the house at the end of the street explained

The Beast wants Bol's life, and says he will exchange it for Nyagak's. Bol accepts, but before The Beast can kill him Rial stabs him in the neck. Here's the plot and ending of the 2011 movie Dream House explained. Ann is the neighbour from across the street and was a close friend of Peter and. The film begins at the end of Barker's series. The postscript of the sixth and final book, "On Jerusalem Street," is about a man who goes.

: The house at the end of the street explained

The house at the end of the street explained
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'A Boy Called Christmas' ending explained: Who is the Truth pixie?

Netflix's new fantasy movie A Boy Called Christmas tells the story of a boy named Nikolas who sets out on an adventure to find his father and the fabled village of Elfhelm. He is accompanied on his journey by a talking pet mouse, Miika, and a reindeer named Blitzen. Together they venture into the land of the fabled elves.

Director Gil Kenan has proven himself yet again with his amazing fantasy world-building. The fantastic cast, set design, animation and visual effects entrances the viewer from the beginning and transports them to the world of fairytales. A Boy Called Christmas is now available to stream on Netflix.

An Introduction to 'A Boy Called Christmas'

A Boy called Christmas tells the tale of an ordinary young boy called Nikolas who sets out on an adventure into the snowy north in search of his father. His father had initially set out on a quest to discover the fabled village of the elves, Elfhelm. Instead he stumles upon 'hope' and a curious thing called 'Christmas', which he brings back to the world of humans.

Ending explained: The Truth pixie is revealed

A Boy Called Christmas is a story within a story. In the beginning of the film the narrator, an elderly Aunt Ruth, is introduced. She sits her nephews and niece down to tell them the origin story of Christmas. Thus begins the adventurous journey of Nikolas. Nikolas succeeds in the mission his father had set out on and brings to the kingdom the 'hope' that the king had asked for.

Armed with a sack full of toys and accompanied by his flying reindeer and talking mouse, Nikolas embarks on a journey going from house to house, distributing toys he had brought from the land of elves.

The movie ends with Aunt Ruth finishing her story and the father of the children arriving. Due to their mother's passing, the family had decided to not celebrate Christmas that year. However, when they walk into the dining hall, they find the room decorated for Christmas, as if by magic.

Aunt Ruth takes her leave and walks out, leaving the family to celebrate by themselves. The final scene shows her walking down the street as she snaps her fingers and fireworks explode lighting up the night sky. The burst of colors and light is very similar to the firecrackers that the 'Truth Pixie' in her story had up her sleeves.

Moreover, throughout her narration, Aunt Ruth keeps repeating the phrase 'I never lie' whenever the children ask her questions. The Truth Pixie too was a creature who eastern bank jobs near me never tell a lie and that led her into trouble.

Though the movie does not explicitly declare Aunt Ruth as the Truth Pixie, these small hints validate the claim that she was indeed the Truth pixie who helped Nikolas in his journey.

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With Christmas coming up, A Boy Called Christmas is the perfect movie to watch for all ages. Catch it streaming on Netflix from today.

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Instead, though, it took her back to 1666, with Deena herself taking on the role of Sarah Fier – and various other faces from the previous two instalments appearing as members of the same colony.

This section sets out to prove that Sarah Fier had actually been innocent all along: it was someone else entirely who had first placed the curse on Shadyside by striking a deal with the devil (where he would offer one person up at regular intervals in exchange for power and prosperity for his family) and successfully framing Sarah.

That person? Solomon Goode who, no surprise, is a direct ancestor of Sheriff Nick Goode. Over the years the Goode family has continued to offer people up to the devil, with those people becoming the Shadyside killers, while the Goode’s have enjoyed positions of power.

So Goode is evil… we should have seen it coming!

How did they end the curse?

Back in the present, Deena wakes up and tells Josh what she has seen, before they see Nick Goode appear on the scene. But before he can get to them, they steal his car and drive off back to Constance’s house.

On arriving at the property, Deena informs Constance that they have to kill Nick to truly lift the curse, and they set about planning how they will do so, extended stay america sacramento Shadyside mall engineer Martin P. Franklin in the process.

