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    My online bank

    I’m Sugnesh Patel, and I’m joined by my colleague Gavin.

    Each year, we help hundreds of clients carry out their daily transactions.
    We advise them on the best solutions to save time and money and carry out transactions in complete security.
    With digital features and services rapidly changing, it’s normal to be anxious.
    Don’t worry! Today we’ll go over five digital features that will make your life easier.

    Have you ever turned back to the branch for a deposit because of the lineup?
    Want to check your balance whenever you want?
    Do you owe a friend an amount of money and have no more checks or cash?

    This is where digital solutions can make your life easier. And don’t panic, a transaction made by mistake could still be reversed.
    Not convinced? Let us prove you wrong.

    Here’s what you’ll be able to do after watching the video: Create an account and sign in, deposit cheques, pay bills, carry out transfers between accounts and Interac® e-Transfers and schedule appointments. Now let’s go over how to create an online account or sign in.

    To get started, type in your search engine. Then, click “Sign in” and select “Personal”. If you don’t already have an online account, you’ll need a personal and unshared email address.

    First step: How to create your account online or sign in.
    Fill in your personal information. Choose a strong password and keep your password secret. Consult the ABCs of Security for more information. A strong password is long, as much as 21 characters. You should also use a different password for each online service, your email, bank account and social networks.

    National Bank will never ask for your password, whether by text, email or phone. If someone asks for your password, it’s very likely to be a fraud attempt. Never share your passwords with anyone.

    Now that you have an online account, let’s go over a feature that will save you some time.

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    Pay target bill online login
    pay target bill online login