how can i pay my sprint bill from my phone

You can simply use your Sprint phone to pay your Sprint bill. Instead of calling a complicated phone number, simply dial *​3​ from the phone. To process your payment in-store, have the following information on hand: Company name; Account number; Amount you want to pay; Cash or a debit card. Accordingly, what is the Sprint bill pay Number? Call 800-784-2608 or *3 from your Sprint phone. What are the payment methods for Sprint? Yes.

How can i pay my sprint bill from my phone -

"Please believe me—I really am financially responsible!" If your credit report is blank, that's what you may want to say to lenders and other businesses. Yet without enough proof that you're capable and trustworthy, their response may be, "Thanks, but we'll pass." Or you'll be accepted, but with cost-prohibitive terms.

So how can you jump-start the process of building credit if you don't have a lot of experience borrowing and repaying the money? Good news: If you're among the 95 percent of people in the U.S. who has a cell phone, simply paying that bill may now help you add to your credit history. Cell phone bills can help build credit because you can now include them on your credit report. Read on to find out more.

How to Improve Your Credit Score With Your Cell Phone Bill

Credit scores, such as the FICO® Score, take all the financial information listed on your credit reports and plug it into mathematical models designed to predict credit risk. The FICO® Score ranges from 300 to 850, and a score of 700 or above is considered good to excellent. On paper, reaching a high score shouldn't be complicated. Just pay all your credit accounts on time, maintain a low debt load (especially in relation to credit lines), and keep credit applications to a minimum.

The problem for some is getting all that data on there in the first place. You need creditors such as banks, mortgage companies, credit unions, and credit card issuers to send the credit reporting agencies information about your activity. But if you don't have many of those accounts on your reports, you may face the Catch-22 of not qualifying for credit because you don't have much credit. Now you can add in a type of account that previously had not been part of the equation: your cell phone.

By registering withExperian Boost™, you can build your credit history by having your cell phone account listed on your credit report. Once you add the account, your on-time payments will be factored into your FICO score. Late payments, which can drop a credit score fast, won't be included as long as the account doesn't go so delinquent that you default and the debt is sent to a collection agency. (You can request that an account be removed from your Boost file at any time.) And that's not all. You can even add utility accounts, such as your gas and electric bills, as well as other telecom bills, such as cable or satellite, to Experian Boost. Those payments will then also be factored into your credit score.

Why It's Important to Build Credit

Adding a cell phone and other non-traditional accounts to your credit reports can make sense if you don't have much on your reports. This is known as having a thin credit file, which typically consists of four or fewer accounts. It's hardly a unique situation. About 26 million Americans have no data on their credit reports, while 62 million Americans have too little. Without information on your reports, you're a mystery to lenders and other businesses. Because the past may be a predictor of the future, a thin credit file makes you an automatic credit risk to lenders.

On the other hand, a thick credit history and a high credit score will help you in a variety of ways. For example, you can more easily:

  • Purchase a home. Your credit scores are the most important factor to a mortgage lender, so if yours are too low, you will likely have a hard time getting a home loan or face prohibitive interest rates.
  • Buy a car. Those ultra-low-interest financing deals—including 0% APR offers—are usually only available to people with excellent credit scores.
  • Obtain personal and business loans. If you want to borrow money to pay for personal expenses or to launch your dream business, your credit scores need to be in good shape.
  • Qualify for premium credit cards. Many credit cards offer valuable rewards programs, but they typically require good to excellent credit scores.
  • Rent an apartment. Landlords often depend on credit reports and scores to determine how financially responsible a tenant you might be. If yours are unimpressive, your application may be rejected.
  • Save on car insurance. No one wants to pay more for car insurance than necessary. If you have good scores, you may be eligible for discounted premiums.
  • Keep the initial outlay on utility costs low. With a decent credit score you won't have to submit a security deposit to start a utility account; but if yours are poor or nonexistent, it may be required.

In short, a high credit score helps you keep costs down and opportunities open. So if you weren't inspired to join the 700+ club before, you should be now.

Building Credit Beyond Cell Phone Bills

As your cell phone payments work to your credit scoring advantage with Experian Boost, consider additional methods to hike up those numbers. Some effective start-up ways to build your credit are:

Open a secured credit card. These cards work the same as unsecured credit cards, but to open a secured credit card, you offer a cash deposit which typically equals the credit line. Pay the bill on time and in full and the issuer will send all that fabulous activity to your credit reports.