At this point, Deena and co have realised that her blood will directly attract the reanimated Shadyside killers – since she is so close to knowing the truth. And so she cuts her hand, using the blood to pour on Nick, Carrie-style, before setting the killers on him.

Things don’t quite go according to plan though, and Sam – who as of the first film is now one of the killers – ends up targeting Constance, which forces Deena to cut her hand again in order to draw Sam towards her instead.

Deena then follows Nick to an underground area he has escaped to with Sam still chasing her, while Constance, Josh and Martin set the other killers on each other.

Deena realises that she has followed Nick to the same place that Solomon had made the pact with the devil all those centuries ago, and there is a confrontation, before Sam looks set to kill Deena.

Just as she seems about to die though, there is a flash of recognition in Sam’s eyes and she withdraws, with Nick taking her place and hoping to finish the job.

Then, the voice of Sarah Fier can be heard in voiceover, repeating lines she said to Solomon earlier in the film: “The truth shall be your curse, I will shadow you for eternity. And everything you take, and everyone you harm, you will feel the grip of my hand. I will follow you forever, I will never let you go.”

Just as Sarah’s voice stops, Deena manages to stab Nick in the eye – killing him, and seemingly lifting the curse, returning Sam to her normal state in the process.

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NASA's DART asteroid-impact mission explained in pictures

By Rahul Rao

It's NASA's first foray into planetary defense.

(Image credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Steve Gribben)

Humans have long had nightmares about seeing an asteroid or a comet strike the Earth. It is one such object from space, after all, that is thought to have played a major role in the mass extinction 66 million years ago that killed off most of the dinosaurs. It's no exaggeration that a similar impact could end human civilization as we know it.

With the upcoming Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), set to launch on Nov. 24, NASA hopes to begin putting a stop to that. The mission plan is to sail for a pair of near-Earth asteroids and, in autumn of 2022, crash into the smaller one, trying to nudge its orbit. In a real-life situation, that little nudge could be enough to make an asteroid miss Earth completely.

(Image credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Ed Whitman)

A NASA spacecraft, DART was assembled and tested at the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory in Maryland. All told, it will cost NASA $330 million — relatively cheap for a probe that's leaving Earth orbit.

DART is solar-powered and will test NASA's NEXT-C ion drive in addition to using its 12 small thrusters for fine adjustments. DART is light on scientific payload, but it does have one camera: the Didymos Reconnaissance and Asteroid Camera for Optical navigation (DRACO), which will provide data to SMART Nav, a system of algorithms that help the spacecraft to steer itself autonomously. DRACO will help DART navigate itself to a target that's the size of a building.

(Image credit: NASA/Don Davis)

Planetary defense is the science of trying to keep threatening asteroids out of Earth's atmosphere. While it may sound like science fiction, planetary defense is in NASA's eyes a very real concern. Bits of space material are entering Earth all the time. Most are tiny and quickly burn up in the upper atmosphere. But, sometimes, larger objects make it down closer to the surface. 

In 2013, a meteor the size of a large house plunged through Earth's atmosphere and burst apart in the air above the Russian city of Chelyabinsk, east of the Ural Mountains. The explosion was more powerful than a nuclear bomb and its shockwaves injured over 1,000 people, largely due to shattered glass. A larger object the house at the end of the street explained Chelyabinsk's — and there are many of them in our solar neighborhood, plenty of which are undiscovered — could devastate a whole region or a whole continent.

(Image credit: NASA/JPL-Caltech)

Most of the solar system's millions of asteroids make their homes circling in the asteroid belt the house at the end of the street explained lies between Mars and Jupiter. Some of these space rocks, however, get pushed out of the belt by Jupiter's massive gravity kicking them into elongated orbits that bring them much closer to the sun — and, indeed, within a few million miles or kilometers of us.

Astronomers call those "near-Earth asteroids." Their close approaches to Earth make them appealing targets for scientists. Earlier this year, NASA's OSIRIS-REx spacecraft visited one near-Earth asteroid, Bennu, to collect a sample of its surface and return it to Earth, with delivery scheduled for 2023.

