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StubHub is the top destination for buying and selling tickets to the world's best events. Ticket prices may be higher or lower than face value. Find answers below to frequently asked questions for ticket buyers. If you are a ticket seller, visit the seller Q&A. Q: What is StubHub? Please choose the appropriate link below to begin your selling or buying process! FOOTBALL Season Ticket Holders Sell tickets at StubHub from.

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Q Is StubHub Reliable?

You may be wondering “Is StubHub a reliable site?” and rightly so. With so many untrustworthy ticket sellers online, it’s definitely best to do a little homework before you make your purchase.

Fortunately, StubHub has an exclusive FanProtect Guarantee the vanderbilt at south beach staten island place to ensure that you will have the tickets in your hands in plenty of time for the event.

This guarantee also works to protect those who are selling their tickets on the site, by allowing them to set whatever price they want for their seats and never charging a fee just for creating a listing.

Q Is StubHub a Legit Site for Tickets?

It’s only natural to ask yourself ‘Is Stubhub legitimate?’ before you commit to buying tickets from the site. The fact of the matter is that this company has been around for the over 15 years and they have developed a solid reputation for sending out the tickets.

Stubhub also provides a legitimate marketplace for people who want to sell their tickets online, without having to worry about how to process a payment or get the tickets to the buyer, since the company does all of the work for you.

Although StubHub is not the actual ticket seller, as the broker they take on the full responsibility for ensuring that tickets purchased on their site are totally legitimate, which is proof that StubHub is a reputable site.

The site even has a guarantee that if the tickets you buy are fake, you can call their support line from the venue and they will do everything in their power to find you comparable seats right then and there. If they can’t, they’ll refund all of your money, including the cost of the tickets, service fees and shipping and handling charges.

Q Is StubHub Safe to Buy Tickets From?

If you’re worried about the security of your personal information or about your credit card number being compromised, you can rest assured that when you buy or sell tickets on Stubhub, every possible measure is taken to guarantee your privacy and to safeguard your financial details.

The company actually has a Trust & Safety Group that works exclusively on making sure that StubHub is a safe site for everyone who uses it, so there’s never any reason for you to have to worry about these types of risks.

Q get cash app card Is StubHub a Trustworthy or Trusted Site?

StubHub is a trustworthy site for locating hard-to-find tickets to events that are listed as sold out everywhere else. The company makes it exceptionally easy to search through available seats and to determine which tickets constitute the best deals.

Since they also back up every sale with their FanProtect Guarantee in 2021, it’s a lot easier to shop or sell on the StubHub site with confidence that you won’t be taken advantage of by a con artist who’s just out to take your money or your tickets.

Q Is StubHub a Scam?

Thanks to their lower fees, which seems to be lower than the average ticket site, and the promise of being able to pick your seats, a lot of people want to know, “Is StubHub a scam?”

It may be tough to believe, but the truth is that StubHub is a real company in 2021 that is in good standing with both ticket buyers and sellers. The website really can provide tickets to events that are sold-out, due to the fact that they have such a strong relationship with a number of venues, ticket agents and individual ticket sellers around the country.

Q What is StubHub's Guarantee?

The Stubhub Guarantee covers anyone who does business on the site, whether they are a buyer or a seller. Stubhub guarantees buyers that they will receive valid tickets before the date of the event and that if the event is canceled, their money will be refunded promptly.

Meanwhile, sellers on Stubhub are guaranteed that they have the right to change their asking price on tickets which haven’t yet sold and that they will receive the money from their sale, even if the tickets weren’t received by the buyer, as long as it was through no fault of their own.

Q How's StubHub Customer Service?

Stubhub customer service is among the best in the business and has been recognized for going above and beyond in their efforts toward ultimate customer satisfaction.

If anything goes wrong with your order or if you simply have questions about anything on their site, you can contact Stubhub customer service and they will give you answers or assistance in resolving the issue at hand as quickly as possible.

Their chat representatives stubhub contact seller available online 24 hours a day, 7 days a week too, so you’re never left hanging simply because it isn’t normal business hours.

Q Does StubHub Have Any Service Charges?

Any Stubhub service charge is presented before you sign on to sell your tickets or make your purchase.

The company has a strict “no hidden fees” policy and they strive to make sure that buyers and sellers are fully aware of any charges ahead of time. When you shop on Stubhub, you can count on the price you see when you search for tickets always being the price that you pay in the end.

Sellers will be happy to discover that there is no Stubhub service charge for listing tickets, so you’ll only be charged if your tickets are sold.

46 Reviews for StubHub Reviews – Is StubHub Legit?

Ticket Bait & Switch

I bought tickets for the Harry Styles Concert 2 years ago. It was rescheduled due to COVID. The day of the (rescheduled) event, I was unable to obtain my tickets. Stub Hub was unable to have them delivered, after I had traveled 6 hours with my daughter and 4 friends to attend the event. They could find me tickets, but they were 4 times as expensive, so I had little choice but to purchase them. My original purchase was $1500. Now I paid over $4,000.

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Victimized Twice

I was a victim of Hurricane Ida: NO POWER, NO WATER, NO MAIL, NO SERVICES for 11 days. I tried to contact the invisible customer service of StubHub, while sitting in my car in the midst of a Federal Disaster. I got responses stating “we will get back to you”, I was on hold for nearly 3hours, till I simply couldn’t sit in the car and use the gas up. StubHub in its corporate greed is charging me for not delivering tickets. HEY STUBHUB – IT WAS A HURRICANE, I TRIED TO REACH OUT. StubHub is a corporate machine, interested in $$ only, with no customer service and a disgraceful mission, to screw over victims on top of a Federal Disaster. NEVER USE THUS COMPANY

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Stubhub is the Worst!

