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Download Chase Mobile®: Bank & Invest and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, This alone was disappointing however their customer service is even worse which. Two Chase Visa credit cards: One is a Chase Sapphire Preferred card and cable, and phone service purchases through September 30, 2021. American Express offers world-class Charge and Credit Cards, Gift Cards, Rewards, Travel, Personal Savings, Business Services, Insurance and more.

Commercial Cards

Build value through business expenses


Commercial Card programs are fast becoming the payment tool of choice for all types of expenditures, including business supplies, maintenance, repair, operational expenses and travel. Our card programs are designed to support your david carroll wachovia priorities. Our online tools will allow your employees to spend less time authorizing, tracking and processing expense data. At the same time, our business planning experience and single-point-of-contact support can chase business ink preferred customer service improve efficiency and reduce costs.

Promote Policy Adherence

Enhance Employee Experience

Automate Manual Tasks

Reduce Fraud and Misuse


Flexible commercial card programs to help manage your business expenses

We offer a broad range of solutions to allow you to efficiently manage procurement and travel expenses with versatile card controls, online functionality and data integration with your accounting system. Our experienced payment specialists can help you design and implement your optimal expense management program.

Learn more about our chase business ink preferred customer service products to find the card that best fits your company’s needs. Compare Commercial Cards >


Virtual Cards

Virtual Card

Virtual Cards

Protect and automate your supplier payments with a virtual payment solution.

Typical Use: Payment at time of invoice for goods and services

  • Drive savings
  • Strengthen supplier relationships
  • Enhance controls
  • Simplify reconciliation

Learn More

Purchasing Cards

Physical Purchasing Card

Purchasing Cards

Streamline your organization’s payment process and set controls for everyday purchases.

Typical Use: Business-to-business purchases

  • Enhance spending control
  • Optimize your payables process
  • Build long-term value

Learn more

One Cards

Physical One Card

One Cards

Consolidate your organization's spend with a single card program for all edmonds kingston ferry times Use: Business-to-business purchases and travel and entertainment expenses.

  • Increase flexibility with a single program
  • Simplify management and reporting
  • Build long-term value
  • Experience some of the richest rewards in the industry

Learn more

Corporate Cards

Physical Corporate Card

Corporate Cards

Empower business travelers with the card that makes it easy to track and manage expenses.

Typical Use: Travel and entertainment expenses

  • Maximize usage 
  • Leverage your data
  • Build long-term value

Learn more


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Chase has some fantastic credit cards.

For a personal card, Chase Sapphire Preferred is strongest (or the Chase Sapphire Reserve if you want true luxury). You get 60,000 Ultimate Rewards points after you spend $4,000 in purchases within the first three months. You also get 5x points on travel purchased through Chase Ultimate Rewards, 3x points on other travel, 1x on everything else (plus a $50 annual Ultimate Rewards Hotel Credit). $95 annual fee.

For my business, I love the Chase Ink Business Preferred because of its generous rewards structure. If you do any advertising online, you need this credit card. This reward structure is on top of the 100,000 bonus points after you spend $15,000 on purchases in the first 3 months from account opening in the .

With cards this good, and sign up bonuses this rich, everyone wants these cards.

But not everyone can get them.

If Chase rejects your credit card application, you can have it manually reviewed. Sometimes you don’t qualify. Sometimes they need more information. Read on to find out if there’s a way you can get them to reconsider your application.

How Do You Know If You’re Rejected

Three things can happen after you submit your Chase credit card applications:

  • You see a message that your application was approved – Congratulations!
  • You see a message that your application was denied – sorry 🙁
  • You see a message that your application is “under review” and you’ll hear back in 30 days.

Chase reviews ever application.

Sometimes approval is near instant. That’s when you get the approval message and can expect your card in the mail in about 7-10 days.

And sometimes the denial is near instant. That’s when you’ll want to prepare yourself for a phone call.

How to Check Application Status

If you weren’t insta-approved, you can check your “application status.” The quickest way is to log into your account. In the menu, there is an application status section.

If you prefer the phone, you can call the automated status line by dialing 800-436-7927.