But near-Earth asteroids could also pose a threat to Earth. There's an estimated 25,000 near-Earth asteroids larger than 500 feet (140 meters) in size — 15,000 of which, scientists believe, have yet to be discovered. Even the smallest of those would be enough to devastate a large city. 

(Image credit: NASA/Bill Ingalls)

DART will launch on a SpaceX Falcon 9 from Vandenberg Space Force Base, located on the California coast northwest of Los Angeles. 

Although far less famous, and perhaps less glamorous, than Cape Canaveral in Florida, The house at the end of the street explained has been an important launch site since the beginning of the Space Age. Satellites launched from there typically orbit around the Earth's poles, rather than around the Earth's equator. Vandenberg was even once slated to be a second launch site for the space shuttle, but that never bore fruit.

The mission faces a series of 84 different instantaneous launch opportunities, beginning on Wednesday (Nov. 24) and lasting through mid-February 2022.

(Image credit: NASA/Arecibo Observatory)

DART's target is Dimorphos, an asteroid a little larger than the Great Pyramid of Giza. It's curious in its own right; it actually orbits a second asteroid, Didymos, a rock about the size of a very tall skyscraper. The two asteroids are a mere 0.75 miles (1.2 kilometers) apart. In essence, DART will be aiming for a system no bigger than a rather small town. There's still much we don't know about the two asteroids, and DART and its fellow missions will get the chance to study it up close.

Dimorphos and Didymos don't venture far from our part of the solar system. Together, these two asteroids circle the sun in a highly elliptical orbit, taking the both of them from beyond Mars to near the Earth's orbit and back every 2.11 Earth years. DART will strike in 2022, when the asteroids are nearest to Earth: only about 6.8 million miles (11 million km) away. The two asteroids pose no threat to Earth, so DART's test is just that: a test.

(Image credit: NASA/JHU-APL/Ed Whitman)

DART won't be the only probe bound for Dimorphos and Didymos in the coming months. Hitching a ride aboard the main spacecraft will be a cubesat, a satellite that's roughly the size of a shoebox and that's light enough that you could probably pick it up. This companion has been brought to DART by the Italian Space Agency. Called the Light Italian Cubesat for Imaging of Asteroids (LICIACube), it will play a significant role in helping DART's mission.

Ten days before impact, LICIACube will wake up and separate from DART. Once free, it will adjust its own path, very, very slightly, such that it flies past Dimorphos just three minutes after DART's crash. With two cameras on board, LICIACube will autonomously track the larger spacecraft and let Earth see both DART's impact and its aftermath.

(Image credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Lab)

When DART finally reaches Dimorphos, the spacecraft will plunge into the asteroid at a gentle 15,000 mph (24,000 kph). That's fast enough to hop from New York to Paris in just 15 minutes. At that speed, DART will make a mark: a crater.

Crashing something into an asteroid might seem simple in concept, but according to NASA, DART is a finely calculated and finely engineered operation. Everything from the asteroid in question to the angle and speed of impact has to be meticulously plotted out to get what mission leaders want. Going too fast could inadvertently destroy the asteroid.

Scientists have simulated the impact many times over in preparation for the big day. That date, for now, is slated to happen in late September or early October 2022, depending on precisely what day DART launches.

(Image credit: NASA/Johns Hopkins APL)

How will scientists know if DART has actually done its job? For one, LICIACube will be right there, watching DART's crash landing and beaming the results back to Earth. More than just the moment of collision, LICIACube will watch the crater and the plume of dust that the impact leaves behind.

But astronomers will also be watching from Earth. When DART strikes the asteroid, it will be about 6.8 million miles (11 million km) away from us, but that's close enough that telescopes can see each circuit Dimorphos makes around Didymos. From Earth, scientists will be able to observe any changes to that orbit after impact and judge how well DART has worked.

(Image credit:

DART won't be the end of the story. A follow-up mission run by the European Space Agency called Hera will launch in 2024 and arrive at Didymos in 2026. Hera will take another peek at DART's crater and take a deep, keen-eyed look at what Didymos looks like four or so years after DART's impact. Both missions are part of a larger, international program called the Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment (AIDA).

