it comes at night online free hd

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: It comes at night online free hd

It comes at night online free hd
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It comes at night online free hd -

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The Night Comes for Us

2018 film by Timo Tjahjanto

The Night Comes for Us
The Night Comes for Us.png
Directed byTimo Tjahjanto
Written byTimo Tjahjanto
Produced by
  • Todd Brown
  • Nick Spicer
  • Kimo Stamboel
  • Timo Tjahjanto
  • Sukhdev Singh
  • Mike Wiluan
  • Wicky V. Olindo
CinematographyGunnar Nimpuno
Edited byArifin Cuunk
Music by
  • Fajar Yuskemal
  • Aria Prayogi


Distributed byNetflix

Release date

  • 22 September 2018 (2018-09-22) (Fantastic Fest)
  • 19 October 2018 (2018-10-19)

Running time

121 minutes[1]
  • Indonesian
  • English
  • Mandarin
  • Cantonese
  • French

The Night Comes for Us is a 2018 Indonesianactionthriller film written and directed by Timo Tjahjanto. It was originally conceived as a screenplay and then adapted into a graphic novel,[2] before finally being released as a film.[3] In December 2014, Tjahjanto confirmed he was working with Indonesian artist hub Glitch Network to adapt his original screenplay into comic form.[4] The film stars Iko Uwais, Joe Taslim, Julie Estelle, Sunny Pang, Zack Lee[5] and Shareefa Daanish.

The film is based on a top organized crime enforcer (Taslim) who decides to turn his back on his former life as a killer to rescue a young girl. The crime syndicate sends in a rising gang prospect (Uwais) and legions of thugs to eliminate the enforcer and the young girl.[5][6] The film was released to positive reviews, with critics praising the action and Uwais, Estelle and Taslim's performances, although the excessive violence was criticized.

The film premiered at Fantastic Fest on 22 September 2018.[1] Four days later, it was announced that Netflix had acquired the distribution rights,[7] and was released worldwide on 19 October 2018.[8][9] A sequel, Night Of The Operator, co-written by Tjahjanto with Aaron Stewart-Ahn and featuring Estelle reprising her role, is in early development, alongside a third film.[10]


Ito is one of six elite enforcers for the South East Asian Triad, known as the Six Seas (Indonesian: enam laut). After massacring a village because a few villagers had stolen Triad drugs, Ito discovers the last survivor, a young girl named Reina. Ito turns on the Triad soldiers present and kills them. He returns to his childhood home of Jakarta and hides Reina in his ex-girlfriend Shinta's apartment. Shinta treats his wounds and calls in Fatih, who used to be in a gang with Ito. Fatih moves them to his own apartment and brings in his cousin Wisnu, and the last member of the old gang, Bobby, a drug addict. He also arranges for Ito and Reina to get new passports.

Arian is another member of the old gang, but has moved to Macau, where he is running a club for the Triad. He is shown slaughtering other crooks because they beat up one of his waitresses. Another Six Seas, Chien Wu, calls him in to help kill Ito.

Ito goes to an old acquaintance, Yohan, to get money he left behind in Jakarta. Yohan is also connected with the Triad, and a fight ensues. Ito kills Yohan's men, but Yohan makes a phone call that brings in corrupt cops. They gun down Yohan and capture Ito.

Bobby discovers Yohan's thugs entering Fatih's building. He gets Shinta to safety and returns to help Fatih and Wisnu fight. They are initially successful despite being heavily wounded, but Triad enforcers led by Elena and Alma arrive. They kill the last of Yohan's men, Bobby, and Wisnu. Arian intervenes before Alma can kill Fatih, knocking her unconscious. Fatih deduces that Arian told Yohan and the Triad where he lived, and refuses further help. More Triad ambush Fatih and Reina in the garage. Fatih has Reina hide while he distracts them. He is killed, but the Triad are all killed by a mysterious woman.

Ito frees himself and returns to Fatih's. Reina finds him and they relocate to Shinta's apartment where they bond. The mysterious woman, known as The Operator, arrives and fights Ito. After she wins, she talks to him instead of killing him, then disappears.

