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Geodesic vs. monolithic dome homes: What are the pros and cons of each, what do they cost, and where do you find them for sale if you'd like. The residential real estate market in metro Atlanta continues to sizzle. This is a sampling of the top sales of 2021in high-rise condos and. Concrete monolithic domes are the safest of the dome homes. "The comparable sale is the problem," Wolfram said. "You don't want to get. dome homes for sale in georgia

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Here's the Dirt on a Prefabricated Plastic Earth Sheltered Home Design You Can Buy Off the Shelf

No, this isn't Hobbiton or a scene from Teletubbies. It's a rendering of a community of earth-sheltered houses built from a new prefab building system. I once wrote that from Hobbiton to Tatooine, earth sheltered houses make sense all over the universe; now you can just order one up.

Green Magic Homes

Earth-sheltered houses have long been known to be very energy-efficient, with the thermal mass of all that dirt keeping the temperature relatively even all year. However they have often been expensive to build and difficult to make totally waterproof. Now a Florida company, Green Magic Homes, has designed a prefabricated system of fiber-reinforced polymers (FRP) where you can roll your own earth sheltered house at a reasonable price (US $41 per square foot for the shells). Their system addresses the problems of weight and cost:

The Green Magic Homes system has addressed these problems in an entirely new way, using the age-old methods of building with earth in conjunction with the space-age technology of composite materials. The inner shell of the buildings is very strong, light, waterproof, and modular, and the earth covering is constructed in such a way that it collaborates structurally with the shell because of its layered construction and the vaulted geometry of the system.

The FRP components are made in their factory.

Assembled on site with glue and stainless steel screws through those flanges sticking up,

Then covered with soil and planting. According to their FAQ, there can be 8 inches of soil on the top, and they are designed to handle about 44 pounds per square foot of live load on top of that.

Problems With the System

However they are inconsistent. They also make some claims about the R value of soil and how it is different than insulation:

The R value or heat transfer resistance value of a GREEN MAGIC HOME, is approximately 1 per every 10 cm of Earth. A typical GREEN MAGIC HOME has an average of 60 centimeters between walls and deck, which would give an R factor of 6. However, the thermal character of the mass of the Earth is quite different from the materials designed and used principally for the resistance to the transfer of heat (R value) such as polystyrene or polyurethane foam. When changing from soil to a less massive "insulating" material, you should understand the design performance with regards to heat capacity of the building and/or soil mass (K-value). A massive soil wall or roof can store heat energy to even out the temperature swings of day--lightweight insulation does not perform this way. The thermal value you get from 18 inches of soil far surpasses the 4.5 R-value (0.25 per inch). The use of earth as dome homes for sale in georgia large capacity heat storage makes it possible not only to reduce such buildings’ demand for heating and cooling energy, but also helps to preserve the local microclimate.

Now this is totally confusing because they are mixing metric dimensions with American R values. They say there is 18 inches when before they said 8 inches was on top. They are also not taking into account that in northern climates, frozen soil has not much of an R value at all; dirt is a lousy insulator. In fact, judging from the installation photos, these would be useless in cold climates without a lot more insulation and a lot more dirt on top. However it appears that most of these are going into warmer climates where the thermal mass of dirt can be very useful at keeping the place cool.

Then there is the issue of the fiber-reinforced plastic panels, made in a manner similar to a modern fiberglass boat. This is not exactly the greenest of technologies, though much depends on the resin that is being used. The common phenol formaldehyde resins emit high levels of formaldehyde during manufacture, endangering workers, and can outgas for some time after manufacture. It also is dangerous in a fire, emitting serious poisons.

However the usual alternative material in earth sheltered housing is usually reinforced concrete, closest food bank to me is then needs expensive plastic waterproofing, bigger foundations and a lot more material. This is certainly more efficient and logical.

Malcolm Wells, the pioneer of earth sheltered housing, wrote:

A building should consume its own waste, maintain itself, match nature's pace, provide wildlife habitat, moderate climate and weather and be beautiful. That's a series of pass/fail evaluation criteria.

