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DeWitt (Business Banking/Wealth Management Services Only). Branch Services Not Available at this Location. 5790 Widewaters Parkway DeWitt, NY 13214. AAA Northeast offers world-class 24-hour emergency road service, plus travel, insurance and financial services. AAA members also receive exclusive. Pioneer Savings Bank is a mutual community bank providing commercial and individual The bank was founded in 1889 and headquartered in Troy, New York.

: Pioneer online banking ny

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Pioneer online banking ny

Pioneer Savings Bank Branches

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A routing number is a 9 digit code for identifying a financial institution for the purpose of routing of checks (cheques), fund transfers, direct deposits, e-payments, online payments, and other payments to the correct bank branch.

Routing numbers are also known as banking routing numbers, routing transit numbers, RTNs, Pioneer online banking ny numbers, and sometimes SWIFT codes (although these are quite different from routing numbers as SWIFT codes are solely used for international wire transfers while routing numbers are used for domestic transfers).

Routing numbers pioneer online banking ny for checking and savings accounts, prepaid cards, IRAs, lines of credit, and wire transfers. All banks usually have separate routing numbers for each of the states in the US.

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221371372 Details21 SECOND STREETTROYNY121802012-01-27 16:15:29


  • Detailed data for PIONEER SAVINGS BANK, TROY, NY
  • RSSD-ID: 237619

    FDIC Certificate Number: 20741

    OTS Docket Number: 4949

    Assets and Liabilities (December 31, 2011)

    • Dollar figures in thousands
    • 237Total employees (full-time equivalent)
    • $767,813Total assets
    • $100,202Cash and due from depository institutions
    • $72,070Securities
    • $2,070Federal funds sold & reverse repurchase agreements
    • $539,502Net loans & leases
    • $0Trading account assets
    • $11,903Bank premises and fixed assets
    • $869Other real estate owned
    • $20Goodwill and other intangibles
    • $767,813Life insurance assets
    • $41,177All other assets
    • $686,606Total liabilities and capital
    • $665,760Total liabilities
    • $81,207Total equity capital

    Income and Expense (December 31, 2011)

    • Dollar figures in thousands
    • $30,019Total interest income
    • $4,886Total interest expense
    • $25,133Net interest income
    • $2,087Provision for loan and lease losses
    • $6,087Total noninterest income
    • $24,065Total noninterest expense
    • $5,068Pre-tax net operating income
    • $0Securities gains (losses)
    • $1,525Applicable income taxes
    • $0Extraordinary gains - net
    • $3,543Net income attributable to bank
    • $0Net charge-offs
    • $3,543Cash dividends
    • $1,789Sale, conversion, retirement of capital stock, net