Hera will also include a couple more cubesats. One, called Milani, will study the dust around the asteroid. Another, called Juventas, will attempt to land fingerhut contact us phone number Dimorphos, the larger asteroid, to study what's inside the asteroid. 

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Tom Barkhuizen injury update after Fulham vs Preston North End as Bauer absence explained

Preston North End will learn the extent of Tom Barkhuizen's injury in the coming days.

The number 29 was forced off early in the second half against Fulham, after a strong challenge from Antonee Robinson - who was fortunate to escape a red card.

Barkhuizen had an injection prior to the game in order to make sure he was fine to play.

But, following a positive run down the right flank, his afternoon was cut short on 53 minutes and he hobbled down the tunnel after trying to continue.

The early signs are not encouraging and the 28-year-old, who rarely has injury problems, will hope it is not as serious as it looks.

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"He is in a boot just now, so we will probably need to get an X-Ray and we will see how he is," central bank login missouri McAvoy post-match. "He is not too good.

"I felt as an outlet he was fantastic so it will be a tough one for us next week - we will work with him and hopefully we can get the team selection right."

Defender Patrick Bauer also missed the game, meaning Liam Lindsay stepped in and he impressed up against the machine of a striker that is Aleksandar Mitrovic.

McAvoy also gave an update on the German in his post-match interview.

"A bit of tightness around his hamstring and his Achilles," added McAvoy, on Bauer. "It was similar to Nottingham Forest where he played and then we had to take him off after 17 minutes.

"Today wasn't a day for that, we needed to make sure everyone was fit and able to play 90 if they could. He failed a fitness test."

And on the game, the PNE boss was proud of his players and felt it was a complete team display.

"I am happy with the point and I thought it was the least we deserved if I'm honest based on the second half performance," he said.

"Credit to Preston North End players today, they stood up and made it really difficult for them.

"We felt if we remained in the game we would get chances. I said at half-time that we were in it and that we believe in them. For spells, Fulham really struggled to get up the pitch. I was delighted with the response from the players and they deserve every credit.

"I thought we were a bit unfortunate not to get all three points."


Dream House is a 2011 psychologicalcrimethriller directed by Jim Sheridan. The film follows a family who has recently bought and moved into a house only to realize that the previous resident killed his family there years ago and the murderer might be back. The cast has Daniel Craig, Rachel Weisz, and Naomi Watts in the leading roles; interestingly, all three are Britishers playing roles as Americans. The film has a couple of twists, nothing that you can’t guess, but it’s a good catch-up film. Here’s the plot and ending of the movie Dream House first nebraska bank wayne To Watch?

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Oh, and if this article doesn’t answer all of your questions, drop me a comment or an FB chat message, and I’ll get you the answerYou can find other film explanations using the search option on top of the site.


Here are links to the key aspects of the movie:

Dream House: Plot Explained

What we think is going on

The film’s first part has us believe that a man named Will Atenton has recently bought and moved into a new house with his wife Libby and his two children. Soon we find out that 5 years ago, a man named Peter Ward murdered his family in this house. Now, Will and his family seem to be stalked by a mysterious person they assume is Peter. As a result, Will heads to the mental asylum where Peter is being treated at.

Who is Will Atenton (W1-1L 8-10-10)?

It is revealed that Will is Peter Ward, who was shot in the head when he was brought to the hospital 5 years ago; he was charged with the murder of his family. Unable to face the death of his family and the possibility that he might have been responsible, Peter takes on a new personality by the name Will Atenton based on the ID on his tag: W1-1L 8-10-10. After 5 years, Peter is eventually discharged, and he goes out into the world as Will. In the first scene of Dream House, we see Will quitting his job to become a writer. But that was only in his mind, he was being discharged, and all the people we see as his colleagues are actually other patients or workers at the mental facility.

Here is what I find odd.There was no proof that Peter was the murderer. Sure. But he’s still an individual refusing his own identity. Wouldn’t that mean he needed more treatment? I’m not sure why he was discharged.

