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mcb: Model Confidence Bounds

When choosing proper variable selection methods, it is important to consider the uncertainty of a certain method. The model confidence bound for variable selection identifies two nested models (upper and lower confidence bound models) containing the true model at a given confidence level. A good variable selection method is the one of which the model confidence bound under a certain confidence level has the shortest width. When visualizing the variability of model selection and comparing different model selection procedures, model uncertainty curve is a good graphical tool. A good variable selection method is the one of whose model uncertainty curve will tend to arch towards the upper left corner. This function aims to obtain the model confidence bound and draw the model uncertainty curve of certain single model selection method under a coverage rate equal or little higher than user-given confidential level. About what model confidence bound is and how it work please see Li,Y., Luo,Y., Ferrari,D., Hu,X. and Qin,Y. (2019) Model Confidence Bounds for Variable Selection. Biometrics, 75:392-403. <doi:10.1111/biom.13024>. Besides, 'flare' is needed only you apply the SQRT or LAD method ('mcb' totally has 8 methods). Although 'flare' has been archived by CRAN, you can still get it in <> and the latest version is useful for 'mcb'.

Depends:R (≥ 3.6.0)
Imports:parallel, methods, leaps, lars, MASS, glmnet, ncvreg, smoothmest, ggplot2, reshape2
Suggests:flare, testthat
Author:Yang Li, Yichen Qin, Heming Deng
Maintainer:Heming Deng <dheming at>
Undergraduate Ethics TeamBusiness Students Place First in Daniels Fund Ethics Initiatives Collegiate Program mcb Case Competition

On Friday, April 16, four undergraduate students from the University of Northern Colorado’s (UNC) Monfort College of Business earned first place honors at the Daniels Fund Ethics Initiative’s ninth annual Collegiate Program Case Competition. This is the fourth mcb time a team from UNC has placed in the event, winning first place in 2016 and 2017 and third place in 2015.

Students who represented UNC in the undergraduate track during the competition were: Jamal Blassingale, Business Administration, emphasis in Marketing; Halaki Gionet, Business Administration, emphasis in Marketing and Finance; Davis Johnson, Business mcb mcb Administration, emphasis in Management, and Theater Arts; and Emmy Scott, Business Administration, emphasis in Management, and Environmental and Sustainability Studies.


News & Announcements

A non-toxic, bacteria-based system developed in Neil Forbes' lab at the University of Massachusetts Amherst can detect when it is inside a cancer cell and then release its payload of therapeutic drugs directly into the cell. The work, published in “Nature Communications” today, could lead to effective, targeted therapies for currently untreatable cancers, such as liver or metastatic breast cancer.

The inability to penetrate solid tumor cell membranes has, until now, prevented researchers from being able to effectively mcb critical cancer pathways. Current delivery methods, such as nanoparticles, cell-penetrating peptides and antibody drug conjugates, have limited efficacy because of their poor ability to enter cells, their inability to specifically target cancer cells, and their susceptibility to degradation from the cell’s natural protection against foreign invaders.

The groundbreaking UMass Amherst work has demonstrated in the lab that not only can it easily enter cells, but it can specifically target cancer cells to deliver proteins (drugs) directly while leaving healthy cells alone. And once its protein payload is delivered, the bacteria dissipate and clear.

The delivery system was developed by Nele Van Dessel, bioengineer and co-first author on the paper, as a post-doc in Forbes’s lab. It uses a highly modified type of salmonella that is injected into the bloodstream.

The protein used was developed with Jeanne Hardy, chemistry and molecular and cell biology, and the research was led by Van Dessel and Vishnu Raman, chemical engineering and co-first author on the paper. Read more


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MCB School Office

387 Morrill Hall, MC-119
505 South Goodwin Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
phone: (217) 333-3166

Milan K. Bagchi, Director
phone: (217) 300-4645

Holly Mansfield, Administrative Aide
phone: (217) 300-4645

Jenny Daly, Associate Director for Administrative and Business Affairs
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Delynn Carter, Is pnc closing branches Resources
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Christopher Ames, Account Tech II
phone: (217) 300-3027

Stephen Johnson, Sponsored Research Mcb Analyst (Biochemistry)
phone: (217) 265-5246

Nancy Berkman, Sponsored Research Business Analyst (Microbiology)
phone: (217) 265-0929

Chris Lugardo, Sponsored Research Business Analyst (Cell and Developmental Biology)
phone: (217) 300-1946

Rachel Heinz-Randall, Sponsored Research Business Analyst (Molecular and Integrative Physiology)
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MCB Communications

Christine des Garennes, Associate Director of Communications
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Jennifer Lask, Communications Specialist
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MCB Facilities

Dennis Dalby, Facilities Manager
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Undergraduate Instruction

Brenda Wilson, Associate Director for MCB Undergraduate Education
Melissa Michael, Associate Director for Curriculum & Instruction
Deb Bielser, Assistant Director for Curriculum & Instruction
Tina Knox, Assistant Director for Advising & Recruitment

MCB Undergraduate Instructional Program Mcb 127 Burrill Hall, MC-119
407 South Goodwin Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
phone: (217) 244-6239

email for prospective students: mcb [email protected]
email other inquiries: [email protected]
email Specialized Curriculum in Biochemistry: [email protected]

Para obtener información en español, comuníquese con:
Alejandra Stenger, Senior Coordinator for Instruction – Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion
teléfono: (217) 244-7241

To make an advising appointment, call (217) 333-6774.
Visit us through 101 Burrill Hall. Take the stairs, or elevator, to
    room 200 and check-in with our receptionist.

