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Aug 26, 2010 · ABA (Ordering Checks): 052001633 ACH (Direct Deposit/Automatic Payment): 052001633 Wire Transfer: 026009593 What is the routing number for Bank. 026009593 is the current routing transit number of Bank Of America N.a. situated in city Richmond, state Virginia (VA). Las Vegas, NV 89146 ABA Routing 026009593 Name of Account Par Three Financial, Inc. Account Number 004961842578 Par Three Financial, Inc. • 101.

026009593 aba -

Banks Canada.

What is CC code?

CC Code. Canadian Clearing Code (CC) is a 9-digit code made up of the 4-digit financial institution number followed by the 5-digit transit number where the account is held. CHIPS Code. The 6-digit routing number used by participants of the Clearing House Interbank Payments System (CHIPS). U.S. and Canada only.

What is a clearing code?

Clearing Code. The two-character identification code of the national clearing institution which, in each case, is the Intermediary, the account with institution and the beneficiary institution for the transaction.

What is the national clearing code for Canada?

Canada: SWIFT MT101 – 57C://CC followed by 9 digit bank code, no spaces. ISO20022 PAIN. 001 – CACPA (Canadian Payments Association Payment Routing Number) followed by the 9 digit bank code, no spaces.

Is clearing code same as ABA number?

What is a National Clearing Code (NCC) / American Bankers Association Code (ABA)? When making payments to countries where the National Clearing Code (NCC) (also known as a Routing Code) is the preferred method of routing payments, the NCC and the bank name and address should be provided.

Is Swift code the same as clearing?

A National Clearing Code (NCC) is needed for making a payment to an account that doesn’t have an IBAN. They are also known as Routing Codes. If you have a SWIFT/BIC or IBAN code then you don’t need an NCC. These days they are mostly used for payments outside the EU.

Do Canadian banks use IBAN?

Canadian banks do not have IBAN (International Bank Account Number) numbers. If asked for the RBC IBAN number it is simply our Bank Number (003) followed by your account number and your branch’s transit number.

Can I use swift code instead of IBAN?

No. Banks in the United States don’t use IBAN codes to identify specific banks or account numbers. We instead use SWIFT codes and routing numbers.

What does Canada use instead of IBAN?

Canada only uses SWIFT codes instead of IBANs.

Is it safe to give IBAN number?

IBAN checker is a software designed to validate an International Bank Account Number and identify the bank owning this account, BIC code and address. BIC is just public information for each bank. Giving out IBAN (and BIC) is completely safe but you can also check out geldwealthrecovery dot com in case you were scammed.

How do I know if my IBAN is correct?

To validate, type the IBAN number in the specified field above either in electronic or paper format. Make sure that the IBAN follows the proper IBAN format. The first 2 characters must be letter & the next 2 characters must be numbers. You may see more examples in the IBAN Examples page.

How do I find my IBAN and Swift code?

You can find your IBAN on your statement or you can use the tool on our international payments page to generate your IBAN for any of your Barclays accounts. A SWIFT code (or SWIFTBIC, as it’s sometimes known) is a code that helps overseas banks identify which bank to send money to.

What is the difference between IBAN and Swift code?

The primary difference between the two methods lies in what information the codes convey. A SWIFT code is used to identify a specific bank during an international transaction, whereas an IBAN is used to identify an individual account involved in the international transaction.

How do I find my bank’s swift code?

The SWIFT code can be found on a bank’s website, on your bank statement, or through an online search. Make sure you copy down the correct characters when recording a SWIFT code, and check that it has 8 or 11 characters. The first 4 characters stand for the bank to which money is being transferred.

What happens if swift code is wrong?

When you enter a wrong SWIFT, then this is what will happen: Your bank will subtract the money from your account balance. Your bank tries to send it to the bank with that SWIFT code. When the SWIFT code does not exist at all, your bank will reverse the payment and put the money back into your account.

What if my branch does not have swift code?

If your branch doesn’t have the SWIFT feature, no need to worry. Still, you can receive the payment in your local bank. In that case, find the nearest branch in your area which have the SWIFT feature and find the code of that bank (branch). In your Google Adsense, provide that SWIFT Code.

