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The Government of Goa in 1986 created Directorate of Technical Education. Facilitate new Technical Education Institutions and Courses in the State of Goa. Don't miss out on the best offers for this month Key Specs of Kia Seltos Kia Seltos Price: The Kia Seltos is priced between Rs 9.95 lakh and Rs. You may be asked an additional MyKey security question. Online With GTE Online Banking you can view your accounts make transfers pay bills and download.

: Gte online banking my key

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Some financial institutions have security safeguards that prevent third gte online banking my key applications like Acorns from monitoring your transactions for Round-Ups.
While Acorns can’t make recommendations to change or disable security settings with your online banking account, these features may prevent Acorns from successfully Rounding-Up your purchases and rewarding Earn Rewards.
If you choose to change any settings, unlinking and relinking should update your connection.
Please complete the following steps to link a Round-up Account: 

For Mobile:

  1. After logging in to your account, tap the menu (avatar) in the upper left corner of the screen
  2. Tap "Settings"
  3. Tap "Linked Accounts"
  4. Tap "Link another account"
  5. Search for your bank and connect using your banking credentials

For Web:

  1. After logging in to your account, click on the menu (avatar) in the upper right corner of the screen
  2. Click on "Profile & Settings"
  3. Click on "Linked Accounts"
  4. Click on "Link another account"
  5. Search for your bank and connect using your banking credentials

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Education on the Halfshell: Understanding a Dichotomous Key

Lesson Goal

The students will explore the benefits of creating and using dichotomous keys as a means of identifying an organism or object.

Lesson Objective

The student will use a dichotomous key to identify seashells.

Background Information

A dichotomous key is a tool that allows the user to determine the identity of items and organisms in the natural world. It is the most widely used form of classification in the biological sciences because it offers the user a quick and easy way of identifying unknown organisms. Keys consist of a series of choices that lead the user to the correct name of a given item. “Dichotomous” means “divided into two parts.” That is why dichotomous keys always give two choices in each step. In each step, the user is presented with two statements based on characteristics of the organism. If the user makes the correct choice every time, the name of the organism will be revealed at the end.

There are two kinds of descriptions that might be presented to the user of a dichotomous key: qualitative and quantitative descriptions. Qualitative descriptions concern the physical attributes, or qualities, of the item being classified. Examples of qualitative descriptions are such phrases as “contains green striations on top surface” or “feels slick on bottom surface.” Quantitative descriptions concern values that correspond with the item being classified. Examples of quantitative descriptions are such phrases as “has 10 striations on top surface,” “has 8 legs,” or “weighs gte online banking my key grams”. Knowing the difference between these two types of descriptions can be immensely beneficial for creators and users of dichotomous keys.

There are two ways to set up a dichotomous key. One way is to present the two choices together, and the other way is to group by relationships. When the dichotomous key is set up by presenting the two choices together, it is easy to distinguish between them. However, relationships between various characteristics are not emphasized. When the dichotomous key is grouped by relationships, the choices are separated, yet it is easy to see the relationships between them. While this method may midwest community bank in defiance ohio to be more difficult to construct, many users prefer it because it gives them more information.

Teacher Preparation

Blackline Master 1 gives students instructions on how to use a dichotomous key in general.  In this activity you  will find two styles of dichotomous keys (download Blackline Masters 2 and 3) and seashell pictures used in the keys (Blackline Master 4, pages 1-3). Pick one of the dichotomous key worksheets; both reflect the same dichotomous process and use the same seashell pictures.  Links to downloading the Blackline Masters can be found below.

Duplicate as many keys and sets of seashell pictures as necessary for each student or student group. It is suggested that if you use this activity many times, you should laminate the pictures of the shells and then cut them apart as sets for future use.

NOTE: When making copies of the seashell pictures from your blackline master, lighten the density of the copies, and if possible, use the photo/text option. If you do not lighten the density, the images will be difficult to see.

HINT: f the student is a verbal learner use the key on Blackline Master 2. If student is a visual learner use Blackline Master 3.

Blackline Masters

Alternative Assessments

  • Create a concept map from the key.
  • Design a short dichotomous key using a particular item (examples: coke tabs, empty ketchup bottles, paper clips, etc.) and have the students work through the key.
  • Have students work through an online dichotomous key.

Answer Key(s)Keys to Student Activities, versions 1 and 2 (PDF)

Extension Ideas

  • Research ways dichotomous keys are used in other areas of school, society, culture, etc.
  • In geometry class, develop a dichotomous key of a formal proof.
  • Create a collage from the different levels of the key.

Resources & Web Links

Timme, Stephen, 1991, Association for Biology Laboratory Education website, How to Construct and Use a Dichotomous Key, accessed 02/16/01,

Description: An excellent web-based activity on the construction and use of a dichotomous key that also describes the use of a dichotomous key in the field and provides a key for prairie plants.

Frontier High School, Red Rock, OK, The Dichotomous Key, accessed 02/16/01,

Description: Provides instructions on the two methods of constructing a dichotomous key as well as several online dichotomous keys. Grade level: High School.