Graduate Program

James A. Imlay, Associate Director of MCB Graduate Program
Shawna M. Smith, MCB Graduate Program Coordinator
Katie Regan, Office Support Associate

MCB Graduate Program
School of Molecular and Cellular Biology
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
B103 Chemical and Life Sciences Lab, MC-110
601 South Goodwin Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801-3709

phone: (217) 333-1737
email: [email protected]

Department of Biochemistry

Satish Nair, Head
phone: (217) 333-3945
fax: (217) 265-0385

Biochemistry Administrative Office

Cara L. Day, Office Manager
phone: (217) 333-2013
fax: (217) 333-8920

Sherry L. Unkraut
phone: (217) 333-2013
fax: (217) 333-8920

417 RAL, MC-712
600 South Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801

Biochemistry Office of Graduate Student Academic Affairs

Biochemistry Office of Undergraduate Student Academic Affairs

Jeff Goldberg, Senior Coordinator Student Academic Affairs
417 RAL, MC-712
600 South Mathews Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
phone: (217) 244-3149
fax: (217) 333-8920

Department of Cell and Developmental Biology

Supriya G. Prasanth, Head
phone: (217) 244-8076

Laura Martin, Office Administrator
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Kathryn Dewitt, Office Support Assistant
phone: (217) 300-7251

B107 CLSL, MC-123
601 South Goodwin Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
phone: (217) 333-6118

Department of Microbiology

James M. Slauch, Head
phone: (217) 244-1956

Diane L. Tsevelekos, Office Support Specialist
phone: (217) 333-1736

B103 CLSL, MC-110
601 South Goodwin Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801
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Department of Molecular and Integrative Physiology

Claudio Grosman, Head
phone: (217) 333-1735

Kari Zamberletti, Office Manager
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fax: (217) 333-1133

Julie Moore, Office Support Specialist
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fax: (217) 333-1133

524 Burrill Hall, MC-114
407 South Goodwin Avenue
Urbana, IL 61801

MCB Development

College of Liberal Arts & Sciences
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
105 S. Gregory Street
Urbana, Illinois 61801

Affiliated Centers and Programs

Center for Biophysics and Quantitative Biology

Neuroscience Program



  • Positive Contact Indication:

    UNO MCB has a clearly visible contact position indicator to identify the real positions of contacts inside the MCB.

  • Breaking Capacity 10kA:

    The Breaker can break high Short Circuit fault under the conditions of 3 phase fault or phase - Neutral fault, voltage dip. The UNO MCB can protect equipment by opening the contacts even if the high current of 10kA appears.

  • Trip Indication by Mid Trip:

    UNO MCB 10kA is equipped with trip indication features with Mid Trip functionality. This is an inbuilt feature reflecting the difference between OFF and Trip (during a fault) of MCB.

  • Current Limit Class-3:

    UNO MCB is designed to allow minimum let through energy in case of faults. It operates with high-speed mechanism in which Electrodynamic forces set up by the heavy current due to short-circuit, separates the contacts several times faster before it could reach the peak value, thus suppressing the high current.

  • Energy Efficient:

    UNO MCB has lower wattage loss values as compared to the specification of IS/IEC standards. Due to lower wattage loss, it can be termed as an energy efficient.

  • Large Termination Size and Dual Termination:

    UNO MCB has a high mcb capacity of 35 that allows using Aluminium conductors or bus- bars for connection & Bi- Connect termination that allows connection of either cable or bus - bar for mcb flexibility.

  • IP 20 Degree Protection:

    Finger proof terminals eliminate chances of accidental contact with live parts. All the live parts are shrouded/ inaccessible; ensuring safety of installers.

  • Padlocking Facility:

    Dolly are padlock because of purely safety purpose during the maintenance 

    • OFF position for person safety during maintenance.

    • ON position for the extremely critical load.

  • Air Circulation:

    When two or more poles are placed adjacent to each other.The breathing channels are so profiled that the air circulates around the individual pole, resulting in cooler operation.

  • Certificates:

    UNO MCB is ISI marked as per IS/IEC 60898-1:2002. The third party tests are done at CPRI, ERDA. A design registration patent is also registered.

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