beck i only have eyes for you lyrics

There's both resignation and hope there, and, with the line “I'll be lonesome when I'm It not only helped lift Beck into the mainstream. Lyrics of I ONLY HAVE EYES FOR YOU by Beck: My love must be a kind of blind love, I can't see anyone but you, Are the stars out tonight?, I don't know if. Eyes That Say I Love You lyrics by Beck Hansen When the night has gone cold and you're standing so alone. On the threshold of the rest of what you know.

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Beck - .000.000 lyrics
All the lights drip twilightConvalescentAll the lights drip twilightAll the lights drip twilightConvalescentAll the lights drip twilightI skate a.

Beck - A man named will lyrics
One evening as a moonshiner laid in his room drinking heritage family credit union app to sleepA dream came upon his eyes causing him to weepIt was all about a man named Will, a drinker from .

Beck - Ace of spade (version 1) lyrics
Your silver blade, your ace of spadeAin't gonna help you when your coffin's laidIf you want it, then you'll get itAnd you got it and you're goneThen duck your head.

Beck - Ace of spade (version 2) lyrics
Your silver blade, your ace of spadeAin't gonna help you when your coffin's laidYou've been livin' one foot in the graveYou can hide your head around the bend.

Beck - Alcohol lyrics
Alcohol leaving me dryNow it is time for pieTaking them as they comeAlcohol please give me someIf I stay in the same placeThe animals will lick my faceSoakin.

Beck - Arabian nights lyrics
Bazookas and fisticuffsMeditating in Porsches98-karat stickshiftChinatown late night mealsAlfonzo giving me a backrub2pm lazer bizzaginal rejuvenat.

Beck - Are u positive? lyrics
While lying in my bed listening to my motivational tape,I was looking for a stress-free environment.My attitudes are changing for the better!I feel confiden.

Beck - Asskizz powergrudge (payback '94) lyrics
Smokin' on a d!Burn all the fuelDie like a muleFind yourselfIn a pickup truckLoading up a nineWasting any slimeWho tries to stepWord to the .

Beck - Back to you lyrics
Look out your red red eyesLook out your red red eyesAnd I can see through youAnd all your little liesYour empty words will fill my mindLive in this wo.

Beck - Backwash town lyrics
Sticks and stones follow you back homeBack, bend back the branchesOf the dancers and dancersDown, down in the backwash townTurn your burned out heel a.

Beck - Bad blood lyrics
Oh here it comes now, got its eye on youI'll keep your door locked tightI'll keep your children safeWhen the wolf comesI don't care if it takes all night'Cause the.

Beck - Banjo lyrics
Yeeha!Let's go moon some carsI said let's go moon some carsLet's go moon some cars, my friendLet's go moon some carsAw man.Let's go steal some beerI said let's.

Beck - Beck will die lyrics
This is about this guy that wanted to kick my.Kick my. I can say that? Can I say that?He wanted to kick my sass.So and then, he's in a band and he went writing a.

Beck - Beechwood park lyrics
Do you remember summer daysJust after summer rain?When all the air was damp and warmAnd the green of country lanesAnd the breeze would touch your ha.

Beck - Black lake morning lyrics

Beck - Blah, blah, blah, blah lyrics
Morhoid grease breathing slobSinging blah blah blah blahOverkill supermarket pencil stealing funSinging blah blah blah blahHey baby, what's new?I got herpes just li.

Beck - Bloodless lyrics
The new breed is pausing for silenceThe old guard is letting us downThe white walls, we're painting them whiterFor school days, they're over for nowT.

Beck - Blue cross (with the geraldine fibbers) lyrics
She's a blue crossShe's a blue crossShe's a blue crossShe's a blue crossShe's a burnin' lawnShe's dead and goneShe is here and nowShe's hanging aroundShe's .

Beck - Bogusflow lyrics
Monkey see, monkey dieLaminate your face and paste it up into the sky'Cause it's squalid and it's solidAnd it's completely rancid and beautifulLike a forcefield of .

Beck - Bonfire blondes lyrics
I'm so weary of taking up space Sending junk mail to the whole human race Stole my genome from the salt of the earth Weighed my brain for to see what it's worth Lig.

Beck - Bottle of wine lyrics
Bottle of wine, bottle of wineWhere did'ja go and lose my mind?I spent my change, I fell out of lineDown in the bottom of a bottle of wineI mowed the carpet, I dr.

Beck - Brandon nevins lyrics
Hey! (1 2 3 4)Brandon Nevins!Brandon Nevins!F*** yea BrandonBrandon Nevins!Brandon Nevins!BrandonBrandonI love youI love youBrandon Nevins!.

Beck - Brother lyrics
Brother, are you heeding him?The package I received is goneAre you a phantom detective?Can you read my soul backwards?I will glide with youIf you are a backwards.

Beck - Buried alive lyrics
Call me Beck, my name is fate, I sympathize, vibrateI am abstinent, call me Beck, checkFrom Holland to Spain and vice versa againWhenever I get checked, t.

Beck - Burn lyrics
I was a brush stroke in the plan, an expendable manA stepping stone, a houseplantNo goodbye, no thanks, just left to fill in the blanksHoney, if the s.

Beck - Burning boyfriend lyrics
He's your slime and he's out to break meI can feel him in the distanceI have grown to see that you are better than yourselfYou're more real than you pretend to beH.

