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Modern Shed-Style Tiny House on Wheels for Sale Built by Forever Tiny Homes - Viet Anh Design Home

Home is where the heart is — and the tiny-house craze proves size doesn’t matter when it comes to creating our homes. We’ve seen tiny homes you can buy on Amazon and even ones you can have 3D-printed. Now, we’ve found some out-of-the-box-thinking homeowners who are repurposing storage sheds purchased at Home Depot into their own tiny houses.

Tuff Shed, a builder who partners with Home Depot, offers sheds such as the two-story Sundance TR-1600 model. It has standard 8-foot walls on the first floor, a full second floor, 36-inch stairs, an entry door with locks and boxed eaves on all walls. Customers can also order an optional front porch with a deck, windows, shutters and window boxes to make it truly look like a real house.

Concerned about limited color options? Tuff Shed offers 30 colors to choose from in their collection, including various shades of white, blue, brown, gray and red. Roof materials come in five standard colors and three different styles: three-tab composition shingles (which are standard to the shed), upgraded dimensional shingles or a metal roof. Each one has a specific warranty to guarantee protection from winds and rain.

Prices for this potential tiny home start at a base price of $12,629 for a 16-foot-by-20-foot-by-21-foot shed (unpainted). They go up to $22,889 for an unpainted 18-foot-by-36-foot-by-21-foot, 6-inch shed. You can also purchase them painted at a higher price point. You can choose from 10 different sizes and then add on the extras as you see fit. Insulate them, add drywall, and bring in plumbing and electricity if you like!

The Smith Family’s Tuff Shed Home

It’s one thing to talk about making a shed into a home sweet home, but it’s another to see it all set up.

We found My Tuff Shed Home on Facebook, a page from a family who has been sharing their shed home life since 2018. How charming is this little house?

Beth and Barry Smith of Georgia made the move into their Tuff Shed tiny home after trying to build a tiny house on their own. When it came to the second project, the Smiths decided to get some help.

“We’re not builders and that first project was a real pain in the neck. We knew we wanted the next one to be built for us,” Beth told Tuff Shed.

One day during a trip to Home Depot, the Smiths saw the TR-1600 and liked the look of it. They ordered one and hired builders and contractors to create their new tiny home. There were separate crews for shed construction, foundation pouring (an additional charge) and interior work.

What It’s Like Inside

We connected directly with the Smith family, who was generous enough to give us a virtual tour of their lovely home.

One the first floor, they went for an open concept. They have a nice, airy window in the kitchen area in front of the sink for some amazing tiny home sheds for sale into the kitchen is a cozy dining area perfect for up to four people. Then, the Smiths and guests can retire to the living area for games and conversation, if they’d like.

The couple’s bedroom looks like the perfect private retreat for two. There’s the bed, complete with side tables and lamps. The room also includes windows, a ceiling fan, a dresser and even a nice seating area where they can relax.

The Smiths even have their own bathroom complete with a soaking tub! It looks like their own personal day spa.

But, how much did this all cost to pull together? After all, that truly is the bottom line, right?

“Our Tuff Shed shell was a bit over $20,000 including some upgrades,” Beth told us. “To finish it out, we did a lot of the work ourselves but hired out electrical and plumbing, HVAC, etc. All in we came in a bit over $60,000.”

According to Zillow, the average price of a home in the U.S. is $248,857. At about $60,000, the Smiths paid less than 25% of the average cost of a home. But, did saving so much on their house mean they traded in the enjoyment of their previous home? They may have cut their budget, but Beth said the Smiths gained a lot more in their lifestyle than they lost in space.

“We still love the size, we love the ease of living here,” Beth said. “We still enjoy a generally uncluttered life. Having a small home with very little overhead has allowed us to pursue a simpler life and to walk away from ‘corporate,’ which was one of our goals.”

How cool! We love what they’ve done with the place.

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Living in a Shed? An In Depth Guide To Turning A Shed Into A Tiny Home

how to live in a shed


When it comes to Tiny Houses, they come in all shapes and sizes. Many people have asked me about building a tiny house shed as an affordable option to having your own tiny chase atm cash withdrawal limit alt="A tiny house" width="300" height="225" src="https://2rksgl1kc67f453y8rekkx01-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/08/CIMG1168-300x225.jpg">

I think what’s important to keep in mind is that tiny houses have made a name for themselves because they’re willing to break the mold. Diversity of what Tiny is, is in itself, part of what makes it so fascinating to me. As people take these ideals, we share in the Tiny House Movement and manifest itself in so many forms, we find creative ways to live in small homes.

