happy hour at home

An at-home happy hour is better than any bar could provide — you just need the right stuff to create cocktails, mocktails and more. Sourced will create a custom webpage for your employees to select their cocktail choice and provide their home address for delivery; Sourced. Join us for live, virtual happy hours and bring your happy hour home! Support local bartenders, meet new people and destress, + learn to make cocktails.

: Happy hour at home

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Happy hour at home

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California! Take Happy Hour home!


Check Out your favorite Happy Hour menu HERE

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Enjoy Happy Hour at home!


are honoring our happy hour price for take out, limited time only ! 

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7 Happy Hour Favorites With a Twist

Happy hour is not reserved for drink specials at the local bar. Though that is where those few hours in the afternoon and late evening get their name, there is no reason you can't enjoy a happy hour at home or with a few friends in a more private atmosphere.

While the drink specials are designed to lure you in (and hopefully stay after they end), you'll often find that you can save even more money by making drinks at home. Beyond the cash you'll save, you can also take advantage of happy hour at home your own drinks.

Many drinkers prefer to keep the drinks simple during happy hour. This isn't the time for fancy cocktails with hard-to-find ingredients. No, we're often too tired and worn out from the day to put any effort into much of anything. 

Some of our favorite after-work drinks are the simplest, those easy mixed drinks that come together in seconds, not minutes. A simple pour of liquor and mixer, these are the cocktails we love when happy hour comes around.

And yet, it is far too easy to get stuck in a drink rut. The routine of a fast and easy drink can become happy hour at home at times, and it can be a challenge to escape this habit. To help you dig out of the evening drink cycle, high neck tummy control one piece swimsuit look at a few of our favorite happy hour cocktails and see how to transform them into something new without getting too wild and crazy.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Riondo Prosecco. All opinions are 100% mine.

Create your own happy hour at home and enjoy great wine and food alone or with friends. Here are 4 Simple Tips for Hosting Happy Hour at Home. // #RiondoProsecco #ItalianForsummer #ad

I can’t believe summer is coming to a close. I’m sad to see summer go; but, happy for fall’s arrival because I’ve missed the cold weather. I work from my home office and when I’m done for the day, I sometimes meet up with friends at a restaurant or pub for happy hour. However, every once in a while, I prefer to host my own. I’ve enjoyed many at-home happy hours this summer. I like to entertain guests out on the deck or spend time alone in the living room with a remote in one hand and a glass of wine in the other. Having happy hour at home is a simple way happy hour at home ope sorry people to your home or if you happy hour at home to unwind alone. Here are four easy steps in creating a great at-home happy hour!

1. Serve Bite-Sized Food

I’m all happy hour at home simplicity. After a long day at work, I don’t want to make more work for myself such as creating meals and dishes that would take an hour to make. I’m too tired for that and I don’t want to break too much of a sweat in this summer heat. So, I focus on things I can put together quickly, like bite-sized food that doesn’t require utensils like grapes, strawberries, cured meat, and crackers and cheese to accompany it.

Create your own happy hour at home and enjoy great wine and food alone or with friends. Here are 4 Simple Tips for Hosting Happy Hour at Home. // #RiondoProsecco #ItalianForsummer #ad

2. Great Wine

You can’t enjoy good food without a good beverage and there’s nothing like sipping on a glass of happy hour at home white wine to cool down on a hot summer day. This Riondo Prosecco is the perfect wine to enjoy at home after work or with friends on the patio.  If you’re not familiar with Prosecco, let me break it down for you. Prosecco is a white sparkling wine from Italy. Like Champagne, the name Prosecco refers to a specific region and grape – in this case, glera grapes grown in the north-east Veneto region of Italy. Prosecco has taken off recently among consumers due to its approachable style – it is usually light, fruity, with some sweetness.

We don’t drink a lot of Prosecco in my house but Riondo Prosecco is starting to become my new go-to summertime beverage. It’s an authentic Italian import with an approachable price point and the perfect beverage for an at-home happy hour, either with friends or alone.

Riondo Prosecco can be enjoyed alone, as a sparkling wine, or with complementary juices, spirits and garnishes. Riondo Prosecco Cocktails are a fun alternative to traditional cocktails and wine.

Create your own happy hour at home and enjoy great wine and food alone or with friends. Here are 4 Simple Tips for Hosting Happy Hour at Home. // #RiondoProsecco #ItalianForsummer #ad

3. Atmosphere

It’s called “happy hour” for a reason. Whether you’re celebrating at home alone or with guests, it should be fun and stress-free. I like to keep things simple. I would create a relaxed atmosphere by laying out food and wine on a coffee table (or out on the deck if it’s not too hot). When I invite friends, we would gather around the couch, so everyone can engage in conversation together.

Create your own happy hour at home and enjoy great wine and food alone or with friends. Here are 4 Simple Tips for Hosting Happy Hour at Home. // #RiondoProsecco #ItalianForsummer #ad

4. Timing

If you’re inviting guests to your own happy hour, be sure to host it before dinner time. I’m usually done with work by 5pm so anytime between 5:30pm-7pm is the perfect time to have it just in case you or your guests have other dinner plans.

Create your own happy hour at home and enjoy great wine and food alone or with friends. Here are 4 Simple Tips for Hosting Happy Hour at Home. // #RiondoProsecco #ItalianForsummer #ad

Happy hour at home is again all about simplicity. Good food, good wine, and good conversation is truly all you need to make it a success.