Beck - Burro lyrics
Viajo sin rumbo fijoEn mis botas viejasCabos sueltos enlazanA mi cabezaSi pensabas ir al lugarDonde los paganos vanPongalo juntoInvitacion extra aDespi.

Beck - California rodeo lyrics
Everybody fasten your seat belts. In 30 minutes, we'll be serving orange juice and peanuts. Make yourself comfortable, we'll be going through a little turbulence.C.

Beck - Chain reaction lyrics
Coming through the barricades, cutting the linesThe red lights going round like insanity sirensThe end of the galaxy, the middle of the roadWhere the black.

Beck - Cherry blossom song lyrics
I like JapanWhen the cherry blossoms bloomSpringtime has comeAnd everything seems newWhen people taking off coatsFeel the sun on themselvesIt's b.

Beck - Cities lyrics
AhhAhhWaiting for the night to comeThere's a hundred dead cities outsideYou weren't made for this placeBut it's not your faultAnd I don't know if it's all made .

Beck - Clap hands lyrics
I'll clap my hands alongAnd rattle on like a vagabondI'll rip my uniformAnd bend the floor to the early mornin'I'll shake my dollar billAnd spend first federal savings bank ottawa il 61350 all bef.

Beck - Clock lyrics
Has it come and gone?Is it long before the spirit shaves his legs?Is it wrapped in trash, sent back to a sanitation tank?Is it disinfected, disconnected 'til it graft.

Beck - Close to god lyrics
Rockin' the city, close to godEngines running, all hope is goneOut on the highway, having a babyCrawling the city, close to godEngines runningDixie friedGot a .

Beck - Corrina, corrina lyrics
Corrina, CorrinaGirl where you been so long?Corrina, CorrinaGal where you been so long?I've been worryin' 'bout youBaby please come homeI got a bi.

Beck - Corvette bummer lyrics
All my days, I had mouldy breadRobot brains in the flying airplanesHollowed out, and filled with dustRockin' like a hurricane under the rugBored to the core on.

Beck - Cupcake lyrics
Oh I'm a motherf*cker 'cause I don't give a f*ckYo ow what beck i only have eyes for you lyrics f*ck is up?You are the motherf*cker 'cause I don't give a f*ckYo my man what the f*ck is up?What the.

Beck - Curses lyrics
Curses I send on these countless menCurses on their trespasses and will they never end?Curses on their blades, on the spare and open lanesOnce I've been search.

Beck beck i only have eyes for you lyrics Day for night lyrics
I put my voice awayI shoot the lights out nowSeize the momentWhen it's day for night to disappearLonesome stragglersWalk in dirt and mudMoon novicesMiles o.

Beck - Deadweight lyrics
On a highway unpaved beck i only have eyes for you lyrics my wayYou're so alone todayLike a ghost town, I've foundThere's no relief, no salt in the seaIs it true what they say? Yo.

Beck - Death is coming to get you (version 1) lyrics
Death is coming to get youIt's mighty plain to seeWith a handful of cocaineAnd a long white limousineHe's got rings on his fingersKnives on his sleeveHe's sucking.

Beck - Death is coming to get you (version 2) lyrics
Death is coming to get youIt's mighty plain to seeWith a handful of cocaineAnd a long white limousineWith diamonds on his fingersAnd his knives up his sleeve.

Beck - Detonate lyrics
YeahI'm a strapped-in loner, I was heedin' that shameYou never shake my hand, you never know my nameA crack house cooling, just chewin' the floorI.

Beck - Devil inside lyrics
DevilHere come the woman with the look in her eyeRaised on leather with flesh in her mindWords as weapons are sharper than knivesMakes you wonder how the other .

Beck - Diamond in the sleaze lyrics
A diamond in the sleazeDown on bended kneesA thousand grizzled nervesHangin' loose at the endIt's later than you thinkIt's gone before you blinkOut of the cro.

Beck - Dirty, dirty lyrics
Dirty dirty nightsUnderneath the flashing does ally bank offer debit cards on the basement floorI can't see you anymoreWhat you do, you do for meDon't forget I'm on my kneesMak.

Beck - Disgusting rainbow lyrics
Disgusting rainbow on my mindLaminated on the skyShooting missiles up so highTo penetrate into the nightFruited plains, majestic splendorExpose the city and s.

Beck - Diskobox lyrics
Gotta get itGotta get itPlastic classicHey yo! Hey yo!Can't forget my backstreet get downGhost electric telephone bonesBlowin' like horns bound to shoutNasty di.

Beck - Don't believe the junk they put on you lyrics
Tom Joad come a-walkin' down the roadWith a bottle and a pistol in his coatSaid, "I learned a thing or twoAbout the things I never knew"Don't be.

Beck - Don't get bent out of shape lyrics
In '89, I was doin' fineIn '92, the bloodhounds bent on youBaby had a road map, now it has been lostThe wind is biting down your neckDon't get bent out of sh.

Beck - Don't shit me, mama lyrics
Said don't shit me, MamaYea don't shit me, MamaYea Mama, don't give me no burnt toastI said don't shit me, MamaDon't shit me, MamaDon't want no cream, bacon and.