With that said, using a shed as the shell for your tiny house is a great way to get things started. I myself have considered is a prefab shed and today I was able to go see a model that I have been toying with the idea of purchasing and putting in the middle of a plot of land.

Can You Legally Live In A Shed?

get your permits

Like Tiny Homes, making this legal and meeting building codes is rather difficult when you say you want to live or dwell in it. One big advantage of the prefab shed option is that these structures are so prevalent that in many places you can just drop one off and you’re good. Some places require a permit, but it’s a formality more than anything, city hall needs to get it’s slice anyway they can.

These sheds will almost always pass code if you’re using it for storage. That means the shed would usa holidays 2020 would have to be just a shed. It can a bit more complicated when you are not placing the shed behind a primary dwelling. This is where I find myself.

The real lynch pin when it comes to living in a shed legally if you want to connect sewer, water and power.

Connecting Water To Your Shed

water connection for a shed

Fortunately, you can get water to most properties without much hassle. Of the three main utilities, water is the simplest because it’s not terribly complicated or pose tiny home sheds for sale risks. I did this on my current property in the mountains where I got a well and where my tiny house is in the city, I was able to connect to the city water for “landscaping” with zero issue.

You just pony up the cash for the permits and the install, run it to a frost proof hydrant (again saying it’s for landscaping) and get your inspections if needed. Once the inspectors are done with their checks and you have all your documents in hand, drop your shed, and connect it off tiny home sheds for sale books.

NOTE: Because water is so easy to get, you can get it and the bill will provide “proof of residence” for other things like the DMV, getting a post office box etc.

Connecting Power To Your Shed

electrical hook up to shed

Getting electricity in your shed is slightly trickier because this is the part where code officials start to get warry you’re planning on living in the shed. That said, it’s not uncommon to want to have power in a shed for tools etc. What I suggest you do is get your water installed on the land so it’s about 20 feet into the property, wait a few weeks while you get your shed pad graded and shed dropped off.

Now next is what I’d do, but realize I’m not responsible for any consequence if you do this. Once the shed is dropped off, stage the inside with a few shed-like items: A lawn mower, a table top on some saw horses, a few tools scatted on top. Make it look like this is a real shed used for actual storage. That way when the electrician comes to install and the inspector does their inspection, it looks like your using it as a storage shed.

You’re most likely only going to get approved for a 50 or 100 amp service compared to a normal home is usually 200-amp service. That should be totally fine for your needs in such a small space.

Connecting Sewer To Your Shed

sewer connection

Here is the biggest hurtle and frankly I’ll be honest and say you’re not going to get any code official to let you install a flush toilet in a shed unless it’s totally above board and designated as a dwelling. I don’t mind using a composting toilet, but having water tiny home sheds for sale power is a must.

For toilet you could use a composting toilet, you could use a porta potty service, or you could consider getting a septic system installed (if it’s possible). Septic systems will start to get people asking questions if they see a septic installed, a water line run to the property and power run to a “shed”. It won’t take much for anyone looking at your property or reviewing parcel tax and permit records to put two and two together.

Can You Live In A Shed?

can you live in a shed

When I was talking with the sales person at the shed store, she told me that they have had several customers live in these sheds. They call these buildings “sheds” loosely, with models up to 1000+ square feet. He had an entire wall of photos where people had converted a shed into a house, upfitting the outside with porches, accents, etc.

Why Should You Live In A Shed?

why you should live in a shed

Living in a shed comes with a lot of advantages, between their wide spread availability, cost and ease to obtain.

Easily Permittable

The ease of getting them legitimized is the biggest appeal to me. There aren’t many things these days that are easier to do, in many cases you can just drop them on your property and be done. Often municipalities have rules like “if the structure is not a dwelling and no dimension is greater than 12 feet, no permit is required”.