Chien Wu meets with Arian, giving him one last chance to kill Ito, and offering him Ito's place in the Six Seas. In a flashback, it is revealed that Ito and Arian, working out of the warehouse the Triad are using in the present day, entered the Triad together.

The Operator returns to Ito and reveals that her mission is to kill the Six Seas, including Ito, Chien Wu and their boss. Ito commits to killing Chien Wu if The Operator will protect Reina. Ito travels to the warehouse and slaughters the Triad henchmen there. Meanwhile, The Operator kills the henchmen who arrive at the apartment, ending with Alma and Elena.

Arian takes out a sniper who was about to kill Ito, and the two talk before starting their fight. Both are severely wounded. Ito finally gains the upper hand, but leaves instead of killing Arian. Chien Wu arrives and insults Arian, who tries to shoot him, but finds that he is out of bullets. Chien has six people led by Arian's former assistant execute Arian, presumably hinting that his assistant is the new Six Seas.

The Operator guides Reina to Ito and leaves. Ito puts Reina on a departing ship but does not board himself. After they wave goodbye, Chien Wu and more Triad henchmen arrive. Ito grins and drives his car toward them as they open fire.



In September 2014, pre-production on the film was halted and three months later Tjahjanto confirmed he was adapting the script into a graphic novel.[11][citation needed]


RADiUS-TWC has acquired North American distribution rights in 2014 prior to the beginning of production,[12][13] but allegations against the label's owner Harvey Weinstein, and its parent company The Weinstein Company about to liquidate its entire assets to Lantern Entertainment, they sold the entire rights to Netflix.[7]

The trailer was released on 10 October 2018.[14] The film was released on 19 October 2018.[15]

Critical response[edit]

On Rotten Tomatoes, as of October 2021[update], the film has an approval rating of 91% based on 33 reviews, with an average of 7.6/10.[16] The website's consensus reads, "A bloody thrill ride designed to test the limits of more squeamish viewers, The Night Comes for Us wields a stylishly violent, action-packed punch."[17]Metacritic, which uses a weighted average, assigned a score of 69 out of 100 based on reviews from 6 critics, indicating "generally favorable reviews."[18]

In a positive review, Barry Hertz of The Globe and Mail wrote, "Unless you are on the programming committee for the most literally bloody-minded of film festivals, you have never experienced as ludicrously violent and gore-soaked a film as The Night Comes for Us."[19] Richard Kuipers of Variety wrote: "This cartoonish cavalcade of carnage potently reunites The Raid stars Joe Taslim and Iko Uwais as former friends on a corpse-strewn collision course."[20]

Dan Jackson of Thrillist was more critical of the film. He wrote: "Instead of feeling like the action organically emerges from the situational demands of the narrative, it often feels like the story was reverse engineered to center around the often stunning physical feats."[21]

In October 2018, American comic book artist Robert Liefeld, who co-created the popular Marvelsuperhero character Deadpool, praised Tjahjanto's work on the film via his Twitter account.[22] In an enthusiastic reaction, Liefeld suggested that Tjahjanto should be given "all the money for Deadpool 3",[23] referring to the upcoming installment of the Deadpool film series. He went on to acknowledge the influence of Indonesian cinema on the action genre while also suggesting Tjahjanto to direct a standaloneCable film, referring to another Marvel superhero character that was portrayed by Josh Brolin in the 2018 film Deadpool 2.[24]


A sequel, Night Of The Operator, co-written by Tjahjanto with Aaron Stewart-Ahn and featuring Julie Estelle reprising her role, is in early development, alongside a third film. Tjahjanto has publicly expressed his hope for the movie to be made as soon as Netflix greenlights the production.[10]


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How to Watch 'The Night House': Is It Streaming or in Theaters?

By Drake Lupton


Here's where you can watch David Brucker's acclaimed new horror movie right now.