Beck - Dreams lyrics
Come on out of your dreamsAnd wake up from your reverieTime is here don’t go to sleepStreets are running on the brinkThey say that we’ve got nothingBu.

Beck - Electric music and the summer people lyrics
Out on the highway, I'm doing it my wayHanding out beck i only have eyes for you lyrics, the fly's making honeyZigzag health insurance for f1 students in usa vibrating the ancientsBeaches a-plenty, the pig's on the leveeL.

Beck - Erase the sun lyrics
Offices and fountains they named for youStacks and zealotsWither in shit-filled roomsHari-karis barely a tear for youHairy fairies spinning the golden looms.

Beck - Everybody's gotta learn sometime lyrics
Change your heartLook around youChange your heartIt will astound youI need your lovin'Like the sunshineEverybody's gotta learn sometimeEverybody's gotta l.

Beck - Farmboy breakdown lyrics
Yee ha!Yee ha!Goin' big timeYee ha!Play moreYa!Wooh!Speed it upUh.

Beck - Black balloon lyrics

Beck - Captain brain lyrics
Captain Brain is comin' downThinkin' about nothin' at allWho could it be? Who could it be?Locked inside the bathroomWith a can of corn.

Beck - Defriended lyrics
Lay your arms downSay your prayerLive the day before you turn itLive the day before you turn itLive the day before you turn itOn and offLive the day before.

Beck - Favourite nerve lyrics
Pull the car overThrow out your clothesThe smell is disgustingWhere does it goTear down the housesThe ones that aren't thereTear down the housesPull the car ov.

Beck - Gasoline eyes lyrics
Your gasoline eyeballsAnd your sweet propaneYou take a match to my fuselageAnd I'll be burning all dayAnd I'll be burningAnd I'll be burningAnd I'l.

Beck - Halo of gold lyrics
Have you got a fine place to slip toWhen you're feeling down?Have you had a week or twoJust to get your troubles down?Found a lot of life and laughterWith.

Beck - Iron horse lyrics
Your iron horse is runningYour iron horse is runningYour iron horse is comingSixteen coaches longStand up, gotta turn it aroundSix silver ? burying gro.

Beck - Midnite vultures lyrics
Yeah, botox injectionsChemical solventsMaking midnite moviesContaminated actors living on a farmHarnessed to a life of protein and equipmentGristle.

Beck - Necessary evil lyrics
Think I'm brain dead waiting the rain outIn this makeshift mountain homeWith my arms crossed, my bare bonesMaking the most of meager meansNecessary .

Beck - Poor misguided beck i only have eyes for you lyrics lyrics
On the plains of the Buffalo, Madam will take it slowYour gambling days are gone, you poor misguided soulAt the last ditch you will weep for the shadows in th.

Beck - Satan was way cool lyrics
Satan was way cool.Everybody was in awe of Satan.He never wore clothes.He just walked around with a goatee and horns coming out of his head.He had tattoos and w.

Beck - Soul suckin' jerk (reject) lyrics
I'm standing right here with a beer in my handAnd my mouth is full of sand and I don't understandBig fat fingers pointing into my faceTelling me to.

Beck - Sympathy f*** lyrics
Running freelyTainted by the afflictionSeduced deeply into myselfFaceless emergingGuided by the mangoSmeared darkly on the graveBlack confetti on .

Beck - This girl that i know lyrics
Laser animatorAdd another to the breakerOn a broken escalatorWe could get what we need'Cause it's a night of confessionsElectric progressionsHonorable m.

Beck - When the water will take back the land (versi. lyrics
Like they said in the days of oldOne day your faces will grow moldFor the judgment is close at handWhen the water will take back the landFrom the t.

Beck - Feather in your cap lyrics
Make a move with what you canDead waters rise higher than your mindDisappointment is a feather in your capYou want the truth so you can crush it in your handThere's .

Beck - Feel the bunny lyrics
Feel the bunnyFeel the bunny on my mindFeel the bunnyFeel the bunny comin' down on youFeel the bunny runnin' all around youFeel the bunny, the bu.

Beck - Feel the strain of sorrow never ceasing lyrics
On the old forgotten crosswaysWhere the fourteen rivers did meetThe bones of our elders were lying in the streetOn a dark and dusty desert like a ghost.

Beck - F*** you up & get high lyrics
Let's try the other one, man.Ain't got a nickel, ain't got a dimeAin't gonna sniff no f***in' lineGonna get me f***in' highGonna take my f***ed up rideFu-f*** .

Beck - Fume lyrics
My friend picked me up about a quarter past fiveWe stopped and got some donutsAnd we took a little driveWe had a can of nitrous, we rolled the windows upNow we'r.

Beck - Garbage truck lyrics
I'll take you for a rideOn my garbage truckOh noI'll take you to the dump'Cause you're my queenTake you uptownI'll show you the sitesYou know you wanna rideOn m.

Beck - Hard to compete lyrics
You said go, you said stayGot so confused I tried to do bothSo I broke out in a sweatI cashed my checkAnd I spent it to death'Cause it's hard to competeI.

Beck - Head cut off lyrics
Tell me why do you freak out? Jumping down my throat for no reason?If I knew what the hell was going on, I would tell you to take a chill pill.You should know b.

Beck - Heaven’s ladder lyrics
Look up heaven's ladder, see the angels climb downWith their eyes all full of stars and their heads in the cloudsOblivious to dangerWith the failure to k.