Very Affordable

The model I show here is 192 Square Feet. Included are the windows, doors, installations, taxes, anchoring, site leveling and delivery all for the price of $4,200! Figure adding in permits, running power, insulation and drywall (doing the work myself of course) I am looking at a sweet house for around $6,000. You could then deck it out with Ikea swag for another $500 and have a really nice place! Pnc bank college student credit card only drawback is there is no loft for a bed, so you have to deal with that. Possibly you could use a murphy bed.

Another angle to this is they offer payment plans of $70 a month, makes it stinky hand sanitizer amazon affordable, considering I have friends that pay over $1500 a month in rent.

Easily Transportable

The other advantage to these houses is that you can move them! Not as easily as a house on a trailer, but it’s possible. This is because they deliver these sheds on flat beds or even tow trucks sometimes. They even have these little crawler machines to maneuver the shed into place where a truck might not be able to get into tight back yards.

Widely Available

Unlike tiny houses where the closest builder might several states away, there is probably several shed sellers in your city. These sheds are everywhere it seems, so getting a shed is pretty simple and you can even price shop between them.

How To Convert A Shed Into A Tiny House

Once you buy a shed, you’re first going to want to get all your utilities to the site and setup before you do anything. Get your water, power and sewer squared away, get your copies of all the approvals, then wait a few weeks. I’ve found that sometimes there are a few little citibank credit card online login registration ends that need to happen and you don’t want an inspector around while you convert your house.


Set A Level Pad And Grade For Drainage
Before the shed even gets delivered, I’d suggest at the very least scraping the grass away and putting down 4-6 inches of ¾” gravel. Consider burying your water and sewer connections at this point and hide the ends so the inspector doesn’t ask questions. Have the gravel base extend in all directions about 1-2 feet beyond the footprint of the shed. Make sure the space is totally level and compact the base with a plate compactor.While you’re at it, consider how the water will flow around the shed, put in French drains if any slopes will push water towards it. Also consider where the water will flow off the roof if you have gutters, consider trenching a drain pipe to flush water away from the shed.


Make Utility Connections To Your Shed
Once the shed is delivered on the pad you created, the inspector has come and gone, then bring your connections from wherever they are to the shed and inside. If you pre-buried your connections, uncover the connection points, and connect them. Test everything before you close up the walls.


Deal With Moisture On The Bottom Of The Shed
If there is one thing I don’t like about these sheds is they use OSB or similar products, which just don’t stand up well to moisture. If you have the option, I’d pay extra for plywood and make sure it is treated. The underside of the floor where it faces the ground is a place that moisture can build up and bugs can eat into.I suggest that you have you shed on blocks just high enough for you to crawl under so you can access things easier. This is even the case if you don’t need to use blocks for leveling. Having access and air flow is really great and super important to keep your floor dry and rot free. I’d also apply a thick coat of exterior deck oil based paint to the underside of the shed to seal the wood from moisture.


Adjust Your Shed Framing
In many cases shed builders use a smaller dimension framing than traditional 2×4’s. If you can, request your shed to be done with 2×4’s so all your building materials will work (insulation, electrical boxes, etc which are all sized for 2×4 cavities).If your walls aren’t framed with 2×4’s then you might have to figure out alternatives to every other step coming up because all building materials are sized to accommodate a 2×4 wall. You also are going to want a deeper cavity to insulate, a 1×3 wall like some sheds are will end up being a very cold home.If you can’t order the shed to have 2×4’s then you’ll need to build the wall inwards, if you go through that trouble consider getting a slightly larger shed and then you might as well go for thicker walls for more insulation.


Rough In Your Electrical, Water and HVAC
Next put in your electrical lines, water lines, internet connections, any HVAC needs etc. I’d also consider putting outlets and lights on the outside of the shed too.If there is one thing I’ve learned about outlets is that it’s hard to over do outlets. Because it’s a small space, you want outlets right where you need them. Consider everything you’ll be plugging in and put outlets there. Additionally, if there is any runs of wall more than 5 feet with no outlets, just put one there. Outlets are $1.50 for a box and another $2 for the receptacle itself, these are super cheap so don’t skimp here.

TIP: I’d also suggest taking a video and photos of the walls so you can remember where things are in the future if you need to fix something.


