t mobile essentials plan vs t mobile one

The T-Mobile network provides expanded coverage for Sprint phones. With that said, for one line on their Essentials 55+ plan, it will cost $40 per month. You have to take into account their coverage areas, what they offer with each of their plans, how much those plans cost, and also what perks you might be able. With the T-Mobile Essentials Plan, you'll pay $30 per line for four lines with unlimited talk, texting and data on a high-speed 4G LTE network.

T mobile essentials plan vs t mobile one -

5 Lines $150

AT&T also just pushed out a major revamp of its data plans. Like T-Mobile, its $85-a-month Elite top tier now removes data throttling, adds 4K video streaming capability, and has more Wi-Fi hot spot data, but the Starter Unlimited plan isn't competitive with T-Mobile's basic Essentials plan. AT&T also still pushes its older Mobile Share Plus data-sharing plans, which aren’t much cheaper and give you less for your money. There are three unlimited plans: Unlimited Starter, Unlimited Extra, and Unlimited Elite. We've detailed the pricing structure for its Starter tier below.

WIRED: Every tier includes 5G data speeds. You won't be throttled at all on the Unlimited Elite plan, and on the Unlimited Extra plan you won't be throttled until you hit 50 gigabytes of data. If you're on the Unlimited Elite, you get a big 40-gigabyte bucket of mobile hot spot to tether to other devices, free access to HBO Max, and 4K video streaming.

TIRED: For the base Starter plan, data throttling could kick in any time there's network congestion, no matter how little data you've already used. The Starter tier also doesn't include any Wi-Fi hot spot, unlike T-Mobile's cheaper basic Essentials plan which does include a bit of slow 3G data. It doesn't have HD video streaming or international data either.

Will your phone work? AT&T has a Device Compatibility PDF you can use to check your current phone(s). Unlocked GSM phones work on AT&T and T-Mobile.

Verizon Is the Most Expensive

Verizon Start, Play More, Do More, and Get More plans

The Start Unlimited plan (with autopay, taxes/fees not included): 1 Line for $70 2 Lines $90

NEW YORK - T-Mobile US (TMUS) will now let its U.S. customers call, text, use apps and browse the Internet within North America without paying extra charges.

T-Mobile said this will mean savings for customers who travel to Canada or Mexico or call people there frequently.

Here's a closer look at the deal:

Why is this significant?

Canada and Mexico account for a significant chunk of international travel by Americans, and those countries are the destinations for many of the international calls from the U.S. Customers with friends or family in Mexico or Canada or who live in border states will benefit the most from this deal.

T-Mobile isn't alone in eyeing Mexico. In recent years, AT&T (T) bought two Mexican telecommunications companies. But AT&T says its growth is more about adding subscribers in Mexico than offering service there for traveling Americans. The company aims to cover 100 million Mexicans on its network by the end of 2018.

Who is eligible, and how do I sign up?

The service is free for all existing and new T-Mobile customers, including those with prepaid and pay-as-you-go plans. T-Mobile said the only exceptions are customers with certain older or promotional plans.

Customers must sign up online or at a store to take advantage of the deal. There's no charge. The new plan takes effect next Wednesday.

What does it include?

T-Mobile customers will be able to call and text Mexican and Canadian phone numbers with their regular U.S. minutes. Those on unlimited plans will have unlimited calls or texts to those numbers, too. When traveling in those countries, customers will be able to call U.S., Mexican and Canadian numbers with their minutes.

"We're just making Canada and Mexico part of your home territory," says T-Mobile CEO John Legere said on a conference call.

As for data, customers will have access to their regular data allowance and will be able to keep using T-Mobile's slower 2G service once they run out, just as they would in the U.S.

How does that compare to what I paid before?

Previously, T-Mobile charged 20 cents per minute for calls made while traveling in Canada and Mexico. Texting was already free. Data service also was free, but only at the slower, 2G speeds. That can be adequate for email, but it's painfully slow for Web surfing.