Beck - Holy man lyrics
I hear the voicesAnd what they tellAbout heavenAbout hellAbout the lifeWe know so wellWe had to throw awayHoly manHoly manLord knowsI am a .

Beck - I ain't got no home lyrics
Well I ain't got no home, I'm just a-wanderin' 'roundJust a ramblin' worker, I go from town to townAnd the police make it hard wherever I may goAnd I ain'.

Beck - I feel low down lyrics
I feel low down, I feel so downI feel low down, oh yeahI feel left out, I feel left outI feel low down, I feel so low downWell, I went to the store and I bou.

Beck - I've just seen a facelift lyrics
My face is lubricatedMolten lava fill your face with gasolineKegs are roasting with the wind whipping my teeth??? futureFurniture ??I walked around without my .

Beck - I went to a liquor store lyrics
I went to a liquor storeAnd they didn't have no cheetoesSo I bought these sunglasses on my faceThat's when I noticed my parka was on fire.

Beck - I won't be long lyrics
The time is almost overThe people are dividedSo come a little closerI try now I can't fight itEvoke the invectiveOr penetrate the madnessWe're coun.

Beck - In a cold ass fashion lyrics
Fly like the eagle, fly like the eagle, flySqueegee. ah we got itWhen we get down to the shrink-wrap on my graveYou know the nitty-gritty never looked so s.

Beck - In the eyes of the lord lyrics
Better to be dumb than be done in the eyes of the LordBetter to be dumb than be done in the eyes of the LordStupid things you do for no reason make it ha.

Beck - In this world lyrics
You got to go back to where you came in this world, in this worldYou got to go back to where you came in this world, in this worldYou can smoke and you c.

Beck - Inferno lyrics
Ease yourself on downAnd if you're bound and frownedYou better put it on down'Cause 4am, gonna hit it againLeaving dollar bills on the buffalo hills.

Beck - Inside out lyrics
See us come runnin' from nothin'Fool the grave, looking for somethin'We're not lost, we're just losingAll we used to hold us togetherIf you take a .

Beck - John the revelator lyrics
This is called "John the Revelator."Tell who's that writin', John the RevelatorTell me who's that writin', John the RevelatorTell me who's that wr.

Beck - Johnny depp lyrics
He's totally pregnant with his ownselfOpening his pores like a thousand camerasFilming and trashing, cashing in on deathSpray-painting everybody with his brea.

Beck - Kangaroo lyrics
I first saw you, you had on blue jeansYour eyes couldn't hide anythingI saw you dog sperm bank near me I next saw you, you was at the partyThought you was a queen, o.

Beck - Killing kindness lyrics
I'm gonna kill you with kindnessI'm gonna show you I'm not the enemyThere's no such, no strings, pulling teethYou're just a friend in needAnd I'm gonna chall.

Beck - Lawnmower lyrics
Pick a pocket, fill a shoeShe was living in a bad moonThe truth is naked when it's aroundLike a creature under the groundShe been hiding keys to the carYeah ye.

Beck - Leave me on the moon lyrics
Leave me on the moonI must be coming back too soonPieces of beck i only have eyes for you lyrics lay in a pileSomebody's walking on my handsLeave me on the moonAnd everybody knows it's trueEve.

Beck - Lemonade lyrics
Kiss a girl, slay a hagFeel the flavor freedom flagGet up early, do your choresChase the murderer with the rancid poresIf I lose a belly bladeDivided be.

Beck - Leopard-skin pill-box hat lyrics
Well, I see you got your brand new leopard-skin pill-box hatYes, I see you got your brand new leopard-skin pill-box hatWell, you must tell me, babyHow your head fe.

Beck - Let the doctor rock you lyrics
Press 'em back, boys, all the way from the sunHelium hearts are almost dead and wonThe flapjack hands grow for a feel'Cause you need love and some v.

Beck - state of south dakota sales tax exemption form Lonesome whistle lyrics
I was riding number 9, heading south from CarolineI heard that lonesome whistle blowin'I got in trouble, had to roam, left my gal and left my homeI heard that lon.

Beck - Looking for a sign lyrics
if i ever think about youif i ever call your nameput my empty arms around you let the memory die away looking out for a sign how can i tell what’s right changing m.

Beck - Mattress lyrics
Put those sunglasses on your hipsMayonaise on your lipsPass me a bag of potato chipsWhen I wanna put my money on the monkeyGive it to me don't giv.

Beck - Megaboob (grizzly/sports convention) lyrics
Last time was uncut teethLost direction bouncing me to heedCan't stand the heatThere's a nice ??Eiffel Tower???Fantastic gravity-defyingSave the world without.

Beck - Mexico lyrics
Come gather 'round me, peopleHere's a story you never heard'Bout me and my friends, and some things that occuredWe thought we'd get some moneyWe tho.

Beck - Mmmmmmmmmm lyrics
Cardboard faces blowin' awayGot no feelings, nothin' to sayGo 'til you're gone and you don't come backStay in the grey until the day turns blackMmmmmmmmmmWake up.

Beck - Molly by golly lyrics
Molly By Golly, she's the dolly that I loveShe's got a thousand different ways to have some funShe's changin' rearrangin', she's one of a kindMolly By Golly.