Peter returns as Will Atenton to his own house, which is now dilapidated; however, he imagines his family to be alive and happy. But the trip to the mental hospital causes the realization that he is Peter and that he is all alone to come crashing down on him.

Who is Ann?

Ann is the neighbour from across the street and was a close friend of Peter and Libby. Ann’s daughter, Chloe, was a close friend of Peter’s girls. Ann is a divorcee, and she and her ex-husband, Jack, share custody of Chloe. Back when Peter was institutionalized, Ann tried her best to help, which is why we see her in the footage at the institution. After Peter returns, Ann is taken aback when he introduces himself as Will Atenton and has no memories of her. This is why Ann behaves strangely around Will (Peter) and is surprised to learn that he still sees his family.

Dream House Ending Explained: What really happened?

The ending of the movie Dream House reveals that Jack hired a man named Boyce to kill Ann and get back the custody of his house and daughter. Mistakenly, Boyce enters Peter’s house, and when confronted, he shoots Libby add the kids. During the struggle, a dying Libby shoots at Boyce but clips Peter instead, causing him to become an amnesiac and the primary murder suspect.

Umm, seriously now, how low was Jack’s budget for the murder? He hired a guy who got the address wrong, land up without a mask, noticed that the woman was not Jack’s wife, and there were two kids instead of one. Instead of making the run for it, he decides to massacre a random family. Where did Jack get this guy?

Jack’s Plan

Boyce’s goof-up leaves Jack disgruntled, duh. 5 years later, when Peter returns to the house, Jack finds it appropriate to finish what he once started. Interestingly, he also finds it appropriate to hire Boyce, the address forgetting assassin, again. Jack and Boyce chloroform Peter and Ann, take them to the basement and set the house on fire. Jack uses this opportune moment to shoot his low-budget child-killing assassin and leaves him for dead. Peter gains consciousness and manages to wack Jack on the head and escapes the house with Ann. As Jack tries to leave, Boyce returns the favour by setting Jack on fire with some left-over gasoline.

Dream House: Was Libby a ghost or just Peter’s imagination?

The movie Dream House suggests that Libby was a ghost. We see her interact with the wind-chimes, and some of the scenes are shown from her perspective. However, I find that Libby being a ghost, who could affect objects around her, is a weak element in the film as she could have done a lot more in the climax to save Peter and Ann (push Jack onto the fires, perhaps?). 

I would like to interpret Libby to be a figment of Peter’s imagination. His belief that she is still by his side gives him the strength to get up and overcome Jack in the end. What about the moving wind-chimes? Well, the house was on fire. Things were bound to move around and make noise. I don’t think a burning house needs the help of a ghost to shake things up. What we see could merely be Peter imagining Libby helping him out by distracting Jack.

In the end, we see Peter going back into the house, making peace with the fact that his family is no more, saying his goodbyes to them, collecting his journal and exiting the house. While not shown in the film, Ann would have testified against Jack for trying to kill them, proving that Peter was innocent all along. Peter’s dignity is restored, and he uses his experience to write his successful novel called Dream House.

What did you think about the movie Dream House and its ending? Comment with your thoughts on the film in the section below.

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Jennifer Lawrence can't sell House at the End of the Street

Starring Jennifer Lawrence, Elisabeth Shue, and Max Thieriot. Rated 14A. Now playing

At the age of 20, Jennifer Lawrence became the second youngest woman ever nominated for a best-actress Oscar for her work in the bleak 2010 thriller Winter’s Bone. Two years later she starred in The Hunger Games, one of the highest-grossing movies ever.

Here’s hoping that the gifted young actress’s critical and commercial appeal doesn’t fade too much after toplining best small business checking account 2017 at the End of the Street, a clunky, run-of-the-mill horror flick written by the same guy who penned last year’s similarly themed disappointment, Dream House.

Lawrence stars as Elissa, a high-schooler who moves into a beautiful rental home in a woodsy area with her recently divorced mom (Elisabeth Shue). They got the place cheap because it’s next door to the site of a double murder in which a girl slaughtered her parents. “People got shot on our street in Chicago and nobody dropped the rent,” blurts out Elissa in a line typical of House’s dubious dialogue.