I am not sure what he would think of these. Calling FRP shells green is a matter for debate; there is a lot of plastic in this, and the green consensus is that we should be trying to eliminate plastic from our buildings. And it certainly isn't magic, but the Green Magic Home is certainly an interesting, quick and more affordable way of doing an earth sheltered home.

Residential Real Estate Developers

As you plan your arrival to Georgia Tech we ask that you consider the following recommendations. Please limit the items you bring to essential items only. This will ensure a safe and smooth move-in process for the entire community, and simplify the move-out process later in the semester. A list of recommended items is provided below. Additionally, please be mindful of the prohibited items list. By doing so, you help us encourage the safety of our volunteers and your fellow residents. 

What's in Your Room? 

Items You Should Bring

Here you will find the list of items you should consider bringing with you to move-in, with specific needs for each type of room below. Again, please be mindful and minimal as you pack your belongings to make your move-in experience as smooth as possible. Additionally, please review the list of prohibited items found to the right. 

The Tenth and Home complex on North Campus offers one and two bedroom Family-monthly unfurnished apartments which have no furniture in them. The full size kitchen is equipped with a dishwasher, garbage disposal, microwave, stove, oven, refrigerator, cabinets, pantry, and washer and dryer. Dome homes for sale in georgia will need to plan to provide furnishings according to your personal needs.

Personal Items:

  • shower caddy, soap, toiletries
  • towels, washcloths (at least 2 sets)
  • shower shoes
  • extra-long twin bed sheets (2 sets)
  • blanket, pillow, pillowcases
  • laundry bag, laundry detergent (regular and/or high-efficiency detergent works)
  • power outlet strip (14- or 12-gauge wire)
  • medicines, first aid kit
  • all-purpose surface cleaner

Please coordinate with your roommate on these items and ensure all items are certified "energy star" compliant:

  • TV (32" or smaller is dome homes for sale in georgia (less than 10 amps or 1,200 watts)
  • refrigerator (no larger than 4.5 cubic ft.)

Bring these items for Suites:

  • all-purpose surface cleaner
  • bathroom Supplies: Toilet paper, toiletries
  • trash bags, towels, bathmat, shower caddie
  • first-aid supplies
  • cleaning supplies: broom, mop & bucket, disinfectant, toilet
  • vacuum (coordinate with suite mates)
    us bank locations in north carolina these items for Apartments:

    • kitchen supplies: kitchen towels, dishwasher detergent, liquid soap, dome homes for sale in georgia towels, ice trays, trash bags, dishes, utensils, cookware.
    • bathroom supplies: toilet paper, toiletries, trash bags, towels, bathmat,
    • bathroom and kitchen cleaning supplies: broom, mop & bucket, disinfectant, toilet brush, mirror/glass cleaner
    • vacuum (coordinate with roommate)

Prohibited Items

The items below old dominion power norton va phone number not permitted in the residence halls or apartments. While we attempt to list as many non-permitted items that we know of, the list is not comprehensive; please contact the Central Housing Office to ask about any items not listed that may be questionable.

  • alcoholic beverages (if under 21 years of age)
  • candles (battery operated only), fireworks, weapons, incense, halogen bulbs
  • any appliance with an open or exposed heating element
  • lofts
  • masking tape, nails, other products which damage or deface painted walls
  • pets
  • personal door locks
  • traditional extension cords
  • wireless access points (see "Wireless Policy" for more information)
  • pressure cookers / Instant pot / air fryer
  • 3D Printers


What's in Your Room?

Check out what will be in your room when you arrive.  Read all about the furnishings for each room style, see diagrams and measurements for bedroom furniture, and learn how your bed can be set up.

Room Specifications


Personal appliances that are used for cooking need to be used in a proper and safe manner. No open flame device is allowed in any residence hall. Appliances that generate high temperatures (generally over 140 degrees such as a George Foreman grill or portable deep fat fryers) can only be used at approved locations. The top of any dome homes for sale in georgia the apartment or common area stoves provided with exhaust hoods are considered the only approved locations for use within residence halls. Slow cookers are allowed.