Beck - More pretty girls than one lyrics
More pretty girls than oneThere's more pretty girls than oneEvery town I ramble roundThere's more pretty girls than oneMore pretty girls than one.

Beck - Mtv makes me want to smoke crack lyrics
MTV makes me wanna smoke crackFall out of the window and I'm never comin' backMTV makes me wanna get highCan't get it right no matter how I tryEverythi.

Beck - My head is gonna break in two lyrics
My head is gonna break in twoMy head is gonna break in twoMy head is gonna break in twoMy head is beck i only have eyes for you lyrics break in twoMy head is gonna break in twoM.

Beck - My mind is on you lyrics
My mind is on youPlease don't take it offJust leave it thereSo don't get lostSo don't get emptySittin' by itselfIn the evening timeThinkin' too muchS.

Beck - Ramona lyrics
Here we go, 1 2 3 4There's nothing left to hideYou can see it in my eyesOh I've tried to be who I thought you wantedAnd if it's all a lieThe truth's.

Beck - Ramona (acoustic version) lyrics
Ramona.Ramona.On my mind, oh.Ramona.Ramona.Oh my.Ramona.Oooh.

Beck - Rtd lyrics
A sucker without a brainNothing to do againStep into the streetLike a man on a flying trapezeHere comes that bus right into your faceNow you're flying, now you're f.

Beck - Run from the world lyrics
She will put you downSee how hard you fallYou got to land on your feetBetter run from the womanThat done turned the devil on youBetter run from the womanThat done t.

Beck - Runners dial zero lyrics
By the dried up streamWe slit our throats and dreamedBut when the buildings burnedWas there some concernedMother laid in bedWhat was it she said?Gather .

Beck - Sa-5 lyrics
Tell me where you want me to goIf I'm gone, then I'll get there soonTell me where you want me to beIf I've been there split in twoTell me what you .

Beck - Salt in the wound lyrics
I was born in a landslideIn the jungle landI can play a pianoWith a funeral handOoh salt in the wound making me blueOoh salt in the wound, play me a tune.

Beck - Spanking room lyrics
Mama don't take meDown to the denDemeaning with yourselfWith a wet cigarettePull back the drapesSpank my assYour ass is getting tiredHe's getting gladThe peo.

Beck - Spiral staircase lyrics
We don't care just where we're goingWe don't care just where we're goingWe don't care just where we're goingYou and I, we'll climb so highYou and I, we'.

Beck - Spirits lyrics
Their souls left this place a long time agoAnd now there's jungles and other strange arrangementsIn the evening, they have swung from glory to depressingWill th.

Beck - Steve threw up lyrics
Steve had a big commotionThe street fair was an oceanWhen he took, three tabs of bad acidAnd off his melting jawAll the wonderful things he sawThe pretty hair grow.

Beck - Sticks and stones lyrics
Hard hats hang all around the headOf the lily-white ways the gasoline greysWell, everybody learns in a learning roomWhere the readymade tunesThey whistle in the af.

Beck - Strange invitation lyrics
I've been drifting along in the same stale old shoesLoose ends tyin' a noose in the back of my mindIf you thought that you were making your wayTo where.

Beck - Summertime lyrics
I peeled off my face, I tore up my roomI read my own rights and I filled them with glueI turned the commercial into a creepshowI peeped at the gods with .

Beck - Sweet satan lyrics
It was back in the old daysIn the time of my griefWhen the ladies all disowned meAnd my lungs could scarcely breatheAnd the wildlife was growing wilder by.

Beck - This is my crew lyrics
Ah, you know what do i need to open checking account at chase on. It's on.Let the funky musicGouge your eyes outDo you want to jam?Take me home nowI can feel the bassYour brother's a waitressYour whole cre.

Beck - Threshold lyrics
This is the beginning of the songI'm hearing voices, animal noisesThe creme de la creme, the feminine abyssAnd I'm reaching my thresholdStaring at the.

Beck - Timebomb lyrics
We got a timebombWe got a timebombWe got a timebombNa na na naWe got a warning lightWe got a warning lightWe pull the plug out and weNa na na naTimebomb tic.

Beck - To see that woman of mine lyrics
Put whiskey in the gas tank, put blood on the wheelI got a chaw of tobacco, and I'm down with the dealWell, I know that I'm loaded, and I'm out of my mindI got to.

Beck - Today lyrics
Today I found a thousand steaming hot dogs in my bathtubGoat's head nailed to my doorThere was voices chanting in the toaster ovenAnd I drove to work from.

Beck - Too many blues lyrics
I have many bluesBut these are my main blues'Cause of the things you doI get these blues from youIf I could write a bookYou'd burn and let it cookIf I could.

Beck - Tough f***in' shit lyrics
Last night I was drinking up and tripping tooHanging out in every bar on the streetF***in' round with sluts and whores is nothin' newSo don't f*** with us, 'caus.

Beck - Whimsical actress lyrics
At the theatre, I did meet herAnd the show was whimsical and sublimeI'm in tatters! Nothing matters'Til I grasp her big disaster like a mimeShe's got the.

Beck - Whiskey be your lover lyrics
The sun is shining today on the things that won't go awayYou're gettin' fat in that old Stetson hatBut you're looking good just the sameBorn of whiskey and.