Try a retail credit card. Some department and big box scores have less restrictive credit requirements than major credit card companies, so getting an unsecured retail credit card and using it responsibly will push your scores upwards. Be sure to pay off your balances every month, as retail cards often carry high interest rates.

Have a creditworthy friend to cosign. If you can find a trustworthy—and trusting—person who has a good credit rating to cosign on a loan with you if you need cash. Once you have the loan, make all payments on time every month. Take this responsibility seriously, since the co-signer will be on the hook for any payments you miss.

Ask to be an authorized user. Almost all credit card issuers allow account owners to assign authorized users. If a friend or relative makes you one, you may charge with a card imprinted with your name, and the account should be listed on your credit reports. (Make sure this is the case, as card issuers don't always automatically add authorized users.) The owner makes the payments, not you, so if that person sends them on time (and doesn't get into deep debt), your scores will benefit.

Obtain a collateralized loan. If you have a thin credit file but want to borrow money, look into secured loans. Because you pledge an asset that the lender can claim if you default, the lender takes less risk, making some of these loans easier to qualify for than their unsecured cousins.

Keep Adding Positive Credit Report Information

The only way to build a credit history and improve credit scores is by ensuring that there is a constant flow of positive and current activity on your credit report. Therefore, if you haven't developed a credit score yet or the numbers are languishing at the bottom of the scale, add your cell phone bill to your report with Experian Boost. The more payments you make by the due date, the richer the data that will be used in a credit score will become.

While you continue to build your credit history, be sure to get a copy of your free credit report. Ensuring all the information contained here is accurate is key to avoiding problems down the road and helping improve your credit.

Want to instantly increase your credit score? Experian Boost helps by giving you credit for the utility and mobile phone bills you're already paying. Until now, those payments did not positively impact your score.

This service is completely free and can boost your credit scores fast by using your own positive payment history. It can also help those with poor or limited credit situations. Other services such as credit repair may cost you up to thousands and only help remove inaccuracies from your credit report.


Sprint offers to lower Kenneth Lynch’s phone bill but then pulls a fast one when his wife tries to upgrade her phone. And now he has been plunged into a Sprint customer service nightmare. Can we help?


About three weeks ago, I called the Sprint customer service line and complained that my bills were too high. I was tired of bills over $300.

Elliott Advocacy is underwritten by Seven Corners. Seven Corners has helped customers all over the world with travel difficulties, big and small. As one of the few remaining privately owned travel insurance companies, Seven Corners provides insurance plans and 24/7 travel assistance services to more than a million people each year. Because we’re privately held, we can focus on the customer without the constraints that larger companies have. Visit Seven Corners to learn more.

The representative I talked to tried to help me and told me she could put me on a plan where my bill would be around $185 with 40GB of data. I was satisfied and hoped it would go well.

A couple of days later my wife stopped into a Sprint store just to upgrade her phone and get a new one. The overly aggressive sales staff convinced her to switch plans to some “freedom” plan with unlimited data, nd it would only be $160 a month.

They tried to switch the plan but the computer wouldn’t let them so they tried to put in a ticket to get the help desk to change the plan. After three days of them messing with my plan, my plan was reverted back to the plan I was on before the original call.

Trying to resolve the problem

The store never tried to resolve the issue. I called back into the customer support line and asked them to fix my plan and after many minutes of messing with it the representative could not figure out how to do it and told me that I would need an escalation to management.

She put in the escalation and told me someone would call me within three days. Ten days later, no one had called me and my plan is still the same. I called back in today and the person transferred me to another department. That person put me on hold for 20 min and then hung up on me.

I have been a loyal Sprint customer since 2007 and this is how they treat me? I will see what AT&T or T-Mobile have to offer. Maybe they know what customer service is.  Can you get me out of this Sprint customer service nightmare?

Kenneth Lynch, Austin, Texas


Sprint should have kept its word and lowered your bill as promised. When the somewhat coerced “upgrade” was discovered, it should have quickly allowed you to revert to your old plan.

By the way, I agree with you that cell phone bills are way too high. If you’re on one of the Big Four wireless companies (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon Wireless) your average bill is more than $90 per month. That’s ridiculous.

I can’t fault a salesperson for trying to persuade your wife to add more services — after all, that’s what they’re supposed to do. But to me, this looks like a trap designed to squeeze more money out of you. And a clumsy one, at that.

