you might want to employ a freelance videographer or local camera person to film the funeral. Their expertise, superior equipment etc might provide a better video stream and reduce the stress and anxiety experienced on the day of the funeral. If an external videographer or camera person is used you might want also to share this tutorial with them and provide any necessary access information (the reasons for this are highlighted below).



The main problem when live streaming a funeral is the internet connection and the quality of the stream. Streaming can occur via a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. When possible we would recommend using a modern laptop (with a good camera or connected to a external camera / webcam).

Positioning the camera

The camera (external camera, webcam, phone or the laptop’s inbuilt camera) should be placed and fixed in a central point close to where the ceremony takes place. The diagram below highlights a suitable location where a camera could be located for a church funeral. If a tripod is not available a small table can be used to mount the laptop, camera or webcam.

*If the funeral is taking place outside the camera might need to be placed very close to the those conducting the ceremony. Outside conditions such as wind, rain and background noise can make it hard for devices to pick up the desired audio when an external microphone or amplification is not used.

Going live

The person who makes the video stream live should be the host or co-host of the Facebook event. This will give them administrative access to the funeral facebook event page. Without being a host or co-host they will not be able to publish the video stream automatically and directly onto the event page. To add a co-host simply add them when setting up the event or ‘Edit’ the event and add them. The host and any co-hosts will need to be ‘facebook friends’ with one another in order for this to happen.

Co-host funeral facebook

When the live stream is published onto the event page (by a host or co-host) those who have confirmed that they will ‘attend’ on Facebook are notified that the live stream has started. They will only be notified if they are online and logged into their Facebook account. People who are offline or unable to watch the stream in real time will be able to watch the video after the funeral has taken place if it is published afterwards (recommended).

Video streaming funerals

Viewing the service through Facebook’s viewfinder. 

The person who is streaming the funeral will be able to view what the camera sees on the laptop or mobile used before the stream is made live. An example of how this might look can be viewed below (image taken from a Macbook).

Inserting the funeral stream into the Facebook event

Before starting the stream (and clicking on the ‘Go Live’ button) click on the button labelled ‘Share in an event’. Using this dropdown find and select the previously created funeral event and select.

When the event stream is published the stream will now automatically be shared within the Facebook Funeral page.

Using third party cameras and microphones

If the device used is connected to third party equipment (like a external camera or sound card) a drop down option next to the camera and microphone icons will populate. These can be seen on the righthand side in the image below.

Go Live

Click on the ‘Go Live’ button when ready. To stop the stream end the stream within the Facebook viewfinder do not simply switch off the device. We recommend that someone reviews the stream (watches the video through the device capturing the video) on a regular basis during the ceremony.

Facebook users will be able to comment on the video stream and the event. Those who are not Facebook users will still be able to watch the video stream if they are provided with the video link (URL). or event link when containing the video stream. For this to occur the event and video stream should both be set to ‘public’. Non-Facebook users  will not however be able to comment on the stream or within the event.

The tutorials above highlight how to create a funeral event and how to live stream a funeral on Facebook. They also explain how these two features can be used in conjunction with one another to provide a virtual funeral.

Facebook do not have a feature that enables realtime video conversations to take place between many people at once one another. This type of interaction often happens in virtual meetings however it can also be used for a virtual wake.

online wake

If you do decide to use Zoom for the wake afterwards you will be able to host a room. If you decide to create a wake on Zoom you might want to schedule it for an hour or so after the funeral ceremony has finished. To do this someone (the host) would need to create a Zoom account, generate and share the link and access code. A good place to share the zoom link and access code would be on the Facebook Funeral Event page days or weeks before the funeral. After the funeral has taken place those wanting to speak with one another could do so by clicking on the Zoom link and share condolences and stories.