For calls from the U.S. to those countries, T-Mobile customers previously had to buy an add-on global calling plan or pay 49 cents per minute to call Canada and 69 cents to call Mexico.

Customers of other major wireless carriers also need to pay extra, as T-Mobile previously required. For instance, AT&T sells packages of minutes good for calls made while traveling in Mexico and Canada. They start at $30 for 80 minutes per month. AT&T also sells monthly global calling plans that include free calls to Mexico. Various amounts of data are included in the global calling plans.

Verizon Wireless (VZ) offers a $10-a-month plan for travel in Canada in Mexico. It offers 100 megabytes of data and some texting privileges, while $5 more per month adds 100 minutes of calls and expanded texting capabilities.

How is T-Mobile able to offer this?

The company says it has struck deals with some of the top carriers in Canada and Mexico, allowing customers to use their networks while traveling. In exchange, some of those carriers will get to use T-Mobile's networks.

It's similar to deals U.S. carriers make with each other to let customers roam for free on a rival network when the customer's own network has no coverage.

T-Mobile wouldn't provide details on the deal or say whether they are exclusive to T-Mobile. As a result, it's unclear whether other major U.S. carriers will be able to broker deals of their own.

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3 Lines $135

T-Mobile Cell Phone Plans Review 2021

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If you’re looking for fast speeds and unlimited plan prices with no gotchas, T-Mobile is a clear winner.

Published on December 11, 2020

T-Mobile offers the best wireless speeds out of any other major network, along with straight-up and relatively affordable pricing. The only place where T-Mobile slightly misses the mark is with its wireless coverage.

T-Mobile unlimited plans

What you see is (mostly) what you get.

T-Mobile unlimited cell phone plans

It’s hard to find a straightforward cell phone plan out there, but we think T-Mobile plans come the closest. It’s not every day you find a company that advertises its prices with taxes and fees included, but T-Mobile does.

That is, it did, until the Essentials plan came along. For some reason, T-Mobile decided not to include taxes in the price for that guy, so plan on paying a little more than what you see above.

The good news is that these prices still offer a lot of bang for the buck. Your data doesn’t cap until you hit 50 GB (which is great compared to other providers), you get quality streaming (HD-quality with the Magenta Plus plan), and strong coverage.

Talk to me about perks

Light Bulb

So why would you go with the more expensive Magenta or Magenta Plus plans? You get better streaming, free in-flight texting, and if you’re doing a family plan, free Netflix.

We’ll put those T-Mobile phone prices to the task and compare them with the other best cell phone providers out there.

T-Mobile unlimited cell phone plans comparison

As far as basic unlimited plans go, T-Mobile is among the cheapest of the major carriers. It can’t beat cheap rates offered by MVNO providers, but it does beat them in coverage, speed, and data caps.1 On the other end, T-Mobile doesn’t have quite the same level of coverage as Verizon.2

Essentials customers get slowed first

Heads Up

Bad news for Essentials customers: they’ll be the first to have their data speeds slowed during times of high traffic.

Honestly, we’re surprised T-Mobile doesn’t cost more than it does. It has essentially the same quality as AT&T or Verizon, yet it costs quite a bit less. It’s like paying $6 for a Double-Double at In-N-Out as opposed to paying $9 for a vastly inferior hamburger at Five Guys. (That’s right, I said it . . .)

The main thing you should worry about with T-Mobile is the rural coverage. In many parts of the West, for example, you’re not going to get the level of coverage you would want. For the rest of you in other parts of the country, though, T-Mobile makes a strong case.

T-Mobile family plans

Cell phone plans for whatever your family needs.

You’ve got four options for your T-Mobile family plan, and they range from no data to tons of data with HD-quality streaming. From Essentials and up, you’re looking at unlimited plans—it just depends on what kind of unlimited you want.

Do you have a family that cares about having tons of hotspot data and HD streaming? Do your college kids need laptop access on the go? Or do you enjoy watching The Walking Dead on your morning train commute? Then you might want to check out the Magenta Family plan or Magenta Plus Family plan.