Sprint’s terms and conditions stipulate that you can cancel your service within 30 days and avoid any additional charges, such as its early termination fee. In this case, it appears Sprint would allow you to cancel, but wouldn’t agree to roll back the charges, as it had initially told you it would.

This Sprint customer service nightmare is over 

The trick is to get this kind of agreement in writing, and a review of the paper trail — the correspondence between you and the company — suggests there wasn’t much of it. You did all of the negotiating by phone. That’s not your fault. Carriers like Sprint prefer to talk (well, they’re a phone company, so of course they would), but that puts you at a disadvantage. How do you prove a representative made the offer? You can’t.

I love the resolution on this case. You found the Sprint customer service contacts on my consumer advocacy site and sent a brief, polite email to them. You heard back from them within a few hours and the company quickly agreed to honor your original agreement.

Sprint Collections

Mobile phone service accounts going into collection is hardly unusual. It often happens after you terminate service, and the company continues to pursue you for additional money.

Or there may be a dispute with billing, and your account ends up in collection.

This may be the case when you’re dealing with a provider like Sprint.

They’re now part of T-Mobile, but there are plenty of collection accounts remaining from when they were an independent entity.

If you’re being pursued for a collection related to Sprint, it may be coming from different directions.

For example, if the account is relatively new, Sprint may attempt to collect the alleged debt directly from you.

Older collection accounts are more likely to be turned over to third-party collection agencies.

Whoever is instituting the collection effort against you, the strategies for dealing with Sprint collections are pretty much the same across the board.

About Sprint Collections

There is no agency specifically called “Sprint Collections,” but the Accounts Receivable department within the company provides collection services.

It’s more likely, however, that you’ll be approached by a third-party collection agency if your account is seriously delinquent.

If there is any indication of a billing problem with Sprint, you should do your best to work it out with the company before they turn it over to a collection agency.

They may be more willing to work with you, especially if you are a current customer.

Little third-party information is available about Sprint collection behavior.

Company Ratings

The Better Business Bureau gives Sprint a rating of A+, which is their highest rating on a scale of A+ to F. However, they do list more than 20,000 complaints against the company.

On one hand, that’s really not a lot of complaints when you consider the company has over 54 million customers.

But a quick scan of those complaints shows a pattern of problems with billing and payments.

However, it’s worth pointing out that such complaints against mobile phone service providers are hardly unusual.

If you are overwhelmed by dealing with negative entries on your credit report,
we suggest you ask a professional credit repair company for help.

Ask Lex Law for Help

Before You Deal with Sprint Collections

Before getting into specific strategies for dealing with Sprint collections—or their third-party collection agencies—it will help to provide you with a few basic rules for handling any collection agency.

1. Don’t deal with collection agencies by phone

The most basic reason to avoid phone contact with a collection agency is that it gives the agency all the advantages in your interactions.

Consider those collection agents are both trained and experienced in live exchanges with debtors.

They know the law, and they know exactly what to say to intimidate consumers.

That intimidation often leads debtors to surrender additional information to the collection agency.

They want to connect you to the debt further or even get you to make promises to send payments.

The fact that collection agencies routinely record those calls further complicates phone exchanges.

Rest assured, they’re not for training purposes. Instead, the recordings represent evidence that can be used against you if the collection agency decides to file a lawsuit.

The information you provide in a call, as well as any promises you make to send payments, will be included in those recorded phone calls.

Fortunately, you do have an escape hatch from phone conversations with collection agencies.

2. All contact with a collection agency should be in writing

You have a right to demand all contact with a collection agency be handled in writing.

That’s federal law, and most collection agencies are well aware of that. You should insist on contact by written communication only as early in the collection process as possible.

Not only will that remove the collection agency’s ability to pester you with repeated phone calls, but it will also shift much of the advantage in your favor.

For example, a collection agency is much less likely to write something that may be a violation of federal law than they would be to say the same in a phone call.

After all, the letter would represent evidence against them proving a violation.

By insisting on contact by written correspondence only, you’re also sending a clear message to the collection agency that you know your rights under federal law.

That will force them to respect you from the get-go.

But perhaps the biggest advantage for you is that you will have a paper trail.

Any time you’re contacted by the collection agency, you can simply refer to their letters to determine exactly what’s going on, and what your response should be.

You will also be able to keep your responses brief. That will avoid providing additional information, or making promises to send payment—both of which can be held against you.