Seal Up Every Little Crack
If there is one thing I’ve learned about these sheds is they aren’t very air tight and because of that, bugs can get in too. The space where the roof meets the top of the wall and around the soffit/facia is usually so poorly done you can see day light!I’d start with sealing everything with a good silicone caulk. Follow all the junctions, seams, and transition points. First seal from the outside, then seal again from the inside. I’d also caulk where the walls meet the floor, the corners and inside the framing where the studs meet the sheathing. This will seem excessive to many, but a shed is so small that it will take a few hours to totally seal it up tight.Once you have that done, I’d move to spray can foam and fill in any hard to reach gaps. I’d also fill places you’re not going to be able to insulate easily and I’d go over any seams to safe guard from any leaks. Again, this is considered overboard by many, but a few hours and $50 of prevention will pay dividends, keep air and water out and the bugs at bay.

Note: You should make provision for fresh air exchange and humidity control. When you seal up the space and live in such a small space you need to take air quality seriously. I’d suggest having a mini split system that does heating and cooling (where it dehumidifies too) AND an Energy Recovery Ventilation unit (ERV). The ERV will take your indoor air, heat or cool the incoming air through an exchange, then adjust humidity levels too. The ERV will cycle your air so the indoor air is always fresh and the correct humidity.


Insulate Your Shed Walls And Ceiling
You have two main options for insulation spray foam or bat insulation. Bat insulation is a good option, easy to install and not that expensive. You an get bats that are sized right for your wall cavities to minimize the amount of cutting you need to do.The other option, and the one that I’d recommend, is closed cell spray foam. I specifically suggest closed cell spray foam because it is also a great vapor and air barrier. Spray foam is also a very high R value so you’ll keep your house hot or cold longer with the same amount of wall thickness.Many people will suggest open foam because it’s cheaper or some make the argument it’s easier to find the leak if a leak occurs. Because the shed is a small space, it will be more expensive, but since it’s small, you might only be talking a few extra hundred-dollar difference. The notion that you can spot leaks easier is something I flat out reject, you just bought a brand new shed and spend a few hours sealing everything, it’s not going leak any time soon and if it does, the closed cell foam adheres to the back of the roof decking, minimalizing the spread of any leaks. Open cell will allow the water to flow through it and into your wall cavity leading to mold.


Insulate Your Shed Floors
You want to insulate your shed floor or else you’ll have a condensing surface and your feet wheres the nearest regions bank be cold on the floors. You can do this by tiny home sheds for sale under the floor on the bottom of the shed or laying foamboard on the floor and putting a new layer of plywood on top.If it was me, I’d do both. I’d order a shed that had a taller wall and then spray closed cell foam on the underside, then lay down 2 inches of polyiso foam with a compatible adhesive, then lay down a thick plywood subfloor on top of it, again with adhesive.The two downsides to laying in the foam on the sides is that you’re building into the space, reducing your overhead height (hence why getting a taller wall option on your tiny home sheds for sale is a good idea) and also your front transition of your front door will be a little weird, so you’ll need to work that out. Both are solvable problems and warm floors are a must have in my book.

Tip: If you do build up into the space by laying down foam, consider doing an in floor radiant heat!


Drywall, Floors And Trim
Next I’d suggest finishing with dry wall because it’s cheap. You want to make sure you are sealing all the joints and transitions of the dry wall for air tightness. This is because if you make this air tight, no water vapor can enter the wall cavity and hit a cold surface to condense, build up moisture and cause mold. This article on the proper way to air seal drywall is a great resource for this.[https://www.buildingscience.com/documents/information-sheets/air-barriers-airtight-drywall-approach]Once you’ve put up your drywall, spackled and sanded your joints, go ahead and trim out your doors and windows, then paint the whole thing. Install your floors at this point, then add your baseboards to the house at the end of the street explained the rough edges of the floors.


Final Finishing
At this point I’d drop in my cabinets, counters and other finishes. Consider using off the shelf premade things that are pretty affordable and make it easy. Your local big box store or Ikea will have good options for this. Bring in your appliances, add your lighting fixtures to the roughed in boxes etc. There you have it, you’ve converted a shed to a tiny house!

At this point I’d drop in my cabinets, counters and other finishes. Consider using off the shelf premade things that are pretty affordable and make it easy. Your local big box store or Ikea will have good options for this. Bring in your appliances, add your lighting fixtures to the roughed in boxes etc. There you have it, you’ve converted a shed to a tiny house!

