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You may receive separate bills for services received at UHealth, one for professional fees and one for hospital fees. Each billing area has a customer service. What is a guarantor?The guarantor is the person responsible for paying the bill. You can find the guarantor name and account number on your statement. Please pay your hospital, clinic, provider, or lab bills online or through mail.

: Bill pay chart

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How to Make A Simple Monthly Budget or Bill Tracker In Excel

Bill pay chart -

Bill Payment Checklist (Free Printable)

Monday Mailbag Q&A

I use Mondays to clear out my mailbox. This week I’m fulfilling a reader request for a bill payment checklist. Scroll down for this brand new free printable resource. It will help you get and keep your financial accounts in order.

Bill Payment Checklist

Question: Do you have a chart for tracking bills?

Hi, Jennifer.

I just found your web site, and it is wonderful. So much information for me to look over.

My problem is that I am a 79-yr-old lady whose husband is in a nursing home. That leaves me to learn and take care of all the bills and all the problems of the house. I am overwhelmed, for sure!

My husband did all that and never wanted to show me what to do. He wanted to be in control, so I let him. Now HERE I AM dealing with all this.

I was looking for a chart where I can list all my bills and when they are due and can also record when I paid it. Would you have a chart for that? I HAVE LOOKED FOR ONE AND CANT FIND ANY.



Answer: Yes, I do now!

Hi, Sally.

I am so sorry about the circumstances in which you find yourself. Although I didn’t have any such kind of bill payment checklist before, I think it’s a splendid idea. So I created one just for you:

Free Chart for Tracking Bills

But I’m also sharing it here in case others want to use it, too. I even printed out a copy for my husband. Like yours, he handles all our bills. Very seldom do I ever even concern myself with financial matters.

However, when this COVID pandemic hit, Doug started trying to brief me on what I’d need to know to keep the family financially afloat should anything happen to him. I wouldn’t say he’s necessarily worried about facing an untimely demise, but as an anesthesiologist, he’s at a higher risk of exposure, so he’s tried to prepare me for that possibility, just in case.

Anyway, when he starts talking bills and insurance and taxes and don’t forget about this or that, it makes my head spin a little. So giving him a place to record all those reminders seemed a smart thing to do. Then I can slip it into a file to be pulled out later, on an as-needed basis. Hopefully, that won’t be for many, many years yet. But it pays to be prepared. So thanks for sharing your experience and thereby giving me the motivation to do so.

Love and prayers,

PS. While we’re on the topic of finances, one of our sons told us Dave Ramsey is offering a two-week free trial to his Financial Peace training. This offer includes free access to his kids’ curriculum, too. And while we’re all still on lockdown with the COVID quarantine, two weeks should be plenty of time to finish all the lessons in both programs. So that’s a win-win!

More helpful links for keeping track of important stuff:

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  • Keeping track of medications: This chart gives you a place to record times and doses of all your current medications on an up-to-date list to take with you to doctor’s appointments.
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Bill Payment Checklist


Google Docs

Pay Your Bill

Beginning Wednesday September 1, 2021, Ochsner Health temporarily suspended patient statement generation and mailing to impacted areas due to the state of emergency as a result of Hurricane Ida. We are also stopping all collection activities such as mailing letters and making outbound phone calls. We will provide an update once we resume statement processing.

How To Pay

Payment can be made by check or through the credit cards listed at the top of your statement.
Paperless Billing is available!

Online - MyOchsner

You can now create your own estimates for certain procedures and verify your benefits real time quickly and securely using the MyOchsner website or the MyChart mobile app.

Sign Up  Login

Online - Quick Pay

If you are not a patient, you can pay online or create a self-pay/guest estimate for certain services using MyOchsner. You cannot save estimates and will need to manually enter insurance information and benefits using the guest estimate option.

Pay Online   

Online - Ochsner HME

With our Ochsner HME patient portal, you can view invoices, make and track payments, or set up autopay services.


By Phone

Payment can also be made by phone with a credit card. Call our Customer Service Department if you wish to pay by phone.

Local: 504-842-4190  

Toll Free: 800-343-0269

How It Works

  • Unless specifically indicated, Ochsner will spread payments across all outstanding account balances, beginning with the oldest balance, similar to what happens with a credit card balance.
  • Each billing statement will also show payments that Ochsner has received and applied to specific accounts as long as a balance is due.
  • Ochsner does not send zero balance statements unless requested by the guarantor.

Paperless Billing is Free and Simple

Sign up now for Paperless Billing - a quick, convenient, and secure way to receive and view your patient statement.

Paperless Billing is available through your MyOchsner account.

How Paperless Billing works:

Paperless Billing offers these benefits:

  • 24/7 online access to current and past bills
  • Less paper clutter. No more misplaced bills
  • Pay your bill the way you choose in seconds

Enroll in Paperless Billing

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Simplify The Way You Pay

When it comes to paying your bill we want to make sure the process is easy, secure and tailored to your preferences. You can make payments online, over the phone, by mail or by visiting us in person. View our billing frequently asked questions.

By paying your Spectrum Health hospital bill online through MyChart or the Spectrum Health App, you have access to a free service that provides convenient access to your personal health care information in a secure online environment. Activate your account for tools and resources that make it easy to access and manage all of your current medical bills. Take more control of your overall health. Sign up for MyChart today.

Make a Payment Now

    If your bill looks different to the image above, it’s possible you have one in our older bill format. As we transition to the new format, you can still pay your balance online. To assist you in the online payment of bills based on the old patient bill format, please refer to the bill details on page two and enter your "guarantor account number" (example shown below) and the patient’s last name.


    PAY NOW 

    Sign Up for MyChart

    The Spectrum Health App, powered by MyChart,  is the easiest way to pay your Spectrum Health bill.


    Pay Your Bill

    Pay Your Bill

    At Rady Children’s, we know your first priority is taking care of your child. That’s why we want to make everything else about your visit as easy and convenient as possible, including the ability to pay your bill online.

    Pay Your Bill Online: Hospital & Specialty Care
    (or register to view your account)

    Pay Your Bill Online: Primary Care

    Pay as Guest
    (pay a bill on behalf of a patient at Rady Children’s)

    You can also access these options through your MyChart account.

    Not using MyChart? Ask your doctor’s office how to sign up to stay connected to your child’s health.

    With MyChart, you can:

    • Email your doctor’s office
    • Schedule appointments
    • Access your test results
    • Request prescription refills

    MyChart is provided at no cost to families who see a Rady Children’s-affiliated physician.

    Questions about your bill?

    Read these Frequently Asked Questions.

    Still have questions?

    You may receive several bills from different parts of Rady Children’s for different types of services.

    If this is a bill for Hospital services, your guarantor number will begin with “F.”
    For bills from Rady Children’s Hospital-San Diego:
    Contact us at 858-966-4912 or [email protected]

    If this is a bill from a physician for a specialty service, your guarantor number will begin with “S.”
    For bills from Rady Children’s Specialists of San Diego:
    Contact us at 858-309-6290, 858-966-5420 or [email protected]

    If this bill is for a primary care service, your guarantor number will begin with a “4.”
    For bills from Children’s Primary Care Medical Group:
    Contact us at 858 502-1100 or [email protected]

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