Pretty much everything everyone else is saying about StubHub is true! Back in Jan or Feb 2020 I bought several tickets to Bonnaroo – which of course was cancelled because of Covid-19. It was over $2000! At first they were like – Oh its only postponed, so you can hang on to them and they’ll be good for Bonnaroo 2021 or you can re-list them…No Refund. So, I re-listed them…Sold them (for less than what I paid but what can you do?) Now, That means StubHub was paid twice at this point once when I bought the tickets and again when these other people bought them – Then of course Bonnaroo was cancelled AGAIN! Was I given a refund – No! I was offered 120% credit for my original purchase towards tickets to other $#!T…That was like $3000 worth of CREDIT on StubHub! But, I think there was enough of an uproar with people that the beginning of last month (Sept. 2021) They said finally – OK. You guys can choose to either keep your 120% credit or request a refund in the original amount. To which Stubhub contact seller immediately selected “Give me my [email protected] money back!” They said – “Refunds will take around 30 DAYS to process!” Well…I still haven’t recieved my refund and I am getting increasingly concerned that I probably won’t – EVER!!! They are liars! And thieves! Someone on Reddit was talking about a Class Action Lawsuit – I don’t think that is a bad idea! Companies making money hand over fist should NOT be allowed to treat customers this way! And I know I had tickets from Ticket Master that were refunded in a timely manner- Vividseats I have some issue with as well but StubHub is the WORST! So, I don’t know, do your research before going to a 3rd party ticket site – And be very leery of StubHub!

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Stubhub ruined our football weekend

I bought six tickets to a college football game a month in advance. As game day approached, the electronic tickets were not showing up. It turns out that Stubhub allows ticket sellers to wait until game day to turn in their tickets. Our ticket seller never turned in our tickets, so we were left holding the bag, with no tickets to the game, and no time to recover. This policy is clearly 100% in favor of the ticket seller, and puts the ticket buyer in a precarious position. Allowing ticket sellers to wait until the day of the event leaves no fallback position for the ticket buyer. And if you buy alternate tickets, and then the seller comes through on event day, you are left with two sets of tickets and no time to try to recover your money. With such anti-buyer policies, I don’t know how Stubhub can operate as a business. Also, the now famous lack of customer service was very clear. I called their contact center multiple times, sitting on hold for over three hours on two occasions before giving up. When I finally reached a human being, I was told of this policy, and that there was nothing that could be done. When I asked to speak to a supervisor, I was told that the contact center had no supervisors. There are lots of other ticket resellers out there. Take your money elsewhere. Avoid Stubhub like the plague.

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Sold my tickets and then they Canceled Order CUSTOMER SERVICE IS TERRIBLE !!!!!

We sold our 4 MLB season tickets (all in a row). The seat nubers were not consecutive, but they are all in a row. Stubhub canceled the order using email. Turns out they thought they were not in a row, but the tickets are in a row according to the MLB seaon tickets sellers. Sold them that way all season. Then Stubhub chargied us $500 for incorrectly selling them…???. Customer service was not helpful at all!!!! Told me there is NO WAY to appeal my side of the story. Waited another hour on the phone to talk to a manager. Had to hang up and not sure she ever did even try to get a manager. Not only did I lose my $500 for the tickets, Stubhub charged me $500 and I did not get to state my case! DO NOT USE TO SELL YOUR TICKETS! THEY TAKE YOUR MONEY AND NO CUSTOMER SERVICE IF THERE ARE PROBLEMS!!!!!

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FanProtect is a scam

I purchased 3 tickets to the 2019 ashes test at Lords. I attended the game with friends and it was rained out and never started. Lords cricket club refunded all tickets. StubHub sent me an email advising that the tickets would be refunded but they never were. I have been calling and emailing StubHub for 2 years now and always get long extended waits and promises to resolve the matter which never eventuate. So in my experience FabProtect is a scam

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They rescheduled the show 3 times for 3 years. The show has now been canceled for Sept 18th 2021. Venue confirmed cancelation of show. Stub hub keeps saying rescheduled but doesn’t have a new date. And they are still selling tickets for the canceled show. I guess they don’t have to refund my $430.00 if show is rescheduled. What a rip off! They won’t admit it’s been canceled I WANT MY MONEY BACK

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Tired of the horrible customer service and outrageous fees.

Stub hub is great for hiding service fees until near the end after you have selected the tickets, but I am used to that, and the most recent event I was looking at a 30% markup, wanted to go to the game so I paid it, but when I couldn’t go to the game, because of tropical storm.s damage could not reach customer service, when running into problems using their apps to sell my tickets .Customer service was never their forte, and I just gave up. Beware of these rip off artists.

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Never received tickets or refund, and I’m not alone

I purchased tickets to an event through StubHub and never received my tickets. To this point I have also not received a refund, as contacting customer service is not possible. A quick glance at their customer service Twitter account makes it clear that this is just how they operate now. StubHub is NO LONGER REPUTABLE. DO NOT BUY TICKETS FROM STUBHUB THEY WILL HAVE NO PROBLEM STEALING FROM YOU.

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Worst Ticket Distributing Company Imaginable

Do not ever buy from StubHub. My concert tickets did not work at the gate, and no matter what time of day you call them it is a 3 plus hour wait to get through (purposefully designed) with no chance at a refund or a solution to ticket issues. In no universe should one contemplate using this company. Their business model let sellers sell fake tickets and steal from the consumers. Look at all their social media pages, reviews consistently awful. This company is a scam.

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I failed to receive Red Sox tickets I had sold. Called Customer Service 50+ times the nite before, unable to get thru, out $1400.

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It has been a Nightmare. They got my money and havent done anything at all. Can’t get thru to confirm any forced changes to my tickets. They call and hang up. It’s been horrible. I must find another way to get tickets to live games. I will NEVER use stub hub again in my lifetime. ges

I give them a FAIL. Can’t communicate with a human being and my money is tied up. The game is in 8 hours. First western conference finals game ever s d Stub Hib was my choice to get my tickets. I feel like a victim.

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False advertising

Do not believe the view stub hub gives you. I purchased tix that showed no view obstruction nor mentioned in print a view obstruction. When I arrived at my seat I could not see home plate. Imagine not being able to see the catcher or hitter throughout the game and not being informed of that prior to your purchase? I will never use stub hub again. They should be fined for misleading advertising.