After an unconvincing opening scene depicting the pivotal killings, the film follows Elissa’s interactions with her cookie-cutter neighbours, including asshole schoolmate Tyler (Nolan Gerard Funk). Against her protective mother’s wishes she soon falls for the ultra-sensitive Ryan (Max Thieriot), son of the murder victims, who now resides in the death house. Thieriot’s skills at playing a timid outsider were honed in 2010’s My Soul to Take, which is arguably Wes Craven’s worst horror flick ever. (And that’s saying a lot, considering the wretched Cursed.)

Things get semi-involving in the last part of the show, when Max fights back against bully Tyler and his dickhead posse, leading to a climactic showdown that also attracts a good-guy cop (the slumming Gil Bellows). Around this time some of House’s inherent silliness is explained, but it’s still not enough to make you glad you visited.

Watch the trailer for House at the End of the Street.

You can follow former Fangoria scribe Steve Newton for all his horrific horrorizing on Twitter at

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The Ending Of Jordan Peele's 'Us,' Explained

*Spoilers for the movie Us below:

It was all right there in the trailer.

There was Adelaide (Lupita Nyong'o) looking, dressing and acting like a regular degular Black mom in a car with her husband and two kids, headed to the beach. Then, Luniz' "I Got 5 on It," comes on the radio and she tries to get her young son Jason to.snap along with the song. “Get in rhythm," she tells him, but sis, which one?  She's snapping on the one and the two and the three and a half. Adelaide is a fraud.

If that scene from the trailer wasn't enough, the creepy poster reveal that dropped last month revealed the twist.


The smiling Adelaide mask is moved to the side and the doppelganger Red's face is the one revealed beneath it, crying, in Peele's now signature horror aesthetic.

But is Adelaide the villain or is Red? The answer depends on perspective. The house at the end of the street explained as Peele designed it, the question is really the house at the end of the street explained our own introspection.When asked “who are you people?" by the humans, Red answers, “We're Americans." We created the monsters. The monsters are Us.

In the opening credits of Us, Peele alerts the audience to the network of abandoned, underground tunnels that exist across America. The average American resident doesn't even know of their existence, let alone what they were designed for. Red tells the story of the U.S. government creating doppelgangers in a lab deep in the earth, for the purpose of controlling humans. It doesn't work; the clones don't have their own souls, so the government abandoned their experiments, leaving the doppelgangers to sludge around in these underground tunnels like zombies, eating only raw rabbits and mimicking a distorted version of the lives of their human counterparts above ground. They're in a Sunken Place, if you will. But, not for much longer. The apocalypse has come to America, and it's time for the doppelgangers to get their revenge on humanity for this banishment and abandonment.

But--like many a Good White Person might say when confronted with the responsibility of righting systemic racism--the humans are asking: Why should I have to be punished for something I didn't even know about, let alone do?! Judgment is not always about what you specifically or even consciously do; it can also be about what you should have known,what you didn't do, and what privileges you received at another's expense.

Red knows all about those privileges and what the humans have done and aren't doing. She knows and she speaks what she knows. (In an amazing performance by Nyong'o that she told Variety was based on a condition called spasmodic dysphonia) Red's voice is startling, full of starts and stops. But the house at the end of the street explained is still far more advanced than the growls of her Shadow Family and the other doppelgangers. That's because Red is human, but she's been out of practice speaking with others in a human voice for decades.

As a child in the '80s, at the Santa Cruz boardwalk amusement park, all she wanted to do was to get away from her parents' fighting for a little while. The brief joy she had when her father won her a Thriller T-shirt and proudly placed it over her boring (but symbolically important Hands Across America T-shirt), is gone once her parents devolve into arguing. Little did she know, she would never see them again.

She wanders off alone at night, past a very scary-looking white man who is holding an actual warning sign. Jeremiah 11:11 is scribbled on cardboard in the man's hand, but lil sis must have missed Vacation Bible School because the citation doesn't register: “Therefore thus saith the Lord, Behold, I will bring evil upon them, which they shall not be able to escape; and though they shall cry unto me, I will not hearken unto them." Whew.