On the other hand, if you mainly just use the internet for email, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube, then you’ll want just a basic unlimited plan, like the Essentials plan. And for our true minimalists living off the grid, you can get a plan without any data at all.

How do these T-Mobile family plans compare with other family plans? Let’s take a look.

T-Mobile family plans comparison

Just like with other T-Mobile phone plans, this one’s basically in the middle. In this case, T-Mobile wireless being in the middle is a wonderful thing.

Compared to other top four wireless providers, T-Mobile edges into the lead with perks like no speed throttling until you’ve used 50 GB of data in a billing cycle. Yes, you read that right: 50 gigs.

AT&T doesn't even come close—they’ll slow you down at 22 or 23 GB. Verizon is the only company to top those 50 gigs—its Above Unlimited plan offers 75 GB of unthrottled data.

On top of everything else, you’re getting a deal by getting your T-Mobile coverage with a family plan. For all that, you’d think that T-Mobile would be more expensive.

So unless you live in a rural area, you should really consider a T-Mobile family plan. It’s got fast speeds, good coverage for metro areas, and just a ton of data to go around. Call your extended family and get in on this. It’s money well spent.

T-Mobile international coverage

Info Box

If you’re a frequent flyer, you may just fall in love with perks of the T-Mobile Magenta Plus International plan. Find out whether this is the best plan for your adventures abroad in our Best International Plans review.

T-Mobile prepaid plans

Save some money with a T-Mobile prepaid plan.

If you compare T-Mobile prepaid plans with the unlimited plans, you’ll notice the prepaid options are a bit cheaper. The main catch is that you’ll have to pay in advance instead of getting your bill at the end of the month.

The prepaid system can get a little annoying if you forget to pay for another month of service, but as long as you stay on top of things, you’ll save more than a few bucks every month.

The T-Mobile prepaid plans have the same perks of their postpaid counterparts. You still have a 50 GB data cap and mobile hotspot on the go.

How good is T-Mobile performance?

Fastest data speeds, but weaker coverage

Heading into 2021, T-Mobile currently owns the title belt for both fastest download speeds and upload speeds. We sampled tens of thousands of wireless users and T-Mobile came out on top with an average download speed of 32.7 Mbps and an average upload speed of 12.9 Mbps. Observe in the bar graph below how T-Mobile flexes on the competition when it comes to data speeds.

Fastest Wireless Download Speeds
Fastest Wirelss Upload Speeds

Basically, you can expect basically everything to be faster on T-Mobile's wireless network versus Verizon or AT&T. You can download apps faster, buffer streams more quickly, and upload your video to Instagram quickly as well.

Out of the three major networks, T-Mobile currently has the weakest coverage overall. For context, here's the rankings at it stands now when it comes to wireless coverage.1

  1. Verizon: 70% 4G Cell Phone Coverage
  2. AT&T: 68% 4G Cell Phone Coverage
  3. T-Mobile: 62% 4G Cell Phone Coverage

Before you consider switching to T-Mobile, make sure to check your neck of the woods in the coverage map below.

T-Mobile cell phones and devices

Pick a phone, any phone, including iPhones, Samsungs, Google Pixels, and more.

Whatever phone you want to use, you can plan on using it on T-Mobile's network. You can use the latest iPhone devices or Android devices. Here's the most popular cell phone's on T-Mobile's network right now.

Be ready to share your credit score if you sign up for a lease on a new phone. Even average credit means you’ll most likely need to fork over a down payment along with monthly payments. This is fairly common with other top three cell phone service providers, although we didn’t get asked about our credit when we signed up for Verizon.

If you prefer to skip the credit check, you can—just be aware you’ll need to pay the full retail price of your new phone right then and there.

T-Mobile customer service: What’s the deal?

The wireless industry as a whole has issues with customer service, but T-Mobile is trying to change that.