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I should have read reviews about this company before I used them. I purchased parking paying tmobile bill late for a Braves game for Mother’s Day and to this day I still do not have my stubhub contact seller passes. This company has a 30 to 45-minute wait if you try to call them and then I was promised by the agent that my money would be refunded, well it hasn’t. They are terrible and I will never purchase anything else from them. Their website is terrible their customer service terrible everything about them is terrible. Be AWARE IF YOU USE THIS COMPANY YOU WILL NOT GET WHAT YOU PURCHASED!!

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Horrible customer service

We purchased 3 tickets to the Baltimore Orioles Mother’s Day game only to find out at the stadium that what was sent was 2 tickets and a parking pass. We had to purchase another ticket, could not sit together on Mother’s Day. The following day, after being on hold for MORE THAN AN HOUR, we were told that it would be investigated and we would be contacted within 4 days. Well, you guessed it…9 DAYS LATER AND NOTHING, ZIP, ZERO, NADA. SO here I sit on hold yet again, this time the robo message says to expect a GREATER THAN 2 HOUR WAIT! This is utterly and totally absurd! There is no other way to contact this company. All we want is a refund of the ticket price as well as attached fees. If I could bill them for my time I would. Following this we will no longer use stub hub and have already been warning our many friends and family members about this company. If I could give NEGATIVE 10 stars in ratings I would!

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Bad experience. Will NEVER use StubHub again.

Had a very tough time trying to get a refund out of these folks. Terrible customer service. Had to resort to submitting disputes with the credit card company. Do not use StubHub!

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No customer service, refuse to refund for cancelled events

I purchased tickets from Stubhub for an events which was cancelled due to Covid-19. despite their guarantee and so called “buyer protection”, I realized they are not going to refund me for my order. I wouldn’t recommend ever buying from them.

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StubHub Doesn't Stand By Their Guarantees and Overcharges

StubHub claims to stand by their ticket purchases and when an event is cancelled you can receive your money back. This is false and like so many others, I am fighting for a refund for a cancelled show and I would like my money back vs. a voucher from a company that is dishonest. I, too, am going through my credit card company to have my money returned to me. DO NOT PURCHASE TICKETS FROM STUBHUB!!!!

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Rip Off Artists

We purchased tickets to see ZZ TOP in Portland Oregon in October. 2020 The tickets were purchased pre Covid and when we found out the concert had been canceled, due to Covid, Stub Hub refused to refund us, instead offered a 120% voucher. We don’t want a voucher we want our 300 and change dollars returned to us. Who knows when we will ever be able to use a voucher, or if that concert will reschedule, it’s not likely at this point. Our credit card company is going to fight this for us. Stub Hub also lied to us when they said they couldn’t refund us because our state wouldn’t allow it. That is an absolute false statement. We intend to join a class action suit against these thieves.

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Can’t get a refund

Bought Rolling Stones tickets ($1400) for last May in San Diego. The Rolling Stones announced on Sept 15 the concert was cancelled.Ticketmaster and every news paper in San Diego and a couple in England reports that the concert has been cancelled because the stadium is being demolished, but Stub Hub can’t figure that out and refund the money! I’ll never buy anything from them again.

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These people are thieves

I bought 2 tickets for over $3000 to a final tour event with their “Fanprotect” guarantee. We are not event goers. Event was cancelled. They refuse to refund cash, they will only issue a coupon that expires end of 2021. They changed their refund policy AFTER I bought the tickets and made it retroactive to any event that was cancelled. They are basically extorting me and forcing me to apply my money to a future event. So if I don’t want to attend an event in the future, I just lose my money. How is this legal? There are a few states that have laws to protect consumers from this type of abuse (14 I think) but the rest of us are just out of luck. Do not use this company. Obviously they feel they can change their policies at any time they want to line their coffers. I tried getting resolution on their community page (you can’t get through on the phone) and just kept getting told “This is our policy.” If you disagree in any way on their community page they just delete your comments and eventually ban you from the site. There is a class action lawsuit that I hope gets justice for all of us affected. DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY!

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It is criminal the way stub hub has handled the refund of postponed shows during the pandemic. I paid $3,300 for two tickets to The Eagles originally scheduled for April 26, 2020 in Phoenix. They postponed the show to October of 2020, then postponed the show again to September of 2021. StubHub claims they bought my tickets from an individual when in fact the bought the tickets from the concert promoter as they were advertising entire rows and sections available for sale. They now insist on keeping my money for nearly 2 years and are only willing to allow me to re-list my tickets for sale in competition with their own tickets WHEN tickets go back on sale again. I protested this to American Express and they took StubHubs position. I wouldn’t do another ounce of business with either StubHub or American Express. DO NOT BUY THROUGH STUBHUB!

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Stub hub is the worst company to use for tickets, if you buy tickets from stub hub and the event gets canceled and or postponed to a later date which in my case got rescheduled till sept 2021 and it’s on July 2020 right now and I’m not able to make the new dates, they will not let me exchange for in store credit to different nor it is IMPOSSIBLE, to get a refund, they find every way to keep your money and will not ever give it back, the only option they gave me was to sell the tickets on stub hub, like what the f*** is that? How can I sell tickets to an even that isn’t even going on for another 14 months, no one is buying these tickets for a good 12 months so my 850$ is just sitting with stub hub, thanks a lot, stub hub is garbage don’t waste your time

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Horrible and dishonest – Avoid!!

Horrible and dishonest company. After the cancelling of the baseball season, they have refused to refund my money for the cancelled games – though it clearly states so in their policy. After taking the issue to my credit card company they closed my account so I can not even log in. Out over $300 dollars – nowhere to go to resolve. Use someone else or pay the price!!

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These people will gladly take your money and then change the refund policy. Instead of refunding your money as any ethically correct company would do, they refuse to refund! During a global pandemic!!! Then will will fight your credit card disputes! Highway robbery! Hope online only bank savings account go belly up for the way they have treated their customers (victims)! Just do the research and read all the bad reviews, those will tell the tale! Give your business to a trustworthy company and save yourself all the misery I have been through! I am out $1300 now! Thanks Stubhub!

