what team is jose bautista on in 2018

Canadian scientist names beetle after Jose Bautista. November 22, 2018. OTTAWA, Ontario (AP) — Jose Bautista has a new namesake buzzing around. Former Blue Jays All-Star Jose Bautista discussed reports that he's contemplating an MLB return as a 2-way player. Read more at MLB Trade. Assists, Jose Bautista (45), Juan Carlos Santos (4), Peter Veljovic (1). Digs, Peter Veljovic (19), Yaw Eshun (13), Juan Carlos Santos (12).

: What team is jose bautista on in 2018

What team is jose bautista on in 2018
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Braves sign Jose Bautista to minor-league contract

ATLANTA — The Atlanta Braves added to their 2018 third-base options by signing a player with 331 career home runs.

Jose Bautista, baseball’s home-run king from 2010 to 2016, joined the organization on a one-year, minor-league contract looking to rejuvenate his major-league career at third base, the team announced on Wednesday afternoon. Bautista, who was a 37-year-old free agent following his disappointing 2017 season, reported to Atlanta’s extended spring training facility in Lake Buena Vista, Fla.

The signing rekindles a preexisting relationship between the longtime Toronto Blue Jays star and Braves general manager Alex Anthopoulos, who rose to the GM chair in Toronto during Bautista’s heyday. Braves hitting coach Kevin Seitzer also worked with Bautista during the 2014 season, a year in which he hit 35 home runs with a .403 on-base percentage. what team is jose bautista on in 2018 didn’t have the year he was capable of last year,” Anthopoulos said. “I know there’s certain things you know you’re going to get with Jose: He’s going to be in tremendous shape, he’s gonna work hard, study hard, and he comes to win and he plays to win. So we’re going to take a look.”

” … In terms of the performance, I learned long ago that you don’t bet against this guy. Very proud. Very determined. He’s someone that I’ve always said I thought would play into his 40s.”

"Good opportunity for us … a lot of upside, clearly. Seen him play a lot of third base in his career."

— GM Alex Anthopoulos on @Braves signing, says talked to Jose Bautista about 3B in early winter#Braves

Joey Bats came back to the Rogers Centre on Tuesday night for the first time since leaving Toronto to join the New York Mets and, despite the fact that he's no longer a Food banks that are open near me today Jay, local sports fans were straight up elated.

Jose Bautista, who hit 288 homers over his 10 showbiz edmond movies playing for the Blue Jays, is now and will always be a Toronto legend, judging by the events surrounding last night's game.

His team may have lost last night's game, but nobody in the stadium received more love from the crowd.

Even the Jays paid tribute to their former star by blasting Usher's "O.M.G." when Bautista went up to bat in the first inning.

This is the song he walked out to during his 54-home run season in 2010, according to The Canadian Press, and the same song he used for his final home game last year.

Ahead of the game, MLSE showed a touching video tribute of the 37-year-old Dominican slugger's most memorable moments in Toronto.

A what team is jose bautista on in 2018 of just over 24,000 people gave Bautista a rollicking standing ovation as he clapped and waved to fans.

"It was great to be recognized, great to acknowledge the fans and great to know that they feel good that I'm back and they wanted to recognize me," said Bautista to reporters after the game.

"It was a great moment. I had to hold back a little bit but I managed to get through it without shedding any tears, so that was fun."

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MLB free agent Jose Bautista shows off his pitching form in continued attempt to come back as two-way player

Six-time MLB All-Star and free agent Jose Bautista hasn't appeared in a major-league game since 2018, but he may return with an added dimension to his game. ESPN's Jeff Passan reported Bautista spent the winter working out as a pitcher and there's now a video showing his progress.  

Marcus Stroman, Bautista's Toronto Blue Jays teammate from 2014-17, posted a video to Twitter of Bautista tossing a slider in his front yard. In valley national bank online caption, Stroman wrote Bautista could "easily" pitch in a major-league bullpen, adding his sinker, slider and changeup are "MLB ready."  

Bautista's hoping to become one of the few true two-way players in the MLB. To qualify, Bautista must pitch 20 major-league innings and play at least 20 games as a position player or designated hitter (with at least three plate appearances per game). The two-way player designation would allow Bautista to serve as a pitcher without taking one of the position's 13 allotted spots.

A position player his entire 15-year career, it's fair to wonder whether Bautista can maintain his arm over a full season. And in response to Stroman's clip of Bautista, a fan asked if he's capable of pitching 50 games out of the bullpen.

Stroman had no doubts, writing "Yes. His body is in better shape than 90-95% of the league."

If Bautista can succeed on the mound the same way he did in the batter's box, he'd be an important weapon for any team. In addition to his six All-Star selections, Bautista won three Silver Sluggers and finished in the top-four of MVP voting twice.