Individual health and air quality requirements vary greatly between students' desires and needs. Students should plan for small portable units (de-humidifier, air cleaner, humidifier, fan, ionizer. etc.) that meet their personal comfort desires as these items are not supplied in the rooms.


Picture of WreckTechs Logo

Need to connect to the included network and television services? Please visit WreckTechs below for all requirements, specifications, and instructions.

WreckTechs provides a free dedicated Help Desk for technology related services including:

  • high-speed wireless networking
  • high-speed wired networking
  • digital cable television

Visit WreckTechs

Map of Georgia Tech

Central Housing Office
120 North Avenue, NW
Room 126
Atlanta, GA


Geodesic Dome Home Kits

Ai, makers of 10 geodesic dome kits for owner builders or contractors who want to build a Tornado, Hurricane resistant dome home, concrete retirement home, concrete vacation home or commercial business dome.   (Or you or your contractor can be assisted by a construction specialistif needed).   The Ai dome is ideal for a commercial business because the dome makes your business very cool and memorable.  To learn about 20% discount on the building kit & 25% discount on building plans, view Kit Sale.

These dome kits consist of a prefab steel reinforced concrete insulated panelswith 1/2″ Georgia Pacific DensArmor drywall on the panel interiorgiving you the greatest protection possible at roughly the same cost per sq.foot to build as conventional house or commercial construction.

Cement is 100% better than building with lumber, and not as expensive as you might think. Due to aerodynamic shape & steel reinforced fiber concrete exterior, the Aidome has proved its strength & fire resistance. Read about it on Disaster Resistant.  Why did Ai stop guniting concrete onto the exterior of its dome and invent the prefab panel? It is too labor intensive & a waste of concrete to pump concrete.

Due to its reduced surface area and R28 uninterrupted insulation, the Aidome can cut your utility bills 50%-60%. Energy efficiency summary can be viewed at summary. View pictures of beautiful dome interiordesigned by international artist Electros, To view pictures of a 45′ dome on full basement review Stroupe page.  View pics of five bedroom gorgeous Oklahoma dome built in tornado alley, view 48′ dome.  To see energy bills and photos of 34′ dome, click on Dome Across From Indian River. To view info and photos of 34′ dome on full basement for sale one hour from Asheville North Carolina, click on Dome One Mile From Blue Ridge Parkway.

For other dome pictures, check out the left menu bar for fourteen photo galleries and view Kaufman pics. To learn about Component Panel Assembly, click onAssembly. Ai has a video that includes film showing the prefabricated concrete panel being manufactured. Inside Edition aired a how to use bank of america mobile app on the Ai dome. Please scroll down to view second video.

Ai has sold over 800 dome kits into 47 USA dome homes for sale in georgia and 14 foreign areas. An American Ingenuity dome won the award for Most Energy Efficient Residence in the Southeastern United States….beating out a home sponsored by the utility company Florida Power & Light.






American Ingenuity, Inc. (Ai), located in Rockledge, Florida, (about one hour east of Orlando) has been business since 1976. Ai manufactures cement home or commercial building kits in diameters 15ft, 18ft, 22ft, 27ft, 30ft, 34ft, 36ft, 40ft, 45ft and 48ft. On site the prefab concrete panels are assembled with locally purchased doors and windows installed. Once the interiors are built on site per the building plans, the interior square footage can range from 172 sq.ft. to 2,992 sq.ft……from one bedroom/one bath to four/five bedroom/three bath homes or commercial structures. The concrete dome is ideal for a retirement home, vacation home, cabin, get-a-way or primary dome homes for sale in georgia or business building and for areas prone to forest fires or heavy snow load. Before building a log cabin please compare the advantages of a Ai dome vs log home.  Before building a monolithic dome, read Ai dome vs monolithic dome.  Please read info about Ai dome and a container homeand ayurt. 

