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How to Start Your Amazon Wedding Registry · Your name and your partner's name · The shipping address where you'd like gifts sent · Your wedding. Find something on another website you want to register for? Great! You can add it right to your Amazon Registry, so your guests only have to look in one. All about Amazon Baby Registry in Canada. Benefits, Free Welcome Gift, Discount and more. Learn how to create Amazon Baby Registry list - Step by Step!

How to find a registry on amazon -

How to Find a Wedding Registry on Amazon

An Amazon wedding registry allows couples to register for pretty much anything, at least anything on So, it’s no wonder that Amazon wedding registries are insanely popular. 

Why force your guests to go to a department store when they can order your perfect gift with free Prime shipping? 

Of course, if you’re the guest, you might be wondering how to find a wedding registry on Amazon. It’s not like a store where you can walk in and ask the friendly face behind the counter! Instead, you have to navigate a gigantic virtual emporium filled with more products and services than a brick-and-mortar building could ever contain. 

Fortunately, the process of finding an Amazon registry isn’t complicated. Like most things the giant internet-based enterprise does, Amazon makes finding and using wedding registries a snap. We’ll walk you through it. 

How To Find an Amazon Wedding Registry

Finding an Amazon wedding registry only requires a few things. You’ll need the couple’s name and wedding month. You may also need the wedding location, but don’t stress if you haven’t received an invitation yet. You can still view their wedding registry. 


Check Their Wedding Website

wedding website and app

The first thing to do when trying to locate a couple’s registry is to check their wedding website.Most couples create a wedding website sometime between getting engaged and sending out a “Save the Date.” And most of them list the website URL on the “Save the Date” card. 

Their website will contain all sorts of valuable information like the wedding date, location, and time. It may also feature engagement photos, special directions, and, of course, a link to their Amazon wedding registry. 

Even if there’s no link, though, the pertinent information will be there. Without a doubt, a couple’s wedding website will give you the couple’s name (with correct spelling) and wedding month, which is enough to find a registry most of the time. 


Visit Amazon Weddings and Search By Name

amazon weddings

Once you have the couple’s name, you can head to Amazon, where you’ll visit the “Find a Wedding Registry” page. From there, all you need to do is type in the couple’s name. 

With less than common last names, the wedding registry might come up right away. If it doesn’t, never fear! All you need to do is provide a few more details. 


Search By Name, Location, and Date

If you’re looking for a couple’s wedding registry and they have a common last name like Smith or Martinez, you’ll need to provide more details on Amazon’s “Find a Wedding Registry” page. 

Beneath the space to enter the couple’s name Amazon allows you to search by state and general event date. You don’t even need exact details for this to work! If you know the wedding is at some point in October on a California beach, you can easily use Amazon’s drop-down menus to find it. 


Sort by Priority, Price, or Purchase Status

registry example

Once you’ve found the right registry, Amazon makes it super simple to find the right gift. Using their registry services, you can filter potential gifts by priority, price, and purchase status. All of these filters are easily accessible beneath the “Sort By” heading. 

Let’s discuss priority first. 

Soon-to-be married couples can set priorities for gifts on their registry. They may really need a non-stick frypan or coffee maker and may mark such things as “High Priority” items. Meanwhile, the decorative bird feeder on their list might not be as crucial for newlywed bliss and may have a “Low Priority” tag. 

If they’re within your budget, it’s best to purchase the high-priority items first. You can ensure a gift is priced within your budget by using Amazon’s drop-down price filter. 

You’ll also be able to see the purchase status of an item. So, if a couple requests multiples of anything, like towels or place settings, you can see how many have already been purchased and how many they still need. 

You can also update the purchase status on their Amazon registry if you choose to buy their gift somewhere else. That ensures the happy couple doesn’t end up with a bunch of duplicate items.  


Find Your Items and Complete Your Purchase

shopping on laptop

Since you used the “Find a Wedding Registry” page, finding items and completing your purchase will be a breeze. Simply select the item you wish to purchase and click “Add to Cart.” 

If you’re not sure of an item or want to see more details, click “More Information.” That will take you to the product page, where you can view product specifications and customer reviews. To purchase the registry item, simply add it to your cart from the product page screen. If you decide you don’t want to buy it, use the back button to return to the couple’s registry. 