How Much Does It Cost To Convert A Shed Into A Tiny House?

cost to convert shed into house

Converting a shed will cost around $75 per square foot including the cost of the shed. Depending on the shed size, utility connections and fixtures/appliances. This assumes you’re buying a pre-built shed. It could be done more cheaply if you build the shed yourself (shed companies typically mark up 60% above material cost).

Example costs:

  • Shed: $3,500 to $10,000
  • Windows: $500-$6,000
  • Insulation: $500 to $2000
  • Interior finishes: $500-$4,000
  • Electrical: $750 to $3,000
  • Water heater: $500 to $1000
  • HVAC: $500 to $1,500
  • Toilet: $20-$800
  • Fixtures: $1,000-$5,000
  • Appliances: $400 to $4,000
  • Interior wall: $500 to $1000
  • Flooring: $300 to $1,000
  • Fasteners/Adhesives: $1,500
  • Paint: $50 to $200

Living In A Shed While Build Your House

living in a shed while building your house

Many people want to live in a shed while they are building the permeant house. I myself have considered this for building my home on the property I bought in the mountains. This again falls to the legality issue. Dwelling in a shed is often not allowed because how small it is.

Additionally, I’ve found that if you do this, the code enforcement staff will require everything you normally are required to having in a full house, jumping up the cost dramatically.

Ultimately, the real answer is yes and no. Legally no you can’t. Is it possible, totally!

How do I turn my shed into living space?

This is something I have a lot of experience with, tiny houses are working on the same scale as a converted shed. There are a few critical things you want to consider when converting a shed into a living space.

Top Ways To Turn A Shed Into A living Space

  1. Run power to the shed for lights, electronics & HVAC
  2. Choose a way to climate control – Heating & Cooling
  3. Seal cracks to control moisture and bugs
  4. Insulate and Drywall for a clean look
  5. Install a durable flooring option
  6. Use a light color pallet, good lighting and natural light

Shed Design Ideas And Tips

tips for desinging your shed home

There are a so many ways to take your living space in a shed to the next level. Many of them can be borrowed from tiny houses for design inspirations. Here are a few guides I’ve created to help you design the perfect shed to live in!

Small Bathrooms For A Shed

A bathroom is one of those spaces in a shed you have to get right, there is a lot going on between power, water, fixtures and storage. Check out my post on how to design a small space bathroom.

designing a bathroom for a shed

Kitchen Designs For A Shed

The kitchen is another critical area if you want to live in a shed. You don’t have a lot of room to pack a lot into a small space. When I designed my tiny house kitchen there was a tiny home sheds for sale that went into it. Learn more about small kitchen concepts and how to design them.

kitchens <a href=troy bank and trust ariton al a shed" width="1000" height="313" src="https://2rksgl1kc67f453y8rekkx01-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/desiging-kitchens-for-sheds.jpg">

Appliances For Small Sheds

One challenge I’ve found is getting appliances for small spaces. You can’t always go to the big box hardware stores and find an appliance that will fit in your shed’s kitchen. Choosing the right appliance for small kitchens is important, here’s how to choose the right one for you!

small space appliances

Consider Adding A Sleeping Loft In Your Shed House

A sleeping loft can add a lot of room in the ground floor if you’re tight on space. Sleeping lofts are pretty straight forward, but I figure out a few tricks to make them really well.

save space in a shed with a loft for your bed

Add Solar Panels To Your Shed

Solar is a great option if you can’t get power run to your shed. I’ve written several post about wheres the nearest regions bank to setup solar, so here are some great I wrote about how I did it on mine.

Converted Shed To Living Space Photos And Ideas

bedroom in a shed

shed living area

gambral roof shed converted to living space

living space in shed house

bedroom in converted shed home

kitchen and bedroom in a converted shed house for living

modern cozy shed home

cottage style shed converted into a living space


guest room in a shed

living space with sitting area in a shed

tiny bedroom in a shed

guest room and office space in a shedtrailer homes for rent in san fernando valley src="https://2rksgl1kc67f453y8rekkx01-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/03/sunny-shed-guest-room-with-desk.jpg">

guest room in converted shed

rustic shed conversion to live in


a Tiny House made from a shed

Living In A Shed In Your Backyard – Is It Right For You?