To view stock plans for each of the ten size dome kits Ai manufacturers, click on Stock Plans. If you do not see a stock plan to fit your lifestyle, Ai can modify a plan or design a custom plan from your descriptions and sketches. To view sale pricing on the stock plans and the building kit for each stock plan, click on Plans & Kit Sale Pricing.  If floor plan layouts are mailed, call for printing and mailing costs. American Ingenuity’s Dome Building Plans are new and improved. An Expanded Kit Assembly Manual is now available with each dome order.

The American Ingenuity Dome and its inventor, Michael Busick, were written about on page 100 in the October 2010 issue of Popular Science Magazine. The issue’s theme was “The Future of the Home, LIFE ON THE EDGE, Habitats for a Changing World”. The article about Ai showed a reprint of the front page cover story that Popular Science ran on the American Ingenuity Dome in 1987. This October 2010 article on Ai was named, “THE FUTURE THEN….FROM THE POPULAR SCIENCE ARCHIVES”. To receive via email a pdf of the original Popular Science 1987 Cover Story which featured the American Ingenuity dome and its founders on the front cover with article and the 2010 article featuring the Ai dome, click san jose city college academic calendar 2017 Contact Usand ask for the pdfs. betano

To view what the Concrete Component Panel and Dome Kit Consists of please click on Building Kit Contents. To view what is not included in the kit, click onNot Included.

How Is the Kit Assembled? DIY or Hire a Builder.

To view pictures of prefab concrete panel assembly, click on Dome Kit Assembly and Construction Overview.  The dome kit can be a Do It Yourself Project with the owner builder utilizing family and friends or hiring his own workers for kit assembly.  Or the home owner or business owner hires a builder who hires the independentKit Assembly Specialistwho travels world-wide to supervise your kit assembly and the application of the first layer of fiber concrete into the panel seams and onto the entryways and dormers. Then walmart prepaid card services your workers or your builder’s workers completes the second layer of concrete in the seams & on the entryways and dormers. To learn more about selecting a builder, alaska usa mobile app Builders,Contractor& Determining Contractor Pricing. For interior finishing complete yourself or hire local subcontractors to complete the plumbing, electrical, framing, window/door installation, wall board finishing, kitchen cabinetry, bathroom fixtures, etc. 1xbet

Tiny Homes - NEW - NEW DOME SIZES - 15′ & 18′

Brand new in October 2015, Ai has added two new tiny dome sizes, 15′ and 18′, to its current dome building kit sizes. Casino Online

To view stock plans for 15′, 18′, 22′, 27′, 30′ & 34′ tiny domes (172 sq.ft. to 1,278 sq.ft.) and to view pictures of small 22′ in diameter domes under construction and finished, click on Tiny Homes.To view regular and sale pricing on Tiny Concrete Home Kits, click on Sale.

To view construction pictures of 22′ dome, please click on Video. Great for Special Hideaway, vacation cabin, mother-in-law quarters, guest house, hunting cabin, glambing, tiny home, micro home, cottages for resort or starter home. The Ai dome is much stronger, has noncombustible materials in its wall panels, fire resistant concrete exterior & more insulated than a tent or yurt. Please check with magnetic money clip and card holder building department to see if there is a minimum size house requirements….sometimes the minimum size is 500 sq.ft. or 800 sq.ft. which would be American Ingenuity’s 27 ft in diameter dome. Or sometimes the minimum size new home has to be 1,100 sq.ft. - which would be the 34′ dome. Online Casino Österreich


Great News – If your lender would like to utilize an appraiser who has appraised an Ai dome for a loan and who has visited an American Ingenuity 15 year old finished dome, please call Ai for appraiser’s info. 321-639-8777 Monday – Friday 9-5 Eastern time. Online Casino

Sovann Kang has moved back to Wells Fargo Bank and can now offer new home loans on domes, buyouts and refinancing on existing domes for those who qualify.   Click here to email him Kang

Financing is the single biggest hurdle to building a dome.Casinos Portugal
To view Ai’s eighteen page booklet giving financing alternatives, view Booklet.  Because most of the Ai domes are built as retirement homes, they are not sold by the home owner. Lenders do not like this as they want resale numbers. As a result, lenders want a 25% to 35% cash down payment based on the finished price of the dome. To learn more, click on Calculating Finished Cost Per Sq.Ft. Pokerstars

What States & Countries Have AiDomes Been Shipped To?