Detka, Jon gte online banking my key, California State University at Monteray Bay, Designing and Using a Dichotomous Key, accessed 02/16/01,

Description: Students first construct a simple gte online banking my key key and then use a basic key to identify some of the native plants and the most unwanted invasive weeds of California. Grade level: 3-5.

Santa Cruz Productions, Wastewater Filamentous Bacteria Dichotomous Key, accessed 02/16/01,

Description: A completely web-based dichotomous key designed to assist students in identifying wastewater bacteria.

Correlations to the Louisiana & the National Science Education Standards

Louisiana Science Frameworks
Middle School BenchmarksHigh School Benchmarks
  • SI-M-A1,A3,A4,A7
  • SI-M-B4,B6
  • PS-M-A1,A3
  • LS-M-A2,A3
  • S-M-C1
  • SI-H-A1,A3,A4,A5
  • SI-H-B2,B4
  • PS-H-A1
  • LS-H-C4,C5
National Science Education Standards
Middle School StandardsHigh School Standards
  • UC&P- Systems, order & organization
  •  LS – Diversity & adaptations of organisms


  • UC&P – Systems, order, & organization
  • PS – Structure & properties of matter

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How to Login As Root in Ubuntu?

Just like the Administrator in Windows 10, in Linux, there is always an admin user named Root. The concept is the same as Administrator; Root can make any changes to the system, accessing all files, running commands, changing security settings, etc. It gives you complete access over the system; hence it requires utmost caution. One incorrect command can destroy many files of the system. It is to avoid these accidents in the gte online banking my key place; the Root user is locked in Ubuntu. Normal daily tasks and applications do not require a Root user, like, downloading and uploading from the internet, creating and deleting documents, etc. So enable the Root user only if some task gets restricted; it is not suggested otherwise. Why would you need a root user in Ubuntu? Some system-specific tasks do need privileges provided by the Root user. Suppose you need to update Ubuntu via the command line; this command does not run as a normal user. The permission will be denied for it. What is Sudo or Sudo commands? Now, do you know how to run commands as Root? We can run commands as Root by adding sudo before commands. Ubuntu, Ubuntu distributions, and Linux distributions use a mechanism for it that is called Sudo. Sudo is a program that manages access to the commands that are being run as Sudo or normal users. Sudo is a dynamic and versatile tool. This is the program bank of america online bill pay setup allows a user to run all commands as Root by configuration. This configuration can be selective to allow only a set of commands as root or make it so the sudo can run without any password. As you know when you install Ubuntu you are asked to create a user account that works as admin on your system, as per the sudo policy. The default policy in Ubuntu can run any command on the system with root privileges. Sudo does not even require a Root password, and it works on the user’s own password. Whenever you run the command with sudo it will ask for the user's password. If you run the Su command and do not enter the password, you will come across ‘su authentication failure&rsquo. Going back is simple; like any other command, you can go back to the normal user by using the exit command. How to Login As Root in Ubuntu When you first log in to Ubuntu on your PC, it does not enable the Root automatically. It does not even ask for Root user credentials. It will create a normal user, and this normal account will have sudo privileges. This user will be used bank of the west greeley co hours run sudo commands to perform administrative tasks required. To enable the Ubuntu root account, you will need to give it a password. To give a password use passwd command. To run the passwd command on the root account, you will need privileges of sudo. Now, how to do that? There are a few steps to do that. First, open the Ubuntu terminal and run the groups by the command “groups&rdquo. It will tell you if you have the root privileges or not; if you have them, then set the root password with the following command: “sudo passwd root&rdquo. The first command prompts your password to confirm the privileges and the passwd command prompts you, to enter a new password, you have to enter the password two times. Now it is ready to log in as a root user, you can log in by using the su command by typing: su. After that enter your password, and you are in as a root user. How to login as root in Ubuntu desktop Graphic User Interface (GUI) Now, if you want to login as root to the Ubuntu, there are a set of instructions gte online banking my key to follow and enable the root user: First, open the required path – “/etc/gdm3/custom.conf” and now add AllowRoot that is true under the [security] block, in the following pattern: [Security] Gte online banking my key The next step is to open the path – “/etc/pam.d/gdm-password”that try to locate the line given below: auth required user != root quiet_success add it as a comment by putting # in front of the line: #auth required user != root quiet_success Now you can restart your computer; when you come back and go to the login screen, click on the “not listed?&rdquo. The last step is to enter the root user name and password, and you are in. What do if an error comes when loading root? If you get an error while loading root, follow a few commands and open the root profile in a texteditorto rectify it. In the texteditortype - gedit /root/.profile Then find the line mentioned below: mesg n Facebook
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    Members have the ability to pay bills online, start on the website. Customer Support Needing personal assistance? Contact GTE Financial at gte online banking my key 871-2690. What is the routing number for GTE Financial? Get the routing number, assets, loans, and other financial information.

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