Be sure to send any letters to a collection agency by certified mail, return receipt requested.

That will give you evidence you sent your letters and that the agency has received them.

Be sure to keep all correspondence, both your letters and theirs, in one location.

That will provide you with a ready reference to plan your next response. It may also be your best defense if the collection agency brings a lawsuit against you.

3. Never promise to make a payment unless you’re willing and able to make it

This is probably the single most important rule for dealing with any collection agency.

Whatever you do, don’t be drawn into the temptation of promising to send a payment that you might not be able to cover. The consequences could be ugly.

If you promise to send payment to a collection agency—whether partial or full—and fail to send it, the collection agency can use it against you in a lawsuit.

Whether you’ve made the promise on a recorded phone call or in a letter, it represents a form of breach of contract.

No matter how much you may be tempted to promise to send a payment, never do it unless you have the funds available and intend to send them.

4. Familiarize yourself with your rights under federal law

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) provides consumers with certain protections from collection agency abuses.

You can learn these protections by reading the Debt Collection FAQs provided by the Federal Trade Commission (FTC).

Often, just asserting your rights under the FDCPA will get a collection agency to treat you better.

Get Legal Help in Dealing with Sprint Collections

This will be an absolute necessity if you are threatened with a lawsuit, or if the collection agency is in violation of federal law and you want to bring a suit of your own against them.

But it’s also an option if the agency is proving to be completely uncooperative, and you feel you can no longer move forward.

If any of those situations develop, you’ll need legal representation. We recommend Lexington Law for the job.

They specialize in credit law, and are one of the leading credit law firms in the country.

Having legal representation may be just what you need to get the collection agency to drop the case against you.

Ask Lex Law for Help

Specific Strategies for Dealing with Sprint Collections

Now let’s get into specific strategies for dealing with either Sprint collections or any collection agencies they may hire to represent them.

1. Demand Sprint Collections Provide a Debt Validation Letter

Under federal law, all collection agencies are required to furnish you with a debt validation letter.

The letter spells out the terms of the collection agency’s claim against you.

That includes all information surrounding the debt, including the name of the original creditor (which will be Sprint), the date the account went into collections, and the specific information that ties you to the obligation.

If the collection agency doesn’t send you a debt validation letter, you’ll need to request one specifically.

Once you receive it, study it carefully. Pay close attention to all the details provided about the original debt.

If any information doesn’t match your personal records, you may be able to dispute the account.

For example, the collection agency may be attempting to collect a payment that you already made.

If you can find and provide written evidence of the payment you’ve made, they should drop the claim against you.

Similarly, if any of the information about you personally is incorrect, it could be a case of mistaken identity.

By providing correct personal information or disputing inaccurate information, you may be able to have the collection dropped.

But be aware that sometimes, even when the information the collection agency has is wrong and you prove that to be the case, they still don’t drop the claim against you.

That’s another example of when you may need to get professional help.

2. Request a Goodwill Deletion

This is a strategy you may be able to use if either the debt has been paid or you intend to pay it now.

It’s not an attempt to get out of paying the obligation, but rather to have the collection account removed from your credit report.

(Don’t attempt this strategy if you’ll need to make a payment plan to settle the account.)

You’ll send Sprint collections, or their hired collection agency, a goodwill letter. In the letter, you’ll request they remove the collection account from your credit reports.

Because a) the debt is paid (or will be), and b) the reason the account went into collection was due to circumstances beyond your control.

That last part is what’s most important. You’ll need to convince the collection agency of the legitimacy of the reason why the account went into collection.

It’ll need to be a serious life event, such as a divorce or a business failure. It also will strengthen your case by providing any documentation proving your claim.

No, this request is not guaranteed to have the collection account removed from your credit reports.

But if there was a believable extenuating circumstance that caused the account to be in collection, this is a strategy well worth trying.

3. Offer a Pay-for-Delete Agreement

This is something like a goodwill deletion’s evil second cousin. That’s because the strategy is truly a gray zone—and that’s putting it politely.

You’ll use this strategy with a debt that’s still outstanding. It plays on the collection agency’s need to have the account paid, and paid quickly.

For that reason, they may agree to this arrangement.

You’ll send the collection agency a pay-for-delete letter. The letter will propose your willingness to pay the debt in full in exchange for the collection agency removing the collection account from your credit reports.

If they do, ask them to confirm their acceptance of the arrangement in writing.