To date American Ingenuity has sold kits into 47 U.S.A. states and fourteen foreign areas. To view info about Ai’s Florida Dome Offices, click on Offices.

Ai has exported domes to Hawaii, Puerto Rico, Guam, the Virgin Islands-St. Kitts and St. Croix, the British Virgin Islands-Tortola, Aposta Esportiva, West Indies-Nieves, Canada, Israel, Jamaica, Bahrain, Apostas Online, Tasmania, Trinidad and the Faroe Islands (between Iceland/Scotland/Norway). To learn more about importing Ai domes, click on Importing.

Wonderful news: Ai dome home kits can now be built in the California Counties of San Diego, Trinity, Solona and Shasta if all the building department requirements are followed. An Ai dome received a building permit in Riverside County in August 2015 and is under construction. Ai domes have been built in the following California areas: Banning, Forest Ranch, Crestline, Borrego Springs, オンラインカジノ, Lake Elsinore, Summerset, Herlong and Hanford. If you own property in another California location, Please call us at 321-639-8777 with the tax ID number, dome homes for sale in georgia department name and phone number and Ai will call the plans examiner to see if the Ai dome building kit can be built if you submit California engineer sealed building plans, California engineer sealed structural calculations specific for your dome using that area’s wind, snow ally lyons seismic criteria, passing Title 24 Energy Report and all the required reports and paperwork (site map, soil report, drainage report, fire sprinkler plans, etc.)


A Guide to Dome Homes

  • May 30, 2019
  • Blog
  • Legal Eagle Contractors

We recently recapped our experience visiting the home of two of our customers, which happens to be a dome home. As architecture junkies, we were blown away by the engineering principle of a rounded domicile that is incredibly sturdy without needing any load-bearing walls on the inside.

But we thought that it might be helpful to give our readers a more in-depth guide to this unconventional style of home as many of you may not be familiar with it. You might be surprised to learn that a dome home’s looks aren’t the only thing that make it special.


What Is a Dome Home?

A dome home is a house, with doors and windows like any house, except in the shape of a sphere or rounded ellipsoid that incorporates some kind of shell framework. There are two main kinds of dome homes, distinguished by dome homes for sale in georgia type of shell they employ:


Geodesic Dome Homes

These structures are polyhedrons–at least in part–which means all or a portion of the outside face is a system of (typically) interconnected triangles. The first dome structure was a geodesic planetarium built in Germany after World War I. Geodesic homes were popularized in the U.S. by architect and author Buckminster Fuller, who appreciated their stability and efficiency.

Although quite sturdy, geodesic domes do run the risk of weakening at one of the many joints in the shell or succumbing to water or moisture entering through a seam. However, because their construction style enables geodesic homes to still have a roof and walls, many owners may be more attracted to them as less of a departure from a typical home.

Geodesic dome home in California.

A geodesic dome home in California.


Monolithic Dome Homes

These homes utilize a single thick layer of concrete and other materials for their shell. In other words, they are one-piece; monolithic means “one stone.” This uniform exterior makes them amazingly durable and airtight. They’re also resistant to bugs and rot thanks to their concrete exterior.

Visually, monolithic dome homes have a tendency to look somewhat monotonous from the outside. But there are notable exceptions to this, and the interior can be furnished and customized in a virtually limitless number of ways.      

Monolithic dome home in Texas.

A monolithic dome home we recently visited in Texas.


More Reasons to Build a Dome Home

Obviously, a spherical house is not for everybody. The term “geodesic dome” has been in use in the U.S. since as far back as 1950, and in the ensuing decades dome living has always remained a fringe aspect of American domestic architecture.