The MLB season is on hiatus because of the COVID-19 pandemic, but as Stroman's clips show Bautista is using his newfound free time wisely what team is jose bautista on in 2018 both for his personal career growth and the intrigue of the baseball world. 

Источник: https://www.cbssports.com/mlb/news/mlb-free-agent-jose-bautista-shows-off-his-pitching-form-in-continued-attempt-to-comeback-as-two-way-player/

Atlanta Braves release Jose Bautista, so what’s next?

CHICAGO, IL – MAY 14: Jose Bautista #23 of the Atlanta Braves runs the bases after hitting a three-run homer against the Chicago Cubs during the fifth inning while wearing the #42 to commemorate Jackie Robinson Day on May 14, 2018 at Wrigley Field in Chicago, Illinois. (Photo by David Banks/Getty Images)

It’s hard to fault the attempt, but this was an experiment that just didn’t really ever gain any traction.

The third base position is – once again – in a state of flux for the Atlanta Braves as Jose Bautista was released on Sunday.  Now the question is this:  where to go from here?

Bautista was given a ‘solid’ by former boss Alex Anthopoulos in signing him originally, and then again by bringing him to the majors, but it was most certainly going to be an uphill climb as Bautista had three strikes against him before ever getting started:

  • 37-1/2 years old
  • A record of declining performance over the past 3 seasons… even taking a 40 HR performance in 2015 into account
  • A ‘new’ position – having not played 3rd base with any kind of regularity in years.

I admit wondering – having just watched the conclusion of Sunday’s epic comeback win – where Bautista would have been in this lineup and whether any comeback would have happened had he not been released.

Perhaps that thought isn’t fair – you truly never know what might have transpired once you change the equation that much.  But the what team is jose bautista on in 2018 is that Bautista simply wasn’t doing what had been hoped:  providing lineup protection for Freddie Freeman.

Sure:  he ran into 2 homers over 40 plate appearances.  But besides that were just 2 singles and a double… with 12 strikeouts against 5 walks for a .143 average.

The only other hitter on the team this season with at least 20 PA doing worse?  Peter Bourjos.

In fact, out of 380 batters in the majors matching his 40 PA or more, Bautista’s batting average ranked 369th.

That explains Bautista’s loss of playing time recently… and his defense wasn’t exactly keeping him in the lineup either.

Alex Anthopoulos explained the move to the media today… and it appeared that he was pained to even report the news (in strong contrast to the body language he exhibited during Friday’s interview session).  It’s clear that he wanted this signing to work… and it’s a disappointment to all concerned that it didn’t happen.

It would be easy to pile on here and declare ‘I told you so’ based on earlier comments on this subject.  But that would be wrong.  Bautista is a pro and has enjoyed an excellent career.  The photo used for this piece is from what could be his last jog around the bases – May 14th at Wrigley Field.

I won’t fault him for trying once more and I won’t fault the Braves for giving him the opportunity.  He deserves that respect for the effort.


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You may know that, after a 12-year absence, baseball is returning for the Olympics this summer. As part of that there will be some Olympic qualifiers played at the end of this month in Florida. Amateurs and players who are not on teams are obviously eligible to play. Likewise, players who are on 40-man rosters of big league teams but who are not on the major league roster are permitted to take part in the qualifiers.

Today Jeff Passan of ESPN has an article up about the Dominican Republic’s team as it heads into qualifiers. Among those players who are on the 40-man but not on a big league roster who plans to take part is Wander Franco, the top prospect in the Rays’ system and, indeed, in all of baseball. Not a shock, really. He’d be a great addition to the D.R.’s Olympic team.

A bit more surprising: José Bautista, who has not played in the bigs since 2018. Only a bit more surprising, though, as he can still probably hit pretty well against the lesser competition in the Olympic games (Major League players will not be taking part).  But here’s the real surprising part:

Bautista is expected to play first base, a position he manned 30 times in more than 1,650 major league games during which he hit 344 home runs and drove in nearly 1,000 runs. He last played in the major leagues in 2018, though he spent this winter working out as a pitcher in hopes of returning as a two-way player, sources said.

That seems pretty far-fetched, but on Twitter Passan added this:

“@STR0” is Marcus Stroman.

I doubt Bautista will actually make it to a big league roster, but given that rosters now allow for 26 players, and given that there are now special rules for two-way players, it’s not the most insane thing to contemplate. I bet teams will send some scouts to see him in the qualifier to see if the bat is anywhere close to serviceable anymore and, if it is, they may call him in for a bullpen session.

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Источник: https://mlb.nbcsports.com/2020/03/02/jose-bautista-is-hoping-to-come-back-as-a-two-way-player/

New York Mets: Time to give Jose Bautista a chance

The New York Mets signed Jose Bautista in the middle of the day on Tuesday. He was immediately put in the lineup and can actually make a difference and should be given a chance.