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Pay me for the tickets you sold a month ago

We had 4 tickets to John Fogerty for mid March in Arizona. We sold 2 relatively quickly. We had trouble getting paid for the first set of ticketsthat being said, we probably “only” spent 2 hours on the phone with millennium bank routing number poland to get our money. The headache included that Stub hub had the “wrong” email – but somehow when they wanted something from us they always had the right email. They blamed PayPal too. The Second pair was sold and the tickets immediately transferred around March 9 or 10th capital one debit card designs 2019 an event on March 15. Still no money paid to us even though we have called Stub Hub multiple times. We have been told multiple things that are inconsistent. Now we are hearing that we don’t get paid until the event which was south state bank routing number myrtle beach until the fall. The buyer has the tickets. Stubhub has the money and we have nothing ! They are horrible to deal with. Avoid this business at all costs!

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I will never do business with Stubhub again. What a waste of my money…

I purchased 2 tickets back in October 2019, to go see Jeff Dunham in Reno on May 1, 2020. Due to Covid-19 the show has been rescheduled for November 14, 2020. I paid $558.38 for 2 tickets including fees. I can not attend the event in November and Stubhub does not give refunds for rescheduled shows. My only option is to re-sell the tickets at probably a loss. You would think that with everything going on in the world that Stubhub would make some exceptions like other companies are doing. This was the first time and the last time I will ever use Stubhub! What a waste of my hard earned money. Even worse to get charges fees again to sell them. Stay far away from this company….

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Cancelled Andre Bocelli concert

Bought Andre Bocelli concert tickets for Febuary in NY City.Bocelli cancels concert due to laryngitis.I spent over $5000 in hotel,airline tickets,ground transportation and meals. Stubhub would not refund money.They said if he reschedules that I would have to use the tickets.But if it cancels they will refund my money.Bocelli reschedules for April 20th. Metropolitan Opera House says that due to the Corona virus pandemic they have closed the opera house for the rest of the season. I contacted Stubhub one more time and they still refuse to refund my money

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CMA requires viagogo to sell StubHub’s international business

The Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) has concluded that the merger between viagogo and Stubhub will lead to a substantial reduction in competition in the secondary ticketing market in the UK. This could lead to customers who use secondary ticketing platforms facing higher fees or poorer service in future. To address this concern, the CMA is requiring viagogo to sell StubHub’s business outside North America.

This will mean that the StubHub international business – including in the UK – will be independently owned and run by a separate company, with no input from viagogo.

The CMA will determine key conditions of the sale, such as the right of the purchaser to use the StubHub brand for the next 10 years. The CMA will also need to approve the purchaser of the business before any sale.

Viagogo acquired StubHub in February 2020. StubHub’s ticketing business operates in a number of territories including North America, the UK and several countries in Europe, and South America and Asia. In the UK, viagogo and StubHub are the 2 main providers of secondary ticketing platforms.

To reach today’s decision, a group of independent CMA panel members considered evidence from customers, competitors and other stakeholders, including consumer groups.

The evidence shows that viagogo and StubHub compete closely against each other in the UK’s secondary ticketing market and have no significant competitors. Together, they have a combined market share of more than 90% and are the number 1 and number 2 players respectively in the UK.

The CMA also reviewed the evidence on whether other distribution channels – capped-price ticket exchanges, classified ad sites (like Gumtree), social media and the primary ticketing market itself – would be able to compete strongly with the merged entity. It found that these would not be able to stop the merged business from pushing up fees or reducing quality of service.

The CMA has been mindful of the significant impact that the coronavirus (COVID-19) is currently having on the live events industry through-out its investigation. However, the evidence is that viagogo and StubHub would remain important competitors as and when the live events industry recovers.

Stuart McIntosh, Chair of the CMA inquiry group, said:

The CMA has focused on ensuring competition in this sector works best for UK consumers. After examining all the options, including unwinding the merger in full, the evidence shows that viagogo selling StubHub’s international business will resolve our competition concerns, effectively and proportionately.

Creating a fully independent StubHub international business will maintain competition in the UK and help ensure that the users of these ticketing platforms don’t face higher prices or poorer quality of service.

For more information, visit the viagogo/StubHub merger inquiry case page.

Notes to editors

  1. Secondary Ticketing Platforms facilitate the resale of tickets to live sports, music and theatrical events, where resale of such tickets is permitted.

