are apples good for you during pregnancy

Make sure it is thoroughly washed before eating. Apples are one of the most nutritious fruits. They are packed with fiber and antioxidants which are. Add seafood, apples, eggs and more to your pregnancy diet that mothers who eat an unhealthy diet during pregnancy may be putting their. A healthy diet during pregnancy is not only critical for your baby's health and development, but it may help women that experience Intrahepatic Cholestasis. are apples good for you during pregnancy

Are apples good for you during pregnancy -

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Green Apples During Pregnancy: Is it Safe?

Green Apples During Pregnany

We all are aware of the popular idiom related to apples, “An Apple A Day Keeps Doctors Away”. This idiom is applicable during pregnancy too. Eating apples during pregnancy is so beneficial as it not just keeps the diseases away but also keeps health in place for both mother and the baby. This is because the nutritional value of apples is so high. Green apple, on the other hand, works wonders for pregnant women. Consuming at least one green apple during pregnancy is a good option, why? Because it keeps the stomach filled for a longer time, keeping you away from unhealthy food.

The pregnancy phase is the most crucial phase for women and hence food is the thing that lures pregnant women. Unhealthy food looks overwhelming during pregnancy. This is because of the irresistible cravings which arise with time. But anything and everything is not feasible during this crucial phase and that is why we are here to make you aware of the health benefits of eating green apples during pregnancy.

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About Green Apples & Side Effects

Are Green Apples Better Than Red Apples?

As discussed earlier, green apples have taken the race away from red apples. Having green apples during pregnancy is quite beneficial as it renders extreme benefits to a pregnant lady and her baby growing in her womb.

  • If you are losing spark from your skin, say yes to green apple
  • If you are dealing with issues like gestational diabetics, opt for green apples
  • To curb issues like birth defects, make a habit of having at least 1 green apple per day.

Side Effects of green apples during pregnancy

Fruits undoubtedly have a great number of beneficial factors. But, during pregnancy, there are some factors to look for so that they do not act like side effects for pregnant women. Fruits, when consumed in limited quantities, do not harm you in any way. But if the consumption level becomes excessive, then it can become problematic.

1. Can Lead to unhealthy weight gain:

Natural weight gain during pregnancy is not harmful, but the gain  caused due to excessive consumption of food can cause some harm. Maintaining a normal weight during pregnancy is important for an expecting mother, as being overweight during this time can be explicitly dangerous.

2. Puts Excess Pressure on the Intestines

If you have been experiencing bloating during pregnancy, you must avoid green apples. These fruits are high in sugar levels. On a bloated stomach, digestion of these fruits becomes difficult.
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Nutritional Value of Green Apples

Carbohydrates13 g
Dietary Fiber4 g
Energy 218KJ
Folic acid3 mg
Iron12 mg
Magnesium5 mg
Niacin 91 mg
Pantothenic acid61 mg
Potassium 107 mg
Protein26 g
Riboflavin23 mg
Thiamine 17 mg
Vitamin A 3 mg
Vitamin C6 mg

Top 10 Benefits of Having Green Apples During Pregnancy

Your body needs an extra dose of energy during pregnancy as it has to take care of two lives and hence these extraordinary benefits of green apples will leave you amazed. Look how including green apples in your appetite is going to help you during your pregnancy period.

1. Helps to Digest Food Fast

During pregnancy, you may undergo many problems among which digestion can be the worst one. Well, green apples not only help you to curb problems related to digestion but also keeps the problems such as bad bowels at bay. At the time of pregnancy, having an irritable bowel can be the reason behind uneasiness. Eating green apples which contain an explicitly good amount of fiber can keep the digestive system in place.

2. Helps in Healing Body Pains

The pregnancy period is so much filled with pains and cramps. Sometimes it becomes unbearable to handle body aches and hence at those painful times, doctors consult pregnant ladies to consume green apples. Why? Because it not just provides instant relief to them but also releases pressure from their growing uterus. This is the reason why green apples are recommended during pregnancy.

3. Contains Ample Nutrients

Well, another main benefit of consuming green apples during pregnancy is that it contains ample nutrients in the form of Vitamin A, C, B6 and so on. Not just this, it also contains a good amount of fiber, minerals, and other essential supplements which have a lot of relevance during the pregnancy period.
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4. Heals Gestational Diabetics

During pregnancy, problems related to gestational diabetics are really common. Diabetes can lead to many other issues and complications and hence must be treated at the very initial stages. One good way of treating gestational diabetes is by eating green apples. Consuming these can help manage the blood sugar levels in ladies and hence keeps the health in place.

5. Prevents Preterm Birth

In many cases, premature births take place which is ultimately not a good thing. A premature baby’s growth is a bit more difficult than the one born after a complete 9 months. Eating green apples during pregnancy can control the excessive bile secretion from the liver resulting in fewer chances of pre-term births.