Converting a shed into a house or living space is something that a lot of people have done and it’s totally possible. They are a great way to have a house quickly and pretty affordably. So I wanted to ask you all what do you think of this idea? Do you think living in a shed is right for you? Is anyone here doing this?

By Ryan Mitchell on March 22, 2020   /  Tiny House  

Tags: Design, DIY, Tiny Home

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Mini Guide to Tiny House Cabin Living

August 25, 2020      Shed Blog

2020 Tiny House Cabin Living is at Its Very Best!

It is not by accident that your attention has been grabbed by the intrigue of a tiny house cabin. Never has tiny house cabin living engaged the interest of Americans more than in 2020.

You may be one of those who keep a close eye on the stock market. Or you may be one who hungers for freedom to enjoy real-life experiences over accumulating “things” and maxing out your credit cards month after month. It is a gospel truth: tiny house living has broken out of all its stereotypical boxes.

Whether you desire a tiny house cabin to live permanently, as a hunting retreat, or an extra living/workspace, you are about to partner with a unique financial and design opportunity.

Prefab Buildings Partner for the Perfect Tiny House Cabin

Right now, the craze involves turning prefab building into tiny house cabins and why shouldn’t it?!

Prefab buildings, such as sheds and tiny house cabins, offer a high quality and affordable shell for you to turn into a personalized living space.

Allow this Mini Guide to lead you to a perfect tiny cabin for sale.

Plus, answer some tiny house cabin questions and discover helpful tips for the interior remodeling process.  Let’s get started!

What is a Tiny House Cabin, Anyway?

A tiny house cabin is a prefab structure that is built with minimalistic living space and designed with the endearing rustic charm of a cabin. Tiny house cabins are literally tiny. Their square footage living space usually falls anywhere from 100 square feet to 400 square feet and usually no more than 900 ft.

Why Choose Such a Tiny Living Space?

Why would you want to own a tiny house cabin? Well, a tiny house cabin, and tiny houses in general, hold enticing benefits. Join the thousands of happy tiny house cabin owners relishing the following advantages!

Tiny Cabin Homes offer:

They are relatively inexpensive, with prices ranging anywhere from 5,000-40,000 depending on the size, the add-ons, and utilities, etc.

Small living spaces promotes enjoying the simple things of life tiny home sheds for sale than being controlled by too many elaborate obsessions.

  • A Deeper Connection with the Outdoors

With limited indoor space, you will naturally be drawn outdoors, and especially to the woods. Enjoy a greater love and exhilaration for life by cultivating outdoor hobbies such as hiking, gardening, hunting, and soaking up nature’s unmatched beauty and satiating tranquility.

Set your tiny house cabin right smack dab in the middle of your favorite woods and live off the land. Hunt to your heart’s content. Relish developing your innate ability to carve out a self-sustaining lifestyle.

This benefit is a rare one in modern-day America. However, choosing a tiny house cabin over a regular log cabin home offers you the chance to be mortgage-free from day one. 68% of tiny home owners have no mortgage (compared to 29.3% of all U.S. homeowners). 

  • Affordable Extra Living Space

A hunting cabin or retirement house for grandma does not need to remain on the wish list. Instead of adding another mortgage to your financial load, go a little tinier, cozier, and ultimately more affordable by choosing a tiny house cabin.

Enjoy hearing the benefits from actual Tiny House Cabin owners!


Who “Fits” Best in a Tiny House Cabin?

Is Tiny House Cabins a good fit for anyone? Yes, for the most part, a Tiny House Cabin creates a perfect and small haven for anyone and especially the following groups of people.

Hunters – A tiny house cabin offers the perfect home-base to retire after a long day of hunting. The rustic charm fits right into the woods. The walls and interior can be decorated to emulate a hunter’s paradise.

Minimalists – If you are choosing to downsize, rid your life of all unnecessary “stuff”, and seek a life free to focus on relationship, nature, and quality of life experiences, then a tiny house cabin is for you.

Homeowners (with a large backyard and limited guestroom space) A tiny house cabin creates a perfect guest house! Not only does it make for super cozy living quarters, but it also centerstate bank routing number alabama an affordable way to add extra living space, that you rv parks outer banks nc even rent out on Airbnb.

Outdoorsy People – If you love the outdoors more than being inside, then a tiny house cabin is absolutely for you! If you spend more time outdoors than inside, why not own a smaller living space.