Is it safe to give swift code?

Nope, swift codes and Ibans are only used for paying in. Be very concerned and block you accounts immediately by telephoning your bank to suspend the account, so nothing can be debited or credit to the account automatically and without referral to you.

Is giving bank transfer details safe?

Despite your account number being generally considered as safe to give out, you shouldn’t give out any digits without feeling 100 percent safe. After all, if hackers are trying to get into your account, that would be one extra code for them to figure out, making their job a lot harder.

How can I get swift code?

What is SWIFT Code?

  1. – The first four characters are used as the bank codes.
  2. – The next two characters, only letters, are to describe or give the country code.
  3. – The next two characters can be a mix of both numbers and letters.
  4. – The last three characters of the code can be digits and letters, and are optional.

How many Swift codes does a bank have?

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) recognizes and approves SWIFT codes for financial and non-financial institutions. Right now, there are over 40,000 live SWIFT codes in the world.

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Bank of America Routing Number

Bank of America routing number in states

RegionBank of America routing number
Bank of America Alabama 051000017
Bank of America Alaska 051000018
Bank of America Arizona 122101706
Bank of America Arkansas 082000073
Bank of America California 121000358
Bank of America Colorado 123103716
Bank of America Connecticut 011900254
Bank of America Delaware 031202084
Bank of America District of Columbia 054001204
Bank of America Florida 063100277
Bank of America Georgia 061000052
Bank of America Hawaii 051000017
Bank of America Idaho 123103716
Bank of America Illinois 081904808
Bank of America Illinois - North 071000505
Bank of America Illinois - Chicago Metro 081904808
Bank of America Indiana 071214579
Bank of America Iowa 073000176
Bank of America Kansas 101100045
Bank of America Kentucky 051000017
Bank of America Louisiana 051000017
Bank of America Maine 011200365
Bank of America Maryland 052001633
Bank of America Massachusetts 011000138
Bank of America Michigan 072000805
Bank of America Minnesota 071214579
Bank of America Mississippi 051000017
Bank of America Missouri - East 081000032
Bank of America Missouri - West 081000033
Bank of America Montana 051000017
Bank of America Nebraska 051000017
Bank of America Nevada 122400724
Bank of America New Hampshire 011400495
Bank of America New Jersey 021200339
Bank of America New Mexico 107000327
Bank of America New York 021000322
Bank of America North Carolina 053000196
Bank of America North Dakota 051000017
Bank of America Ohio 051000017
Bank of America Oklahoma 103000017
Bank of America Oregon 323070380
Bank of America Pennsylvania 031202084
Bank of America Rhode Island 011500010
Bank of America South Carolina 053904483
Bank of America South Dakota 051000017
Bank of America Tennessee 064000020
Bank of America Texas 111000025
Bank of America Texas - North 111000025
Bank of America Utah 051000017
Bank of America Vermont 051000017
Bank of America Virginia 051000017
Bank of America Washington 125000024
Bank of America West Virginia 051000017
Bank of America Wisconsin 051000017
Bank of America Wyoming 051000017

What is a routing number?

A routing transit number is a nine-digit number that identifies a bank or financial institution when clearing money for electronic transfers or processing checks in the US. The American Bankers Association (ABA) established these numbers. The terms «routing,» «transit» and «ABA» number are all used today and have the same meaning.

Bank of America routing number

Where is a routing number used?

A routing number is used when processing check and electronic transactions, like fund transfers, direct deposits, bill payments, and digital checks.

Fedwire money transactions are processed by the Federal Reserve Banks using routing transit numbers. They are required by the Automated Clearing House (ACH) network to permit electronic transactions, such as wage and pension payments.

How to find a routing number?

There are many ways to find your bank’s routing number.

You can usually find it on your check or bank statement. As shown in the picture, the routing number is at the bottom left corner of a check.

SWIFT code VS routing number VS IBAN

It’s normal to get confused by all the acronyms and codes involved in (international) wire transfers. These three, SWIFT code, routing number, and IBAN are the most common ones, and it's important to know what each one means.

We’ve already explained what’s a bank routing number and it’s also worth mentioning that they’re only used in the US. So, if you have a US bank account and want to make a domestic wire transfer, you'll need the routing number of the recipient’s bank.