Talk to a T-Mobile customer, and you’ll probably hear a mix of stories about customer service, both good and bad.

We’ve had great experiences with in-store customer service in the past. Long story short, we ordered a phone from T-Mobile website, and it was stolen before it even arrived on our doorstep.

Thankfully, the in-store representative walked us through what to do and how to get a replacement phone, and they remained understanding and helpful even though we showed up at the store right at closing time.

However, when we later noticed the stolen phone was activated and we started receiving a bill for it, we had to contact the call center several times to cancel the service and zero out the bill. Moral of the story? Visit your local T-Mobile store for a better experience.

If you prefer to avoid phone calls and trips to the store, we feel you. You can make contact with T-Mobile and ask questions on social media. Prepare the hashtags.

  • Twitter: @TMobile
  • Facebook: @TMobile

We hope T-Mobile will continue to improve on its customer service and keep pushing out transparent, easy-to-understand pricing. Because being able to understand what you’ll owe each month is important.

Recap: How is T-Mobile service?

Here’s the TL;DR for how T-Mobile ranks.

  • Plans: T-Mobile offers a basic plan, Essentials, and a mid-tier plan, called ONE. Overall, we’re pleased that T-Mobile plans are easy to understand—and that most of its advertised prices include taxes and fees. Oh, and there’s no activation fee.
  • Performance: T-Mobile boasts the best network data speeds, but its coverage lacks a bit, especially in rural areas of the country.
  • Customer service: Odds are, you’ll be well taken care of by T-Mobile’s customer service team. We personally found in-person interactions to be really helpful. (The call center, not so much.)
  • T-Mobile review takeaway: If you want fast data speeds, look no further than T-Mobile. Just make sure you get coverage in your area, first.
Tyler Abbott

Written by

Tyler Abbott

Tyler has been obsessed with watching sports as efficiently as possible since the creation of the DVR. He is always on the lookout for the best tech in TV and wireless so he can watch all the sports and still have enough time to hang out with his baby. He has written about streaming, wireless, and TV for over three years. He hopes the Lakers will eventually get better.

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: T mobile essentials plan vs t mobile one

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t mobile essentials plan vs t mobile one

T-Mobile Introduces New Super-Cheap $15 Connect Plan with 2GB of Data

Image for article titled T-Mobile Introduces New Super-Cheap $15 Connect Plan with 2GB of Data

Originally, T-Mobile wasn’t planning on introducing its new super-cheap Connect plan until after it had finalized its merger with Sprint. Now, with covid-19 putting a strain on everyone’s budget, the company has decided to push it out just a bit earlier.

Going live this Wednesday, March 25, the new pre-paid Connect plan will become T-Mobile’s least-expensive phone plan, offering 2GB of mobile data per month midwest community bank in defiance ohio with unlimited talk and text for $15, or 5GB of data for $25 t mobile essentials plan vs t mobile one month. west valley high school cottonwood ca a time when people are staying indoors and likely relying on wi-fi for their internet connection rather than mobile data, switching to T-Mobile Connect could offer some decent savings compared to T-Mobile’s Essentials plan, which starts at $60 per month for a single line, or T-Mobile’s premium Magenta plan which starts at $70 for a single line. That said, T-Mobile’s Essential and Magenta plans have a much higher data cap of 50GB per month before T-Mobile will start throttling your speeds, so there’s an obvious trade-off.

Image for article titled T-Mobile Introduces New Super-Cheap $15 Connect Plan t mobile essentials plan vs t mobile one 2GB of Data

Additionally, Metro by T-Mobile is introducing a new $15-a-month plan with the same 2GB of monthly data as T-Mobile Connect. On top of that, MetroSmart Hotspot devices will be half off for the next two months, while Metro’s $35 per month hotspot data plan will get double the data (from 10GB to 20GB) over that time period as well.

G/O Media may get a commission

Sennheiser Headphones

Up to 50% off

Sennheiser Headphones

Hear everything for cheaper
This deal on all manner of Sennheiser headphones will get you listening to crisp, clear music for up to 50% less!