Beck - Whiskey can can lyrics
Come on now, bread and butterNo one knows a better motherShe's the guy who kills the skyBurns the night out when she goes awayShe's the boat in the sewerShe's t.

Beck - Whiskey-faced, radioactive, blowdryin' lady lyrics
You got your whiskey bottle thereNow you don't even move out of your chairYou're gettin' juiced up beyond beliefI can barely love you when you're getti.

Beck - Why can't i believe in you? lyrics
One time I knew a pleasure so fewNeedless to say, that time has gone awayYou were too kind to be so cruelWhy can't I believe northwing mustang 3 you?I remember when you were my frie.

Beck - Win lyrics
Me, I hope that I'm crazyI feel you driving and you're only the wheelSlow down, let someone love youI've never touched you 'til I started to feelIf there's nothing .

Beck - Woe lyrics
I found youYou found meTogether we found miseryAnd I'm all bentd upI was hereYou were goneI was rightBut now I'm wrong, wrong, wrongI was trueThough.

Beck - Woe on me lyrics
On the old forgotten crosswaysWhere the fourteen rivers did meetThe bones of our elders were lying in the streetOn the dark and dusty desert like a .

Beck - Wow lyrics
Giddy up!Giddy up!Giddy up!Giddy up!Giddy up!Wanna move into a fool's gold roomWith my ?? of animal jewelsAll the rules that you choose to use to .

Beck - You done wrong lyrics
You done wrongYou done wrongYou done wrongBaby, you done wrongYou beck i only have eyes for you lyrics wrongYou done wrongYou done wrongBaby, you done wrongYou done wrong!You done wrong!.

Beck - Your cheatin' heart lyrics
Your cheatin' heart will make you weepYou'll cry and cry and try to sleepBut sleep won't come the whole night throughYour cheatin' heart will tell on youWhen.

Beck - Your love is weird lyrics
The sun is down when I'm aroundIn this town I wear the frownCause your love is weird, your love is weirdYour love is weird, your love is weirdI fee.

Beck - Zatyricon lyrics
Hello, can I help you?Yeah, do you do fat grafting?Yes.Oh great. I had a tail put on by Dr. Gordon.OK.And I want to have some fat grafted onto it. I want to th.

Beck - No fun lyrics
1 2 3 4We're not having no funWe're not having no funWe're not having no funWe're having no funNo funNo funWe're not having no funHaving no .

Beck - Now you're busting out some weak ass shit lyrics
You got flames shooting out of your headElectric cigarettes sparkling redYou got dogs shitting on my rugYou got a strange way of showing your loveNow .

Beck - Olde english lyrics
Bottle up pain and you were better off deadAnd I would rather love your daughter, but it's gone to my headJukebox playing with a notion to explodeDrag .

Beck - One of these days lyrics
One of these days, I hope it's soonI'll see you smiling the way you doWalking on splinters, somewhere unknownIt's getting better, that much I knowOne of these day.

Beck - 10,000 pesos lyrics

Beck - Piss on the door lyrics
Everything's uglyKissing my honeyPickles and pieCan't wait to dieWe jump aroundSick as a townDonuts and teaDon't talk to meSilver chickenMojo NixonThick as a.

Beck - Say can you see lyrics
Oh say can you see a big long limousineWith a bongo player in the back?Yeah, we're smokin' a cigar. or was that a hot dog?.

Beck - Scavenger lyrics
Why do you weep? Why do you moan?Why do you trash this pitiful home?Sever the lifeblood, let the birds screamFeel their movement in everythingIt's not tha.

Beck - Send a message to her lyrics
Get up, son, hit your head like a drumWeeds are all growin' in vainToo much time, I got too much timeLiving in a waste of spaceTake yourself, don'.

Beck - She was a beautiful woman lyrics
Dreamed of a beautiful womanMy nose started to bleedMy hair was shedding like a dogMy wife put my name on the bowlShe put my body in the graveNightmares always keep .

Beck - Ship in a bottle lyrics
When I called you in the morningYou were struggling for senseYou were journeying through memories so viciousYou made all your dying wishesCome trueBut I know you.

Beck - Sorrow lyrics
Face me now, my loverHang a light switch higher, flip the lightWon't you burn some joy I threwUpon the street and drove right throughThe crazies .

Beck - Take off your pants lyrics
"Take off your pants!I don't know that one.You take off your pants."Take off your pantsTake off your pants for a little whileLet your thigh.

Beck - Teenage wastebasket lyrics
She is a teenage wastebasketPaddling up the river in a casketTrying to experience everything at least onceHer life is a commercial for being f*cked upI know s.

Beck - That highway won't get you to heaven lyrics
Well that highway won't get you to heavenWon't get you to heaven and it never willWell that highway won't get you nowhereWon't get you nowhere and it never willW.

Beck - The way it seems lyrics
Last night I heard you were goingGoing for to stayBound for some other shoreLet your garbage layAnd now you're running backwardsRight into your griefGatheri.

Beck - The world may loose its motion lyrics
The storms are on the ocean, on and on they goSearching through the waters, there you might be lowAnd I am so downhearted, never too be wellAnd I am di.

Beck - Untitled lyrics
When there is nothing to sayYou keep going awayThe day is solid and grayI think the problem is thisSeen a nature so tallThe summer runs through it allCo.