Don’t be surprised if they agree and send you the requested letter. Like everyone else, collection agencies want to get paid.

But that doesn’t mean the arrangement will work as planned. The problem with pay-for-delete is that it’s something collection agencies are not supposed to do, at least according to their agreements with the credit bureaus.

When they receive a payment from a debtor, they’re required to report it as a paid account.

Removing the account completely is something they’re not supposed to do.

That being the case, they may send you written confirmation of the agreement, accept your payment, and then fail to have the account deleted from your credit reports.

You’ll have no recourse if that happens.

4. Demand Deletion if Sprint Collections Can’t Fully Validate the Debt

Earlier, we said that collection agencies are legally required to provide you with the debt validation letter.

If they don’t, or if the letter comes back incomplete, you can challenge the validity of the collection and demand it be dropped.

If the company doesn’t cooperate, you can open a dispute with the three credit bureaus: Experian, Equifax and TransUnion.

They’ll be required to investigate within 30 days, and if the collection agency doesn’t provide complete validation of the debt, the credit bureaus will remove it from your credit reports.

In most cases, however, the collection agency will continue their collection efforts against you.

When that happens, you may need to get legal representation or work with a credit repair service.

5. Settle the Debt for Less than the Full Amount Owed

This is a common way collection accounts are settled. It won’t remove the collection account from your credit reports, but it will enable you to close the account for a lot less money than the agency wants.

You’ll send the collection agency a letter proposing to settle the account for a reduced amount.

We recommend your initial offer be 50% or less of the original balance.

If the company is willing to negotiate, they’ll send a counteroffer. It will be closer to the full amount, but it will confirm that settlement is possible.

Continue negotiating until you reach a settlement amount both sides can agree on. When the collection agency agrees, demand they confirm their agreement in writing.

That must include confirmation they’re accepting the reduced amount in full satisfaction of the entire balance, they’ll terminate collection efforts against you, and they’ll report the account as fully paid to the three credit bureaus.

If you send money before receiving the letter, the collection agency may accept your money as a partial payment, then continue to come after you for the balance.

That’s why you must wait for the letter from the collection agency before sending any money.

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It’s easy to schedule a payment by accessing our Payment Center online, from any phone and from your phone’s browser.

Online: PC

  1. Go to and sign in using your username and password
  2. Click the Pay Bill tab
  3. Select your payment method
  4. Select a payment date
  5. Enter the amount of your payment
  6. Click Continue
  7. Review your payment details
  8. Click the box to agree to the terms and conditions
  9. Click Authorize; a confirmation will display

Any phone

  1. Call 800-784-2608 or *3 from your Sprint phone
  2. Select option to Pay Using Automated Voice System
  3. Enter your Sprint phone number
  4. Follow the voice instructions to make a payment

Online: Smartphone or Tablet

  1. Go to
  2. Tap Menu then My Sprint
  3. Tap View or Pay Bill; sign in using your username and password
  4. Select your payment method
  5. Select a payment date
  6. Enter the amount of your payment
  7. Click Continue
  8. Review your payment details
  9. Click the box to agree to the terms and conditions
  10. Click Authorize; a confirmation will display


  • It takes up to 15 minutes for a payment to post.
  • If you pay any portion of your balance after the due date, you may incur late and/or reconnection fees.
  • If your services are restricted, it may take up to 15 minutes to restore your account.
  • Payments automatically process on the scheduled day; modifications and cancellations can be made up to one day prior.

Have questions about your bill?

Get answers at You’ll find great billing resources, tutorials and answers to frequently asked questions.



The Fastest Way To Get a Refund From Sprint—A Step-By-Step Guide

Sprint was one of the largest mobile network providers in the U.S. before being acquired by T-Mobile in April 2020. Even though the company has merged with T-Mobile, Sprint’s original refund policy still applies, and they still have their own customer support.

Key Aspects of the Sprint Refund Policy

Sprint’s refund policy covers devices and accessories purchased from:

  • A Sprint retail store (now T-Mobile retail store)
  • Sprint Telesales
  • Sprint Website

If you cancel your Sprint service, you won’t be offered a prorated refund even if you do it in the middle of a billing cycle. 

Did you buy a Sprint device or accessory from a third-party seller? You will have to contact the retailer to find out about their refund policy. 

You have to return your device or accessory to the original place of purchase within 14 days to be eligible for a refund. The item needs to be in perfect condition and in original packaging.