6. Keeps the Women’s Skin Healthy

The pregnancy phase is undoubtedly tough for ladies. During these times, body shape gets imbalanced and the skin loses its charm. Consuming green apples regularly helps to maintain the glow.  These fruits supply your body with the necessary vitamins such as A, B, and C and keep your skin healthy and radiant.

7. Maintains the Immune System

During the pregnancy phase, falling sick frequently is not a big thing. But why should it happen if we have the solution for it? Well, green apples have a healthy vitamin C which keeps the body energetic throughout and helps to boost the immune system. Having a strong immune system is a must for a pregnant lady as it keeps the baby healthy and strong.

8. Prevents Problems Related to Anemia

Becoming anemic during pregnancy is the last thing you would want during this crucial phase of your life. Eating green apples would keep your body filled with the necessary amount of iron and hence “nulls” the chances of you becoming anemic.

9. No Asthma-Related Issues

As apples have a lot of antioxidants,  there’s very little to no chance of getting affected with asthma during pregnancy. Consuming a good number of apples will help you fight respiratory disease and hence keeps the baby’s lungs strong.

10. Lowers the Risk of Birth Defects

Well, to get rid of problems related to birth defects, it is essential to have a necessary amount of folic acid in your body. Green apples are a natural source of folic acid. Consuming these fruits helps in boosting your energy during the pregnancy period and  lowers the risk of birth defects.
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1. What Does Green Apple Do To Pregnant Women?

Consuming green apples during pregnancy keeps the pregnant woman high on fiber. She will also have a good amount of vitamin C intake in her body which increases her ability to fight diseases.

2. Can Green Apples Cause Miscarriage?

No, eating green apples does not lead to miscarriage. It is packed with essential nutrients like Vitamin A, B, C, and other essential minerals.

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3 Power Foods That Will Change the Way You Eat During Pregnancy

Jayme Moore & Kate Griffin, Tandem Midwifery; Jessica Burleson, Baby Taste Buds

Ever feel like eating well during pregnancy is a chore? Wondering how to transition into feeding both yourself and your baby? We asked Tandem Midwifery and Baby Taste Buds to share their tips for eating well and making food exciting and fresh during these crucial years. They told us about three versatile power foods to keep in your kitchen for quick, healthy meals and snacks.

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During Pregnancy: Blueberries (as well as strawberries, blackberries are apples good for you during pregnancy raspberries) are high in vitamin C, antioxidants, fiber, potassium and folate. Grab a handful for a snack, top off your oatmeal or granola, add to a salad or blend into a smoothie. If berries are out of season, try frozen blueberries.

First Foods: Sweet, flavorful, and full of vitamins, berries make a great add in for baby purees since babies will love them. Try adding berries and bananas to plain full-fat yogurt for a quick snack or add some blueberries to beets for a sweet antioxidant infused meal. Due to potential allergies, wait until 7 months to start babies on strawberries and blackberries and always check with your pediatrician if concerns arise.


2. Nuts & Seeds

During Pregnancy: Filled with protein, healthy fats, folate, are apples good for you during pregnancy E, magnesium and omega- and omega-6, nuts and seeds are wonderful power food. Fiber found in nuts and seeds also are helpful in aiding digestion. The Omega-3 fatty acids found in nuts and seeds aids in neurological and brain development of the baby. A handful of sunflower seeds, almonds, or walnuts can be a terrific snack between meals. Add a cup of walnuts, sliced almonds and pumpkin seeds to your breakfast, sprinkle on a salad or eat as a trail mix. Nut and seed butters, like almond butter or sun butter, make a great dip for apples or add a ½ cup to a smoothie for added nutrition.

First Foods: High discovery channel РЅР° СЂСѓСЃСЃРєРѕРј online folate and protein, cooked beans and legumes are a wonderful food for babies. Start 6 month olds on a green pea puree. Around 8-10 months, once baby's digestive system has matured further, mash up some cooked black beans in chicken or veggie stock. Be sure to save some for whole beans to make quick tacos or a bean salad for yourself while you're at it!


3. Leafy Greens

During Pregnancy: Dark leafy greens like spinach, chard, kale and collards are terrific sources of calcium, Iron, and folic acid as well as necessary vitamins. In addition to being in season and really easy to grow, help build a healthy blood supply, aid in bone growth and development and provide fiber to help with digestion. Greens can be added to lots of things: smoothies, frittatas, soups and salads. Love pesto? Try making it with kale and walnuts instead of basil and pine nuts!

First Foods: Fall is the perfect time to pick up some dark leafy greens from your local farmers' market and start adding them into your baby's foods. Greens like kale, spinach and chard are great for babies 7-9 months old and add folate, iron, and numerous are apples good for you during pregnancy to the baby's diet. Plus, by introducing greens early, your baby will be more likely to eat them later in life. Remove hard stems and steam greens before adding them to purees such as unsweetened applesauce or berries and yogurt.

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