NOTE: Layout and size would be more necessary to consider though if you are hoping to create a luxury tiny house cabin for your grandparents. It would be ideal then to incorporate a sleeping space for them on the ground floor rather than the loft.

How Much is a Livable Tiny House Cabin?

Let us break down the basic cost of owning a tiny house cabin.

1. Your Tiny House Cabin Shell

The shells of a tiny house cabin (prefab cabin) can cost anywhere from $6,000 – $12,000. This estimated price depends upon your desired size, choice of materials, and customizations.

2. Finishing the Interior of Your Tiny Cabin’s Shell

The average price of interior finishing and remodeling ranges anywhere from $7,000 to $40,000 even $60,000. Usually, this includes your tiny cabin shell plus the interior renovations.

However, it is important to note that the price for finishing the interior really depends on how much of a handyman you are and how simple or elaborate you want your tiny house cabin to be.

Check out Tiny House Giant Journey’s popular blogger and tiny house owner, Jenna, as she unpacks the costs of building/remodeling a tiny house.

Tiny House Cabins – The Charming Exterior Shells

Check out these tiny house cabins and get a feel for which size and design fits your desired tiny home experience!

The Office Cabin

This tiny house cabin offers a great space for a hunting retreat or backyard guest home.

The Lofted Cabin

This tiny cabin provides extra head space and a loft for an extra sleeping space.

The Deluxe Lofted Cabin with a Premium Porch

The tiny cabin living experience just got more luxurious with a cozy porch, extra windows, and stylish architecture.

Note: If you like the tiny cabin idea, but would rather have the exterior look more modern, check out these options for turning your prefab cabin’s exterior more modern.

Ways to Turn a Prefab Cabin into A Tiny House Cabin

With the exterior taken care of its time to turn our thoughts inward. Designing the interior of a tiny house cabin requires space creativity as well as intentional placement of your home’s appliances, utilities, etc.

Draw Inspiration from Others

Ideally, during the interior design of your tiny cabin take advantage of any opportunity to visit fully livable tiny houses. In-person visits provide the chance to see different sizes, layouts, and creative features and options firsthand. Drawing inspiration from other tiny house cabin owners will help you narrow down your desired interior setup.

Check out the following interior remodeling ideas to fuel your tiny home cabin’s interior design.

1. Add a Wood Stove

Choosing a wood stove will help you save money and provide a very effective heating system.

2. Add Electrical Box

Light up your tiny home with electrical connections for lighting and other electrical needs.

3. Go with a Loft

The loft is a feature that offers extra sleeping area or overhead storage space to keep the floor space open.

Gather Tiny House Cabin Layout Ideas

Gather some tiny cabin living inspiration by checking out these short YouTube videos of tiny house cabins, their interior layouts, and features.

Check out this tiny house cabin in the woods!



The Weekend Homesteader shares a tour of his off-grid Tiny house cabin.



Here is another example of a tiny house cabin’s interior layout.


For further tiny house cabin bmo harris bank headquarters chicago location layout plans check out Tiny House Plans and partner with Andrew and Gabriella for some professional advice!

Owning a Tiny House Cabin = a Good Investment

Investing in a tiny house cabin is a win, not only as a cozy getaway for yourself, but it can also open avenues to bring in extra revenue and save money. Here are some of the ways a tiny house cabin can make you smile, not just on the weekend.

  • Partner with Airbnb, HomeAway, or VRBO and rent out your tiny house cabin during the week or on open weekends. * Now more than ever urbanites are flocking to the tranquility of nature and choosing the tiny house route.
  • Homeowners save money on an additional living space (like a hunting retreat, vacation spot, or guest house.)
  • Cultivates a debt and stress-free life! fnb omaha jobs No mortgage… no monthly payments hanging over your head.

Prepare the Day and the Way for Your Tiny House Cabin

Meanwhile, as your tiny house cabin’s interior details come together, let’s bring your tiny cabin home! Below are the preparation steps which will help pave the way for delivery day!

  1. Choose your Prefab Cabin’s location and clearly mark it.
  2. Prepare the site by removing any debris, brush, or trees blocking the way of the delivery truck.
  3. Prepare a foundation such as concrete foundation blocks. * If you prefer, these concrete foundation blocks will be available for direct purchase and installation on the day of delivery.
  4. Sit back and watch your tiny house cabin strategically and professionally placed on its designated location.
  5. Enjoy!