Once you have the perfect gift in your cart, click “Proceed to Checkout.” Amazon will prompt you to log in to your account if you haven’t already and then provide step-by-step payment instructions. 

When you checkout, you’ll notice the shipping address is provided but blacked-out. Amazon will send the gift straight to the address the couple gave. If you want to give it to them yourself, you can adjust the shipping address so that the gift ships to you instead. You can also add-on gift-wrapping services with most Amazon products. 

We should note that it’s best practice to send wedding gifts to the address provided with the registry in advance. Showing up with a gift is acceptable but has a lot of drawbacks for the couple tying the knot. Now they have to lug your gift back to their house! 

Plus, wedding gifts stacked on unwatched venue tables tend to tempt thieves and other disreputable types. With how easy Amazon makes it to find and send a gift directly to a couple’s preferred address, there’s no excuse not to use their shipping services. 


To Wrap it Up

If you’re attending a wedding soon and find the registry is on Amazon, you’re in luck. As with most services from the web-based enterprise, wedding registries on Amazon are straightforward to use. Type in the couple’s name, maybe a state and the wedding date, and you’re set!

Now all you have to do is pick a gift and send it! 

Find other online registries to create a gift list!

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Jennifer Lawrence just released a wedding registry on Amazon — here's every item that's on it

jennifer lawrence gift list

It's no secret that when a bride and groom say all they want is your presence at a wedding, that's never really true — especially when they send you a link to their gift list.

Celebs are no different.

In fact, Jennifer Lawrence has just released a a wedding registry to the public, showcasing everything she's asking for ahead of her impending nuptials to art dealer Cooke Maroney.

Read more:Jennifer Lawrence says fiancé Cooke Maroney is the 'greatest person I've ever met.' Here's everything we know about their relationship.

The actor has teamed up with Amazon to compile a wish list featuring everything from a $120 copper fondue set to a $450 robot mop.

It's not all super expensive, though — guests on a budget can gift the couple something lower priced such as a cheese slicer for $16.

"Planning a wedding is so exciting, but it can be overwhelming," Lawrence is quoted as saying on the registry page.

"For anyone else needing a little inspiration, I thought it would be fun to collaborate with Amazon to share a few of my favorite registry wish-list items. It's so easy, and you can find everything you need all in one place."

Some people have pointed out that the quotes attributed to Lawrence don't really sound like the famously frank actor, so it's possible they were written by a copywriter (and that the products were selected by Amazon).

Either way, the list provides great wedding inspiration for brides- and grooms-to-be.

Here's everything on her list, ordered by category.

HOSTING AND HAPPY HOURS: A set of two Riedel martini glasses — $59

riedel martini glasses

A Swissmar Lausanne 11-piece copper fondue set — from $109.95, reduced from $120

copper fondue set

A Sagaform wine carafe with oak stopper — $38.99, reduced from $50

wine carafe 2

A marble cheese slicer by Fox Run — $15.99

cheese slicer

A 10-inch round marble and teak serving board by Anolon — $31.99, reduced from $39.99

marble serving board

"The New Cocktail Hour: The Essential Guide to Hand-Crafted Drinks" — $13.79

cocktail hour book

A set of two Cabernet Sauvignon wine glasses by Riedel — $39.98, reduced from $45

riedel glasses 2

A white rectangular tray from Now House by Jonathan Adler — from $50

rectangular tray

A four-pack of Champagne saucers by LSA International — $80

champagne saucers 2

A mixing set from Crafthouse by Fortessa — $65.99, reduced from $81.68

mixing set

OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING: A set of two planters by La Jolie Muse — $39.99


Create your dream registry with Amazon Weddings and you'll have access to what you want (and need) to start your new life together. To get inspired, explore Town & Country’s Amazon Registry Boutique by clicking the buttons to move through the views, or see the space yourself using your mouse or by touch. Click on the plus signs to shop the products.

There is one important thing no one tells couples about creating a wedding registry: it is not always fun. I know what you're thinking, “How could it not be fun? It is supposed to be fun!” But after a few hours of scrolling through flatware and dinnerware, or debating whether to invest in fine china or an everyday set, anxiety invariably sets in.