A SWIFT code (also called BIC) is used for the identification of banks and financial institutions globally when making international money transfers. This code will identify the country, bank, and branch of the recipient's account. If you’re the one making an international transfer to a beneficiary outside the US, you’ll need to enter the SWIFT code of the beneficiary’s bank. If you’re the one receiving an international transfer, you’ll have to provide your bank’s routing number, as well as its SWIFT code.

While a routing number and a SWIFT code are both numbers used to identify a specific financial institution, an IBAN is a personal bank account number. It is generally used for international transfers in Europe and several other territories. It is not used in the US (as well as in Canada, Australia, and New Zealand). So, if you’re sending or receiving an international transfer from Europe (and several other territories), you will need an IBAN.

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What bank is ABA 026009593?

What bank is ABA 026009593?

Bank of America

How do I find the ABA number of my bank?

Your bank routing number is a nine-digit code that’s based on the U.S. Bank location where your account was opened. It’s the first set of numbers printed on the bottom of your checks, on the left side. You can also find it in the U.S. Bank routing number chart below.

What is a 9 digit ABA number?

An ABA number, also known as a bank routing number, is a nine-digit code that identifies banks in the U.S. That number makes it possible for banks to transfer money to and from your accounts for transactions like wire transfers, direct deposit, and automatic bill payments.

Do Canadian banks have ABA numbers?

Canadian banks use an 8-digit Routing number made up of the 3-digit Institution ID and 5-digit Transit ID. These appear on the bottom of the check but in the order of TransID followed by the Institution ID.

What is Bank Swift Code in Canada?

If you need to send or receive money in Canada you will need to know the Canadian SWIFT codes (also known as the BIC code) of the bank and specific branch. The SWIFT code consists of 8 or 11 characters: When is 8 characters followed by 3 X (format: 12345678XXX) it means that’s the primary office.

What is the ABA number for TD Canada Trust?


What is IBAN number for TD?

TD’s international Swift Code is TDOMCATTTOR (applies to all accounts and branch locations). Please note that TD Canada Trust does not have an IBAN (International Standard for Bank Account Numbers) as it’s not used by financial institutions in North America.

What is transit code for TD Bank?

s 5-digit Transit (Branch) number, 3-digit Financial Institution number (004) and 7-digit Account number.

What is CC code for TD?

000481969 Toronto-Dominion Bank (TD Canada Trust), CC Minacs PH Routing Number, Transit Number, MICR

Bank Routing Number 026009593, Bank Of America N.a.

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FedACH Routing

Name:Bank Of America N.a.

Richmond, VA

Type:Main Office
Servicing Fed's Main Office :021001208, 100 Orchard Street, East Rutherford, NJ
Change Date:05/07/2018

Fedwire Routing

Name:Bank Of America, N.a., Ny
Telegraphic Name:BK AMER NYC

New York, NY

Funds Transfer Status:Eligible
Book-Entry Securities Transfer Status:Ineligible
Revision Date:11/13/2003

All Routing Numbers of Bank Of America N.a.

