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Our commercial mortgage calculator considers a host of criteria including amortization, Debt Yield, LTV and DSCR to efficiently calculate a commercial loan. Work out monthly payments with our commercial mortgage calculator. Compare interest only and capital repayments on commercial finance. Use our Commercial Loan Calculator to estimate your debt service coverage with a new commercial loan Your monthly payment for any real estate mortgages.

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Why We Created the Commercial Lease Calculator

This commercial rent calculator is a helpful tool for tenants who are leasing commercial real estate. Landlords will quote you lease rates on a price per square foot basis whether they are monthly or yearly, however to most tenants this can be confusing. All you care about is what you total monthly rent is going to be on the real estate you're leasing whether it be office buildings, retail spaces, or warehouse space.

When leasing commercial space you are going to hear a lot of terms thrown around in the lease contract such as cash flow, cap rate, maintenance costs, property taxes, gross leases, nnn lease, area maintenance, etc. If you are not familiar with this terminology then it would be a good idea to hire an experienced agent or grab a handbook on leasing commercial real estate. Commercial leases are calculated on a price per square foot because most commercial rental properties can be divided or made into one larger space. It would be nice if the property owner or it's real estate professionals would just tell you what your total monthly lease payments will be however that would not tell you how big the space is.

Understanding How Landlords Quote Rates 

 Most lease contracts will be triple net leases (NNN), meaning the business tenant must pay a base rate + NNN (taxes, insurance, maintenance). Landlords quote lease rates differently depending on the type of real estate investment, state/city located, or just their preference. In most cases retail space such as shopping malls and office space will be quoted as yearly rates (e.g. $35 + $10nnn). Industrial real estate assets are mostly quoted as monthly rates (e.g. $.0.85 + $0.30nnn), however some will quote them as yearly rates as well.

How to Calculate Monthly Rent


This calculator works out the land transfer duty (previously stamp duty) that applies when you buy a Victorian property based on:

  • The date of the contract for your property purchase or if there is no contract, the date it is transferred.
  • The dutiable value of the property (generally, the purchase price or market value at time of contract, whichever is greater).

If they apply, this calculator factors in the:

This calculatordoes notfactor in the off-the-plan concession. It also does not work out the duty that applies: 

Calculate your duty

Registration on title

When you buy land, settlement is the final stage in the conveyancing process. At settlement, all parties meet to exchange funds, the transfer of land, certificate of title, and other documents.

The land transfer and title certificate are registered at Land Use Victoria, usually at settlement. 

We strongly recommend that buyers ensure they are registered on title as the land owner as this proves their legal ownership of the property. If you have been registered as the owner, a title search will show your entitlement to the land, and any interests and rights affecting it.

There have been instances where property buyers have not been registered on title for many years, despite thinking otherwise. You can search for titles and property certificates online, or in person at Land Use Victoria. Please note that fees apply.

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Free Commercial Mortgage Calculator

Example interest rates

The calculator will offer you accurate figures, based on the information input. If the figures input are incorrect, then the figures will be of little help to you.

Of course, it’s simple to input the mortgage amount and your chosen term, but the interest rate can be trickier.

The rate and lender fee offered will vary depending on whether your property will be owner-occupied (often called business mortgages), or used as a commercial investment property.

Below are a number of products that can be used as example figures for the purpose of the business mortgage calculator.


High street banks –

Rate – 2.6%
LTV – 80%
Lender arrangement fee – 1.5%
Repayment only

Challenger banks –

Rate – 4.35%
LTV – 70%
Lender arrangement fee – 1.5%
Interest only or repayment

Specialist commercial lenders –

Rate – 6.99%
LTV – 65%
Lender arrangement fee – 2.5%
Interest only or repayment

commercial investment

High street banks –

Rate – 3%
LTV – 60%
Lender arrangement fee – 1.5%
Repayment only

Challenger banks –

Rate – 4.35%
LTV – 75%
Lender arrangement fee – 1.5%
Interest only or repayment

Specialist commercial lenders –

Rate – 5.99%
LTV – 65%
Lender arrangement fee – 2.5%
Interest only or repayment

How much can I borrow?

It’s usually possible to borrow up to 80% of your property value, meaning the remaining 20% must be made up of the applicants’ equity. Commercial investment applications can usually be arranged up to a maximum of 75% LTV.

In addition to the deposit, most applications come with other costs, such as the arrangement fee, surveyors’ fees and legal costs.

Of course, stamp duty must also be considered. Commercial stamp duty rates differ from residential rates, so care must be taken to ensure you understand the charges for your property.


Commercial Mortgage Calculator

For more information on using our commercial mortgage calculator to determine a monthly payment and various factors that commercial mortgage lenders use to determine their rates, please see our blog article Using a Commercial Mortgage Calculator and How Lenders Determine Commercial Mortgage Rates.  In addition, the following explanation of terms may be helpful when discussing a loan transaction with a lender:

ADJUSTABLE RATE MORTGAGE – also called an “ARM” loan, is a loan with an interest rate that changes after a fixed rate period.