Copious amounts of scary movie makers are recruited by the largest media corporations in Hollywood to carry the torch for their money-making franchises. Their success should be celebrated because it’s a validation of the effective — and profitable — essence of their effort and production. Many of the new-wave auteurs responsible for the found-footage anthology leviathan V/H/S are finally receiving their opportunity for advancements, like Adam Wingard with Godzilla vs Kong or Matt Bettinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet bringing Scream back to screens in 2022, but writer/director/producer David Bruckner continues developing chilling, inventive, dramatic, and original horror movies. David Bruckner contributed the first segment on V/H/S, as well as a segment on the awesome cinematic anthology picture Southbound before he developed the psychological horror/monster movie hybrid The Ritual for Netflix in 2017. He’s back with a new trippy ghost story that debuted to acclaim at the Sundance Film Festival in early 2020 called The Night House.

The Night House is a movie about a skeptical woman who believes her recently deceased husband is reaching out to her from beyond the grave. Starring Rebecca Hall (Godzilla vs Kong) and written by Ben Collins and Luke Piotrowski (Super Dark Times), early reviews of The Night House paint it as a picture that subverts the typical jump-scare formula of paranormal horror with a superb performance by Hall. The Night House’s exploration of grief and pain in the wake of loss is hard to watch, and Hall’s contribution cannot be overstated, as emphasized by her executive producer’s credit. It’s heralded as an intelligent and engaging film currently sitting at 84% on Rotten Tomatoes. The atmospheric tension and paranormal tone lend the film a comparison to another Rebecca Hall-fronted picture, The Awakening. While visually disparate, they share the cerebral, almost gothic interpretation of hauntings and ghosts tied to a central mystery driving the film. Searchlight Pictures, previously Fox Searchlight, acquired distribution rights to The Night House for around $12 million as one of the first acquisitions during the Sundance Film Festival in February 2020. The release date for The Night House sat in limbo before it was scheduled for a July 2021 release that got delayed to August 20th. For fans finally ready for their viewing, here’s how to watch The Night House.

RELATED: ‘The Night House’ Review: Rebecca Hall Shines in This Atmospheric Chiller

Is ‘The Night House’ in Theaters?

The Night House opens for visitors on Friday, August 20 in select theaters. The unique ghost story opens alongside Neil Blomkamp’s (District 9) Demonic, Lisa Joy’s (Westworld) Reminiscence, and the much less related PAW Patrol: The Movie.

With the COVID Delta variant spiking nationwide, please be sure to check in with the current CDC guidelines and your local safety mandates before booking your tickets.

Is ‘The Night House’ Streaming or Available on VOD?

No, The Night House is not going to be released for at-home rental or streaming alongside its theatrical release.

As a Searchlight Pictures release, we don't have much precedent for how their theatrical releases are being handled during the pandemic era. Searchlight's last film, Summer of Soul, went straight to streaming on Hulu, while their previous titles Nomadland and The Personal History of David Copperfield both had very distinct journeys to home video. Amidst its awards campaign, Nomadlandarrived on Hulu rather quickly, while The Personal History of David Copperfield only just arrived on HBO Max in May, seven months after it hit theaters.

Both films took several months to arrive on Digital and Blu-ray as well, so it looks like folks who would prefer to watch The Night House at home will have to wait for the time being.

Other David Bruckner Movies Streaming

For more Bruckner brilliance, binge Creepshow on Shudder, where he directed the episodes titled, “The Companion,” and “The Man in the Suitcase,” or check out his directorial features including a segment in the anthology horror picture The Signal (2007), a segment in V/H/S titled, “Amateur Night,” and a segment in Southbound titled, “The Accident.” Absolutely don’t miss his full-length feature The Ritual on Netflix. He’s currently filming a reboot of Clive Barker’s classic Hellraiser with Clive Barker himself, and frequent writing partners Collins, Piotrowski, the prodigious David S. Goyer (The Dark Knight) — all of whom worked on The Night House together.

KEEP READING: David Bruckner to Direct 'Hellraiser' Re-Imagining at Spyglass

'Tick, Tick...Boom!': Did Andrew Garfield Really Sing Those Show-Stopping Numbers?

“Eight years. And the time keeps ticking.”

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Drake Lupton (23 Articles Published)

Drake Lupton is new to the Collider team. He's a features writer who loves movies, games, music, comic books, sports, and esports. He has had the privilege to write about games and esports for separate publications, but he's thrilled to contribute to the conversations surrounding film and television happening at Collider. He encourages anyone looking for something to watch to follow his Twitter account for near-constant chronicling of recently visited cinema.

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