Furnishing an entire life together is no small endeavor—not only might you and your partner have different tastes, but you are trying to balance what you need now versus what you will still enjoy in the future. And that’s before you get into considering guests’ budgets and how you are going to get all of those wedding gifts back to your house.

Town & Country has been covering weddings for 175 years, so we have honed the art of creating a foolproof registry. In partnership with Amazon, we’ve launched a beautifully-curated virtual boutique that lets you shop what you need without getting overwhelmed. Take a deep breath, maybe crack open a bottle of wine, and scroll through it below.

Elevate the Basics

Wedding china remains a major focus for most couples, whether it's something they themselves actually want or just an expectation from their families. If there is a gorgeous set that calls your name, go for it! However, we recommend choosing dinnerware that you can enjoy every day. The floral motif of this Kate Spade set is versatile yet playful; you can add to your collection over time and mix and match it with fun accent pieces. If flowers aren't your thing, then Wedgwood's Nantucket Basket is an all-time classic. Either way, a brushed gold flatware set that makes Tuesday night takeout feel fancy takes things up a notch. For other pieces, skip the gimmicky gadgets and invest in tools that will seriously level up your kitchen skills, like a Vitamix.

Be sure to upgrade your hardest working items. Replace your beat-up college cooking set with chemical-free, nonstick HexClad pans that have a serious fanbase—they work with every type of stovetop and can go in the oven. Prioritize really great knives as well, either registering for a full set or going in on one multi-purpose chef’s knife. This Cangshan set is forged from German steel and has a lifetime guarantee.

Think About Your Routine

When assembling a list of registry items, mentally go through your routines each day and week. What could make them better? Many couples swear that a Roomba, which can vacuum your home on a pre-programmed schedule, practically eliminates squabbles over who swept the floor last. For when you really do need to lift a finger, a powerful Shark vacuum, which has over 1,000 five-star reviews, can tidy up floors, zap dust off of drapery, and even eliminate that random cobweb on the ceiling (thanks to an extended cleaning wand).

Don't overlook items you can't share like Bose headphones—they're amazing for travel, but also when you're working on a deadline and need to screen out your partner’s conference call. These sanity-saving devices should be considered marital aids.

On the flip side, put some things on there just for fun! Amp up movie night with a crystal clear sound system and splurge on a cozy heritage blanket that is made to last for generations. (Not that we are dropping hints about having kids. We’ll leave that to your Great-Aunt Gertrude.)

Take the Opportunity to Indulge

In case we haven’t underscored it enough: register for the good stuff, you deserve it. You’ll pick up the little bits along the way yourself—you probably have most of it already—so your registry should be full of items to love and treasure. If an item feels a bit pricey, like a life-changing (trust us) outdoor pizza oven or an iconic Le Creuset Dutch Oven, then encourage guests to go in on it together through Amazon’s group gifting function. In five years, you’ll be happy that your college roommates all pitched in on something fabulous rather than giving you three spatulas and a cheap bath mat.

A good rule of thumb? If it’s something you can score on sale or impulse-buy at 2 a.m., do NOT put it on your registry. This is a place for special items that will make you smile. That’s why we included the Coravin Wine Bottle Opener and Preservation System, which opens bottles and keeps them fresh until you are ready to drink them again (you could even use it to preserve a bottle of wine from your wedding to drink on your first anniversary!).

On the topic of investment pieces, don’t be afraid to put furniture on your list. A sleek office desk or a plush chair will be just as beloved as dishes, if not more. And it’s always better to have too many things on the list than too few; after your wedding, Amazon will give you a 20 percent discount on any registry item that you weren’t gifted. Guests like to have lots of options to choose from, even if they waited until the day before your wedding to pick it out.

A good rule of thumb? Nothing you would consider an impulse buy should be on your registry.

Conical Burr Coffee Grinder


At the end of the day, choose things that you don’t merely need, but that will make your home a happier place for years to come. Quality items that bring you joy each day are a true luxury. They’re more valuable than fancy things that stay in boxes all the time and more useful than little odds and ends that will quickly wear out.

Picture this: you’ll wake up, grind some fresh coffee beans for the perfect cup of coffee, while the robot vacuum hums around as it cleans. You’ll go over your to-do list for a backyard pizza party that night and check on a few bottles of wine to uncork and store for later. Feels good, right? Welcome to married life.