Routing NumberProcess FedACHProcess FedwireLocationRegistered Name
026009593YYRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
053000196YYRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
071000039YYRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
111000012YYHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
114000653YYHenrico, VABank Of America
114017714YYHenrico, VABank Of America
121000358YYHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
121140331YYRancho Cordova, CAAmerican River Bank
121141822YYRichmond, VABank Of America Na
011000138YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
011000206YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a
011000390YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a
011001742YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
011100012YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011100805YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a
011104047YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011200365YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
011201539YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011300605YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011302357YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011302438YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011400495YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
011500010YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
011501035YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011900254YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
011900445YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a
011900571YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
011900652YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
021000322YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
021001318YNRichmond, VABank Of America
021200339YNHenrico, VABank Of America N.a.
021202162YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a
021202609YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
021300019YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a
021404465YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
022000127YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
022300160YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
028000325YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
031100160YNWilmington, DEBank Of America, N.a.
031202084YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
031304050YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
051000017YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
051000101YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
051400361YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
051400507YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
052001633YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
053100258YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053100559YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053101396YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053107989YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053200446YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053201610YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053900377YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
053904483YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
054001204YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
055002341YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
056007387YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
061000052YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
061000078YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
061112788YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063000047YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063100277YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
063100552YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063100714YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063103193YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063104697YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063104972YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063105683YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063106006YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063106129YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063106145YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063106268YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063107393YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063107610YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063109058YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063110092YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063112294YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
063200407YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
064000020YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
064100852YNRichmond, VABank Of America
064101178YNRichmond, VABank Of America
064101385YNRichmond, VABank Of America
064101673YNRichmond, VABank Of America
064107046YNRichmond, VABank Of America
064208194YNRichmond, VABank Of America
066007681YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
067002436YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067003985YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067005679YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067006238YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067007130YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067007949YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067008579YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067008582YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
067011294YNRichmond, VAMetabank Na
067014026YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
071000505YNChicago, ILBank Of America, N.a.
071103619YNRichmond, VABank Of America N A
071214579YNHenrico, VABank Of America
071923284YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
072000805YNHenrico, VABank Of America, Na
072413609YNRichmond, VABank Of America
073000176YNHenrico, VABank Of America N A
081000032YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
081500875YNRichmond, VABank Of America
081517897YNRichmond, VABank Of America
081904808YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
082000073YNHenrico, VABank Of America N.a.
082900429YNRichmond, VABank Of America
084000819YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
084301767YNRichmond, VABank Of America
086500087YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
101000035YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
101001173YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
101001911YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
101100045YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
101901820YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
102201244YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
103000017YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
107000327YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
107000796YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
107005607YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
111000025YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
111300945YNHenrico, VABank Of America
111901302YNHenrico, VABank Of America
113000023YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
114000019YNHenrico, VABank Of America
121000044YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
121000345YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
121103886YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
121108250YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
122000030YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
122000616YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
122000661YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
122101706YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
122400724YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.
123103716YNHenrico, VABank Of America Nw N.a.- Idaho
123308825YNRichmond, VABank Of America, Na
124303065YNHenrico, VABank Of America Na
125000024YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a. (sfnb)
211470319YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
221172513YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a.
231371841YNHenrico, VABank Of America N.a., Pa
236073474YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
267090536YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
272471674YNRichmond, VABank Of America, Na
307072278YNRichmond, VABank Of America N.a.
311093120YNHenrico, VABank Of America
322170692YNRichmond, VABank Of America, N.a. - Arizona
323070380YNHenrico, VABank Of America, N.a.

A routing number is a nine digit code, used in the United States to identify the financial institution. Routing numbers are used by Federal Reserve Banks to process Fedwire funds transfers, and ACH(Automated Clearing House) direct deposits, bill payments, and other automated transfers. The routing number can be found on your check.

bank check routing number

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FAQs: Routing Numbers

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What is a Routing Number?

A bank routing number or routing transit number (RTN, ABA) is a 9 digit number that identifies the location where your account was opened.

You'll often be asked for your checking account routing number when you're making a payment online or by phone.

It's also referred to as an RTN, a routing transit number or an ABA routing number and can be easily be found printed on the bottom of a check.

They can also be found in the online banking portals of the financial institutions.

Most common types of transaction are ACH and wire transfers.

Some banks and financial institutions usually have multiple routing numbers serving different purposes, geographical regions and branches.

What is the Automated Clearing House (ACH) number?

The Automated Clearing House (ACH) is an electronic payment delivery system which allows you to make payments or collect funds electronically through the ACH network. ACH transactions are usually next-day entries when exchanged with other financial institutions. ACH functions include direct deposits and check conversions from paper to electronic.

A routing number is a nine digit code, used in the United States to identify the financial institution. Routing numbers are used by Federal Reserve Banks to process Fedwire funds transfers, and ACH(Automated Clearing House) direct deposits, bill payments, and other automated transfers. The routing number can be found on your check.

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