Nevertheless, dome houses have always offered a handful of advantages over traditional homes that continue to draw customers today:

  • They’re energy-efficient:  A study completed in 2016 by dome-home maker Monolithic Constructors found the utility savings of a 50-foot, ellipsoid house in Virginia were more than $2,500 over five years, compared to the average house in the state (despite powering a two-car garage and pump-house). The house we visited was actually three connected domes totaling 3,200 square feet, and yet it can easily be powered with a small array of solar panels.
  • They’re state bank of cross plains oregon you’re like us and live in the flood-prone Houston area, a dome home should be a particularly enticing option because it is virtually indestructible when faced with extreme weather events. Monolithic dome homes have weathered earthquakes, Category 5 hurricanes, tornadoes, and fires. In fact, the entire structure of a dome house qualifies as a safe room with “near-absolute protection” by FEMA standards.
  • They’re low-cost: As we mentioned, dome homes are great for lowering your utility bills. But they save money in materials, as well. A dome home’s shape means far less surface area than a typical home and can require as little as half or 25% the materials necessary to build it. In other words, the cost savings begin during construction and continue for the life of the home.
  • They’re out-of-the-ordinary: Why have a statement chair when you could have a statement home? Today’s dome houses tell the world that you’re an independent, forward-thinker who knows beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.


How to Build a Dome Home

We touched on the building process for a monolithic dome house in our article on our dome home visit, but essentially the process goes like this:

  1. Pour the slab.
  2. Inflate an air form or membrane that’s attached to the foundation.
  3. Spray polyurethane foam onto the interior of the membrane. (If using a product like Aircrete that contains both cement and foam, you can skip this step.)
  4. Install steel rebar over the foam.
  5. After installing piping and wiring, spray several inches of concrete over the rebar.
  6. Plaster over the concrete and paint the interior, if desired.
  7. Spray another 3-4 inches of concrete on the exterior and paint, if desired.

For geodesic homes, a kit is the easiest and cheapest way to get one. Geodesic dome home kits are available from a number of different companies, with Timberline being arguably the best-known brand. Timberline’s hub-and-strut framework allows homeowners with no building experience to assemble the entire dome with just socket wrenches, hammers, and ladders (with scaffolding and a nail dome homes for sale in georgia recommended). Without a kit, you’re looking at cutting a lot of triangles and doing a lot of math!

Monolithic dome homes are similarly DIY-friendly. DomeGaia, the maker of Aircrete, offers “eco-elegant” building workshops and handy tools like the Little Dragon foam generator on its website.


How Much Do Dome Homes Cost?

As far as the cost of dome homes, the short answer is that as with all homes, it varies. Monolithic Constructors prices their branded homes at $65 per square foot for the shell-and-floor-only package, and twice that for a finished dome home. On the other hand, you could build a small monolithic dome house as a permanent shelter for under $10,000 if you do it yourself. To use DomeGaia’s example, a 1,000-square-foot dome four inches thick costs about $4,000 in Aircrete.

Geodesic dome home prices shake out much the same way–it depends on what you have in mind. You could make a fine home in the geodesic style with the help of a kit for around $50,000, or you could opt for something in the seven figures.


Dome Home Drawbacks

For all their pros, dome houses do have some inherent cons that even modern advances in the building technology can’t overcome. On our visit to the Ginsbergs’ home we learned echoing makes privacy tough to come by, and we saw first-hand how hard it is to put things like cabinets and art in a house with curved walls. It’s difficult not to end up with quite a bit of unused space.

The distinctiveness of these types of homes can also be a drawback. Your average homeowner association may very well say no to having one in its jurisdiction. While kits can be an easy way to find parts, they restrict your design choices and can make finding replacements challenging.

Even getting financing or appraisals can be tricky for dome homes, as appraisers need to be able to compare with similar homes sold in the last year to determine a property value. And that can be a problem, as these homes have a tendency to sit on the market for extended periods until the right buyer comes along who’s fired up about trying a “new” way to live.


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