AMORTIZATION PERIOD – the number of years during which the loan is scheduled to be paid down by the act of making monthly payments.

BALLOON PAYMENT – a final payment for the outstanding principal of a loan, due after the expiration of the loan term.

BASIS POINT (BP) – 1/100th of 1%.  One basis point equals 0.01%. 

CAP – the amount by which an adjustable mortgage rate may increase (or decrease) at each periodic adjustment.

COMMERCIAL MORTGAGE CALCULATOR – an online tool to helpborrowers calculate the monthly payment on a commercial mortgage loan. 

 – the amount of money required to cover monthly or annual loan payments.              

DEBT SERVICE COVERAGE RATIO – the net operating income divided by the mortgage payment.  A DSCR greater than 1 shows a cash positive property.  A DSCR less than 1 indicates that the property operates at a loss.

ESCROW – a monthly reserve to pay property expenses as they become due.  Examples include: taxes, insurance, and replacement reserves.

 – a mortgage with an interest rate that stays constant for the term of the loan and does not adjust.

INTEREST RATE – the annual percentage rate charged by a lender for the loan.

INTEREST RATE CAP – the maximum that an interest rate may change at the scheduled periodic adjustment.

 – the loan amount divided by the property’s value, expressed as a percentage.

 – an amount added to an index to determine the total rate charged by the lender.

MATURITY – the date when a loan expires and becomes due and payable.

NON- RECOURSE – a loan made without a personal guarantee from the borrower.

 – a fee paid by a borrower if a loan is paid off before the end of the scheduled term.

PRINCIPAL – the amount of the loan borrowed.

RECOURSE – a loan guaranteed personally by the borrower.

REFINANCE – a new loan taken out to pay off an existing loan balance.

SELF LIQUIDATING MORTGAGE – a loan that is completely paid off at the end of the scheduled term, without a balloon payment.

 – the length of a mortgage before the loan is set to mature.

 – a prepayment penalty which requires the borrower to pay the difference between the scheduled note rate and the current rate on like term U.S. Treasury Securities.



The Internet's 7 Best Commercial Loan Calculators

Best Online Amortization Calculator

What it is: Amortization is the process of paying off both your principal loan amount and the interest on your loan in fixed monthly payments over a set term. For businesses, this means spreading out the cost of a major expense over years, instead of having to report a significant one-time loss.

What to use: CalculateStuff’s Amortization Calculator. Plug in the amount you tend to borrow, your interest rate, the term of your loan, and the loan start date. The loan amortization calculator will provide you with a clear breakdown of your monthly payments by year and by month, including how much of your payment will go to your principal amount and how much will go toward paying off interest.

Best Online Commercial Real Estate Calculator

What it is: A commercial real estate loan is a type of mortgage loan. Instead of being taken out for residential purposes, however, it’s taken out specifically to finance the purchase of a revenue-building enterprise, such as a retail space, office space, warehouse space, or a hotel or rental property.

What to use:’s Commercial Loan Calculator. Provide information on your loan amount, interest rate, mortgage term, and amortization term. The calculator will spit out a few fundamental figures for you: your monthly P&I payment, your interest-only payment amount, and your balloon payment amount. Click on “Create Amortization Schedule” to easily see how those amounts will impact your loan over time.

Best Online Balloon Lease Calculator

What it is: A type of loan that lets you reduce monthly costs for a set period of time, followed by one large payment to pay off the remaining balance at the end of the term. Businesses generally use balloon loans for short-term or commercial real estate financing. Because the large payment at the end is high-risk for lenders, business owners are typically required to have excellent credit to qualify.

What to use:’s Balloon Mortgage Calculator. Enter in your loan amount, interest rate, loan term, and first payment date. If you have information on your upfront payment fee, loan fee, and final balloon payment fee you can enter those as well. The calculator will be able to tell you how many monthly payments you’ll have to make before your balloon payment is owed, your total costs in principal and interest, and more. Create a printable amortization schedule right on the page to view your costs over time.

Best Online Construction Loan Interest Calculator

What it is: A short-term loan to finance the building of a commercial property. Because you likely won’t be making money on the property until construction is complete, interest on a commercial construction loan comes out of a special interest reserve funded by the loan itself. Ideally, by the time the reserve runs out you are making returns on your build and can start to pay back interest the traditional way.

What to use: Dinkytown’s Construction Loan Calculator. This calculator works to break down the specifics of your construction loan whether you’re building from scratch or renovating an existing property. Fill out the loan amount, expected value of the finished property, length of project, interest rate, and loan term. The calculator will be able to tell you everything from your required down payment to your initial interest payment (which comes out of your reserve) and your final, post-build interest payment.