  • Try this tutorial at home days before the funeral. Do not wait until the day of the funeral to test live streaming.
  • Ask the venue (church, crematorium etc) if they already have video streaming facilities and experience?
  • Ask if the venue has WIFI (if not, you will need to tether from your phone to your laptop or use a mobile device)
  • You are able to create a Zoom link for a meeting in advance. This can be shared via email and in the description of your Funeral Event Page in Facebook
  • After inviting attendees to the funeral on Facebook you might also want to send a link to the event in WhatsApp, Facebook messenger etc. This will help reduce the risk of people not seeing the event until after it has taken place.
  • Make sure that the device you are using is pugged in (when possible).
  • If a laptop is used do not shut the laptop when the streaming starts
  • You may want to disable screensavers or automatic power saving modes. These might cause disable the stream or be distracting for those attending the funeral in person.
  • If streaming cannot take place you might want to take photos of the ceremony and add it to the Facebook Funeral event page afterwards.

Facebook is a used by most people in the UK and the USA (around 75% and 69% respectively in March 2020). Facebook ‘events’ including funerals are fairly easy to create and Live Streams on Facebook can be made public and accessible without needing to login. Streaming via Youtube could be used as an alternative however it might be more challenging when inviting friends and family members to attend and watch the stream (especially when in realtime).

Zoom is free to use (up to 75 people) and enables real time video discussions. This video conferencing service is used widely for business purposes and since the COVID-19 pandemic began used by the UK government, corporate and not for profit organisations across the globe.

MyWishes suite of tools are free to use. Our funeral planning software has a number of features to support society when documenting what they would like to happen at their funeral.

funeral planning software

Our users can document, download and share their funeral wishes, write or upload their own video message (obituary) and publish their funeral playlist (songs that they would like to have played at their funeral). We have made a number of changes to the funeral planning software in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic. This includes adding the question ‘would you like your funeral to be live streamed if people are unable to attend?’.


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We guarantee...that you will have 24-hour access, 7 days a week. As we all know, funeral planning is not easy, especially if you have never had to plan one before. The process can be overwhelming. But no matter what your circumstances, you can rely on us to guide you and provide every bit of support you need.

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Directly order flowers, view and sign the condolences book, share memories and more to celebrate lives of those dearly missed.



Helpful resources to guide you through the loss of a loved one.



Take a few moments to express your wishes now and help to ease the burden on your loved ones.



A collection of answers to questions that people often have when arranging for a funeral.


Watch Death at a Funeral 2010 Dubbed In Hindi Full Movie Free Online

Director: Neil LaBute

Starring: Keith David, Loretta Devine, Peter Dinklage, Ron Glass

Genre: Comedy

Released on: 16 Apr 2010

Writer: Dean Craig

IMDB Rating: 5.7/10 (41,028 Votes)

Duration: 92 min

Synopsis: Aaron’s father’s funeral is today at the family home, and everything goes wrong: the funeral home delivers the wrong body; a cousin gives her fiancé a Valium from her brother’s apartment, not knowing her brother is dealing drugs – it’s LSD and the fiancé arrives at the funeral wildly stoned; Aaron’s younger brother, Ryan, a successful writer, flies in from New York broke but arrogant; one uncle is angry over his daughter’s choice of boyfriends, and the other is cranky and coarse. Add an ovulating wife, a jealous ex-boyfriend, and a short stranger who wants a word with Aaron – what could he want? Would another death solve Aaron’s problems? And what about the eulogy?


Movies Anywhere

Rotten Tomatoes® Score

Critics Consensus: It's amusing and it assembles a talented cast, but Neil LaBute's surprisingly faithful remake of the 2007 Frank Oz dramedy ultimately falls short of the original.

Common Sense Media

Common Sense Media Iconage 17+
Common Sense Says
Over-the-top funeral comedy digs into sex and potty humor.

What Parents Need to Know

Parents need to know that this remake of a 2007 British comedy leaves no subject untouched in its quest to make its audiences laugh, including death, deception, and drugs. The humor's pretty adult, including a secret about a relative's sexuality, although the film has a fair helping of potty humor (thanks to Tracy Morgan) as well. There's plenty of swearing (including "s--t," "f--k" and "asshole"), and some of the movie's most pointed humor comes from the consequences of popping hallucinogenic pills. Though all played for laughs, the sibling rivalry, blackmail, and insults don't make for the best humor for impressionable kids.