The Bottom Line of Tiny House Cabins

Tiny house cabins are packed with benefits, possibilities, and investment! Why not make one of these prefab cabins your very own and start the fascinating and freeing journey of tiny house living.

Prepare first bank of berne van wert oh live bigger than ever before! Just in a smaller space 😊

Choose Your Tiny House Cabin Today!

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Portable Buildings in St Augustine, Florida

Finding the Right Portable Building in St Augustine, Florida

Whether you are looking for some extra space for an office, play room, bedroom, or workshop, a cozy little tiny home, or just some place to store tools and equipment or Christmas decorations, CNJ Enterplises in St Augustine, FL has the right EZ portable building for the job. Here is a complete list of the portable buildings and sheds we offer. Each one is has a variety of colors, sizes, and options, so click the link to go to the EZ website to start designing your EZ portable building or tiny house in St Augustine, FL!

Side Lofted Barn Portable BuildingLofted side barn portable building in St Augustine, Florida

If your goal is to have more space, take a look at this. Our lofted barn and portable buildings offer storage solutions and much more. Although windows corolla nc dog friendly rentals not a standard feature, the spacious main area has a loft for extra storage.

Learn more here.

Lofted BarnLofted barn in St Augustine, Florida

When looking for more space, think of going upward. Our lofted barn is filled with storage opportunities with a spacious main area and added space for storage in the loft.

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Standard BarnBarn shed in St Augustine, Florida

Our standard barn provides an easy solution for additional space. It has the strength to withstand a hurricane and is small enough to fit into the desired location. Starting at 90 square feet, our barns can be scaled up to 560 square feet.

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Garden ShedGarden shed in <a href=Fingerhut customer service toll free number Augustine, Florida" src="http://www.shedsstaugustine.com/images/garden-shed-in-st-augustine-florida.png">

If you are looking for something more sturdy than what the big box stores offer, our garden sheds can be customized and are built to last. You can store your bikes, garden tools, holiday decorations, lawn mower and so much more without sacrificing quality.

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GarageGarage shed in St Augustine, Florida

Your motorcycle, car or other valuables should never be stored out in the open or under a carport. Our portable garage comes complete with a 9 foot roll up door and a side-entry door for your convenience. Although you may order a window, that is not a standard feature.

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Side Garden ShedSide lofted barn shed in St Augustine, Florida

What competitors might charge extra for, we offer as standard features with our beautiful wood side garden shed. This garden shed is customizable and built to last and come with two 2x3 windows and a double door. It is ideal for storing lawn mower, garden tools, heavy equipment bikes, holiday decorations and so much more. No quality is lost either.

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Standard CabinStandard cabin shed in St Augustine, Florida

Want a comfortable getaway cabin and an affordable price? We've got what you need. the simple, practical design of our cabins means some people in St Augustine, Florida use them as hunting lodges, office or workshop, crafting space and even as a tiny house.

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Side Porch CabinSide porch cabin in St Augustine, Florida

For those wishing for their front door to take center stage in a ranch-style structure, our side porch cabin should be appealing. It is complete with 4 standard windows and a full front porch. It is perfect for that luxury getaway wood cabin you have always wanted at an affordable price.

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Lofted Barn CabinLofted barn cabin shed in St Augustine, Florida

A portable building does not have to be small. Our lofted barn cabin has lots of space with the loft prefect for sleeping to maintain ample room below in this tiny house.

Learn more here.

Deluxe Lofted Barn CabinDeluxe lofted barn cabin in St Augustine, Florida


Carport in St. Augustine, Florida CNJ Enterprises Carries numerous brands and styles of carports. We will meet with you to discuss your individual needs. We take into account numerous factors such as the size available vs the size you wish to have, what types of vehicles you plan to store under the carport, your budget, and many other factors. Call today for more information!


Gazebo in St. Augustine, Florida Enjoy the beautiful Florida weather but wish you had a place to enjoy some shade during the heat of the day? A gazebo is just what you need! We offer many styles and sizes designed to suit your needs. Call us today to find out our exact options and let us help you find the gazebo of your dreams.

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