Finally, T-Mobile is expanding one of its T-Mobile Tuesdays offers to all T-Mobile customers by giving everyone a free two-month subscription to YouTube Premium and one free four-week course from Shaw Academy.

One important thing to note though is that on T-Mobile Connect plan and Metro’s $15 plan, if you use up your 2GB of 5GB of monthly data, that’s it. Both plans features a hard data cap and are not eligible for T-Mobile’s temporary unlimited data offer, so if you’re worried about potentially running out of mobile data at the end of the month, this plan may not be for you.

That said, when you combine all this with T-Mobile’s previous announcements that it’s giving all T-Mobile and Metro customers with hotspot data an additional 20GB of data and upgrading people with older legacy plans unlimited data for the next 60 days, it seems T-Mobile is trying to offer a little relief during these trying times.


Источник: https://gizmodo.com/t-mobile-introduces-new-super-cheap-15-connect-plan-wi-1842460790

Switch from T-Mobile and Save

Looking for something better than T-Mobile with the same network quality but at a much more attractive discounted cost? That's possible! With Allvoi, your phone bill will be so much more affordable compared to T-Mobile. Save money and operate on a network that has the same reliability. Sounds like a great plan doesn’t it? Allvoi is the obvious option.

Allvoi - Best T-Mobile Alternative

Allvoi Wireless is not only an affordable wireless carrier, but it’s also just as reliable when compared to T-Mobile and other major networks. We operate in the US biggest wireless network using the same telecommunications equipment as all other nationwide carriers. Allvoi also offers unlimited nationwide data and unlimited talk & text with three of our plans on a fast and reliable network across the United States.

With Allvoi, you can travel from coast to coast on our reliable network with 4G LTE and 5G capability without breaking the bank. Voice, 4G LTE and 5G data are available in the majority of the United States. Our business model allows us to offer our customers more traffic and at the same time be about 20 percent cheaper. Our prices are transparent with no hidden fees and no contractual obligations. Get amazing coverage at unbeatable prices!

We promise that Allvoi is a premium wireless service with a 100% satisfaction guarantee policy.

Allvoi Unlimited Plans Versus T-Mobile Plans

Versus T-Mobile, Allvoi offers unbeatable prices to accompany our reliable network. Allvoi and T-Mobile both offer three plans with unlimited national talk & text as well as unlimited data. Compared to T-Mobile, though, all three of Allvoi’s plans are more affordable. Allvoi’s Unlimited Starter Plan is $48 a month, Unlimited Performance is $56, and the Unlimited Elite is $64. T-Mobile’s prices are much more expensive at $60, $70, $85 a month per line. The differences in price offer the possibility of over $400 annually which means more money in your pocket. Plus, Allvoi has no upfront costs, versus T-Mobile which has $25 upfront costs on all plans. Allvoi is a T-Mobile alternative that offers reliable service at an amazingly affordable price. We’re proud to offer our great network at such a great price.

20GB 4G LTE 

No Hidden Fees

At Allvoi, we are proud to offer transparent prices to our customers. All taxes and fees may be additional t mobile essentials plan vs t mobile one our pricing BUT we have no upfront costs for any of our plans. This is compared to T-Mobile, which has a $25 upfront cost on all of their plans. Furthermore, all our fees are transparent so you know all what you're paying turbotax prepaid card balance without surprise costs. We believe that you should be able to access a network and stay connected without being charged upfront. Allvoi provides our plans for an affordable price with no hidden fees or cost upfront.

Switch from T-Mobile at Ease

Switching for T-Mobile to Allvoi is seamless and stress-free. We know that you have probably switched service providers in the past and may have some residual trauma. We want to make sure that you never feel that way again. All of our plans are contract-free with no cost upfront. You are able to sign up and get started right away. With Allvoi, our aim is to make it as simple as possible for you. We want you to be glad that you switch from T-Mobile, not stressed from the process. At Allvoi we are here to make the switching process simple.