A Lot or A Little?

The parents’ guide to what’s in this movie.
Positive Role Models
Drinking, Drugs & Smoking
More on Common Sense Media

Additional Info

  • Genre:Comedy
  • Release Date:April 14, 2010
  • Languages:English, Spanish
  • Captions:English, Spanish
  • Audio Format:
  • Screen Pass Eligible:No
Resolution, color and audio quality may vary based on your device, browser and internet connection.Learn More
Full Movie

Watch Death at a Funeral Full Movie Online

Death at a Funeral 123Movies : Aarons fathers funeral is today at the death at a funeral watch for free home, and everything goes wrong: the funeral home delivers the wrong body; a cousin gives her fiancé a Valium from her brothers apartment, not knowing her brother is dealing drugs - its LSD and the fiancé arrives at the funeral wildly stoned; Aarons younger brother, Ryan, a successful writer, flies in from New York broke but arrogant; one uncle is angry over his daughters choice of boyfriends, and the other is cranky and coarse. Add an ovulating wife, a jealous ex-boyfriend, and a short stranger who wants a word with Aaron - what could he want? Would another death solve Aarons problems? And what about the eulogy?
  • Genre: Comedy
  • Actor: Keith David, Loretta Devine, Peter Dinklage, Ron Glass, Danny Glover, Regina Hall, Kevin Hart, Martin Lawrence, James Marsden, Tracy Morgan
  • Director: Neil LaBute
  • Country: Death at a funeral watch for free
Death at a Funeral 123movies
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Death at a Funeral (2007)

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    Where to Stream A Madea Family Funeral?

    Comedy can come in different forms; it can make you think, or it can have you on the floor laughing. ‘A Madea Family Funeral’ is strictly the second kind, one which does not shy away from slapstick humor to prove the point with this comical family, who find themselves in one hilarious but awkward situation after another.

    Tyler Perry death at a funeral watch for free had a long time to whet his sense of humor, as ‘A Madea Family Funeral’ is the eleventh and final installment in the Madea family series. There have been films regarding this family’s Christmas and Halloween celebrations, and one time, about a witness protection program as well. Thus, this new movie about the funeral maintains the tone of awkward social situations that crop up and how the family deals with it.

    Though critics have said that the conclusion has been lackluster, I think we can safely keep criticisms aside if we are true fans of the franchise, in order to see how the series ends. If you have not seen ‘A Madea Family Funeral’, you might want to watch it or re-watch it. Either way, we’ll tell you where to watch it, but before that, let us walk you through the story.

    What is A Madea Family Funeral About?

    ‘A Madea Family Funeral’ is directed by Tyler Perry and he himself stars death at a funeral watch for free several roles. It begins with Anthony and Vianne planning their surprise 40th wedding anniversary. Madea (Tyler Perry), Joe, Brian, Aunt Bam (Cassi Davis), and Hattie (Patrice Lovely) travel to the backwoods in Georgia, where the wedding anniversary is being planned. As is the case with this family, no journey is without its fair share of exciting events, and they have to deal with a manic police officer, who is rather rude. Finally, they manage to get to their hotel only to catch Anthony having sex with Renee, Vianne’s best friend. Needless to say, this dampens the mood of the anniversary. To further complicate matters, Anthony’s son, A.J. is in the next room with Gia, his brother Jesse’s fiancee.

    If you thought this was awkward, wait till you find out what happens next. Anthony suffers a heart attack, while in the process of having sex, and he is rushed to the hospital, where he is pronounced dead. It is upon A.J. and Madea’s group to keep the exact cause of Anthony’s death a secret from the rest of the family. As if all this was not enough, A.J. and Renee keep blackmailing each other to keep their sex lives a secret, and A.J. even ends up blaming Renee for his father’s affair and death. But all this has to be put behind as a funeral has to be arranged for Anthony. Vianne wants this in two days and asks Madea to organize it, thus making everyone suspicious of her.