Before returning the item, you need to contact Sprint customer support to deactivate your service and inform them about your return and refund request. 

Here’s an overview of which Sprint items and services are refundable and which are not:



  • The full retail price of a new device or accessory
  • Monthly installment agreement
  • Flex Lease
  • Service charges
  • Paper Bill Fee
  • Detail Bill Fee
  • Spending Limit Program Charge
  • Restocking fee
  • Fee for a damaged device 
  • Devices you received as a part of Trade-in, Buyback, or Giveback transaction

You’ll be refunded to the original payment method. If you paid with cash while buying your device in one of Sprint/T-Mobile stores, you’ll be refunded in cash for purchases of up to $175. If the refund price is higher, you’ll receive a check.

How Can I Request My Sprint Refund?

You have multiple options for requesting a refund from Sprint (hint: DoNoPay is the most convenient one!).

Can You Request a Refund Via









In Person



Third-Party Retailers


Request a Sprint Refund Over the Phone

To request your Sprint refund over the phone, follow these steps:

  1. Dial 888-211-4727 to get in touch with the company’s customer support reps
  2. Inform them about your refund request
  3. Provide all the necessary info 
  4. Request a confirmation email

To skip the phone queue and avoid wasting time, rely on DoNotPay’s help when contacting Sprint customer service. You’ll be notified as soon as one of the customer care representatives becomes available. With us, you can easily get in touch with the customer support of many companies, including Amazon, Instagram, and Zara.

The Sprint customer care rep will provide instructions on how to return your device, and they will cancel any service. 

Request a Sprint Refund Online

Another option is to contact Sprint customer support via chat. You’ll see the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the dashboard. Click on it and ask them about your refund.

This option is recommended to people who bought their Sprint device through Telesales. You’ll be sent a returning kit so that you can send the device back to Sprint.

Request a Sprint Refund in Person

If you purchased a device or accessory in one of the Sprint stores, you can return it to the nearest Sprint (now T-Mobile) store. Bring the original packaging, receipt, and other items that came with the device.

Request a Sprint Refund via Mail

Sprint provides pre-paid labels for return shipping in case you decide to send your device back via mail. Make sure to write down your return merchandise authorization number—you can find it on the shipping label under “RMA.” This number will be useful if you want to track the delivery.

You’ll have to contact the Sprint customer care agents first to claim a return shipping label.

Request a Sprint Refund From Third-Party Retailers

Sprint suggests contacting the customer support of the third-party seller you purchased the item from to find out if you’re eligible for a refund and how to request it because each retailer’s refund policy is different.

DoNotPay Offers the Most Efficient Way To Get a Sprint Refund!

Contacting customer support agents is bothersome, especially if they are persistent in convincing you to continue using the company’s services. That’s why requesting a refund with DoNotPay is always the best and fastest option. 

To request your Sprint refund with us, follow these steps:

  1. Open your account from a web browser
  2. Click on Chargeback Instantly
  3. Verify your personal info and answer our chatbot’s questions
  4. Sign and click on Submit 

The moment you hit the Submit button, your request will be faxed to your bank together with a letter that includes all necessary Visa or Mastercard codes. Since the Fair Credit Billing Act requires contacting the merchant to collect the evidence, DoNotPay can do it on your behalf. It will increase your chances of winning.

Besides helping you request your money back from Sprint, we can offer our assistance in getting a refund from other companies, such as:

What Issues Can I Expect When Requesting My Sprint Refund?

Sprint might charge a restocking fee for the returned device or accessory when issuing your refund:

Full Retail Price (FRP)

Restocking Fee



Less than $300


It’s recommended that you back up all data and delete the Find My iPhone option before returning your device. You won’t be able to get it back once Sprint receives the device. 

How Long Do Sprint Refunds Take?

Sprint will issue a refund within ten days from receiving your returned item if you paid with a credit card. Some banks and credit card issuers take longer to process the payment, which means that you might see the refund on your balance two billing periods later.  

You’ll be issued a check within 14 days of returning your device if:

  • Your chosen method of payment was a check
  • The price of the device or accessory paid in cash was higher than $175

How To Check My Sprint Refund Request Status

You can either call Sprint customer support or your bank to see if your refund has been issued and when to expect it.