Nonsensically, she leaves the boardwalk and stumbles onto the beach, in the dark, while putting up a bat signal for creeps: she whistles. At no point is she more bothered by being alone and whistling at night than she is of her parents arguing, so she keeps walking until she sees an illuminated but otherwise abandoned-looking funhouse that literally says “Find Yourself!"!

An automated prop jumps out at her and startles her but she thinks it's all fun and games so she keeps walking through the house of mirrors, whistling. When she finally gets scared and wants out, she's in too deep. She runs into her doppelganger, who seizes the chance to attack. Shadow Adelaide drags Real Adelaide down into the depths where the doppelgangers live, removes her Thriller shirt and leaves Real Adelaide chained to a bunk bed in the lab, wearing her original Hands Across America shirt. Shadow Adelaide takes her place above ground.

Off-screen, Shadow Adelaide rejoins Adelaide's parents, who have been frantically searching for her for a relatively short period of time, but everything has changed, and united community bank cleveland tn parents know it right away. Believing she's traumatized from getting lost, they eventually take her to a child psychologist to figure out why Adelaide stopped talking and the house at the end of the street explained behaving so differently than before. Shadow Adelaide isn't traumatized. She doesn't talk because she doesn't know how. But she learns, grows up, marries a goofy Howard man with great thighs named Gabe, and snaps offbeat.

But she knows what she's done. She doesn't regret taking her chance at freedom, but she fears the day when Real Adelaide might rise up from the hole in the ground, like a cloned bunny loosed from its cage, and take everything back from her. When she loses sight of her son for a few moments on the beach, she completely flips out, thinking he has been swapped out by his doppleganger.

Shadow Adelaide is right to fear, but her fear doesn't go deep enough. It's not until Real Adelaide-“Red" shows up outside her door with a whole gang of Shadow People, that Shadow Adelaide really starts to understand. Yes, Red has chained Shadow Adelaide to a coffee table like Shadow Adelaide had chained Red to that bed all those years ago, but it's not just Red's revenge she has to fear; it's the revenge of all of the Shadow People.

Shadow Adelaide left them all behind to eat raw rabbits' feet in the dark, while she was eating her good cooked meals with her good family in the daylight. Adelaide confessed to Gabe that she thought about her the house at the end of the street explained self all the time, but what about the others? If she did ever think of the Shadow People, it wasn't enough to stir her to action on their behalf.

Shadow Adelaide knew what it was like for them down there: the lack of agency, the lifelessness, the torture of being an abandoned science project. She may, in fact, be the only one in Santa Cruz who did know (though whoever constructed that funhouse has some explaining to do).

She sided with the privileged a long time ago when deciding who actually deserves humanity. Perhaps she reasoned that she was just smarter than the other Shadow People; she pulled herself up by her bootstraps! Made her own way out of hell. Why should she be responsible for the lives of the Shadow People she left behind? It's a common thought process when people move up a rung or ten on the privilege ladder. Comfort trumps revolution.

Shadow Adelaide only hints at a bit of survivor's remorse once the Shadow People have begun their killing. Twice she jumps out of the relative safety of her car, away from her human family, to try and reason with both of the Shadow Children, perhaps to show them that she is still one of them so they'll stop the attacks. Since the audience doesn't yet know that Shadow Adelaide was once one of them, when she sees Shadow Zora's back broken over a tree limb and Real Jason making Shadow Jason back himself into flames, her tears seem just like the tears of a mom, sad over the gruesome deaths of kids who look just like her own. But no. Shadow Adelaide is grieving the kids that could have been hers, the ones she should have tried to protect from the cruelty of the Shadow World.

Instead, she walked through life like Angelenos walk through Downtown LA, over the legs of the homeless who sleep in tents on the side of the road. We all know it's unconscionable, that the existence of homelessness is an indictment on us as a civilization. But still, we carry on, peripherally aware of the Skid Rows of the world, the uninsured ill, the systemically disenfranchised--until, of course, they say or do something to make us look up from our phones and be on our guard. Then, we can't ignore them, so we clutch our purse, move quickly aside, maybe even call the police. But like Elizabeth Moss's character learned the hard way (in one of the most iconic uses of NWA's “Fuck The Police" to date!): the police aren't coming to save you, Sharon. It's time to settle up.