Beck - Untitled song 2 lyrics
If I should blow itChances I'm losin'What we are doin' to ourselvesWe're building up the problemCurtains are fallin'Suddenly I'm crawlin' from the ashWhat should I.

Beck - Vampire voltage no.6 lyrics
I don't know what I want but I knowAll the fingers creeping under my bonesAnd I know that it's time to goBut it's time that's got its teeth in meAnd I want yo.

Beck - Watchtower magazine lyrics
My friends were having a partyI felt something strange was startingIt was much too late to startI drank so much JagermeisterI told the coffee table th.

Beck - What did the deep sea say? lyrics
What did the deep sea say?What did the deep sea say?Well it moaned and groanedAnd it splashed and it foamedAnd it rolled on its weary wayWhat did t.

Beck - Get yourself back home lyrics
No money on the plateNobody too lateNo food on the floorNo booze left to pourGet yourself togetherGet yourself back homeFind what you were looking forAnd .

Beck - Glut lyrics
The discover credit card check status is on me, the sad but true comes easilyAnd I could be the laughing man, I could laugh at myselfI could look down my sleeve at you 'cause you .

Beck - Goin' nowhere fast lyrics
All the things they said would happen to youDon't you know they're all coming true?Goin' nowhere fastNothing's strange as when it seemsYou're living out all y.

Beck - Gold chains lyrics
People lookin' freshIn their lightning bonesHad the TB BluesI couldn't find no phonesWomen driving downIn their whip flash ridesHad a wooden nickel fingerP.

Beck - Got no mind lyrics
Tonight, the city is turned offLook at me, I'm wearing your shirt and it's burntDissentious morons are dissing you, dissing meKeeping the friendship in ma.

Beck - Green light lyrics
I kneel before the green lightOf her singing crayon eyesAnd then I kiss her stomachAnd then I realizeHer light is the nightI'm not blindI believe in you.

Beck - Half & half lyrics
Half of you doesn't belong hereHalf of you feels homeHalf of you needs somebodyHalf of you wants to be aloneHow can I know which oneI'm gonna need .


Like most working stiffs not born into money, I paid my dues at junk jobs in high school and college. I’ve scrubbed toilets, sliced bagels and made sandwich art, er, I mean subs, thankfully not all at the same time. I’ve also felt strangers up and down for weapons and drugs at concerts. Hey, at least I got to watch the shows for free while on security duty. The only drawback: Not being allowed to rage in the mosh pit while on the clock.

After all, rage and crud jobs go together like jerk bosses and, well, crud jobs. If you work for a soul-crushing boss at a dead-end job, you’re not alone. Until you land your dream job, all you can do is shake it off at the end of a bad day. These cathartic songs will help you do just that. Or maybe they’ll motivate you to become your own boss, an entrepreneur.

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Do you have a favorite track you think we should include? Let us know on Twitter and Facebook.

Put your weary feet up, crack open a cold one and prepare to relate. Hard. Here we go.

Muse -- “Uprising”

“Flick the switch and open up your third eye,” people. “Rise up and take the power back. It’s time that the fat cats had a heart attack.” Uh, metaphorically only, of course. If Muse’s powerful lyrics strike a burning chord deep within about your work situation, it’s probably also time to get your resume in order.

Remember, if you have another job to jump to (or a tidy oh-shit fund), you don’t have to suck it up and stay where you punch a clock now. You’re in control. No one can force, degrade or control you -- unless you let them -- and you WILL be victorious. Rise up and rock on.

Johnny Paycheck -- “Take This Job and Shove It”

Why the crusty throwback? Because a list like this wouldn’t be complete without good ole curmudgeonly Johnny Paycheck. Besides, who hasn’t wished, hoped and dreamed for the guts to say “I ain’t workin’ here no more!”? Don’t forget the sweet Southern twang when you finally do. It’ll add a lil’ somethin’ extra special to your exit.

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Canibus -- “Shove This Jay-Oh-Bee”

Remember the hilarious movie “Office Space”? We do, and, don’t worry, we promise no Michael Bolton here. Hold that middle finger and save this doozy for your earbuds. And for those oh-so productive “in-between” moments, when you’re spacing out at your desk, zombie-staring at your computer screen, like you’re in deep thought or something.

Wiz Khalifa -- “Work Hard, Play Hard”

When you “got so much money you should start a bank,” so much paper right in front of you it’s hard to think, then you’ve got 99 problems and keeping your job ain’t one. Until you’re at that point, baller, you better work. And if you’re going to work 2016 us bank holidays, you might as well play hard, too. Speaking of, is it Friday yet? Cheers to the freakin’ weekend. We’ll drink to that.  

Heads-up: This song is loaded with so many swears, it’s not even close to SFW. Don’t blast it in the office, not unless you like the color pink, as in pink slip.

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Thundamentals -- “Quit Your Job”

This is your jam if you want to quit your job but can’t afford to. Afraid if you complain you’ll “get the boot”? Know anyone like that? Yeah, that’d be pretty much everyone in this bunk economy. Do what the Thundamentals did. Vent about your B.O. double S in a fun song, so when he or she hears it, “the whole world will know” they’re a “fool.” Beats quitting in anger and collecting unemployment scraps. The video’s worth the watch, too. (Those poor kids. The boss-men took their candy.)