Spatial drawing created by Andre Wojaczek using Mental Canvas.

Allie Holloway/Studio D

Olivia HoskenStyle and Interiors WriterOlivia Hosken is the Style & Interiors writer for Town & Country, covering all things design, architecture, fashion, and jewelry.


Best Baby Registries of 2021

All perks and features of each baby registry are updated for 2021!

To find the best baby registries of the year, we sat down and discussed the baby registries with over a dozen moms, with combined experience having over 35 babies! We took notes, and they gave ratings for each registry. All of the parents had tried at least one registry, and provided us with thorough baby registry reviews, including Babylist, Target, Buy Buy Baby, Amazon, WalMart, Pottery Barn Kids, Ikea, Crate and Kids,, and some smaller registries such as Giggle and Magic Beans.

newton crib mattress sale

Below we tabulate all of the final results from our research. Note that we update this list every month, in response to changing terms and conditions of each registry, and in response to changing experiences in our community of parents. After our table of results, we give fuller reviews of the top-rated baby registries, using five primary criteria for selection: range of available items, competitive prices, fast shipping, easy returns, and overall customer service experience.

If you're wondering what to put on your baby registry in the first place, check out our baby registry checklist for some hints! If you have any questions or comments about our reviews of the best baby registries, find us on Facebook and leave a comment! We always appreciate reader feedback, and want to keep all of our reviews accurate and timely!


The Top 7 Baby Registries of 2021!

Winner: Baby Registry

best baby registry amazon

Everybody knows that has the largest selection of products on earth. Looking for full nursery sets? Got it. Gliders? Got em. Dressers, changing tables, cribs, toys, small appliances, books? No problem. You can add anything from a small set of receiving blankets to large furniture items, all at extremely competitive prices and with fast shipping (free if spending over $49, or if they have Amazon Prime, and who doesn't!?). Moms who used the Amazon baby registry loved that they could get anything under one roof, and didn't have to make several baby registries to cover all the different things they wanted. They also reported that Amazon customer service was excellent and the return or exchange process (within 365 days) was free and easy, and the gift giver does NOT find out that the gift was returned or exchanged (you can get Amazon credit to use toward other things). There are also a few other great features. First, Amazon uses what's called a universal baby registry, which means that you can add a button to your browser that will allow you to add products to your registry from any other website you might find. For instance, if you find something at Buy Buy Baby that you can't get at Amazon, you can add that item to your Amazon registry with a click of a button. Second, they offer a substantial completion discount of 10-15%. If you sign up for Amazon Prime you'll qualify for the full 15% discount; otherwise, you'll get the default 10% discount. The completion discount is eligible on remaining baby registry items within 60 days of the baby's due date (before it or after it), for up to $2000 worth of items (can be combined into one purchase, or divided into two purchases).

newton crib mattress sale

This can amount to hefty savings: with Amazon Prime, you'll get a $300 discount on purchases totaling up to $2000 of remaining registry items. Note that this discount doesn't apply to items added through the universal registry (i.e., added from different stores than Amazon). There is also usually a sweepstakes that you can enter for a chance to win your entire registry for free; obviously not a huge likelihood that you will win, but nice to have the chance. And they will send you a little welcome box with some product samples, usually like $30-35 worth of goodies. Amazon also has one of the most comprehensive and unbiased item review systems on the internet, with many products having thousands of candid user reviews, so you'll know what you're getting yourself into before deciding on an item. And of course, you might be able to find our own reviews of over 500 popular baby products (see our full list of reviews here). Overall, Amazon's baby registry is a clear winner of our best baby registry list for many reasons. Negatives? The moms who used Amazon's baby registry didn't report any major problems. One did note that not all items on Amazon are eligible for free 2-day Prime shipping, and sometimes it's nice to be able to visit the store to touch and see actual products rather than ordering only online (which I think is solved by the universal registry system, which allows you to add items from any store). To learn more about creating an Amazon baby registry, click here.