stubhub error uploading tickets HUB (788. Mar 25, 2013 · Please think twice before you sell tickets with Stubhub contact seller. In the share menu, tap the StubHub icon to start uploading, or tap 'Select PDF' and follow the steps. Additional Information: StubHub is a ticket marketplace, where fans buy or sell sports, concert, theater, and event tickets. If you're having issues entering barcodes on a StubHub listing. Copied. Choose your ticket quantity and if you have a parking pass. Copy link to clipboard. Reducing the risk of ticket fraud from stolen or counterfeit tickets, our mobile tickets provide peace of mind from purchase to the day you go. Most Popular Answers. For example, if the transaction takes a single value (an event ID) then the filter will show the following values: filters=EVENT:768543. Premiere & A-List members earn 5x times faster, 100 points for every $1 spent on tickets, concessions, and other eligible purchases. Then got an email saying buyer wasn’t able to complete purchase and the tickets now belong to Stubhub and to transfer them to a stub hub gmail address. Mar 06, 2017 · Stubhub tells me that the only way I could prove that I provided the right tickets is to get a scan report from US Open venue and provide to Stubhub. This will take you to TickPick’s Listing Agent. AXS App. Step #1: Make sure you bought tickets you can print. Sign into My Account. Interesting that the port/hub has an effect on it. Ticket purchasers now have the ability to resend their purchase confirmation to their email. Aug 31, 2021 · HELP! Problem uploading barcode number to stubhub Posted. Select the event from the list, then tap the Sell Tickets button. StubHub is a ticket marketplace where fans can come to buy and sell tickets from one another. Ticket prices may exceed the face value of the Ticket. StubHub is an online ticket marketplace where anyone can buy or sell any ticket to any event nationwide. Log into your account and select from the list of ‘Upcoming Events’. StubHub is a marketplace that allows users to buy ("Buyers") and sell ("Sellers") tickets, related passes and merchandise or other goods (collectively, the "tickets") for events. Selling Tickets. Hoping stubhub can either get me access to my tickets or refund me so that I can buy other tickets, NOT through Stubhub but ain't looking good. And with our FanProtect™ Guarantee, you can buy and sell tickets with 100% confidence. Is your listing is under the 'Expired' tab? If so, you can't upload tickets to an expired listing. General onsale tickets for Anthony Joshua v Joseph Parker are NOW SOLD OUT. I bought tickets to a play called Miss Saigon in ATL at the Fox Theater, and according to stubhub the play is still “postponed. Feb 19, 2013 · yes, the code is improved, but still there lots of "File Upload Error, File (***) client then view that ticket, than try to upload 1 bigger file, about 10KB. . If the error is “This file's permission does not allow us to validate it. 1. We are offering a 50% rebate of your sell fee for any of the orders that you re-upload the valid original tickets for by 5 PM Pacific time on Friday, March 11th. We are extremely excited that live events are back! Like you, we can’t wait to enjoy these experiences again. Your experience can help others make better choices. Postponed or rescheduled events. StubHub Customer Experience - Ticket * ***** Missing email for my stubhub tickets I bought * tickets but may I ask how can I collect my tickets FIX: i have printed out my tickets but my concert is * weeks later so I am not In order *****, they bought my * day event tickets for aftershock I sent Frid To upload files to a new folder in OneDrive, first create the folder, and then upload the files to it. com Twitter @TeamStubHub Facebook @StubHub Your erroneous charge has cost me hours as I try to find the right people to help me resolve the issue. Event and Venue 4. Take advantage of the big screen to see the view from your seat, before the event. Click the 'Contact' tab. Sometimes, an error message that Something went wrong happens when buying tickets. Ticket Delivery, AXS Mobile ID, Flash Mobile Delivery and more. The tickets directly next to mine were available for $7. or charge me a screwup fee. You are buying tickets from a third party; StubHub is not the ticket seller. Using StubHub. Buy event tickets using the largest ticket selection with StubHub! Concerts, MLB, NBA, NHL tickets, local shows and more. StubHub facilitates the transactions between buyers and sellers but Feel like I’m getting scammed. Click 'Save'. Select all screenshots needed for the listing. StubHub makes a profit on the sale from both sides — from 1. Transfer Basics and Help. May 28, 2015 · StubHub allows you to upload your PDF tickets directly to its website so that the buyer will receive the tickets instantly upon payment. If these steps didn't fix the problem, please contact us so we can help. To start selling your tickets: Sign into your Angels account. You can also try using another card to make the purchase. 866. We don't accept PDFs made from scans, photos, or paper ticket copies. Arrow Right icon. See if you're entering barcodes exactly as they appear on the tickets. StubHub brings the world's largest ticket marketplace right to your Android device, making it easier to find the sports, concert, or theater tickets you want or sell your tickets when you can't go. Find the StubHub icon (tap 'More' if you don't see it). For up to 10 PDF files, the total file size limit must not exceed 10 MB. In its Top Seller HandbookStubhub offers incentives for high-volume resellers, including reducing its Apr 28, 2017 · StubHub has taken down all listings from people attempting to re-sell Edmonton Oilers watch party tickets after learning the profit from the tickets goes to charity. We want to help you out by providing authentic, current, working StubHub fan codes and StubHub coupon codes you can use over and over, and the best part about it, is it's free. StubHub Business Separation Update. After factoring in the difference in price, the additional 15% commission the seller pays and the 10% commission the buyer pays, the total additional cost was $8. AMC STUBS® MEMBER EXCLUSIVE Experience DUNE for 2x Points. App Basics and Help If your ID isn't being accepted by Uphold, or you're seeing an error on registration, here's a few fixes you can try. Like many in our industry, we are increasing our staffing levels to meet demand. It may have a padlock icon in the corner or say SECURED a 1. The official website of the Chicago Cubs with the most up-to-date information on scores, schedule, stats, tickets, and team news. You’ll be taken to StubHub to set your price and choose how you want to be paid. Join the 5,324 people who’ve already reviewed StubHub. As live events such as music festivals and large sporting Mar 29, 2018 · When the Jays entered into the partnership with StubHub a year ago, public messaging focused on enhancing the fan experience by making it easier to upload tickets for sale. I followed LSU's email instructions and have the tickets in google pay. Reselling tickets bought on StubHub. L. If you're getting an error when uploading, we recommend reviewing North dakota state vs south dakota state basketball uploading PDF tickets to a StubHub listing or sale to troubleshoot. Want to exchange my order with other tickets. Email Season Tickets. Jan 07, 2016 · "1. Register and buy tickets to see DUNE through 10/31, and you'll earn double points. Somehow,there was an ERROR ,and this. 00 more than what I sold mine for. May 21, 2021 · Hi, thanks for the report. stubhub contact seller I have a question regarding my BTS tickets in US. I need to get them uploaded ASAP to get the to the buyer. Mar 08, 2021 · How to Sell Tickets on TickPick. Event Changes. Developer Express Inc disclaims all warranties, either express or implied, including the warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose. Issue is on the game in 2 days, as well as other games sold which is in a month and 2 months. For a single PDF file, the file size limit for uploading is 1 MB. Please try uploading a valid file. pdf e-tickets until I went to the settings*payments page and put in my credit card info as if I wanted to BUY tickets. They literally just purchased the tickets and StubHub is saying that they needed to have been delivered yesterday (red flag number 1) anyway I upload the tickets and the next day I get told that they were "invalid". If you can't upload a PDF to your StubHub listing or sale: Only upload the original PDF. '. ) Go to the TickPick home page, and click on the green “Sell Tickets” button along the top right corner of the page. Sep 08, 2021 · Buying and Purchased tickets - Page 2 - StubHub Community. I call US Open ticket office and they let me know right away that the tickets I sold were never scanned at the venue. STUB. Oct 22, 2021 · Get tickets for your favorite MLB, NBA, NHL team, theater show or music concert from the day they go on sale to the day of the event. by cajunfisherman. For some reason everyone else had until 4 days before the event. iPhone users: Go to the listing and tap 'Upload tickets'. Tickets are sold on stubhub and its now waiting on me to upload the barcode number. You may list the tickets that you wish to sell at no cost, but there's a 15% commission on every ticket sold. 2. Listing We Are Fsvtl 2021 tickets on StubHub. Don’t worry! Please upload the original file with all tickets and you are able to select in the next step which tickets you want to sell and which ones you don’t want to sell. COUPON (52 years ago) Buying Tickets - FAQ. Tap 'Done. Tod Cohen [protected]@stubhub. StubHub makes a profit on the sale from both sides — from Feb 13, 2014 · Stubhub Purchased 2 event tickets from Stubhub. MLB fees are subtracted from the total cost of the ticket before StubHub fees are calculated. Enter the ticket barcode(s) for the tickets you’d like to sell. ”. 75. Discover a new way to find events with StubHub for Apple TV. Event and Venue [UK] Indianapolis 500 1. Aug 16, 2021 · Sales of tickets on platforms such as Viagogo and StubHub should be subject to tighter rules, the competition watchdog is proposing. See the venue and find out which artists are performing from your phone. ” 3. As a marketplace, StubHub does not own the Tickets sold on the Site. 5 x 11 inch black and white copies of tickets. Please think twice before you sell tickets with StubHub. Open the PDF file and share it. The Seller (and private beach rentals north carolina StubHub) sets the prices for the Tickets. I want reimbursement for tickets and hotel. Your testimony notes that “[p]roviding fans information on the number of tickets available for sale, when these tickets will be offered, and at what price will create a clearer picture of Oct 01, 2012 · Stubhub has over $700 of my money for tickets I sold, buyer got tickets and stubhub got paid while I’m sitting here waiting to get paid for the tickets. Apr 02, 2018 · StubHub Misleads About Splitting Tickets. Buy and sell tickets for upcoming concert tours and events, including rock, electronic, pop, festivals and more at StubHub. Click the “View All Orders” link in the left navigation bar. Call Season Ticket Sales - (713) 259-8402. com and click "Order Lookup" in the top right of the…. StubHub is the largest ticket marketplace in the world, based on sales, and the Official Fan to Fan Ticket Marketplace of MLB. Feb 13, 2014 · Stubhub Purchased 2 event tickets from Stubhub. You’ll be able to review everything before you list your tickets for sale. Can't list Everton FC match tickets on StubHub. Set your price and wait for the buyers to come to you!. Get Delivery status: "Unshipped" is incorrect. You can upload e-ticket PDFs and screenshots of QR codes for mobile tickets on seatgeek. If you do not see an option to “Change” the delivery method, the Event Organizer is not allowing delivery changes for your event. on 8/31/21 at 10:26 pm. Remember, the receiver's email address must be different to the sender’s email address. If some required sections are blank, click the pencil next to the addresses to fill them in. com and in the iOS or Android app. Under Ticket Delivery, click “Change” to view alternate delivery options. community. Place staff that he wasn't alone in his experience. Make sure you're entering the correct information - you may need to call the number on the back of the card to troubleshoot. You can transfer as many tickets as you like. You can also upload NFL barcodes! Visit My Tickets on your computer and you'll see check and go ionia mi button that says Add Tickets near the top of the page: Click that button and you will see with some more information to help you get started: Filter criteria that will be used to refine the set of transactions that are returned. I sold tickets to Aftershock festival way back in April of 2021 for way above purchase price. I got my Friday ticket almost immediately but my Sunday ticket hasn't shipped yet. stubhub error uploading tickets