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Happy Hour at Home: Date Night at Home in August

No one said your relationship with your spouse has to go from “wow” to “meh” once you retire. Quarantine may have us staying indoors but we can still keep the romance sparks sizzling using resources right under our roofs. Check out this step-by-step guide to help over 50s plan a date night at home.

Step one: Choose an activity.

After years of marriage, it’s a safe bet to say you’ve exhausted most of the common date night ideas. Dinner and a movie? Check. Picnics? You’ve scrawled your initials on a couple of good park benches. Dog sledding? No thanks. The last one may not be your cup of tea, but don’t give up just yet.

Once you retire, choosing an activity for date nights at home may need you to think outside the box. Start by writing a list of all the things you enjoy doing and happy hour at home one on your partner’s interests. Now think of activities that have a little bit of something from both lists. For instance, if you enjoy board games and your spouse is a big fan of true crime, play a cold case crime game. Or if both of you are artistic, make body art with face paint. They’re like temporary tattoos but 10 times more fun. And if you also want to document the date with pictures… please for the love of your children, keep it classy!

Step two: Set the stage.

Once you’ve chosen an activity, you can move on to setting the stage. Think about what you have planned for the date and pay extra attention to cleaning the place where you’ll spend the most time. Though you and your partner are probably used to spending more time at home since retirement, remember this is a date. Would you want to focus on romance with your partner when there are dirty dishes in the sink or clothes strewn on your bedroom floor?

We’re not saying you have to make every surface absolutely sterile, but make an effort to clean your home. If you’re playing a cold case crime game, for instance, then focus on the living room. Setting the stage also involves making sure you have all the things you’ll need for the date. That means for body art painting you’ll need to buy the paint and maybe a sheet so you don’t stain the floor.

Step three: Add some décor.

Candles, happy hour at home, throw pillows. These are things that can give your home some extra oomph and put a smile on happy hour at home sweetie’s face. You don’t even have to go out and buy anything. Little gestures like dimming the lights or playing their favorite songs can also put a smile on your partner’s face. And if you’re planning to eat together—even if it’s just pizza—break out the fine dinnerware. Small gestures can help transform your date into a luxurious night indoors.

Step happy hour at home Plan the menu.

If your chosen activity doesn’t involve food then you’ll have to also plan your date night menu. Pinterest is a great place to search for simple recipes, but if you’re short on time, Plan Life Meals and Performance Kitchen Crafted provide meal prep services to residents in the Redmond, WA, area. For exotic dishes, have sushi delivered from Musashi’s or try Hibiscus’ Mediterranean cuisine.

While we’re on the topic of food; don’t forget about dessert. Chocolate-covered bananas, avocado chocolate mousse, and baked cinnamon apples are some of our favorite “cheat sweets.” Just remember to rinse your mouth right after and brush your teeth before bed—your oral health (and your smile) will thank you for it.

Step five: Dress to impress.

Your partner may have married you for your personality and kind smile, but make a special effort on date night to spruce up your appearance. Being sexy is a big part of keeping the romance alive after retirement, so put on your best “going out” clothes and make a little extra effort. Just make sure your fashion statement goes hand in hand with what you’re doing that night. There’s no point putting on a tux if your chosen date night activity is body art painting. Go for an “at home, relaxed” outfit instead.

Preparing for an indoor date just like you would a night out helps to keep the romance alive. Choose an activity you both enjoy and make sure you have everything you need to make the night a success. If you’d like to also spruce up your smile before the big day, Duvall Dental Center has got you covered. And you won’t even have to leave your house. Simply upload a selfie of your smile through our virtual consultation platform and share any concerns you have regarding your teeth with our Richmond, WA, dentist Dr. Tyler. Until then: enjoy your happy hour at home.

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Taste of Home Happy Hour : More Than 100 Cocktails, Mocktails, Munchies & More - (Hardcover)

Book Synopsis happy hour at home martinis to margaritas and from sangrias to slushes, the ideal beverage is only a sip away with Taste of Home Happy Hour! Squelch thirsts at barbecues with a frosty Black- Eyed Susan, impress happy-hour guests with the perfect Moscow Mule and get cozy with a glass of warm Mulled Wine. Become the bartender you always knew you could be with more than 100 beverages. Manhattans, martinis and mojitos.stir them, mix them and shake them up from your home bar with Happy Hour! Bonuses include Boozy Desserts, Mocktails & Munchies!

Indulge in more than 100 cocktails, non-alcoholic drinks, appetizers and liquor desserts that are sure to impress. Whether looking for a classic happy-hour staple, a new change-of-pace favorite, a sweet sipper or a frosty sensation, you're sure to find all of the beverages needed for the perfect party with Taste of Home Happy Hour!

Mixology 101

Classic Cocktails

Martinis & Margaritas

Wine & Sangria

Champagne & Sparkling Cocktails

Spring & Summer Drinks

Fall & Winter Favorites


Bonus: Boozy Desserts


Cerveza Margaritas


Pear Ginger Mojito

Chocolate Chip Martini


Mint Julep

Blackberry Beer Cocktail


Pumpkin Pie Shots

Bourbon Slush

Mai Tai

Dilly Bloody Mary

Cherry Bounce

Fruity Holiday Punch

Tom Collins

Boozy Thin Mint Cake

Hot Toddy Brownies

Bailey's Torte

About The Author

Taste of Home is happy hour at home leading multi-platform producer of information on food, cooking and entertaining, serving home cooks engaging media that capture the joy and comfort received from food made with love. Taste of Homemagazine has a circulation of 2.5 million and publishes Simple & Deliciousmagazine six times a year; top-selling bookazines; newsstand specials; and popular cookbooks.
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