First Runner-Up: Target Baby Registry

best baby registry target

According to our research, this is the second best baby registry option out there. It was a close second to Amazon, mostly because moms really appreciated that friends and families could buy online or in the store. They also could stop at a Target on the way to visit you (or on the way to your shower) to buy that last minute gift! So Target is definitely a good baby registry option if you have a lot of absent-minded friends and family members who need a convenient option. Target, just like Amazon, has a very wide range of products available for registries: they have the little things, like receiving blankets and towels, up to the larger things like dressers, changing tables, cribs, and gliders. Their range of options isn't anywhere near as wide as Amazon, their range of baby-specific options isn't as wide as Buy Buy Baby, and their reviews aren't as comprehensive as Amazon. Regarding selection, Target has recently started the "Add from Anywhere" which allows you to add items to your registry from other websites, which helps with some of the limited selection. But they do have fast shipping and your friends and family are likely familiar with Target and comfortable shopping there. In terms of negatives, if your friends and family buy baby registry items in-store, moms report that the return and exchange process (up to 365 days after purchase) is easy and fast, and the customer service folks are usually very easy to deal with. However, if the items are purchased online, some parents report difficulty with returns. We tried a few online purchases recently and didn't run into any issues with returns; there was an easy online return processing system, with easy prepaid label shipping. Like Amazon, Target also offers a completion discount of 15% off items remaining in your baby registry within 8 weeks of your due date. That discount is 5% higher than the basic Amazon discount (without signing up for Amazon Prime), and starts 2 weeks sooner than the Amazon discount. However, keep in mind that the Amazon prices on many items might actually be lower, and 2-day shipping is free with Amazon Prime, so the net cost might be similar. Also, Target sells many items online-only, which some moms report can make in-store returns difficult or impossible (though this is less of an issue with a pandemic!). To learn more about creating a Target baby registry, click here.

Second Runner-Up: BuyBuy Baby Registry

best baby registry buybuy baby

Did you know that Buy Buy Baby is the baby version of Bed, Bath, & Beyond? You might be wondering why you should care. Well, you know those 20% off coupons you get in the mail but rarely use? You can use those at Buy Buy Baby, giving you a potential discount much larger than some of the other baby registry options (but this is only eligible for a single item). Don't get those coupons? Sign up here at Bed Bath and Beyond and they will send you a coupon via email the next day (they'll also send one to your house). Also, when you load the buybuyBaby registry page for the first time, it will usually prompt you to enter your email to get the 20% coupon right to your inbox. In our experience, Buy Buy Baby offers a slightly larger selection than BabyList, and tends to have excellent customer service (as do most registries on this list). Though gift wrapping is an added fee when using the website, Buy Buy Baby does provide free wrapping paper and tape in the store (and the stores are back open as of September 2020!) so you can wrap your own gift purchases. Of course, BuyBuy Baby doesn't have anywhere near as many locations as Target or Walmart, though most shopping is being done online nowadays given current world events. Their prices can run a bit higher than some other stores, thought they do price match with other sites or stores, so keep that in mind!

BuyBuy Baby does have a good completion discount (15%), and they will send it to you a couple weeks before your baby's due date. This is new - the BuyBuy Baby completion discount used to start on your due date, so this is a nice new perk. One common trick is to simply shift your due date earlier by a few weeks when you sign up, to give yourself more time to purchase some final things before your new family member arrives. They also recently updated their policy to include free shipping for items over $39 (used to be $99, then $49, and now $39). As of March 2021, BuyBuy Baby also includes a group gifting feature that allows several gift-givers to contribute a small portion of a relatively expensive gift. Moms report that the return process is easy, and customer service is generally excellent. The only real drawback is that this is not a universal registry, you are limited to the products available at buybuyBaby and Bed Bath & Beyond; of course, now that Babies R Us is gone, they have the largest in-store baby selection in the world! To learn more about the Buy Buy Baby registry, click here.