If you call, Chase may direct you to speak to a representative. If this concerns you, don’t call to check. You can check by logging in and that will never result in a chat. 🙂

When I applied for a Southwest Rapid Rewards Premier Business Credit Card, I was initially put into review. Chase called me to confirm a few business details before they approved my application.

I was never rejected. Being placed under review does not mean you’re denied. It means they need more time and information.

In reality, Chase told me to call them. If anyone calls you and says they’re Chase, immediately hang up and call the number on your card. It doesn’t matter if the number that shows up matches the customer service chase business ink preferred customer service.


Scammers can “spoof” (fake) that number. You want to always call the number yourself.

If Chase rejects your applications, you can call the reconsideration line.

Before chase business ink preferred customer service call, here are cases where a call will NOT WORK: (know this before you apply next time!)

  • Chase “5/24 Rule” – For Chase credit cards, there’s a 5/24 Rule. They will not approve you for a new card if you have applied for 5 or more new cards in the last 24 months. They think you have too many credit cards!
  • Chase “2/30 Rule” – Chase will only approve up to two credit cards every rolling thirty day period. If you try for a third, they will not approve it.
  • No Duplicate Card Rule – You can’t get two of the same card. This applies to certain card types too, like the Chase Sapphire. You can’t get the Chase Sapphire Preferred and the Reserve, only one.
  • 24-Month Sign Up Bonus Rule – This is a rule regarding sign up bonuses. You cannot get a sign up bonus more than one time every 24 month period. If you got it within the last 2 years, you will not be eligible to get it again. If you got the bonus over 2 years ago but still have the card, they will reject you until you cancel your active card. If you cancel, wait at least 60 days before applying again (we learned this from our Chase Southwest Rapid Rewards card strategy for Companion Pass).
  • 48-Month Sign Up Bonus Rule – Sadly, some cards have increased their waiting period to 48 months. The Chase Sapphire Chase business ink preferred customer service Card is one of these cards with a 48 month waiting period, the terms and conditions state: “The product is not available to either (i) current cardmembers of any Sapphire credit card, or (ii) previous cardmembers of any Sapphire credit card who received a new cardmember bonus within the last 48 months.”

Sadly, there’s no getting around those rules.

The Chase reconsideration phone number line for Personal cards is 1-888-270-2127.

They’re open Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 10PM and Saturday to Sunday from 8 AM – 8 PM.

The Chase reconsideration phone number line for Business cards is 1-800-453-9719.

They’re open Monday to Friday from 1PM to 10PM. No weekends.

If you haven’t heard from them and want to talk to someone, you can call:

  • Chase Customer Service: 800-432-3117
  • Chase Application Status: 800-436-7927

During a reconsideration call, you want to explain to the representative why you want this new card and give them a good reason. Maybe you like the benefits of the new card over your old cards. Maybe you signed up because of the partnership with an airline or hotel partner and you use them a how to log out of amazon on all devices, you want to increase your status or are planning a big trip.

They will also verify any information you provided on the application, like income. This is especially true for business cards. They want to make sure you have a legitimate business. Be prepared to answer questions about your business.

Finally, if things don’t appear to be going well, you can ask them what you need to do to get approved. They may tell you!

Here are some common strategies for getting approved:

  • Move around your credit. If you have too high a total credit limit at Chase, they may balk at giving you more. Ask if you can shift your credit around to the new card.
  • Improve your credit score. Perhaps your score is on the border of what they’d accept at this time, try these techniques for increasing your credit score and re-apply later. Ask them when you should try back.

More on the Chase 5/24 Rule

The Chase 5/24 is not written down anywhere. People first stumbled on it in the terms and conditions of a Chase card but it was later removed. It’s unwritten but well known.

The rule applies to personal and business cards. If you have 1 business card and 4 personal cards, Chase will not approve you for any other Is aldis open today cards. They’re want to avoid those applicants who are only collecting bonuses.

The last gotcha is that if you are an authorized user on a Chase card that card counts towards the five. If you’re a spouse or employee and authorized on that card, it counts.