    As I said, the family has the worst luck when it comes to awkward social situations and the undertaker happens to give off a creepy vibe to some of the death at a funeral watch for free members. Making matters worse is the information that Anthony died smiling and death at a funeral watch for free casket cannot be closed because of his erection. When the funeral starts, the situation only worsens, as many of Anthony’s mistresses begin to show up, which upsets Vianne quite a lot. The service, which runs for a few hours, is rudely interrupted when the casket springs open due to Anthony’s erection!

    Later on, things get worse instead of better. A.J. gets drunk and in a state of inebriation, he reveals that Anthony and Renee were having tiny home sheds for sale affair. Renee uses this opportunity to expose A.J. and Gia’s affair. As a result, A.J.’s wife, Carol, who felt disrespected by her death at a funeral watch for free all weekend, decides to walk out of the marriage. Jesse and A.J. also have a fight. Things come to a head when Vianne tearfully reveals that Anthony had been cheating on her for years, and she only stayed with him to protect the family. However, his death lets her go out and live for herself, and she decides to do this with Roy (Mike Tyson). She departs, wishing the family well, and leaves for Las Vegas.

    It is indeed a touching film, which manages to be equally hilarious, and now, let us tell you where to watch ‘A Madea Family Funeral’.

    Is A Madea Family Funeral On Netflix?

    Netflix has a wonderful collection of movies, and family movies are no exception. Though ‘A Madea Family Funeral’ is not on the platform, you can check out another adventurous and wholesome family film, ‘Benji‘.

    Is A Madea Family Funeral On Hulu?

    Hulu has a smart collection of films and television shows that ensures everyone is satisfied. Though ‘A Madea Family Funeral’ is not on the platform, you can enjoy another film from the franchise, that is, ‘Boo 2! A Madea Halloween‘.

    Is A Madea Family Funeral On Amazon Prime?

    Amazon Prime has a library that cannot be easily bested and is comparable to Netflix. Though Prime subscribers cannot death at a funeral watch for free ‘A Madea Family Funeral’ on the platform as is, they can rent or buy the movie. It costs $5.99 to rent and $14.99 to buy it. We recommend that you save some money and rent it unless you want to add it to your permanent collection of movies. Check it out here.

    Where Can I Stream A Madea Family Funeral Online?

    If you want to watch ‘A Madea Family Funeral’ elsewhere, don’t let anybody stop you from doing so. Head over to YouTube, Vudu or FandangoNow, and rent or buy the movie. All the sites will let you rent it for $5.99 and buy it for $14.99, so choose accordingly.

    Is A Madea Family Funeral Out on DVD and BluRay?

    Yes, ‘A Madea Family Funeral’ is out on DVD and BluRay and has been available since June 4, 2019. Check it out here.

    Where Can I Watch A Madea Family Funeral Online For Free?

    Sorry freeloaders, but I have some bad death at a funeral watch for free for you. Unless ‘A Madea Family Funeral’ comes to one of the platforms with a free trial period, you cannot watch the movie for free using any legal means.

    And besides, it is our recommendation that the readers pay for all the art that they consume.

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    Daniel is a decent young man, married to Jane, still living at his father’s home. When his father dies, it is up to him to organize his funeral. On this painful morning, the suitable grave expression on his face, Daniel is ready to welcome his father’s friends and relatives. But preserving the dignity inherent in such circumstances will be a hard task. Particularly with an undertaker who botches his work, the return from the USA of his famous but selfish brother, his cousin’s fiancé who has accidentally ingested drugs, the presence a moron who takes advantage of the sad event to win back the heart (or rather the body) of a woman who is about to marry another, of a handicapped old uncle who is also the most unbearable pain in the neck. To cap it all, Daniel notices the presence among the mourners of a mysterious dwarf nobody else seems to know…Death at a Funeral full movie online free

    Genre: Comedy, Drama

    Director: Frank Oz

    Actors: Alan Tudyk, Andy Nyman, Daisy Donovan, Ewen Bremner, Jane Asher, Keeley Hawes, Matthew Macfadyen

    Country: Germany, Netherlands, UK, USA

    Duration:90 min

    Release: 2007



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