Secondary ticketing market StubHub has pushed back its timeline for paying ticket sellers, and the platform's customers are furious.

Denver's Meggin LeVeaux, who was selling four tickets to the Chris Tuckerconcert on Friday, March 20 — in part because she was concerned about the possibility of COVID-19 cancellations — sold two of those tickets on March 6 and another two on March 8. The buyers paid StubHuband received their tickets. The only person who has not received any money for the transactions is LeVeaux.

"StubHub's normal policy is to pay sellers within 5-7 business days after the sale," LeVeaux wrote to Westword. "On March 16th, I noticed I still hadn't received payment, so I called StubHub. I was told that they had implemented a new policy as a result of coronavirus. Instead of paying sellers 5-7 business days after the tickets sold, they were paying sellers 5-8 business days after the event. This wasn't great news considering I'm currently on unemployment and needed those StubHub funds to buy groceries, pay bills, and other expenses that I'm financially responsible for."

When she sold the tickets, the concert was still scheduled for March 20, so LeVeaux figured she would have her money soon. But when the show was postponed until the fall, she was told by StubHub that she would not receive her money until five to eight days after the new concert date of September 11.

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Meanwhile, the buyers have their tickets for the new date, and StubHub has their money.

"I asked if I could cancel the transaction and get my tickets back and was told no," she added. "So, I can't get my tickets, and I can't get paid for five more months."

StubHub's president, Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, acknowledges that the new practicethat blindsided a number of sellers is a deviation from the company's standard of paying sellers for ticket sales before events. In a note to customers on March 30, he attributed it to the unprecedented cancellation of 23,000-plus events over COVID-19.

"Under normal circumstances, these processes are manageable," Cassidy explained. "Given the impact of the coronavirus, it is not possible to sustain this practice in the near-term. We are facing significant timing delays in recouping funds from the thousands of sellers on our platform, and expect these challenges to continue in the coming months. At the same time, buyers expect immediate refunds. As a result, we’ve enacted new policies in the US and Canada that we believe are clear and fan-first."