The best way to find out your count is to look at your credit report. This will also tell you when you opened those accounts for the 24-month rule.

I use the Waterfall Method for monitoring my credit reports but there are some services where you can check your credit scores for free. Those services may list your cards and opening dates, so you don’t have to use up one of your free annual credit report checks.

Some Additional Tips

If the bonus on a card goes up within ~90 days, call and ask Chase to bump up your bonus to match the new offer.

They may not do citizens one student loan refinance but we’ve read plenty of reports of folks who have had good success with this. Never hurts to ask!

Increasing the bonus may increase your spending requirements, to match the newer promotion, but it may mean more points!

If you want to get the card as soon as possible, cask Chase to overnight the card. They probably will.

Enjoy the new card and good luck!

 Rates and fees
  • Intro APR: None
  • Regular APR: 15.99% - 20.99%
  • Credit required: Good to excellent 
  • 100,000 point new cardmember offer
  • 3X points on bonus categories
  • 1X points on all other spending categories

  • Go to Chase to learn more.

    Pros and cons


    • Large new cardmember bonus
    • High rewards in bonus categories
    • 1.25x reward value when redeemed through Chase Ultimate Rewards
    • No foreign transaction fee


    • $95 annual fee
    • No introductory APR
    • Minimum rewards in non-bonus categories

    Sign-up bonus

    100,000 bonus points

    When you sign up for the Chase Ink Business Preferred, you can earn 100 000 bonus points if you spend $15 000 or more on purchases in the first three months after opening your account. Almost all purchases count, but balance transfers, wire transfers, gambling, and similar transactions don't apply.

    These 100 000 points can be redeemed for $1000 cashback or $1250 toward travel rewards when you redeem your points through Chase. Your rewards points will be available within 6 - 8 weeks of qualifying for the bonus.

    Earning rewards

    The Chase Ink Business Preferred rewards credit card offers in an impressive number of spending categories. You'll get 3X points on each dollar for spending on shipping, social media and search engine advertising, internet, cable, and phone services, and travel. The 3X points are limited to the first $150 000 of spending in these categories.

    This rewards credit card also allows you to earn 1X points on each dollar spent on chase business ink preferred customer service other purchases, including purchases in the bonus categories that exceed the limit. The rewards you earn on these purchases don't expire as long as you keep your Chase account open.

    Redeeming rewards

    There are several different ways you can redeem your rewards points from Chase. First, you can redeem them on cashback, which can chase business ink preferred customer service applied to your statement balance or deposited into a checking or savings account. You can also use the points to buy gift cards at 150 top stores or spend them in the Apple Ultimate Rewards Store.

    But to get the most value for your points, you can use them to book business travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards. The points can be used for any rental cars, flights, or hotels through Chase, and you can even transfer them to Chase's travel partners.

    Other perks

    The Chase Ink Business Preferred comes with the ability to earn plenty of rewards points, but that's not the only benefit. Here are some of the other benefits that come with this card:

    • No foreign transaction fees: Unlike other Chase business cards, the Ink Business Preferred doesn't charge foreign transaction fees.
    • Trip cancellation and interruption insurance: If you have a trip cut short or canceled altogether, you can get up to $5000 per person and $10 000 per trip reimbursed.
    • Roadside dispatch: Chase offers roadside assistance in case you get a flat tire, dead battery, lockout, and more. They don't pay for the cost of services, but they'll connect you to the services you need.
    • Rental car insurance: If you pay for your business walmart bakery austin tx car with your Chase card, you'll get rental insurance to cover the vehicle's actual cash value.
    • Cell phone protection: You'll get $600 worth of coverage per claim in the case of theft or damage to your cell phone or the phone of an employee on your cell phone plan,
    • Purchase protection: Chase will cover your new purchases for 120 days for up to $50 000 ($10 000 per claim) for damage or theft.
    • Extended warranty protection: Chase will extend the manufacturer's warranty on your purchases first data merchant services pci compliance an additional year for eligible warranties of three years or less.
    • Business monitoring: In addition to analyzing your business spending, you can also monitor your business with Fraud protection, purchase protection, account alerts, and more.
    • Free employee cards: You can get employee cards at no additional cost when you open your Ink Business Preferred card. Employee spending helps you earn rewards on your account, and you can set spending limits for individual cards.