No Service Interruptions

Losing t mobile essentials plan vs t mobile one service can result in missing important updates or notifications. We understand how this could negatively affect you, so we make sure it doesn’t happen. When you switch from T-Mobile to Allvoi, there will be no service interruptions when you switch. We want to make sure that switching providers is as seamless and simple as possible. You shouldn’t lose service when you switch, so, at Allvoi, we make sure that you done. Switch to Amazon solar wind chimes while staying connected.

Keep Your Phone Number

A rose by any other name may smell just as sweet, but your phone with another number is not sweet at all. Your phone number is your digital identification, attached to all of your accounts. Switching networks and losing your number would feel like you lost a piece of you. Plus, you would have to spend countless hours changing the phone information on all of your accounts. We aim to make sure that doesn’t happen. When you switch from T-Mobile to Allvoi, you can keep your number. Phone systems have advanced to allow for numbers to easily transfer across carriers. Switch your service, not your number.

Bring Your Own Device or Get One for Free

Switching to Allvoi is as simple as it can be. We know that new phones are expensive and that some service providers make you purchase a new phone to use on their service. It shouldn’t be that way, so at Allvoi you can bring your phone along with you when you switch from T-Mobile. You’re getting started with us, so we help you out by helping you switch your phone to our network. There's no catch at all! Whether you bring your phone over or get a phone from us, you can take full advantage of the unlimited talk & text, and unlimited data we offer with all plans.

Superior Customer Service Compared to T-Mobile

We value our consumers and it is extremely important to us that you are supported and satisfied. You deserve to have a superior support system to help you with any problems that may arise. We are always here to help whether you are switching networks, have a question about t mobile essentials plan vs t mobile one or need support. We aim to provide the best possible service to you compared to T-Mobile, where you may be stuck on hold just to not get the help you need. At Allvoi, we offer great service to accompany our affordable prices and reliable network.

~ Superior Wireless ~ Affordable Cost ~ Transparent Prices ~ Friendly Service ~ Allvoi Keeps You Connected

Источник: https://www.allvoi.com/wireless/compared-to-t-mobile

What is T-Mobile’s Best Data Plan?

As has been made evident by T-Mobile’s latest earnings report, wireless customers in the US are still moving their way over to the Uncarrier. T-Mobile continues to add new customers at an industry-leading rate. So, if you are thinking about jumping on that bandwagon, you night time flea market san jose be wondering which data plan of T-Mobile’s is the best? We’ve got a suggestion.

T-Mobile Essentials, ONE, or Prepaid?

T-Mobile, at one point, made it incredibly easy to choose one of their plans, but those times have changed some. Within the past year, T-Mobile took away their International option, added a new Essentials choice, and seems to be making it harder and harder to find their prepaid offerings. For this comparison, because their prepaid plans are basically the same as T-Mobile Essentials without much of a price difference, we’ll ignore them for now. This post will help you decide between T-Mobile ONE, ONE Plus, and Essentials. Cool?

T-Mobile Unlimited Data Plans

I think the choice from T-Mobile is pretty easy and that choice is the standard T-Mobile ONE plan. T-Mobile positions it as the base plan that you have to choose, assuming you don’t go with Essentials, but then lets you upgrade it to ONE Plus as needed. In other words, it’s semi-flexible in a good way.

Why not Essentials? It’s not that I don’t think you should consider Essentials. In fact, if you are an individual looking for a single line plan, don’t need hotspot and don’t do traveling outside of the US, you should consider it. It’s a great deal at $60 that also gives you the opportunity to add 10GB hotspot data for $10 per month. The thing is, if you want 2+ lines, T-Mobile ONE gives you some nice upgrades that basically offset that price increase. Also, keep in mind that taxes and fees for Essentials are not rolled into the plan price like they are on the T-Mobile ONE plans.