Third Runner-Up: Babylist Baby Registry

best baby registry babylist

This is the second year that the Babylist registry has made it onto our list, and we're excited by its selection, flexibility, discounts, shipping options, free gifts, and clever non-material gift options like dog sitting, baby sitting, and home-cooked meals. It's definitely one of the overall best baby registries available, and it takes a more personal approach to your needs, and we love that. Regarding selection, the Babylist website has direct access to hundreds of the most popular baby products, including the vast majority of products featured on our best-of lists. They even have some products you can't get on Amazon, like the Nuna Pipa and Nuna Rava car seats, which your friends and family can purchase directly from the Babylist website, and usually for the same price you find at the larger stores. If there's something you can't find on the Babylist website, you can access products from all the big box stores, and all the little ones, including Etsy and other Indie shops. This technically makes the selection one of the largest on our list. Regarding flexibility, you can add items from any store, big or small, to your registry, using the browser bookmark add-in (which was very easy to use!), or their Android/iPhone app. The majority of baby products available on the Babylist website have free returns within a 270-day window. But if you add products to your registry from other sites (e.g., Amazon, Buy Buy Baby, etc), you are bound to the return policies of those specific sites. Already registered at other sites? Babylist can easily link or transfer them to your account so they're all in one place! Like Buy Buy Baby, there is a 15% discount on remaining items available in the store, which is offered 60 days prior to Expected Arrival Date. The majority of baby products available on the Babylist website have free shipping over $45. But if you add products to your registry from other sites, you are bound to the shipping policies of those sites. This is store-specific; wherever the gift is purchased, that is the gift wrapping policy you are bound to. So it's unlikely, but you might luck out. There are some additional perks to the Babylist registry worth mentioning: The free Hello Baby Box welcome gift for qualified new registrants, the ability to add "help & favors" rather than just products - need babysitting, dog sitting, home-cooked meals? Put them on your registry! Want to start saving for college? Ask for gifts to your baby-to-be's college fund! Parents without paid parental leave also find the cash fund helpful to offset the strain of taking an unpaid leave. Also able to asked for hand-me-downs like books & clothing. Extensive resource and guide section, including sample registries and a lifestyle quiz to help you select what is best for your family. Their customer service is also great, and their "Happiness Heroes" are available via email, chat, and phone to help you build your registry and to help less tech-savvy gift givers make online purchases! To learn more about the Babylist registry, click here.

Luke-warm Baby Registry: Walmart Registry

best baby registry walmart

Our experience with the Walmart baby registry was limited by their flexibility and discounts. The selection at Walmart is amazing, nearly as good as other large online retailers like Amazon, so you're likely to find most baby products you're interested in putting on your registry. And they have an awesome price-match guarantee so that you make sure you're getting a competitive price relative to most other online retailers, like Amazon or BabiesRUs. The list of stores they will price match with is available here. In the increasingly competitive landscape of online retailers, Walmart is second only to Amazon, but you wouldn't really know that based only on their registry. While it has some perks, like the price-matching, free returns within the 90-day window, and a welcome box of sample baby products (like they have at Babylist), they are also pretty limited. First, unlike every other baby registry we reviewed, Walmart does not offer any completion discount, so you won't get any discounts on remaining registry items as your due date approaches. Second, Walmart does not offer any gift wrapping options that we could find; we did figure out that you could set up a gift list outside of the registry and choose wrapping, but we couldn't figure out how to get registry gifts wrapped. Third, one of the biggest limitations is that they don't allow you to add products from other stores, only Walmart. So if it's not available on Walmart, then you're out of luck, unless you make more than one registry. The only sites that offer multi-store flexibility for their baby registries are Amazon, Target, and Babylist. So overall, we're only luke-warm on Walmart, and think there are better options out there. But if you're a die-hard Walmart customer, or you have a store very close to home, then it might be worth giving it a shot. To learn more about the Walmart registry, click here.