Buyer beware: Here is StubHub's new practice:
We understand fans are disappointed and concerned by these large-scale event cancellations. We were the first in our industry to begin offering customers 120% credit for the canceled purchases as a thank you for remaining patient in a very challenging period. In the first two weeks of offering this option, approximately 70% of customers opted to receive this additional future value. Recently, we announced this as our standard policy for canceled events, with refunds available in jurisdictions where they are required. Coupons can be applied to one or multiple StubHub orders in the same currency. If your order is less than your coupon value, you can use the remainder on another event.
And for sellers, this is StubHub's new plan:
Meanwhile, sellers on montecito bank and trust ventura platform also face challenges. Music and sports fans, season ticket holders, and business sellers are unclear if teams and primary ticketing companies are providing credits or refunds for the tickets they had previously bought and subsequently sold on StubHub. We are working with the thousands of sellers across don roberto jewelers san jose platform to understand options and timing for repayment to us for tickets of canceled events. We’ve also updated our seller policies going forward to manage future risk.
But many sellers, including LeVeaux, don't buy it.

"That means I would need to wait five more months to get my money?!?" she asked. "In a time when the government is issuing checks to help people stay afloat, StubHub won't return money that they've already collected!"

Why StubHub halted refunds

With sports on pause and large gatherings banned across the globe, the live events industry has effectively ground to a halt.

The state of play: In the U.S. alone, more than 23,000 events have been canceled, postponed or rescheduled in the past three weeks.

Driving the news: Online ticket exchange StubHub, which facilitates the constant selling and re-selling of tickets, recently changed its refund policy for canceled events.

  • Old policy: StubHub has historically refunded buyers for canceled events before collecting money from sellers, while also paying sellers for ticket sales before events actually happen.
  • New buyer policy: Two weeks ago, buyers were being offered (1) a refund or (2) a coupon valued at 120% of their order once an event was officially canceled. But as of last week, refunds are no longer being offered unless the buyer's billing address or the event is in a state or international jurisdiction with consumer laws around refunds.
  • New seller policy: If sellers were paid for tickets to canceled events, StubHub will charge their credit card to reverse the transaction and direct sellers to contact the original ticket company for a refund.

The response: With an estimated $1 billion tied up in tickets at a time when Americans are filing for unemployment at record rates, StubHub's decision to stop issuing refunds was met with stubhub contact seller of criticism.

  • Yes, but: Most complaints failed to consider the "seller" side of StubHub's business, which what is my cash app card pin number to be what forced the company's hand — and could force the hand of other two-sided ticket marketplaces, too.

Interview: I spoke with StubHub president Sukhinder Singh Cassidy.

KB: A week ago, you were offering refunds for canceled events. Now you're not. What changed?

"We have a situation right now where we had over 20,000 events canceled, basically at the same time. In addition to our buyers, we also have a million sellers on our platform, all of whom are trying to figure out how they're going to get recouped from the original seller — the venue, the team, the artist — and the timing delays are going to be significant."
"In normal times, we would take the risk of giving refunds to buyers before recouping the same refund from the seller. At regular volume, we can afford to take that risk. But these are unprecedented times."
"I understand that by going first, our policy change may have come as a surprise to people. But remember, we're not the original sellers of the tickets or the holders of the inventory. So there's just no way for us to take that timing risk on behalf of sellers, at scale, all at the same time."
— Sukhinder Singh Cassidy, Stubhub president

KB: Last week, you began furloughing employees. What went into that decision?

"We took the furlough option because we wanted the optionality to understand how this industry will recover. We felt like the only way to give us flexibility was to take those actions early."
"I'm not proud of having to do it, but in order for us to be there stubhub contact seller our customers post-recovery, we have to make these tough decisions now."

P.S. . Something else to watch as MLB start dates get thrown around and football season approaches: Postponed games vs. canceled games.

  • For postponed games, buyers can't even get a coupon from most ticketing companies, leaving them with two choices until the game is officially canceled: Try to re-sell the ticket or plan to attend on the rescheduled date.

Are you wondering if StubHub is a good spot to get concert and show tickets from?

Are there any good StubHub promo codes we have to share?

How do you buy and sell on StubHub easily?

We have those questions and more answered in our StubHub tickets guide below!


Table of Contents


What is StubHub?

StubHub is the number one exchange and reseller marketplace in the world. In number of tickets sold per year, it is the number one source on the internet to get music, sports, theater, and shows.

StubHub has been owned by eBay since 2007. They market themselves as the “ticket scalper for the digital what is a td tdap vaccine can buy or sell StubHub tickets to other back at the barnyard episodes around the world.


Is StubHub Legit?

If you are worried whether or not StubHub is reliable for concert and events, don’t be! StubHub purchases are 100% guaranteed and you don’t have to worry!

Anyone who buys something from StubHub is guaranteed to receive them in time for the event, and they are guaranteed to be valid!

If an event is coming up and you don’t have your tickets, StubHub’s FanProtect guarantee promises:

  • StubHub will replace tickets with comparable or better tickets to the same event or
  • StubHub will offer a full refund or FanCode for a future purchase.

If an event is ever cancelled, full refunds will be issued by StubHub automatically.


Why is StubHub better than Ticketmaster?

There are a few main reasons why someone may choose to buy from StubHub instead of through an official source like Ticketmaster:

  1. You can buy tickets on StubHub before the general public without needing to look for a presale code.
  2. Ticket prices can be cheaper than face value.
  3. StubHub may offer a promo code that makes your purchase cheaper than Ticketmaster or Live Nation, who rarely have promo codes.

More information on StubHub promo codes further down this guide!


Why does StubHub have tickets before Ticketmaster or Live Nation?

One of the main concerns we see on social media is that StubHub has available tickets before Live Nation or Ticketmaster. Some people think this is a negative sign and are hesitant to use a reseller.

99% of events hand out free promotion tickets to sponsors, advertisers, local businesses, radio, TV, and other media sources. These early tickets are handed out before the general public gets any chance at early tickets.

Early tickets before the general on sale are mostly made up of these promotional and extra tickets. They are still 100% legit and guaranteed.

Each early reseller has their own reasons for reselling or scalping tickets online. If you like the price on some tickets and don’t want to fight for a presale, you are safe to buy tickets!


StubHub Promo Code

StubHub sometimes has some nice discount codes that give you concert deals.

In this area, we will post any current StubHub promo codes that you can use to get discounts on your StubHub tickets.