Why T-Mobile ONE? For the most part, the standard features are that of Essentials, but you probably will get a faster every-day data connection up to the 50GB throttling threshold. However, you do get 5GB of LTE data in Canada and Mexico, plus texting and data in a 200+ other countries. Even if you don’t do much out-of-US traveling, those are just there for not much more money than Essentials.

But where this plan pays for itself, is t mobile essentials plan vs t mobile one you go with 2+ lines and happen to subscribe to Netflix. T-Mobile will cover your standard 2-screen Netflix account. Additionally, if you fly around the US regularly or even a couple of times per year, you get 1 hour of free in-flight WiFi, as well as free texting throughout. Have you looked at in-flight WiFi prices in a while?

Now, I mentioned earlier that this plan is flexible, and what I mean by that is the option to add-on T-Mobile ONE Plus. ONE Plus isn’t necessarily a stand-alone plan, but an upgrade to ONE. For a single line, you’ll pay $15 extra per month for it. However, at 2+ lines, it’s only a $10 per line upgrade, giving you 20GB 4G LTE hotspot data, 2x international data speeds, HD streaming, and unlimited in-flight WiFi. Those four features are probably worth more than $10.

So again, the regular T-Mobile ONE plan is probably the best, and that’s because it gives you a simple way to upgrade it as necessary to T-Mobile ONE Plus if you get to the point where you need more.

Sign-up for T-Mobile ONE Plans

Источник: https://www.droid-life.com/2019/01/14/t-mobile-best-data-plan/
3 Lines $135 4 Lines $105

New T-Mobile plan offers four 5G lines for $100 as extra coverage lights up

T-Mobile has announced a new four-line price plan, bringing unlimited data down to under $25 per line, as it tries to prove that its merger with Sprint truly is a good deal for subscribers. The new promotion will only be offered for a limited time over the summer, the carrier said today, though promises to be its lowest postpaid deal so far.

You’ll need to sign up to four lines of service on T-Mobile Essentials, each of which will be priced at $25 per month, assuming you use AutoPay, plus taxes and fees. Each line will include unlimited data, in addition to unlimited talk and text.

There’ll also be Caller ID, a free PROXY second number, and access to the T-Mobile Tuesdays perks. An extra line after the four can be added for a further $20 per month, up to six lines. T-Mobile Essentials includes 5G data, assuming you’re in a location where 5G service is available, and that you have a 5G-compatible device.

If you don’t, for $5 more per month, per line, T-Mobile will throw in a 5G phone as well. Specifically, it’s the Samsung Galaxy A71 5G, assuming you have a device to trade-in.

Existing subscribers will be able to switch to the new T-Mobile Essentials or T-Mobile Essentials PLUS, assuming they’re willing to commit to four lines. Small businesses will also be eligible for the new plan.

From July 24 meanwhile, T-Mobile says, any existing T-Mobile or Sprint customers can also get a Samsung Galaxy A71 5G for free, or a half-price Samsung Galaxy S20 5G, again assuming they have an eligible trade-in. The rebate will be via 24 monthly bill credits.

While the deal will only be offered over the summer, kicking off from July 24, it’s part of the carrier’s big pitch to prove that getting Sprint merger approval wasn’t against the public interest. Come August 2, Sprint and T-Mobile will finally blend together, and only the T-Mobile brand will survive on the other side. Sprint actually offered a similar deal to this one, though T-Mobile points out that it would actually increase in price over time thanks to various “contractual commitments and ‘step ups’.”

As for finding 5G, there T-Mobile has a plan too. Existing Sprint subscribers have already gained access to T-Mobile’s LTE and 5G networks, while in return T-Mobile has started using 2.5 GHz spectrum that Sprint held for its own mid-band 5G service. That’s only just going live in parts of Chicago, Houston, and Los Angeles, after Philadelphia and New York were switched on earlier in the year. T-Mobile says it’s seeing average download speeds over 300 Mbps, and peak speeds four times that.

Standalone 5G – which promises better coverage, a t mobile essentials plan vs t mobile one in latency, and faster uploads – will follow on this quarter, T-Mobile has promised.