    The bottom line

    If you're in the market for a business credit card, then the Chase Ink Business Preferred might be right for you. Because of its unique combination of perks, it's particularly well-suited to businesses that spend a lot of money on travel. It also has plenty of other travel perks that make it even more attractive. And if your business spends at least $5 000 per month, chase business ink preferred customer service be eligible for the 100,000-point sign-up bonus, which you'll be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.


    Who is the Chase Ink Business Preferred card for?

    Like most rewards credit cards, the Chase Ink Business Preferred is best for those who have high spending in its bonus stay at home order massachusetts. But this card is especially well-suited chase bank checking account businesses who spend a lot on travel since it combines the high travel rewards points with the higher redemption rate.

    First, you'll earn 3X points on each dollar you spend on travel. You can also redeem your points for 1.25 more when you use them to book travel through Chase Ultimate Rewards. These two perks combine for the potential to earn you thousands of dollars per year in travel rewards. The card is also well-suited to businesses who spend a lot on travel because of the other travel perks it offers, including the no foreign transaction fee and trip cancellation and interruption insurance.

    While this card is perfect for certain businesses, it's not the right card for everyone. If your spending doesn't typically fall into one of the card's bonus categories, then you can probably find another card with higher overall rewards and without an annual fee.

    Is the Chase Ink Business Preferred worth it?

    The Chase Ink Business Preferred can provide excellent value for companies with high spending in those categories that get 3X points. 

    For businesses that don't spend much in these categories, the annual fee probably isn't worth the minimal rewards for other categories.

    What credit score do you need to get the Chase Ink Business Preferred?

    To qualify for the Chase Ink Business Preferred, you'll need a credit score that's at least good or excellent, which generally includes the high 600s and up.

    Are there alternatives to the Chase Ink Business Preferred?

    The Ink Business Preferred card is an excellent business credit card, but it's not right for every business. Chase offers several chase business ink preferred customer service rewards cards -- the Ink Business Cash and Ink Business Unlimited -- which are each well-suited to certain types of businesses.

    What is the credit limit on the Chase Ink Business Preferred?

    When you open a Chase Ink Business Preferred card, you'll get a credit limit of at least $5000, and usually less than $25 000. If you want a limit of more than $25 000, you can request it, and you'll go through a more detailed review process.


    What Is Chase 5/24 Rule and How to Bypass It (2021.8 Update: Fixed APR, Green/Black Star Offers No Longer Bypassing 5/24)

    physixfan and Geo2021-08-192021-08-19


    2021.8 Update: Data points are starting to trickle in on Reddit and DoC showing that fixed APR applications are no longer bypassing the Chase 5/24 rule. This includes Green Star/Black Star “Selected for You” and Pre-approved/Pre-qualified offers that would show up on the Chase app and website. The result of submitting an application is immediate denial and no evidence of bypassing this by calling in. It is currently unknown whether in-branch pre-approvals still bypass the 5/24 rule. This is a very recent change, as these offers worked for me within the past month. It was a good run.

    Chase is one of our favorite banks because of their great credit card sign-up bonuses and benefits. For that reason, many people are eager to get additional Chase cards. Unfortunately, Chase implemented the following rule in May 2015:

    if you have 5 or more new credit card accounts in the past 24 months, you will get automatically rejected, no matter how good your credit score is. This policy is called the 5/24 rule.

    Note that many Chase employees don’t know this policy, and our readers have provided many data points of dealing with ignorant bankers. So before applying for a Chase credit card, you really need to learn details about the exact meaning and the solution for the 5/24 rule.


    1. Which cards are affected by the 5/24 rule?

    After 2018.11, all Chase cards are now affected by Chase 5/24 rule.