Now, I am not trying to say that every New York Mets fan are not stoked about the Jose Bautista signing. Some are, some are not. The writing has been on the wall of this happening for days now. So, what I am saying is that Bautista should be given a chance given the circumstances.

The New York Mets lost outfield depth. This is going to be a problem all year. Juan Lagares is out for the season. Yoenis Cespedes is likely going to return to the disabled list again at some point this year once he returns. Also, Jay Bruce shouldn’t what team is jose bautista on in 2018 the outfield every day with his nagging injuries.

Jose Bautista is essentially a poor man’s Jay Bruce except he is a right-handed bat. He is barely going to be making any money and can play the outfield and the corners what team is jose bautista on in 2018 on the infield. It is rare he will ever have to play centerfield or third base but he is probably capable of doing so. There is no reason to think that he is going to be taking on a heavier load than what he did Tuesday night against the Marlins anyway.

Bautista’s numbers are terrible. Like almost impressively bad at every level in baseball this season. That is concerning and definitely a liability. He has fallen off a cliff. That is no secret. However, he is a player who’s on his last life but was once a star. He still has a pretty high ceiling and all he can do is go up from here. Isn’t that basically the entire bottom half of the Mets’ rotation?

He is not someone with the numbers, production, or usefulness that the team needs out of an everyday player. Therefore, he is not going to be one. He knows that.

This is purely to stick a bat/body out there whenever one of the core guys in the outfield rotation needs a rest. That is a great role for the man formerly known as “Joey Bats.”

Being released by the Atlanta Braves humbled him. But it could have lit a fire under him, especially when the Mets and Braves meet down the stretch.

It is always a petty move to snag a player who a division rival considers scraps, but a savage move.

There is about a 90% chance Bautista will be exactly who you think he is in 2018. But if he can come in and be decent in random games throughout the summer and be an asset by staying healthy and being ready when called upon, the move will be worth it.

Bautista is no different from a lot of players on the Mets roster. He knows his role. The fans know his role. Management knows why they are bringing him in.

Next: The Mets should ditch a traditional rotation

It’s time to give him a chance. If he can even give the Mets one productive week and help them win even say three games, this will all be worth it.

Let’s see how it works out. The New York Mets fulfill a need and Joey Bats has one more shot.

That is a win-win for both sides.

Источник: https://empirewritesback.com/2018/05/23/new-york-mets-time-give-jose-bautista-chance/

— FOX Sports: Braves (@FOXSportsBraves) April 18, 2018

Bautista turned down a more lucrative offer with another organization in order to join the Braves.

“He had an opportunity to go somewhere else. It would’ve been a higher base salary. It would’ve been incentives that would’ve taken him significantly north of where he is with us,” Anthopoulos said. “I think to Jose’s credit, in the conversation I had with him, it’s not about the money for him. It’s about what he felt the best fit was for him, the best opportunity for him was.”

Bautista will need to prove at least two things before breaking into the Braves’ lineup.

First, he needs to show his 2017 offensive performance sitting 20 percent below league average was an anomaly for a player who has proven himself to be an difference-maker at the plate. From 2009 to 2016, only Mike Trout, Miguel Cabrera and Joey Votto posted a higher weighted runs created plus among qualified batters.

“If he can return to form it would be a huge what team is jose bautista on in 2018 for us,” said Anthopoulos, who mentioned the two sides resumed discussions this past weekend after preliminary discussions during the winter. “I know that’s what he wants. That’s certainly what we hope for.

The second question revolves around his defensive positioning: Bautista has logged just 63 innings at third base over the past six seasons, including 38 frames in 2017. At the major-league what team is jose bautista on in 2018, he’s played more than 3,000 innings at the hot corner with the Blue Jays and Pirates and logged minus-23 defensive runs saved. Can he play significant innings times record news fort smith at 37 years old?

If Bautista is able to reestablish himself as a major-league option in Atlanta’s farm system, he could provide a right-handed power bat for manager Brian Snitker to utilize this summer.

“He does have a baseball card,” Snitker said. “… I talked to the guys down there (in Florida) today and they said the guy’s in phenomenal shape and went through big workout. I’m sure he’s going to be excited about getting back and playing. He’s a good player.

“He’s gonna definitely lengthen — if and when he gets here — lengthen our lineup because he’s somebody that the opposition has to be aware of because he’s that kind of player.”

The Braves have leaned on utility options Ryan Flaherty and Charlie Culberson at third base this season while presumed starter Johan Camargo rehabs from a spring training setback. Flaherty, holding onto a lifetime .286 weighted on-base average, has surprisingly been one of the most productive third basemen in baseball this season.

Источник: https://www.foxsports.com/south/story/atlanta-braves-sign-jose-bautista-041818
what team is jose bautista on in 2018

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