We do not currently have any StubHub promo codes. Comment at the bottom of this post if you have any new information for users!


StubHub Phone Number

Are you looking to contact StubHub by telephone and not sure where to begin? The number one and official StubHub customer service phone number is:


This phone number is active 24/7 and is the best way to get in touch with a real human.

According to Get Human, a website that tracks customer service numbers for companies, you can expect to wait 16 minutes on hold.

The best time to contact StubHub is 9:15am.


StubHub vs SeatGeek

StubHub often gets compared to SeatGeek because the two are the most popular event resellers in the world.

The two have many similarities:

  • Anybody can buy or sell tickets on the platform
  • Sellers set the price of their tickets
  • All events in North America are available in both StubHub and SeatGeek
  • You can buy concert tickets from StubHub or SeatGeek before Ticketmaster or Live Nation

However, the two also have a few differences as well:

  • StubHub is available in the European and United Kingdom markets, whereas SeatGeek is only available in North America
  • StubHub is larger, so you can expect to find more (and potentially cheaper) tickets for a show
  • SeatGeek gives you one complete price. StubHub chooses to show you how much the base price is and then all taxes and fees after

Overall, there aren’t a lot of differences in StubHub vs SeatGeek and you can’t go wrong buying from either platform.

It’s why we promote both on our site!


How to Buy Tickets on StubHub

Click here to go to the StubHub website.

In the top search bar on the website, enter in an artist’s name and hit ENTER.

stubhub main page artist search bar


Choose your show and click on it.

stubhub search results show select page


On the left side you can see a listing of available tickets for the concert. On the right side, you can manually see which sections have tickets available and the seating chart for the show.

Try playing with the filters on this screen to find the best ticket deals and sections!

stubhub tickets screen. See tickets and a seating chart

When you’ve selected your seat, StubHub will show you what your view will look like. Click on Go To Checkout to complete your order.

ticket previes screen that shows you your seat view.


If you aren’t logged in, you will be asked to sign in or register for an account on StubHub. Follow those steps on click on Continue as Guest if you don’t want to create an account.

stubhub sign in or register screen


If you’ve continued as a guest, you’ll be asked to enter in an email and phone number (if your tickets are digital). If you’ve registered an account on StubHub, this information will already be saved.

When you are done, click on Continue to Payment.

payment phojne number and email page for stubhub guests


Choose your payment type and enter in your payment information. Then, click Continue.

stubhub payment type for entering your credit card info


Next, you will be taken to the payment screen. Enter in your Billing Address and then click on Continue.

stubhub billing address screen during checkout.

In the last screen, you’ll be asked to verify your information and complete your purchase.

Congratulations, you’ve just purchased tickets from StubHub. Enjoy your event!


Popular StubHub Events For Sale

We’ve compiled direct links to some of the major sports around the world below. That way, you can simply click the link and search for tickets on StubHub fast and easily!

The StubHub home page has a nice search bar you can use to find more shows and events.


How to Sell Tickets on StubHub

First, go to the StubHub website and click on the word Sell in the upper right corner.

StubHub Tickets Guide: Tips for Buying and Selling on StubHub


Type in the name of your artist or team that you are selling tickets for and click enter.

StubHub Tickets Guide: Tips for Buying and Selling on StubHub


Choose the show you are selling tickets for.

StubHub Tickets Guide: Tips for Buying and Selling on StubHub


Next, you’ll be asked to sign it to your StubHub account. You must be registered in order to sell on StubHub.

StubHub Tickets Guide: Tips for Buying and Selling on StubHub


Next, StubHub will ask where your seats are located in the stadium. Enter in this information and scroll down.

StubHub Tickets Guide: Tips for Buying and Selling on StubHub


Next, you’ll have to enter in how many tickets you have, whether you have a parking pass, and approve some assumptions about your tickets:

  1. You want to sell your tickets together.
  2. There are no bonus features added with your tickets.
  3. You have no restrictions or limitations on the sale.
  4. Your seats are all in the same row.

StubHub Tickets Guide: Tips for Buying and Selling on StubHub


Next, StubHub will recommend a price for you to set your tickets at. This number is generated based on the supply and demand of your event. You can adjust your dare county nc real estate according to your preferences. You can also see the exact profit you will make once your tickets sell.

StubHub Tickets Guide: Tips for Buying and Selling on StubHub


Next, you’ll have to set your payment method.

StubHub Tickets Guide: Tips for Buying and Selling on StubHub


Next, you’ll select how you will transfer your tickets to the successful buyers.

StubHub Tickets Guide: Tips for Buying and Selling on StubHub


Lastly, you’ll have to give some payment information in order to finish listing your tickets for sale.

StubHub Tickets Guide: Tips for Buying and Selling on StubHub

Congratulations, you have just listed your tickets for sale!

How much does StubHub charge to sell?

StubHub charges a standard 15% in fees to the seller who sells on their platform. It is completely free to list anything and you are only charged if your tickets sell.

This makes things risk free to put your stuff up on StubHub to see what happens.

If you sell lots of tickets per year (hundreds of thousands), you can apply to have a fee reduction to around 10%.


Did we miss anything in this StubHub guide? Comment below with any questions you have below and we’ll get the answer for you!

Follow us on Twitter and Instagram for up to the minute concert and tour information!


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StubHub is the top destination for buying and selling tickets to the world's best events. Ticket prices may be higher or lower stubhub contact seller face value.

MLB, NBA, NHL, and concert tickets at your favorite venue and more – StubHub has your tickets for amazing experiences! Over 10 million upcoming live sports events, concerts, theater shows, gigs and tours are available.

StubHub recently ranked #1 in Newsweek’s America’s Best Customer Service in 2019. Tickets orders are 100% guaranteed, with customer service all the way to your seat. Get a coupon worth 120% of your original order if an event is cancelled.

Get tickets for your favorite MLB, NBA, NHL team, theater show or music concert from the day they go on sale to the day of the event. See the venue and find out which artists are performing from your phone.

Buy event tickets using the largest ticket selection with StubHub! Concerts, MLB, NBA, NHL tickets, local shows and more.

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