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Apps for Calculating Credit Card Debt Apps for Calculating Credit Card Debt Geld overmaken met mobiele pincode, vingerafdruk en/of digipas. What is a prepaid credit card and how does it work in the Netherlands? This guide covers the features, fees and more of prepaid cards. ‎ICS is dé creditcardspecialist van Nederland en geeft ook de Bijenkorf Card uit. Wereldwijd kan er op ruim 30 Wilt u geld overmaken naar uw Card.

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ICS - Identificeer u eenvoudig online

Geld overmaken naar creditcard ics -

 These are the best banks for expats in the Netherlands

Finally, if you can go without online shopping at some retailers you may just find that cash is still king — but, if you’re averse to paying stodgy ATM fees and against carrying stashing large amounts of cash, this probably isn’t for you.

It’s still manageable to get by in the Netherlands without a Maestro card or iDeal — but be prepared for some occasional disappointment (or embarrassment!) when left unable to pay. 😬

What’s your experience with banking cards in the Netherlands? Let us know in the comments!

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Editor’s Note: this article was originally published in March 2019, but was fully updated in July 2021 for your reading pleasure. 


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What is it about?

U kunt de Mijn Aegon-app gebruiken om nog beter inzicht krijgen in uw financiële situatie bij Aegon. Inmiddels is de app al meer dan 150.000 keer gedownload.

Mijn Aegon

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November 15, 2021

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September 13, 2013

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U kunt de Mijn Aegon-app gebruiken om nog beter inzicht krijgen in uw financiële situatie bij Aegon. Inmiddels is de app al meer dan 150.000 keer gedownload.

• Overzicht van al uw Aegon-producten
• Veilig en eenvoudig toegang
• Inloggen via pincode, Touch ID of Face ID
• Inzien en printen van documenten
• Raadplegen van veelgestelde vragen
• Uw gegevens wijzigen

• Afschrijvingen inzien
• 24/7 geld overboeken en saldo inzien
• Waarden van fondsen en deposito’s inzien

• Beleggingswaarde inzien

• Schade(s) melden
• Schadeverzekeringen inzien
• Auto schadehersteller vinden

• Nieuw: declareren vanuit uw bouwdepot. Binnen 24 uur naar u of uw leverancier overgemaakt
• Nieuw: het actuele saldo van uw bouwdepot bekijken
• Uw hypotheekofferte inzien
• Hypotheek details bekijken
• Gekoppelde verzekeringen aan uw hypotheek zien

• Inzien in de opbouw van uw pensioen en wat u kunt verwachten als u met pensioen gaat
• Inzicht in uw pensioen bij Aegon Cappital

Voor wie?
Iedereen met toegang tot Mijn Aegon kan gebruik maken van de app.

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Regelmatig brengen wij een nieuwe versie van de app uit met extra functionaliteiten. Installeer daarom altijd de updates om over de laatste versie te beschikken.

Uw mening is belangrijk voor ons
Heeft u opmerkingen of vragen? Uw mening helpt ons om de Mijn Aegon app te verbeteren. U kunt dit direct in de app aan ons doorgeven. Als u anderen ook wilt laten weten wat u van de app vindt, schrijf dan een recensie!

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Transaction declined: why don’t my bank cards work in the Netherlands?

In the Netherlands, cash isn’t king – Maestro is. But, while cash is also widely accepted, you may be surprised when arriving at this popular country that Mastercard, Visa, and American Express are often not.

So, what do the Dutch use, and why are you being left red-faced and unable to pay at the local supermarket?

Maestro, please 

So, why don’t your bank cards work in the Netherlands? The majority of the Dutch use Maestro, a payment platform owned by Mastercard. Maestro is a debit card system which is typically comparable to Visa or Mastercard, which most comparable countries use.

Whether a shop will accept or decline your foreign card is completely up to the owner. Credit card transactions cost the owner a lot more than debit card sales, and the Dutch love to save money.

Communication breakdown

The way different cards talk to credit card machines and the corresponding banks is also a point of trouble.

Maestro cards work on a single-message debit system, where when you swipe your card the money moves from your bank account to the merchant.

However, most other payment platforms now rely on dual-message debit and credit cards, where when you swipe your card your bank makes a “promise” to the merchant that the money will be there.

A few days later the merchant will present these “promises” to the bank, and collect their dues. This is why credit transactions typically show as “pending” and offer an “available” and “current” balance.

What does that mean for you? Well, it doesn’t bode well if you don’t have a Maestro card in the Netherlands.

But my card is still a debit card?!

Why don’t your bank cards work in the Netherlands when they’re debit cards? Sorry, that’s tough luck. Even if you have a Visa Debit card or a Debit Mastercard it doesn’t matter – Dutch stores will treat it as a credit card and may decline it.

Dutch people typically don’t like credit cards in general because the Dutch are very debt-adverse people. In fact, in Dutch, the word for debt — schuld — also has another meaning: guilt.

As a rule of thumb, if the store services a large portion of international customers (for example, at tourist locations or similar) they will accept Visa, Mastercard and sometimes American Express. But, bizarrely, some major chains will refuse these and only take Maestro (Albert Heijn, we’re looking at you. 👀 )

Okay, so what’s the deal with iDEAL and Tikkie then?

You’re online, creeping around doing a bit of splurge shopping. Stoked with your purchases, you click on the magical checkout button to send the items fluttering to your door. Suddenly, “huh? iDEAL only?”

With online shopping basically made for credit cards, and the Dutch not liking credit cards, these totteringly-tall people needed to find an alternate solution that would still let them fulfil their online shopping desires. That’s where iDEAL came in, way back in 2005.

READ MORE  What is Tikkie? How to use the Dutch’s favourite payment system

So how can I spend all my hard-earned euros? 

Let’s be honest. If you can’t get a Maestro only card from your home bank then you’re left trying to get a Maestro card in the Netherlands. The easiest solution then is to open a Dutch bank account.


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