DoNotPay Helps You Solve Any Other Issue With Ease 

Thanks to DoNotPay’s convenient features, you can request a Sprint refund or cancel Sprint wireless effortlessly, but these aren’t the only issues we can help you with. Rely on us to assist you in canceling numerous services, including Amazon Prime Video, CBS All Access, Sling TV, etc. 

DoNotPay can also help you deal with everyday administrative problems such as getting loans to pay bills, renewing your Florida driver’s license, suing Comcast, and similar. 

Once you sign in to your account either from a web browser you can count on DoNotPay’s help when:


How can I pay my Sprint bill online?

If you haven’t already, download the My Sprint app to your iOS or Android device.

  1. Sign into your My Sprint app portal.
  2. From your portal home screen, select Bill Pay.
  3. Specify your payment method and date.
  4. Select continue.
  5. Review your payment details.
  6. Confirm your payment.

How do I pay my Sprint bill from my phone?

Dial *3 from your Sprint phone and follow the prompts. You can complete a payment free of charge in the automated system. If you exit the system and talk to a live agent to complete the payment, you’ll be charged a $10.00 support fee. Send your payment in the envelope provided with your bill.

How can I pay my Sprint bill without logging in?

Pay your bill without signing in or make a guest payment for a Sprint customer. Go to….No username or password required.

  1. Open the My Sprint Mobile app.
  2. Tap Make a payment.
  3. Follow the instructions on screen to make your payment.

Where can I make a Sprint payment?

Online: PC

  1. Go to and sign in using your username and password.
  2. Click the Pay Bill tab.
  3. Select your payment method.
  4. Select a payment date.
  5. Enter the amount of your payment.
  6. Click Continue.
  7. Review your payment details.
  8. Click the box to agree to the terms and conditions.

How can I check my phone bill online?

How to Check a Phone Bill Online

  1. Open your web browser.
  2. Go to your phone service provider’s website.
  3. Log into your account. Somewhere on the front page there will be a place to enter your username and password.
  4. Click on the link that will say “Make a payment,” “Pay my bill,” etc.
  5. View your bill.

How long does Sprint give you to pay your phone bill?

Unfortunately, there is no grace period. A late fee is charged when an outstanding balance exists over $10.00 that is 30 or more days past the bill cycle close date. Sprint actually does not charge a late fee until 30 days after your previous billing cycle has ended on any balance over $10 (I think).

Can someone else pay my Sprint bill?

If you’re making a payment for someone else or you don’t want to log in, use Express Payment. Visit and follow the instructions. Enter the total cost of your bill as the payment amount. Make sure you are looking at the current bill when you go to pay.

How much is Sprint a month?

Sprint Unlimited Basic—$60/month. Sprint Unlimited Plus—$70/month. Sprint Unlimited Premium—$80/month.

How much is a sprint monthly bill?

How do I check my phone bill?

You can check your bill balance by texting or calling your service provider. Most cell phone service providers offer a quick, easy way for customers to check their bill balance.

How long can you not pay your Sprint bill?

What happens if you don’t pay your Sprint bill?

The carrier will cut your service, possibly lock your device if it under contract, and will send you to collections eventually. At first it will just ask for the missing payment and when you can pay. Eventually after several months (or weeks ) they will send the bill to a collection agency.

Can I pay my friends phone bill?

Just go to any carrier office, or other store that accepts payments. Give them the cell phone number and payment.

Can I pay a phone bill for someone else?

Easiest answer is to call the carrier and tell them what you want to do. They will take your credit card number and credit the other person’s account. Slightly harder, but still doable is you get the carrier application that lets you pay bills and enter all the right stuff.

How can I make my Sprint bill cheaper?

7 Ways to Lower Your Cell Phone Bill

  1. Opt for autopay. Most wireless carriers will knock $5 to $10 off your bill if you sign up for automatic payments.
  2. Switch to prepaid.
  3. Change or remove your cell phone insurance.
  4. Skip the phone upgrade.
  5. Cash in on discounts.
  6. Add lines.
  7. Update your service address.

How much is a Sprint bill for one person?

Sprint’s unlimited data plan costs $70 plus a $20 line charge when you lease a phone, so you’re paying a total of $90 / month for unlimited data. A plan with 12 GB of data per month ($60) plus the $20 line charge adds up to only $80 / month.

How do I check my bill on my Iphone?

Tap “View My Minutes” or “Check Bill Balance” to view your current balance and remaining usage quota.

What happens if I dont pay Sprint bill?

how can i pay my sprint bill from my phone

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