But Shadow Adelaide isn't ready to pay the piper. She tries to tell her husband a bit of the truth so he can help her escape what's coming just a little while longer. He initially dismisses her concerns before reluctantly agreeing to leave in the morning. But it's too late for them all.

Again, justice is not just about deciphering who knew what and when. It's also about how our actions, intentionally or otherwise, impact others. Jason is deeply connected to his doppelganger. On the beach, instead of building a sandcastle, Jason is building a tunnel. He's also drawn to the funhouse but doesn't quite seem to know why. He speaks English far too well for a doppelganger switch to have taken place, or for him to have adjusted to human life in just a year (or for an Original Jason to have devolved into a creature who walks on all fours.unless eating raw rabbit would do that to you!). And surely Shadow Adelaide would have recognized the signs of a switcher. Jason and his double seem to just be tightly bound. Perhaps his lighter won't work because down below, he caused his mirror image to burn his own mouth off. Consequences.

Justice is also about people facing consequences for the utter lack of curiosity about what our government is doing, supposedly on our behalf. “The government is putting fluoride in the water to control us," Zora suggests and no one bats an eyelash. Likewise, hundreds of millions of American residents had not the faintest curiosity about what was going on in the ground beneath them. So everybody's getting got.

The Shadow People are emerging from the ground to kill their human counterparts with scissors in a bloody revolution, the Untethering that will free all Shadow People and finally give them agency — and sunlight. And, for god's sake, cooked food. Red has been planning it all for years.

Shadow Adelaide didn't realize it when they first got to the beach, but the creepy man with the Jeremiah 11:11 sign from Real Adelaide's childhood might have been the first to fall in the revolution. He was dead on a stretcher in an ambulance and very bloody, like a victim of a scissor stabbing might be. But Shadow Adelaide and the human family drove on by to enjoy their day at the beach. The son Jason didn't realize that it's the Shadow Jeremiah 11:11 man he sees on the beach, victorious, wearing a trench coat over his revolution red uniform, standing right where Red told him to stand, in front of the infamous boardwalk funhouse. Blood dripping down his fingers, his hands are outstretched, waiting for more Shadow People to join him. He must realize he jumped the gun, though, because soon he disappears and Jason is left to wonder what exactly he saw.

But not for long. Shadow Adelaide and her human family discover that the entire country has been taken over by the Shadow People. When Red lures Shadow Adelaide back through the funhouse and down into the lab, she explains, in that long-winded way that villains exposit before they kill you, that while Shadow Adelaide was only out for self, Red is about that life.

A community organizer and a revolutionary, Red shares how she spent years plotting to overthrow the unjust system and to teach the world a lesson in the process. She gained the trust of the Shadow People when, while they were stumbling around in a trance, she gracefully danced like the ballerina she was trained to be. Who knows why it was the dancing and not her speaking English that got them to see that she was “special," but nevertheless, they did. They laid hands on her and anointed her Red Jesus, the savior of their world. Red gave them purpose, Red gave them a window into a different life. Red gave them a choice, and a blueprint.

The blueprint was laid out in the very beginning of the film. Real Adelaide's reflection is visible in the very '80s commercial that she's watching about Hands Across America. It was a real-life, 1986 charity event where people donated money ($10 each) to join a human chain, a group of people who would stand together outside at the same time, for 15 minutes, holding hands across America, essentially. The money raised was supposed to go to local charities in the participants' cities that fought homelessness and hunger (are you getting this?!?). And the images of chains of people holding hands in every city was supposed to send a message to the world that hunger and homelessness would be eradicated. Real Adelaide remembered that message when she was banished down in the lab, and as soon as she gained their trust and became their leader, she told them how they would spread their message to the world: by killing their human counterparts and holding hands across America. Thankfully, she was wearing that handy Hands Across America T-Shirt still, so she had a visual to show them.

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