Источник: https://www.slashgear.com/new-t-mobile-plan-offers-four-5g-lines-for-100-as-extra-coverage-lights-up-22630177/
5 Lines $150

Verizon still has the best coverage, but T-Mobile and others are giving it a run for its money. The carrier finally got rid of its confusingly named double unlimited plans, GoUnlimited and BeyondUnlimited, only to replace them with four unlimited plans and a kids plan. You can choose between Start Unlimited, Play More Unlimited, Do More Unlimited, Get More Unlimited, and Just Kids. We've outlined pricing for the starter tier below.

WIRED: Like the competition, every plan includes 5G data access. If you live in a rural area, Verizon has the strongest coverage, according to OpenSignal. Every plan (except Just Kids) includes six free months of Apple Music and six months of Disney+. All tiers include talk, text, and data to Mexico and Canada and international texting. The top-tier Play More Unlimited and Td bank business phone number More Unlimited plans now include access to Disney+, Hulu, and ESPN+.

TIRED: Verizon is more expensive than the other carriers. If you're on pg one basic Start Unlimited plan, there's no Wi-Fi mobile hot spot, and Verizon may throttle your internet speed during any "congestion." You have to step up another $10 per month for 4K streaming, as Starter only allows 480p SD streaming. Verizon has two plans priced at $80 per month (for first national bank david city nebraska single line) and the only two differences between them is that a year of Disney+, ESPN+, and Hulu are included in the Play More package. Both the Play More and Do More plans come with a 50-gigabyte cap on data before throttling.

Will your phone work? Verizon has a Device Compatibility Search tool you can use to check if your phone is supported on the network. The carrier used to only support CDMA phones, but most unlocked GSM devices these days will work.

Why We Recommend Unlocked Phones

If you bought your phone from your wireless carrier (most people do), it was probably sold to you as t mobile essentials plan vs t mobile one locked device that works only on one wireless carrier. We recommend you buy devices unlocked online instead because they will work on other networks, allowing you to switch.

As long as you’ve fully paid for your phone, your wireless carrier is obligated to unlock it for you. Just take it in or ask about procedures on how to unlock a device. (Read more at FCC.gov.)

If you bought your phone unlocked, there's a chance it will work on every major carrier. Most devices will either work on either AT&T and T-Mobile, which are known as GSM carriers, or Verizon, which uses a technology called CDMA. Sometimes a device will partially (or mostly) work with a carrier, so it’s worth giving it a shot! Try WillMyPhoneWork.net if you’re unsure of compatibility.

Our Favorite Unlocked Phones

If you need to buy a new phone (or a couple for your posse), we have suggestions. For starters, check our Best Cheap Phones guide for our favorite devices that cost between $200 and $500. We also have guides on our favorite iPhones and favorite Android phones.

TheGoogle Pixel 4A ($350)is our favorite phone. At WIRED, we're big fans of the Pixel 4A. It’s available at Amazon. The new iPhone SE ($399) is another good choice if you want prudential disability insurance Apple device on the cheap. Amazon has a good selection of other unlocked t mobile essentials plan vs t mobile one tip: Check the phone's model number at WillMyPhoneWork.net to be sure it'll work on your carrier. Again, chances are high that an unlocked phone won’t work on Verizon.

How to Check Network Quality in Your Area

If you live in a rural area, before you switch to a new wireless network, do some research. Don’t trust the employees at your local Best Buy or mall kiosk. Ask neighbors, friends, and relatives nearby what their coverage is like and use OpenSignal and RootMetrics to track how effective networks are in your area. Just enter your address and you’re good to go. If you own a second home or travel for work, check those addresses, too. Chances are high that all three wireless carriers will work just fine, but it’s smart to check before switching.

If you're not using your current unlimited plan as much these days, we have a guide on how to temporarily suspend your phone account, plus some alternative carriers to switch to if you want to save some dough.

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