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Q.How do I sign up for Online Banking?A.Click "Apply" in the Secure Online Banking area of any page on this site. Complete the required fields. Q.Is there a fee for Online Banking?A.No, Online Banking is available free of charge to all Pioneer Bank customers. Q.Is Online Banking safe?A.Yes, Pioneer Bank uses state-of-the-art firewalls and security to protect your accounts and identity. We protect your information by:
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 Q.What can I do to protect my internet security?A.While Online Banking works to protect your banking privacy, you will also play an important role in protecting your accounts. There are a number of steps you can take to ensure that your Online Banking account information is protected including:
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 Q.Can I choose my own Online Banking ID and Password?A.Yes, while initially registering for Online Banking you will be asked to assign a unique login ID and password. You may choose any alphanumeric password 8-30 characters in length, for example JohnDoe1.  You may change your password once a day, however the system will remember the last three passwords used. Q.How do Central illinois counties change my password?A.After you log on to Online Banking select "change password" under the "My Profile" option. You will be asked to enter your current password, then to type in your new password twice for verification purposes. To save this change, click on "Make the change". Q.What can I do if my Online Banking account is locked or blocked?A.If you are unable to access your Online Banking account and you have received the message to contact your administrator, please contact us at 712.943.5511 or Toll Free at 800.332.2396. Q.My spouse and I have joint accounts and separate accounts. Is there a pioneer online banking ny we could see all of our accounts together?A.Yes. If there are additional accounts (such as a child or spouse's account) that you would like to access through Online Banking, you will be able to view these accounts as long as you are listed pioneer online banking ny the account (s). Q.Can my spouse and I have separate Online Banking login ID's?A.Yes. Each signer on the account is required to have a different Online Banking login and password that is unique to them. Q.What should I do if I forget my password?A.If you forget your password, simply call us at 712.943.5511 or Toll Free at 800.332.2396, our customer service representatives will be happy to assist you. Q.How late in the day can I make a transfer between my Pioneer Bank accounts?A.You can my mechanics funds 24 hours a day. However, if you would like the transfer to post on the same business day, the transfer must be initiated and a confirmation number received before 7:00pm on business days Monday-Friday. All transfers made after 7:00pm, on the weekends, or on holidays will post the next business day. Q.I signed up for Online Banking, but I am not able to view my past statements?A.Only statements produced after you signed up for Online What craft stores are open today are available online. Q.How far back can I review my statements?A.You can view up to 3 previous statements as well as your current transactions. Q.When is Online Banking unavailable?A.Occasionally, Online Banking will be temporarily pioneer online banking ny during routine maintenance sessions. You will be notified of these dates and times prior to scheduled maintenance when you log on to Online Banking. Q.Can I pay bills or transfer funds using Online Banking?A.Yes, you may transfer funds between your checking and savings accounts with Pioneer Bank. You may also make payments to your loan from your accounts with Online Banking. Additionally, you may use our FREE Bill Payment feature within Online Banking to pay bills to electronic or check payees. For more information on Bill Payment, please contact us at 712.943.5511 or 800.332.2396. Q.How do I get in contact with the Bill Payment center?A.The Bill Payment Center, CheckFree can be contacted at 800.268.5652. Q.My account numbers do not appear on Online Banking, how can I differentiate between my accounts?A.Online Banking allows you to assign an alias name to each of your accounts so you can label them whatever is most convenient for you (i.e., Christmas savings, Expense account, etc.). To assign an alias name to your accounts, click on the "My Profile" link at the top of your Online Banking screen. Next, click on "Change account alias" on the left side of the screen. All accounts will be listed, simply type over the current name of the account with the alias you have selected. When completed pioneer online banking ny "Make the change". Q.What is the difference between current and available balance?A.Your current balance is the total amount of funds currently in your account. Available balance is your current balance plus any available deposits for the current day. 

TROY — The president and CEO of Pioneer BankEileen C. Bagnoli, who has led the bank for 40 years will be stepping pioneer online banking ny in mid-June, making way for her successor, Thomas Amell. “We have been in the process of transitioning since Tom joined us last August and we’ve have planned a good long time to acclimate him to our organization,” said Bagnoli. “I don’t think it could have gone any better than it has.” Amell was chosen by the bank’s Board of Trustees in early July, following a local search that was primarily conducted through word-of-mouth. He was the ideal candidate because of his “commitment to community banking and to mutuality,” said Bagnoli. Mutuality is the concept that the members own the organization, rather than stockholders, as would be created with a public stock offering. Since its inception, Pioneer has been owned by its members. “We are in the business to benefit our customers, our depositors, our borrowers, and our employees and our community,” said Bagnoli. “There is no other party that benefits from our existence.” Throughout the years the bank has occasionally come under pressure to make a public offering. Presently, the bank is “definitely not considering” such an offering, said Bagnoli. Amell graduated with an associate degree from Hudson Valley Community College, going on to earn a bachelor’s from Siena College and an MBA from the University at Albany. He has been employed throughout the Capital District in the financial services sector for the past two decades. Among the positions he has held, Amell has been senior vice president and New York business banking director of Citizen’s Bank, Eastern New York regional president for First Niagara, and president of commercial services at SEFCU. As he steps into the leadership role at Pioneer Bank, Amell will begin leading an institution that has been headquartered in the city since it was formed in 1889 by a group of printers from the Troy Daily Press. Pioneer Bank now has $767 million in assets and 16 branches offices throughout the Capital District. A 17th branch will be opened on the east side of Clifton Park later this month. The institution Amell will lead has changed drastically in Bagnoli’s 40 years. “The technology portion of how banking is accomplished is completely different,” said Bagnoli. “I was very involved in bringing our first online system into the bank.” Pioneer Bank began providing online banking and commercial services in the early aughts. When she steps down in June, Bagnoli will be spending the summer with her family. After that, she is looking forward to a life revolving around giving back to her community. “I want to do grassroots volunteering,” said Bagnoli. She has served on various board for many years, but she is looking to become more actively involved. “I love children, so it will probably have something to do with kids,” said Bagnoli. Amell is on vacation and was unavailable for comment. Ian Benjamin may be reached at 270-1287.


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