    Click here to expand the cards affected and not affected before 2018.11

    Cards affected before 2018.11:

    Cards not affected before 2018.11:

    2. What is the exact meaning of 5 new accounts?

    • New accounts include ALL credit cards that appear in your credit report as opened within the last 24 months. Credit cards and charge cards issued by other banks are included. The rule does not only apply to new Chase cards!
    • New accounts that haven’t been added to your credit report do not count. If you receive a hard pull on your credit report but the account does not appear, it will not count. For example, [2021.5 Update] AmEx new accounts are reported to the credit bureaus after the first statement is generated. So if you have less than 5 new accounts on your credit report but have opened new AmEx cards, you should hurry up and apply for a Chase card before the AmEx accounts appear. This doesn’t work for new cards approved by Chase itself, since Chase can trace your new card in their internal system. Also note that Barclaycard will report the new account as soon as you get approved.
    • Closed cards, if they are opened within 24 months, also count.
    • Business credit cards need some special discussion. Since Chase uses the data from your personal credit report to count towards 5/24 when you apply for Chase personal cards, if some business credit cards are not reported on your personal credit report, then they won’t be counted. Among the popular banks: AmEx, Barclays, BoA, Chase, Citi, US Bank will NOT report business credit cards to your personal credit report; Capital One, Chase business ink preferred customer service WILL report business credit cards to your personal credit report, thus count towards chase business ink preferred customer service user counts toward the 5 new accounts limit. Generally speaking, authorized users can make purchases with a card without assuming payment liability, but Chase does indeed count this as a new account. Sometimes adding an authorized user does not require an SSN, but the credit bureau is still able to locate you based on name, birthday and other information, and add the information of authorized user to your credit report. So if someone has added you as authorized user, remember to check your credit report before applying for a new card of Chase. If you get a rejection, call the reconsideration department and ask the customer service representative to drop your authorized user accounts when counting the number of new accounts.
    • Store credit cards are excluded from the definition of “new” credit card accounts here, because they are labeled differently cajun restaurants in fort smith ar the credit report.
    • [2020.7 Update] Now Experian show exact date for account opening dates, not the 1st day of the month any longer. Therefore it’s highly likely that Chase also count cards based on exact date.

    3. The ways to bypass the 5/24 rule





    3.4. In Branch Pre-approval Offer

    This used to be the staten island university hospital south effective way to bypass the 5/24 rule before the online methods appeared. Note that online prequalified offers and in branch pre-approval offers are different, online prequalified offers (also not the same as “Selected for you” offers) are not useful. Before your application in branch, let the banker search for pre-approval offers for you. If you get a pre-approval offer, you have to use that link to apply!

    3.5. Mail Invitation

    A mail offer with a RSVP code can bypass the 5/24 rule for UR cards. Note that RSVP codes dont work for the co-branded cards such as United, Hyatt, Marriott, Southwest, etc.

    3.6. Business Relationship Manager

    For business credit cards, you can ask a BRM (Business Relationship Manager) to file a paper application in branch to bypass 5/24.

    4. Strategies towards 5/24

    Based on this information, our recommended strategies include:

    • For newbies, apply for the cards that are affected by 5/24 first, especially UR-earning cards like the Freedom/CFU/CSP/CSR.
    • If you have 5 or more new accounts in the past 2 years including authorized user accounts, but less than 5 new accounts excluding the authorized user accounts, then call the reconsideration line after being declined and have them remove the authorized user accounts from their tally.
    • If you have 5 or more new accounts in the past 2 years, you should try the bypass methods listed above. If you can not see any in branch pre-approval offers, you should wait to apply until 1) you can see those offers, which are frequently updated, or 2) you are under 5/24.
    • Just move on if you don’t care about the Chase UR system. Both Amex Membership Rewards (MR) and Citi ThankYou Point (TYP) are points systems with a lot of value. Take redeeming points for a round-trip ticket between US and China as an example. You can transfer AmEx points for reward flights on ANA and Air Canada, which are  Star Alliance members with United Airlines and Air China. This means you can use ANA or Air Canada miles to book reward flights with United or Air China. In this example, ANA even costs less points than booking directly with United miles.
    • For those who can apply for business credit cards, since some banks such as AmEx does not report business credit cards to your personal credit report, you can apply for these business credit cards while waiting to go under 5/24.

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