Crate & Kids (Crate & Barrel): Not so Hot

best baby registry crate and kids

This is a pretty high end baby registry that is perfect for parents looking for high quality nursery furniture (cribs, gliders, chairs, dressers, changing tables), personalized gifts (like embroidered dolls or cushy chairs), wooden toys like a rocking horse or wooden walker, or several other adorable toys and gifts. Crate and Kids is the boutique kids department that appears in about 50 different Crate and Barrel stores across the country. While there isn't a very big selection of baby gear, what they do sell is hand-selected, stylish, and high quality. Examples include patchwork activity mats and tummy time toys, Land of Nod chairs and bean bags, pull-behind wooden trains, and more. Toys and smaller gifts are usually in the range of about $50 to $200, and cribs range from $400 to $800. So definitely less expensive than Pottery Barn, and they have some of the major crib brands like Babyletto and Jenny Lind (both of which appear in our best cribs list). Crate and Kids is perfect for filling up your nursery with adorable and high quality products, all the way down to the rugs and artwork hanging on the wall. But they do not have all other baby gear you're probably looking for: no bottles, baby monitors, car seats, strollers, carriers, baby gates, or other things that appear in our best baby gear list. If you choose this baby registry you will likely need to get a second registry at another store; that's fine for many parents, but some find it to be a bit too much. In fact, many of the products we found at Crate and Kids are also available at Amazon, so keep that in mind. The Crate and Barrel baby registry does have some decent perks. First, for more expensive items like cribs, you can use the "group gifting" feature that allows several people to pitch in for a single gift. We really liked that feature! Second, the registry completion discount is 10% and you have up to 6 months after your baby arrives to use that discount on any (or all) remaining items in your registry. Third, there is free shipping, but only on orders over $99. Finally, we downloaded their app and found it pretty easy to use, both for adding products to the registry but also for tracking what has and has not been ordered. Cons? Well, it's pretty niche; while Crate and Kids has some awesome and adorable products that were designed by local artists and designers, and you can definitely find some awesome baby gear, you'll likely need to supplement with a secondary registry. Also, the completion discount isn't very high (10%, same as Pottery Barn), and the free shipping is only offered on orders over $99. Gift boxing (not wrapping) is $5.50, and they will include a note for you. With all that said, there are definitely some pros and cons here. While we think it wins out over Pottery Barn, we also think it's definitely not on par with some of the bigger options. To learn more about the Crate & Kids baby registry, click here.

Pottery Barn Kids: Not so Great

best baby registry pottery barn

Here's an option that is very highly reviewed by the relatively few moms who have actually used it. It's not that it's not a fantastic baby registry (it is), but rather that it tends have more expensive options than our other recommended baby registries, and some moms aren't comfortable asking their friends and family to spend $1300 on a dresser or $1000 on a glider. However, moms note that if your friends and family are comfortable with these relatively steep prices, the products are definitely very high quality. Pottery Barn Kids does a good job of keeping only options that are soft (blankets, swaddlers, sheets, etc), durable, and have very high customer satisfaction and low returns. In other words, the increased price might be worth it - and in this case, you typically get what you pay for. With Pottery Barn Kids you're paying for higher quality and usually cuter styling. Most moms agreed that Pottery Barn Kids has some of the cutest and most stylish baby registry options out there. So how does it compare in terms of features? Customers can buy online or in store, just like the others. Of course, there aren't as many Pottery Barn Kids stores out there as there are Target or Buy Buy Baby stores (which feel like they're in nearly every town), so it might not be quite as convenient for friends and family. They have a 10% completion discount for a 6 month period, but it only begins AFTER your baby's due date (not before it like the others). If you are having more than one baby (twins, or triplets!) they offer a 10% discount on multiple registry items (so if you ask for 2 of the same blanket, there's a discount). They also have an ongoing $1500 monthly drawing, and your name will be automatically entered into the drawing and you might win that amount towards your registry purchases. Of course, none of the 4 moms who used this registry actually won the monthly drawing, but you gotta be in it to win it, right? To learn more about the Pottery Barn Kids baby registry, click here.

Gone Baby Gone! The Babies R Us (BRU) Baby Registry No Longer Exists!