Commercial Mortgage Calculator

Calculate your Commercial Mortgage Repayments


Our easy to use Commercial Mortgage Calculator allows you to quickly work out your monthly repayments on any Commercial or Business Mortgage against a given interest rate and mortgage term. It also provides an ‘Interest Only’ repayment option.

Step 1:  Enter the Mortgage amount, for example 150,000 in the Mortgage Amount box

Step 2:  Select the desired Commercial Mortgage repayment term, for example 20 years in the repayment term pull down box.

Step 3: Enter the Mortgage interest rate (%), for example 4.5 in to the Interest Rate box.

Step 4: If  you require an Interest Only repayment option check the tick box for ‘Interest Only’ repayment terms.

Step 5:  Click on ‘ Calculate Repayments’ box and the Monthly, Annual and Total loan repayments will be shown


Commercial Property Tax in India

Do you know what commercial property tax entails? This article will discuss what this type of tax is, how to calculate it, and the step-by-step payment for the commercial property tax. 

Let's find out everything there is to know about commercial building property tax!

What is commercial property tax?

Commercial property tax is the tax paid by a property owner to the local government, such as the municipal corporation, on the property used for commercial purposes. It includes both the property that a person owns and rents out to others to run a business, commercial venture, or industry. 

Commercial property tax in India has its basis on "real property." Municipalities use this money earned from these taxes to build roads, schools and maintain public conveniences.

How to calculate commercial property tax?

Every municipality or state has its commercial property tax calculation method, so visit their website to get an idea of the details of how to calculate commercial property tax. However, here are some general pointers about how the calculations are conducted.

Commercial property tax is calculated based on some of these factors:

  • Location of your property
  • State of occupation, whether it is self-occupied, rented, or vacant
  • Commercial usage of the property
  • Available amenities such as a provision of a car park, store, or rainwater harvesting
  • Construction type, whether multi or single storied
  • Age of the construction on the land
  • Floor space index
  • The carpet area of the property

These are some factors based on which the commercial property tax is calculated around municipalities across India. 

Municipalities may also use any of the following three methods to calculate your commercial property tax. These three methods are as follows:

Unit area value system

Under this system, the per unit area of the total carpet area or the built-up area is first determined. Based on this acreage, the expected returns are calculated. Commercial property tax is then calculated on these expected returns.

Capital value-based system

Under this category, the main factor is the market value of a commercial property. Firstly, the local government will calculate the market rate for the property based on the location and type of property. This rate undergoes revision every year. We then calculate tax on the market rate.

Annual rental value system

This system decides tax based on the rent that property owners can earn from it. We calculate the tax based on the rent you would receive on the property. Authorities will look at the location, amenities, size of the property to arrive at the tax value. 

Every municipality in India uses any of these three ways to decide how to calculate commercial property tax. You can also easily find a commercial property tax calculator for your particular municipality and find out how much tax you owe on the property. However, most commercial properties will have a taxation scheme more or less similar to normal property tax.

Municipalities in Mumbai and Bangalore have a commercial property tax calculator. You can check them out on their respective websites.

Paying commercial property tax

There are at present two ways in which you can pay commercial property tax. These are the online payment process and an offline payment process. Here we will cover the step-by-step ways to clear your commercial property tax.

Steps to follow for online payment

Several municipal properties in India allow for online payment of tax. 

  • Step 1: Visit the municipal corporation's website of your city where the property is. 
  • Step 2: Choose the tab where you have to pay your tax and navigate to it. 
  • Step 3: Choose the correct form that you will need. This form could usually be Form 4 or 5 based on the categories that you select. Also, the documents will try to determine if there have been any changes made to the property in question. 
  • Step 4: Select a year of assessment, preferably the current year, if you haven't cleared any backlogs. Most municipalities allow you an option to clear away any arrears if you have them for your commercial property. 
  • Step 5: Now, it is time to fill in the property's details, including the ID and any other documents relevant to your property, such as the zone. 
  • Step 6: After you have entered all the necessary information, you can proceed to payment.
  • Step 7: Use your credit or debit card, as the case may be, and complete clearing the property tax dues. 
  • Step 8: Once you have made the payment, you can print out the challan or tax receipt. 

Following these easy steps, you can pay commercial property tax online.

Steps to follow for offline payment

Apart from the online payment of commercial tax, there is also the offline method of payment. Here's how to do it. 

  • Step 1: Visit the nearest municipal corporation office.
  • Step 2: Carry all the details about your property.
  • Step 3: Ask for a form. 
  • Step 4: Fill up the form with all relevant details and as accurately as possible. 
  • Step 5: Complete the payment at the counter. 
  • Step 6: Submit the form.

Acquiring commercial property tax challan

Once you complete the offline or online payment, you need to collect a commercial property tax receipt. You will receive this receipt directly when you pay online, and you need to collect it from the counter if you pay it offline. 

In conclusion, commercial property tax is more or less similar to other kinds of property tax. The municipality to which you belong may point out some differences. So get ready and hurry over to pay your commercial property tax today!

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