Queen -- “I Want to Break Free”

God knows you want to break free, worker bee. You’ve done fallen out of love with your 9-to-5 and you can’t get over the way your boss treats you like he (or she) does. Break free, just don’t break down in the break room in front of everyone, OK? Oh, and don’t break away without being a professional champ and giving the customary two weeks’ notice. You want a good recommendation, dontcha’?  

Hot tip: Don’t miss the official video for this song. There’s perhaps nothing wells fargo vendor financial services address freeing than eyeballing contortionists as they twist themselves into pretzels in Spandex…or seeing Freddie Mercury vacuum floors in a teased-up wig, high heels and a leather skirt.

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Beck -- “Soul Suckin’ Jerk”

Sorry to be a buzzkill here, but yes, you are gonna work for some soul-sucking jerk. Everyone does at one point or another. At least Beck is there for you, singing your pain in a sorta drunk kind of way, reminding you that there’s hope. One day you too will rock “the town like a moldy crouton.” Like when you gather up the gumption to quit, find another job or, better yet, win the lottery.

Fifth Harmony -- “Work From Home”

If you can’t stand the heat, get out of the office. Work from home. Bonus: You can wear “‘bout nothin’,” except for during video meetings. So what if Fifth Harmony is really singing about putting in a different type of work? If you telecommute (like this homebody writer), “You don’t gotta go to work, but you gotta put in work.” You might as well work to cheesy tunes like this, because you can. On full blast, if your heart so desires. Your boss will never know.  

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U2 -- “Bad”

“Let it go. Surrender. Dislocate.” This is Bono’s big, bad battle cry for the oppressed workers of the world. At least we’d like to think it is. Once you’re wide awake, not sleeping on the job, and you realize that, damnit, you deserve better and your talents will be better recognized and utilized elsewhere, let it go. Let it fade away. That is, after you brush up your resume and alert your references, you know, just to be prepared.  

Black Flag -- “I’ve Had It”

Hold onto this classic punk screamfest for when you’ve absolutely had it and might explode. Again, not in the office, please. Head-banging and air guitar are best done in private and off the clock, not unlike snooping Glassdoor for what your co-workers are saying about your company or trolling LinkedIn for job leads. You wouldn’t want to get busted for those big no-no’s on the cube farm either.     

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The Smiths -- “Frankly, Mr. Shankly”

Yeah, sometimes we feel it, too, Morrissey. Like that frigid recycled office air, “the 21st century” is “breathing down” our necks. If you feel like “a sickening wreck,” that the work that pays your way “corrodes [your] soul,” this one’s for you, pal. No one does melodrama like The Pope of Mope. Dig deep and feel all the Mozza feels.

Kim Lachance Shandrow

Written By

Kim Lachance Shandrow

Kim Lachance Shandrow is the former West Coast editor at Previously, she was a commerce columnist at Los Angeles CityBeat, a news producer at MSNBC and KNBC in Los Angeles and a frequent contributor to the Los Angeles Times. She has also written for Government Technology magazine, LA Yoga magazine, the Lowell Sun newspaper,, and the former U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. C. Everett Coop. Follow her on Twitter at @Lashandrow. You can also follow her on Facebook here. 

 The Beck i only have eyes for you lyrics

"Debra" lyrics

Beck Lyrics


(Oh yeah, come on)
I met you at JC Penny
I think your nametag said Jenny
I could step to you
With a fresh pack of gum
If somehow I knew you were looking for some
(oh no!)
Like a fruit that's ripe for the picking'
I wouldn't do you like that
Zankou chicken
'Cause only you got a thing
That I just got beck i only have eyes for you lyrics get with
I just got to get
Get with you
And you know what we're gonna do
I wanna get with you (Oh girl)
And your sister
I think her name is Debra
I wanna get with you (Only you girl)
And your sister
I think her name is Debra
Girl, I only wanna be down with you
'Cause you got something
That I just got to get with
I'll pick you up late at night after work
I said lady, step inside my Hyundai
I'm gonna take you up to Glendale
I'm gonna take you for a feel good meal
'Cause when ffnm rio rancho eyes did meet
Girl, you know I was packing' heat
Ain't no use in wasting no time?
Getting to know each other
You know the deal
'Cause only you got a thing
That I just got to get with
Got to get with
I just got to get with you girl
I wanna get with you (Only you Girl)
And your sister
I think her name is Debra
I wanna get with you (Girl yeah)
And your sister
I think her name is Debra (Ohhhh)
(Come on)
Oh lovely lady
Girl you drive me crazy
Crazy! (Oh girl)
And your sister
Yeah, you're driving me crazy
Crazy (Oh)
I got a little bit of sympathy for you girl
Yeah, 'cause I'm a, I'm a, full-grown man
And I'm not afraid to, to.

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My love must be a kind of blind love

I can’t see anyone but you.

Are the stars out tonight?

I don’t know if it’s cloudy or bright

I Only Have Eyes For You, Dear.

The moon maybe high

but I can’t see a thing in the sky,

‘Cause I Only Have Eyes For You.

I don’t know if we’re in a garden,

or on a crowded avenue.

You are here

So am I

Maybe millions of people go bank of america bryan tx they all disappear from view.

And I Only Have Eyes For You.<br />

<br />

Thanks to oana

beck i only have eyes for you lyrics