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The BRU Registry is no longer operating, the registry was shut down along with the vast majority of their stores. Fortunately, one of the other baby registries is offering perks for people who might be interested in transfering their BRU registry to their site: As of early last year, Babylist was offering an extra $10 for people who want to transfer their registry to Babylist, which is a decent incentive. In our original review of the BRU registry, the moms we interviewed showed very high appreciation for it, and as many who recommended Amazon and Target also recommended BRU for the best baby registry of the year. Amazon won by a small margin, mostly because their selection and prices are unbeatable, they simply have far more options, and offer free 2-day shipping and free returns which moms noted are both "amazing" and "very reliable." To compete, BRU offered a ton of incentives for new baby registries. These included: endless earnings cash back, with 5% earnings on the first $300 of purchases, and 10% earnings purchases totaling over $300; and earnings were unlimited, and were given to you in the form of store credit. For instance, if your registry had purchases of $2000 total, you would get $185 in store credit that you could use to purchase almost anything at BRU (some exclusions apply, like gift cards, special orders, etc). They also had a completion discount program; you would receive a postcard in the mail about a month before your due date, and the card had a 10% discount code that you used to purchase remaining registry items. Not quite as high as the Amazon 15% discount completion program, and moms noted that it's annoying to wait for the postcard and have to do it manually (Amazon and Target automatically activate the discount once you hit a specific date). There were also some limitations to what is actually eligible for the completion discount: no diapers, formula, furniture, and a few other things. But BRU did offer the best return policy on our list: returns were accepted up to 1 year after purchase! Maybe that's one of the reasons they went out of business - a return window that long makes it difficult to predict revenue. But moms did report very little trouble returning things to the store or online. So there were a lot of positives here, making it a great option on our best baby registry list. There were also some more specific negatives: some items were online-only and not available in stores, and some items were the opposite. Online-only purchases returned through the mail get credited to the person who purchased the item (not to you!), so definitely return in-store for credit. In any event, the this registry is closed down, as have all of the stores already, and we expect more to close over the next few years. Fortunately, there are many other top rated baby registries to choose from!

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How To Track Amazon Baby Registry Gifts Recipes

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Step 5: Keep track of what people buy from your registry. Once your baby registry is out in the world, you can sit back and relax. You deserve some rest! You can go back …
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  • Create An Amazon Account (if you don’t already have one) In order to have an Amazon Baby Registry, it only makes sense that you need to have an Amazon account.
  • Click Here to Start Creating Your Registry. To start creating your own Amazon Baby Registry, find the drop down menu on “Account and Lists” and choose “Baby Registry”.
  • Fill Out Your Registry Details. Filling out your Baby Registry details is an important step to creating your registry. You’ll want to enter your name (as your friends or family would search it), your email address, and your expected arrival date.
  • Add Items to Your Registry. Okay, now it’s the fun part! You get to choose all the fun (and not so fun) baby items to add to your Amazon Baby Registry.
  • Don’t Forget Your Welcome Box! If you’re an Amazon Prime member you’ll get a free welcome box for completing your Amazon Baby Registry! The welcome box is filled with items for you and your baby valued up to $35.
  • Share Your Registry. Now that your Amazon Baby Registry is complete, it’s time to share it with family and friends! Here’s a few great ways to share your registry and let people know that you have a list
  • Grab Your Amazon Baby Registry Completion Discount! As one last perk from Amazon for creating your Baby Registry you’ll receive 15% off (10% off for non Prime members) on all items remaining on your list after a certain date.
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  • The organization Amazon Baby Registry gives you is so comforting… they generate checklists for you! The registry checklist that everything you will need, and includes handy checkboxes for the overly organized mamas like me!
  • The unique registry URL Amazon gives you makes it easy for everyone to find your registry, or add the address to the bottom of your baby shower invites!
  • Keep track of who bought what, and where the thank you notes need to go! While I’m sure someone’s mother will be more than willing to write down who bought what, it is much harder to get everyone’s address.
  • Get a 10-15% discount on EACH item in your registry that wasn’t bought! Possibly one of the best parts of using Amazon Baby Registry is this… DISCOUNTS!
  • If your registry purchases total over $1,000, enjoy $100 worth of free diapers! I don’t think Buy Buy Baby’s registry does that! While this bonus is only available to Amazon Prime Members (Yet another reason to join!)
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2020-08-02  · This wikiHow will show you how to search for a baby registry on Amazon using a web browser on your phone, tablet, or computer. To appear in the search results, a baby registry must have been created between one and six hours ago, and the privacy must not be set to "Private" or "Shared."
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2020-06-25  · An Amazon’s Baby Registry comes with a free A mazon Baby Registry Welcome box. You get this just for creating your registry. It is valued at $35, and it has great goodies for baby and mommy. Easy To Create. The registry is really easy to create and organize an Amazon’s baby registry. Amazon offers lots of guides, tips, and tricks. They also ...
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2020-04-24  · To get your Amazon Baby Welcome Box, you need to be an active Amazon Prime account member. Amazon Prime is $99 per year. Yes, that may seem a bit steep BUT as many moms will tell you – that is money well spent. You’d get your money back really quickly with free 2-day shipping and their 20% off diapers, baby food, and other baby essentials.
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